My new Chrome Extension: GTM Copy & Paste

In this video, I’m going to show you my new
Chrome extension that lets you easily copy and paste any kind of tags, triggers, and
variables from one account to another Google Tag Manager account within Google Chrome. All and more, coming up. Hey there and welcome back to another video of teaching you the data-driven way of digital marketing. My name is Julian, and today I’m super happy
and excited to announce the GTM Copy Paste extension that’s been working on over the
last few weeks actually. Now, this extension lets you easily copy any
kind of tags, triggers and variables from one account to the next without actually leaving
Google Tag Manager because it’s a Chrome extension. Now I know you’re dying to take a look at
this. So why don’t we, here we are. First of all in the Chrome Web Store you can
download it now just search for gt m, copy, paste and then it will come right up and you
can added to your Chrome account. Now, this extension actually needs access
to your Google Tag Manager account. So there is an authorization that needs to
be going on, you need to give access to actually read and then also create assets in your Google
Tag Manager container. I will allow this and that will give me the
ability right here in my tags when I right click to add to the GTM copy paste extension. Once I do this, we see a little indication
here from the icon of the extension what is actually in the clipboard and we have one
tag right now this is the Facebook event Add To Cart. Now you already see triggers and variables
here, you can obviously also copy any kind of triggers. So let’s do this and add any kind of variables as well. And we see here we have them now in our GTM
copy paste extension. We can go over to any kind of other accounts
that we have available and we are actually able to edit and then paste our clipboard into this account. All right so it should have been pasted and
now we should see our Facebook event is copied over, our trigger and our variables as well. Now if you have any kind of trigger attached
to a tag and this is part of the same clipboard or the same paste that we do then this will
reconnect automatically so you don’t have to worry about reconnecting your triggers
to the tag as long as they are actually part of the same paste. So this is really what it already does this
copy paste extension. I hope you find this useful. Now if you have any more questions please
leave them in the comments down below. And as always, if you like this video and
if you find this extension useful, please give us a thumbs up, review the extension
if you try it out and obviously also subscribe to our channel because we bring you new videos
just like this one every week. Now, my name is Julian til next time

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