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in the twenty first dynasty of the pharaohs three thousands years ago there took place, one night had a temple the funeral of Henut Taui the lady of the two lands compared to the great rulers of egypt, her burial was a modest affair but just like the pharaohs she too was mummified and her body placed in the depths of the desert too in the belief it would give her inmortality and in an unexpected way, it has her momified body waited through out recorded history, the greeks and romans, the dark middle ages, the renaissance and napoleon until in the early…. nineteen century her tomb was plundered the king of babaria bought the ornate sarcophagus with the mummy inside he gave it to a museum in Munich where for another century, Henut Taui laid.. undisturbed then, four years ago, a german scientist doctor specter ball ivanova made a discovery, which was to baffle egyptologists and call into question whole aereas of science, from archeology to chemistry and botany she discovered that the body of Henut Taui contained large quantity of cocaine and nicotine.. the surprise was not just the .deductions. of … taking drugs but that these drugs come from tabaco and coca plants completely unknown outside the americas until thousands of years later unheard, until .sawil. .ferrari. introduce smoking from the world Or until cocaine… was imported in the victorian era it was seemingly impossible for the ancient egyptians to get hold of these subtances And so began the mistery The mistery of the cocaine mummies It was in Munich, in nineteen ninety two the researches began a huge project to investigate the contents of mummies When as part of the study they wanted to test for drugs, it was no surprise that they turn to toxicologist doctor specter balabanova for help As the inventor of ground breaking new methods of detection of drugs in hair and sweat she was highly respected in the field doctor balavanova took samples from the mummies which she pulvurize and disolve to make a solution As she has done countless of times before, she run the samples through a system which.. uses antibodys to detect the presence of drugs and others… substances Then as a backup.. the samples would put through the GCMS machine.. which can accurately identify substances by determine their moleculal weight As the .graff. emerge with pics showing the drugs were present and as… the printed .sweep up. the anlysis which drugs something seemed to have gone very wrong The first … positive results of course were a shock form i had not expected to find nicotine and cocaine and that´s what happened; i was absolutely sure… it must be a mistake Balabanova run the test again and again she sent fresh samples to three other labs but the results kept being confirmed the drugs were there So she went ahead and published the paper the reaction was a sharp reminder that sciences it´s a… conservative world I got a pile of letters that.. were almost threatening, insulting.. letters saying that all this was nonsense That i was fantasizing, that it was quite impossible, because it was proved than before columbus this plants were not found anywhere on the world apart from america From toxicologist to anthropologists … everyone thought the same thing The first thing you think of is that … this is just mad It´s wrong and there is contamination present making this prove present of some kind but you don´t think that cocaine got actually to be present in an egyptian mummy Yet Balabanova herself had been … worried about contamination First, she checked all the lab equipment But been a phorensic toxicologist that wasn´t all she did Balabanova had learned her trade working for the police and had been trained on the methods they use to investigate … a suspicious death She had been told how vitaly it is when an autposy is carried out to know whether the dead person has consumed or been given any drugs or posions And she had also been told that the especial phorensic thecnique exists which confirm that the deceased has consumed the drug and can ruled out contamination at the same time So anxious to ensure that her tests on the mummies were beyound reproach she used this very thechnique It is called “the hearshot test´´ drugs and other … substances that were consumed by humans get into the hair protein where they remain for months or after death, forever Hair samples from the body can be washed in alcohol and the washing solution itself being tested If the washing solution is clean but the hair comes of positive then the drug must be inside the hairshot which means the person must had consumed during their lifetime; it´s considered proof against contamination before or after death the hairshot test is accepted if you know you´ve taken your hair sample from this particular individual and and the hairshot is shown to contain the drug, well then it´s proved positive that the person has taken the drug So, it´s accepted in law this put people into prison the hairshot test.. on the bodies of couple in yersey show that two sons had druged them before … killing them And beside of the … case, the thechinque has been used in countless others over the last twenty five years Since it also for durg test on addicts, company employees and in sport, to sugest they could produce false results was for Balabanova, unthinkable There is no way that can be mistaken this test, this method is widely accepted and has been used thousands of times It´s results on a genuin , the explanation must laid out .swear. and not in my tests because i´m a hundred percent certain about the results If the fault was not in the test, what else could laid behind the impossibility of mummies containing drugs from the plants coca and tabaco from a continent not discovered over a thousand years after the end of the egiptian civilization In search of an explanation, we went to one of the Uk´s former experts on mummies, a person who has expend years rummaging around the bodies of ancient egyptians Rosaly David When i was first informed that cocaine had been founded in egyptian mummies i was absolutely stunned, that seemed quite impossible, that shouldn´t be the case Sceptical of Balabanova results Rosaly David decided to get some samples from her own mummies and had them tested specially for … What are we going to do is to provide tissue samples and hair samples from a number of mummies in the matches of museum collections I should be very surprise to found they have cocaine It would be a while before the results came back from the lab Rosaly David´s motive was not an independent check on Balabanova´s methods she also wanted to run the same tests but on different mummies For she had more than one idea about how balabanova could had got a misleading result I think there were two ideas which sprang inmediately to mind, one was That possibly something in the tests could give a false result and the second was that possibly the mummies that had been tested were not truly ancient egyptian that they could be sime of this false relatively modern mummies, with traces of cocaine could be in those individuals What rosalie david had been refering to, happened in egypt in victorian times It was a crucial operation to supply the antique dealers of .. When nineteen century travelers began to descend on egypt in search of mummies and other valuables the dealers might not always have the genuin article available And so, threcrudely mummified body of a recent ly dead egyptian might be procured instead for a shriveled corpse will greatly increase the value of the genuin but empty sarcophagus Sometimes, collectors would buy only limbs or other mummified spare parts These are doubly suspected for the trade in fake mummies particulary severed heads and limbs hasn´t even old origin Eating the flesh of mummies was a common sixteen century practice in europe People believed that mummies contained black tar called .vigegeum. and so thought how they made from the ground bodies will cure various illnesses This is the very origin of the word mummy, from the persian .fobiteum mumia

