Napoleon Bonaparte: “A Mighty Emperor…” | SUNG HISTORY

Hullo, my name is Napoleon Bonaparte and here’s a little bit about me… Born in Corsica, an island by the sea to descendants of Italian nobility. But I’m French through and through, so off to military school. I graduated and then went off to join the army. I fought Italians and beat them into pasta dough! Destroyed the Prussians so badly that they had to go. went off to Egypt and found luck, came back and conquered all Europe. Dissolved the government of France and now you surely know… I am Napoleon! I was the Emperor! A greater emperor the world has never seen before! a mighty Emperor, No! that’s a penguin, I was the leader of the French that’s still a picture of a penguin!! Look, I don’t know who is making this video, but get it together, hmm? I am 4 feet tall and wear a feather coat to protect me from the arctic winds. That’s not what I wrote!! The male bird carries the eggs with skin flaps on their legs Sacré bleu… are these still facts about a penguin!? I sold America all Louisiana’s land For a lower price than anyone could understand though my reasons will stay private I prefer a colder climate I like ice and snow and rain… But that doesn’t mean I am! He is Napoleon! He is a Penguin! He eats a diet of fish and crustaceans. A mighty Emperor- penguin! The largest of the flightless birds of Antarctica! I don’t want to sing this song anymore. (no, come on, sing the sad part!) NO… (come on, please!) OKAY! But no more of this funny business… All the change I brought to France made me unpopular by chance. I was banished and dethroned. I was imprisoned and alone. Now comes the saddest part of all. I finally heard the Angel’s call! THOSE ARE NOT ANGELS!! THOSE ARE PUFFINS!! He is Napoleon! He is a Penguin! The greatest military mind of any generation! A mighty Emperor- penguin! The largest of the flightless birds of Antarctica! He is Napoleon! He is a Penguin! A mighty emperor penguin! He is Napoleon! Oh what a Penguin! The largest of the birds of Antarctica!! Fine, I was a penguin…

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