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hello – Michelle and welcome to my
youtube channel on this video today I will go over my books the Graham journey
my books devolution I will go over some mistakes that are made how I grew my
books Graham how did I started and overall just I hope so my advice I can
help you – in the comments I would love to hear your books the Graham journey or
if you’re inspired by this video and want to put on an IG TV or YouTube video
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love to watch it this is the first of many books the Graham videos also
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and a half years of books – I mean I have gained 23 thousand followers which
is so unreal and I’m so thankful to every single one of you books degree
means a lot to me so let’s see how I thought this is my first feed it’s very
basic I didn’t have any props I didn’t have any budget I only use stuff from
around the house I mainly started because I wanted to share my love for
books mainly my book holes because I would only show to my mom and my mom
with like really more books now she’s like I just wish someone would get as
excited as me when I buy new books that’s how everything started with a
picture of a book hole I just was so excited – first day from my book and I
wanted to share that joy with everyone anything that’s something that has
translated to my account even today my excitement about books because that’s
how everything started I want to talk more in detail about the first post
which as you can see you can see my bed sheets and that was definitely
definitely definitely one of my biggest pet peeves I knew that I needed uniform
background so that’s the first advice I wanna give you like it was your starting
books – Graham whatever you can do to make your background cohesive do it I
knew I didn’t want to use those sheets because they have like blue
detail but that’s why I bought white sheets so now that’s why I’m upset we
want you to get there make the best background I also use beige for a while
but I have seen people use pink and purple and make it work it just depends
on your vision we were the first hours of books the grameen I discover my
friends are fiction and dark fairy tales and definitely they became a big big big
role model for me aiex covers so many other accounts with beautiful setups and
flat lace and so many themes but I just knew that it was not what I had in hand
when I started it that first day I tried to discover as many accounts as I could
and I discover so many different themes like we have floral dark light warm cozy
messy minimalistic it’s just there like so many amazing accounts books to gram
and so much diversity I just want to remind you that do not compare your day
one too many books or grammars who are two years three years four years five
years into their journey I definitely did that at the beginning I was like oh
my god how are they doing such a beautiful flat light how they’re doing
some beautiful setups and I can tell you everybody can do it it was just a matter
of practice and patience and just developing your own style the very
beginning I also asked my friend Kayla to posts my model I had very I had a
very strict mission in mind for my books to Graham I wanted to be as aesthetic as
possible so I need to control everything and I need to know how to take pictures
of myself that has if we change has you know now but I do know how to pick
pictures of myself so I asked my friend Kayla because it’s better when I’m
behind the camera and I can control every single move and I can control the
aesthetic so yeah definitely that hard work paid off because I got my first
picture with over 800 like on my very first days on books to
Graham at that time I was also very focused on winning a rep search so I was
entering rep searches non-stop and I can tell you that I was not ready for them
I lost everything one of them and I’m really grateful I’m gonna do a separate YouTube
video on my rep search advice so make sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell if you want to stay tuned entering a lot of rep searches and
losing them hits you hard I’m not gonna lie to you is very very hard it was
definitely hard for me so I started to hate my account I got like I went from
loving it to actually like to seeing it and be like wow like this
picture is beautiful to this picture is garbage I cannot believe I publish
this I cannot believe people liked it was just that like feeling of hatred to
my account and that definitely inspired my first theme change so I knew I wanted
something cheap so I went outside and picked up pinecones, leaves, branches and
anything that I could find that was aesthetic also in the journey of that. I
burn a book okay before you all subscribe and leave my channel and leave
a comment horrible comment down below I know I
know I’m not encouraging people to burn books but I got this book at a garage sale,
it was about to be recycled okay there are plenty of copies of this book and I
use this book every day as a prop so yeah I did burn three pages but it looks very
pretty and just like I took a picture because it was like very captivating
like see a fire so I took a picture and I published it on my bookstagram and that
definitely got a lot of attention good and bad but that picture made me
realize that I’m doing things differently and breaking the rules does
give you some boost and I’m not telling you go mistreat books because that’s
not the point of it it was not the point of the picture
sure I was trying to do a prop for cheap and just took a picture in between everything but
definitely inspired my filter so I’m like inspired a change in my account soon