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  • So this is the channel my teacher finds all the documentaries on. Thanks.

  • A lot of written sources had disappeared since ancien times, so we cant possibly know the entire picture. Surely a 3 thousand years civilisation who build monuments that last to this day had the technical capabilities to build ships to sail the Atlantic. From the coasts of Africa to the shores of Brazil it's not that big a ride. The silk route was not the first international trade route and our late ancestors were more organised than we think. And Mr John Baines from 37:27, you remind me of these end of the XIX Century physicians who taught they knew everything about natural history, only for their arogance to be proved wrong.

  • Weed, Heroine? nah Uppers

  • I'm not a feminist but I can't help but wonder if these female scientists had a difficult time proving their theories — because they were female. Given the time this work was done – it would make sense. Interesting story.

  • So cocaine was legal and used by Egyptians and they built pyramids. Cocaine was also used in South America and they built pyramids. Cocaine was also used in the 80’s in Las Vegas and they built a pyramid. Hmmmmm

  • It always amazes me how these academics think they know everything. From the time I was a little girl, teachers had me thinking that the peoples of the past didn't travel vast distances…especially over the oceans. Thankfully I am an avid reader and have found that nope they traveled a lot more and farther than these idiots thought. You would think after finding out that Vikings came to the Americas, Chinese, Africans and others that they wouldn't turn their nose up to Egyptians doing the same. Though there may not have been a huge trading road, that doesn't mean when they came they didn't do trading. smh

  • Those Mummies where the show off piece at so many party gathering in smoked filled rooms over the years.
    People snorted rails on the mummies as well. Every paper money bill has cocaine on it if you test them.

  • Pirates or non government sailor explorer traders. Black market is always lucrative.

