My Google search history is showing in other device

In case if the Google search history of your
android device is showing in other devices then may be you are using the same Google
account in both devices. So, the first thing what you will do is at
first you will remove all the search history of the Google chrome from your device. For that one open Chrome. Go to this option at the top. Settings. Scroll down and go to “Privacy”. Scroll down and select “Clear Browsing Data”
and from here go to “Advanced”.Select “All time” and then select everything from here
and select “Clear Data” which will remove all the browsing history present in the Chrome
browser of your android device. Then next thing what you do is, you need to
remove the Google account either from this device or from the other device where your
search history is appearing. In order to remove the Google account what
you need to do is, you need to go to “Settings”. Go to “cloud and accounts”. Go to “Accounts” and suppose if this is the
Google account which you are using in both of the devices and if you want to remove it,
select this account and then select “Remove account”. So, once the account is removed from either
of the devices then the search history will also stop appearing in both devices.

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