enough I got bored of that leaves branch dark theme so I went on Pinterest and
look for a lot of inspiration and that’s where I knew that I gravitated more
towards the aesthetically pleasing cozy warm tone pictures and I knew that I
wouldn’t achieve that without a filter and it was a big big deal for me because
I was terrified of filters by that time I already had won 2 rep searches
I think I was a rep for spideyscents and letters lit and enchanted fandoms
and I was really scared of changing because you know like I won the rep
search like they signed up for the dark fall theme so when I changed to cozy warm
I felt like I was like disappointing them in a way so I remember sending a
message and be like listen like here’s my new theme like if you don’t like it,
it’s okay you can like kick me out of the reps I’m aware that this is not what
you signed up for me as a rep so that’s okay if you want to kick me
out all of them absolutely love my first team and it just I just I cannot believe
I was so scared and that goes to show that yes your content is important it
has to be great quality content the the quality of my content didn’t change it
just changed the style but they signed up for me and my personality and my vision
and they saw it so I’m really happy for that and they gave me the freedom to
explore so for this them I knew I need like texture in a way so I knew my
own clothes didn’t reflect the aesthetic that I was looking for I wear very cold tone
dark clothes so I went to my mom’s closet
and she has a lot of like warm tones beige stuff where I got everything like
you see skirts you see scarf you see sweaters they are from my mom I just took
them to this day she hasn’t noticed that they’re gone. This filter, this theme is
still one of my favorites it was very fun to experiment with filters for the
first time and I really love the overall look of everything what I didnt love is
that it didn’t allow me to experiment with colors because some colors wouldn’t
translate to the filter because it was very heavy. But overall I did enjoy this theme and I grew a lot during these theme because I think people like
recognize my content in a way and also when they look at my feed everything
looked cohesive. One of my biggest advice is to make your feed look cohesive and that
doesn’t mean the same picture like the same style over and over again like I
even have letterboard pictures now and somehow like they go into the flow of
the theme so it’s just about like making it work. Some of my favorite apps to use
are preview and unum I don’t know how to pronounce that but yeah to look the
style of the feed and sometimes I need to move like things around to create the
whole balance great and again it’s all about you like it’s all about your
mission because sometimes I’m like editing in front of my friend and
they’re like I don’t see the difference but for me looking at two pictures or
looking like a different like setups of the feed it it makes a difference for me
for my mission for what I want for my books to Graham so other people may not
notice but I have only noticed and I bet you notice
so you stress your vision and then I change to this team which is very
similar to the other one but it’s definitely less heavy and a little many
more light one of my reasons at that time and still is one of my biggest role
models is from B with love at that time she was known as bookish pronto she was
doing behind the scenes or her stories and I really appreciated them because it
made me feel creative and definitely inspire a lot of things on this feat I
also put my own behind the scenes and how I needed with like the apps that it
had like most of them were free and people really enjoy that content really
enjoy seeing the behind the scenes and how I created every single picture and
this is definitely where I grew the most I gained easily around ten thousand
followers just showing the behind the scenes of everything unfortunately it
took a long time to grade one picture like I edited around three to five hours
on just one picture and it got the same amount of likes
flatly so I kind of got discouraged and also certain school so I knew my time
would be limited so just I just chose to focus on normal setups without editing
and I really miss it I hope I can go back soon but yeah three hours in
editing if a lot of it was not just editing but also getting the idea for
the picture it was brainstorming and like finding out like how could you also
recreate it and also the behind the scenes took a long time to like
documents the step by step so that’s why I stopped but yeah I really created some
of my favorite pictures and some of the most memorable pictures that I have
created during this time again I gained the most followers and I think it was
because I was experimenting constantly and that’s what people like to see like
they like to see me you and exciting content and yeah hey that isn’t advice
in use it as you will so that’s also one of my biggest advice is to not be afraid
to explore and change and just be creative and now we go to my
downfall so basically at this time I was starting school again and in Texas it’s
very very cloudy so who knew that the Sun was important for pictures
definitely not me back then so I was just using the same filter even though
the lighting was not the same so it created this horrible horrible theme I
purply hate it it’s very very heavy and I don’t know why I added those sparkles
I think he was just to like distract for the horrible filter it was just I fell
fell on inspire and I really liked my pictures and I was mostly afraid because
I was like did I pick did I gave everything that I had do I don’t have
any more in me it was just very hard and trying because I love to create content