  • How sad to hear so many "scholar's" who will not hypothesize that there were or could possibly be true that before Columbus no one traveled between the "America's".I am disappointed in those nay sayers. A scientist shouldn't ever stop asking questions or hypothesising past what's known to be. So look deeper past what's known question everything……I find this episode of Timeline fascinating… Seems plausible to me…. Prof. John Baines saddens me expand your mind think out of the box!!!

  • To say one set of mummies had cocaine and tobacco is all very well but I'd be more convinced if these results were replicated in many different mummies over a long period of time.

  • they cant film the mummies because they are giants

  • Drugs are a portal to the demonic world. Sorcery in Greek is Farmacia and it is forbidden in the Bible. All these religions worship themselves instead of God. It is idolatry.

  • I think I’m going to be cremated. 😆

  • I came here to get away from ancient astronaut theorists

  • The "c'cane" mummies lol.. great documentary btw

  • thx I really apreciate how much time you work to educate us

  • So, it's only taken 3,000 years to decide that tobacco kills through long term addiction, how smart.

  • That is so true,

  • I've watched this video before

  • Oh that arrogant guy at the munich museum. And the irony of not letting scientists take a simple look at a mummy claiming it not to be appropriate out of respect of the mummy, while the musem itself have got it through a grave robber who stole it?? hahah luaghable. How about you give the mummy back to its native lands, while we are considering what is appropriate and not in respect of the old lady.

  • Captions need a human spell checker!!

  • True tobacco Must Die

  • Before Mexico was conquered it was called Anahuac, means the turtle. The men who ruled back then traded with the world. The Mason society ,in our history, it is said; were sent to show the Egyptians how to make the pyramids. Now guess what. Studies show the Egyptian culture starts at its highest level. With no evolution. It just starts. Making the history I was told forty years ago much more accurate. What had never occurred to me was cocaine trade.

  • Drugs were used in rituals. Not recreational. I've even heard John, who wrote revelations ,that he used drugs to induce vision. That's how drugs were used in the ancient world.

  • My brother in anger said to me, "you think you know it all." I told him I don't think I know it all, but I know a lot. Which is why I keep searching for more info. It takes a lot of information to formulate an opinion. Or to expound facts.

  • I love all of you who unearth new facts.

  • It's amazing how they think the people of earth, thousands of years ago. Didnt just sit at home like today. They explored and traded all over earth.

  • It's not in the recorded history because the ruling class didn't have to validate themselves to the worker class. Like today, there's things going on we don't know anything about.

  • Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verse 9

  • África y América están mas cerca de lo que se cree y de lo que el hombre blanco quiere.

  • Ads every 5 minutes is way too many!!!!!

  • Professor Baines needs to go back to school and widen his views

  • I think Arabs are in deNILE about their history of smoking and drug use! 😛

  • There is a lot about of things that happened in history that weren't recorded so its possible its also possible people got lost and ended up in the Americas several times threw out history, there are people who survived for weeks and months in the middle of the ocean on life rafts just living off fishing, and drinking turtle blood, but sustained two way contact is doubtful

  • crazy Cocaine parties thousands of years ago? I thought those were invented in the 80s

  • Guys We are going Across the Atlantic with nothing more than Cigarettes and Cocaine! lets go!

  • Thank you for sharing this story. In 2011 I argued with professors at Portland State University about this. I was called degrading names. In 2013 I was suspended from PSU.
    Her story is a huge part of the need to change the way history is taught.

  • If ancients couldn't cross the Atlantic, how did they get maps of the South American Atlantic coast, complete with the Bimini steps and Antarctica? The source maps for the Piri Reese map. Graham Hancock on the Joe Rogan Experience explains this clue.

  • The ruins in Aztec New Mexico look quite similar to the ruins of Timbuktu. Death to Boko Haram for their destruction of the Timbuktu ruins secondarily, of course to Boko Haram's horrible treatment of women.

  • PR for drug consumption.

