My Google Search History グーグル検索履歴

don’t open Ichiro Mimi this hi Internet so I saw sales video called my google search history and I too wanted to take a look at my Google search history and share it with the world but my Google search history wasn’t really as interesting as Phil’s so this is kind of just gonna be my epic typos while searching for things on Google history I MDM calm please look after none final cute Pro freshness barfi unicorn eyes guangzhou airport is Guangzhou Airport really that bad it wasn’t so I read these reviews about guanciale a part about rats running around and crazy stuff but actually it really wasn’t that bad then you what’s with you GUI GUI yeah mulatto Singha so this is kind of like saying the Yamanote a lion is are we ropes bouncy so I think this was an argument between me and Duncan and we were talking about the WWE and how about see the first a piece of cake opposite a piece of cake yuck obviously I didn’t get any results for this in English or Japanese cat bite best catfish episode A’s kina open-heart surgery how do they do it I wish the real world would just stop hassling me does beer kill trees Jim Jerry Jim Cree Jim Carrey cut tea face haha it’s like I go to the address bar and I type in tea and press ENTER and expect it to go to Twitter and it doesn’t same with Facebook I am just that lazy shows like Sherlock I still haven’t really found any tea Ballad of Reading Jim like I love how I spell all the words right except for that I miss caged latte it’s at I hope you guys enjoyed my typos if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and remember to subscribe to my channel I put out new videos every week ish bye

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