My First Appearance on Ancient Aliens – History Channel

Hey guys, I appeared on ancient aliens TV
show in History channel a few weeks ago. This episode was called “Shiva the Destroyer”
episode 15, season 11. In this show, we talk about the Hindu God
Shiva and specifically the Lingam which people think of as a sexual symbol in the western
world. People think that the cylinder represents
the male sexual organ and the groove to be the female sexual organ. But in this show, you can see how Shiva could
be a symbol of unlimited energy. I also talk about how Kailasa Temple could
have been built with devices mentioned in Hindu texts. And I apologize for not letting you guys know,
I didn’t even know about this until this Tuesday . This was filmed in April and I did not know
the exact air date. I totally missed the bus on this, because
I have been researching in very remote areas of India where there is absolutely no internet,
most of the times even the cell phones don’t work. These caves have never been visited before,
It is almost impossible to get there. And I have been roaming around in this valley
for a few weeks now, finding lots of interesting information and I have been experimenting
on ancient Indian chanting techniques inside these caves and recording the effects. There seems to be some strange connection
between these sounds and the moon phases, So I had to be here on certain dates. So, again I apologize for not letting you
guys know about this on time. I specifically wanna thank everybody who subscribed
to me, and loved me, because you guys have encouraged me to publish a book, to travel
into totally new areas, and now appear on TV. So, thanks a lot for everything, and if you
are new to this channel, I am Praveen Mohan and I will talk to you soon. Bye.

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