  • Mummies is right ,back when I did coke I was paranoid and stuck like a mummy …lol

  • So what was the purity of the cocaine ? That is a strong numbing drug …

  • Occam's razor…they were trading with the America's. Duh!

  • The thumbnail looks like Artie Lange's mummy

  • anti-matter

  • egyptologists are not scientists; they are art historians. or maybe even less, museum curators. it should not be a shock, then, that they could be ignorant or dishonest.

  • Why is this such a Surprise. ??? Mushrooms, Hemp,. ECT. 🌎

  • Drugs are everywhere………you just have to look for them (🤫)

  • Now we know how the pyramids were built

  • "My mind is made up. Don't confuse me with facts."- Prof. John Baines

  • History is a difficult thing to understand as discoveries rarely paint the full picture. The biggest challenge is to try not make assumptions but only state facts.

  • 4:40….cue eric claptons cocaine song…

  • Didn't they prove that a family from New Zealand originated from near Egypt ! Scientists historians stop burying your heads the sand. Wakey wakey!

  • The Egyptians didn't take to ocean voyaging and were coastal navigators but the Phonetician were intrepid open water navigators but used coastal navigating in the Mediterranean for trade purposes. Once outside the Mediterranean Sea they would have travel south to the Bambotus (Senegal) River on Africa''s West Coast then west on the trade winds to the Cabo Verde Archipelago (no known ancient name) which may not had been populated. From there they only had to use the trade winds to reached the north coast of South America where among other thing tried the coca leaf and traded for the seeds of the plant. Tobacco as well. Though these items may have been used for religious purposes the god like figures coming from the sea with bronze and gold finery may have influence an abundance of giving. Then they traveled north until the trade winds were favorable for the long return voyage. Finally landfall which could have been Ireland, Britain or Spain though they probable weren't called that at the time. Then on to Egypt where these wondrous (drugs) were sampled and then cultivated with great care in Carthage until it's destruction during the 3rd Punic Wars. Maybe true, maybe not but it makes for a good story.

  • ay lmao my girl was tryna stay turnt in the after life

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  • had 4 in 10 minutes

  • I think we all seem to forget the fact that all the continents were one contiguous land mass. Otherwise known as Terra…………..

  • Professor John Baines is either an idiot or a gatekeeper.

  • So I’m a bit of A mysterious anyone with Insight please figure me out.
    My mum and dad are Arab’s.But I have been told I don’t look very Arab.
    I have brown eyes brown hair but in the sun it Sort of shines honey reddish.
    I am AB positive.
    Rh negative
    My temperature is always lower then average and I hardly ever get cold.
    I have less one rib
    And my spine splits in two at the top were my neck is.
    I’m a Scorpio
    I’m very spiritual and have always felt different to people of this world
    I believe in two gods a female and a male which I believe are the father and mother of mankind.
    I Have seen visions, I have very amazing dreams. I have seen demons and angels.
    I have had that experience where you come out of the body and start floating round on multiple occasions ( I have no control of it it comes and it goes)
    I fasted once for 40 days on just water didn’t die felt fine
    I have an iq of 130 which means I’m gifted which I don’t get becuase I don’t think I’m not smart
    Oooo and
    Sometimes I touch people and feel their pain
    Please identify me 🙂

  • philosophy first formed when the rulers of early Egypt gathered together and passed mounds of cocaine that arrived from their intricate network of trade routs.. The traditional passing started off as a modest pound or two. Leaders of Egypt would wait patiently for their turn to speak philosophical ideas. As time went on and tradition grew, the mounds grew the size of a modern single story home. The slightest bump could cause a cave in; eventually leading to the first "COCAINE MUMMIES"!!!

  • So they used the coffin to smuggle cocaine..?

  • it proves that a flood happened

  • Ancient Egypt sounds lit

  • The Gatekeeping being done by modern Academia is shameful. Instead of figuring out why, they're just saying "It's a myth or a mistake." Especially 34:08. "I can't explain it, so it must be wrong." Absolutely shameful.

  • Scientists don't know everything. There is way way to many close that show how the world has been traveling and trading around the world. But we are dealing with very narrow mind ppl

  • So, when pharos die, they put things like their pet cats, favorite food and other things, soooooooooo…..

    Did they give them cocaine to smoke in the afterlife?

  • accepted science = EXTREME ARROGANCE AND IGNORANCE!!! its disgusting!!!

  • Everybody knows the christopher columbus thing is a LIE, they know who the Original Gods/Pioneers of this planet Was/Is…

  • “Users nd abusers of drugs” man chill tf out nicotine aint even a drug and cocaine is one of the less dangerous drugs

  • Did anybody snort some of this so called cocaine… you know, to be sure?

  • Like I'm going to believe any of this MSM trash about history.

  • they got it from the Mayans in Mexico and Peru. They were all one people and they were BLACK people #FACTS

  • Death will be slaughtered by its wings. Anyone who disturbed the sleep of the Pharaohs.
    𓆱𓂿 𓀾𓃭𓃭 𓃀 𓊃𓃭𓂝𓏲𓎦𓉔𓆳𓂞 𓃀𓏭 𓌾𓊃 𓀾𓂜𓐝.  𓄿𓂜𓏭𓃹 𓏲𓉔𓏲 𓂞𓁐𓏲𓂋𓊺 𓂿 𓊃𓃭𓉐 𓏲𓆑 𓂿 𓉐𓉔𓂝𓁚𓏲𓉔𓊃.
    Anupis..𓁼𓏲𓄑𓊃 was her

  • Detached heads? Religious reasons? The two red flags for me right there

  • I thought this was a doc about South Side Chicago

  • Everyone is brainwashed by the jews that Christopher Columbus was the first person to travel the world. He was NOT. HE WAS THE FIRST JEW TO TRAVEL ACROSS THE OCEAN. And he was a thief and a murderer.

  • El Chapo wouldve been a Pharoe….

  • So there was a CHAPO GUZMAN 5000 years ago just saying..

  • No mystery. There are a lot of cocaine mummy's down the street I live on.

  • No wonder these people died young! The pharaoh probably died with a Newport in his mouth,while overdosing!

  • 1000 yrs from now they will discover my corpse…

    Scientist: Coca cola existed…


  • Plus, maybe there are other plants that make cocaine and nicotine. They are relatively simple small molecules, and maybe several types of plants make them.

  • Or more likely: Amy Winehouse discovered time travel and actually died in the time of the pharohs…

  • This is so Euro-centric. If it didn’t happen in Europe, it didn’t;t happen, obviously. Never mind that both India and China had extensive trade routes. Something like the Black Plague could easily have put the kybosh on further explorations as the world was so denuded of people.

  • This title sounds like the best Scooby Doo episode ever.

  • 1. Ancient Nubian Artifacts Yield evidence of Earliest monarchy Boyce Rensberger March 1, 1979 New York Times
    2. Nubian Artifacts reflect black influence on Egypt John Noble Wilford Feb 11, 1992
    New York Times
    3. Sphinx may be really be black African The New York Times July 18, 1992
    4. Taramsa Hill Skeleton 17-20 years oldest human skeleton found in Egypt, Nazlet Khater negroid earliest modern man found in Luxor in 1980. The date was between 35,000 to 30,000 years old…Thoma A., Morphology and affinities of the Nazlet Khater man, Journal of Human Evolution, vol 13, 1984.
    5. Ancient DNA analysis of mummies of Nakht-Ankh and Khnum-Nakht, which were entombed at the Dier Rifeh cemetery, were black African in origin with 88.05- 91.27% degree of confidence Journal of Archaeological Science, 17: 793-797.
    6. The bones of Sanakht a third dynasty Pharaoh were negroid Charles S. Myers (,1901.131)
    7. In 2012 a study conducted by US laboratory DNA tribes proved that DNA from three pharoahs Amenhotep lll, Tutankhamen, and third pharoah who is uncertain proved they were black African.
    8. In 2012 a study conducted by Zahi Hawass and published in the BMJ proved DNA from Ramses lll was black African
    9. In 2013 The US laboratory DNA Tribes went even further and proved the DNA of Ramses lll and his son Pentawret was black African
    10. The study done by Johannes Krause of the Max Planck Institute preslected 90 mummies from 1 site in Northern Egypt called Abusir-el Meleq far away from the south in Luxor where the pharaohs are buried. The period of the mummies selected was between 1400 BC and 400 AD by then Egypt has been invaded by the Hyksos, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Libyans. Only 4 of the mummies selected were from native Egyptians, only 4 were selected before 1070 BC, also only 3 were actually genetically analyzed the mummies JK2134 dated between 776 BC and 669 BC, mummy JK2911 dates from 769-560 BC, mummy JK2888 dates from 97-2 BC, all three of these periods are times when the north of Egypt was dominated by non-whites, also the University of Tubingin in Germany, which is attached to Mr. Krause recently pretended a European monkey with premolars tied is the first hominid meaning humanity didn't start in Africa, we're dealing with racist ideologists so Mr. Krause isn't credible
    11. Classical scholars Herodotus, Diodorus Siculus, Herodotus, Lucian, and 7 others state the Ancient Egyptians are black
    12. UNESCO Commissioned the General History of Africa where the debate called the Cairo Symposium which featured African scholars Cheik Anta diop and Theophile Obenga go against 18 Egyptologists. Cheik Anta diop and Theophile Obenga won the debate in an embarrassing fashion and proved the ancient Egyptians were black Africans. If you read General History of Africa Vol 2 the debate is featured there.
    12. Cambridge University Fitzwilliam museum had a Black to Kemet exhibition, and Cambridge University admits ancient Egypt was black African.
    13. Egypt in its African contex Manchester University
    14. The Petrie Museum in London has annual black history celebrations which include Egypt and Sudan
    15. The Black Roots of Egypt's Glory Charles S. Finch lll October 11, 1987 The Washington Post
    16. The father of Egyptology Jean Francois Champollion state the Ancient Egyptians were black and the were not similar to the Copts, because the Copts were a consequence of the cross breeding of races that dominated Egypt
    17. Constantin François de Chassebœuf, comte de Volney was a French philosopher, abolitionist, historian, orientalist, and politician state the Ancient Egyptians were black.
    18. Thousands of Egyptian Nubians file class action lawsuit to be classified as black and not white, Mostafa Hefny You Tube
    19. I am a black Egyptian not White…Mostafa Hefny
    20. Egyptian Nubians protest Arab government to return to their ancestral land.

  • Damn. This chick knew how to party.

  • That French lady is right. Theres nothin wrong with challenging the established theories as long as you have the proof to back it up. Keep at it n if it's TRUE itll be accepted.

  • I like the way they ended it with the sense that the facts no longer support what the elite within the fields of archeology and anthropology have been teaching all these years, and that they can no longer deny the facts.

  • lol, great place to hide a stash and ship it, in a dead Egyptian body.

  • at one point the world knew each other and then were separated again and after Columbus we are reunited again

  • Africans we’re already in the America’s and we’re going back and fourth before Americo and Columbus we’re conceived. This proves it.


  • Must be from that time when Tony Montana found Doc's DeLorean.

  • Baines is a complete idiot

  • Apparently, people had TRAVELED FROM the Americas to the other parts of the world, and TRADING occurred. If the acquisition of substances obtained from "mystery guests" was kept a SECRET by a very few "elites," not wanting anyone to steal them away, then their ACQUISITION was NOT RECORDED. SECRETS, sometime GO to the GRAVES with people. It looks like this is an example of JUST THAT.

  • Why are people so stuck on that the murderous Columbus discovered America…???? Ugh

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