and it was so scary to think that I was empty like my creative well was done so
I tried to change it up I knew the filter was a problem so I
went back to the original idea of floral I bought some flowers that I liked but
because they were expensive I didn’t have a lot of them so you can see a
manly had blue ones because blue is one of my favorite condors and I really want
to change it up and I thought blue was kind of like cool so I was like you know
what let’s go back to the floral idea that I had on the beginning and that’s
how these team started it was absolutely horrendous I don’t know why people I
don’t think they’re the worst pictures the flea they’re not the best but that’s
where my lowest of life were like like before pictures were getting thousands
like 805 during this theme I was getting a
hundred likes three hundred tops like my best picture during this team got three
hundred that was a hard blow so I think that was the first time where I stopped
posting and I took a break I took a step back and went back to the basis as you
can see this picture is very similar to the first picture with my filter that’s
because I went back and got inspired and to make the change and not to be afraid
I also went to the supermarket and got a white comforter and analyzed every
single piece of crop that I had to make sure everything match the aesthetic I
also got some book pages out of the book and boom new theme I really like this
team I think it’s very aesthetically pleasing I really liked it but
definitely was not sustainable I only had like so very few props and they
never will happen I got lost again I tried to experiment again with editing
that didn’t work out and again it was just me feeling lost and feeling like
you know like I need to heavily edit pictures and heavily produce things to
get the amount of life that I was getting or to get the growth there but
there’s a very different sentiment of creating because you’re inspired and
because you’re passionate at creating because you want the likes this is
definitely the period where I only experiment that only edited pictures
because of the likes because I was not inspired I was just like this is what
popular this is what will get me life and it was a very unsatisfactory part of
my journey I was feeling constantly frustrated and lost and I just it was
just a very hard time during this time I also got the most like picture
ever had before leather boards it was a hit I think many people share it
recognized it it created a lot of buzz the comments were incredible so
definitely that was the one thing that kept me going with books to Graham
because I was this close to giving up so again I took a step back I look at my
feet and I look at what other accounts we’re doing and you know one of the
things that I really loved was cutter I couldn’t include color in my pictures
I’m guessing with fertile but that they didn’t work out so it’s like know what
so my answer was books I really like this theme the filter is back again but
again it’s not happy I think very balanced and I really really love those
colorful book stacks um it was super messy to shoot so my bookshelf ad was
constantly a mess but I was really happy with all the
pictures I was thinking is where I got my books to Graham love again I was just
really happy there in this theme and during this time is where I won so many
web searches and I got the fakeri rep position I got the allegory permanent
position and I got a week in favor and it was just a lot of success during this
team and yes it was because of the content but I think you could see my
passion for creating and how happy I was for my books to Graham and books and to
engage with the communities and I think that’s why I got so many rep searches
because believe it or not fashion shows so I learned it was story I was in fifth
class I was bored out of my mind and when I’m bored that’s where I feel my
mind is more creative because II like it wants to distract from the physics it’s
like I don’t want to pay attention to like mutant law I want to like create so
this is where I got the idea for the little boards and I was like oh my god
like I got like so many of my little problems there because I like
ha yes so instantly like I wrote it and I’d like through the positions I wanted
to be and like the faces that I want to be doing and I got really excited about
it I had to like I got so excited that I had to go to the bathroom and film
myself and be like oh my god guys I have an idea like super great you’re gonna
see it I would sleep with serene summer and it took me almost six months to
publish my first letter board picture because I was really nervous to show
myself for the first time on my books to girl and yet I don’t know what I was so
nervous just has a filter I was nervous to show my face and do see the feedback
of people even though I show my face on stories but like stories disappeared
pictures stay in your feet and I think your aesthetic so I was really nervous
about that but like the reaction of the little board pictures
blew my mind I really wasn’t expecting so much positive feedback and this
created a whole new era for my books Graham and again goes to shows that
experimenting getting out of your comfort zone because how do you expect
things to change you keep doing the same so even though I was really happy with
my letter were pictures and everything was going great into books to Graham
world my mental health started to decline during this time so I got behind
out my rep position I got behind with all great fakery with Wiccan fable I
feel that when somebody sends you something for free free I put quotation
marks because it’s not for free you are kind of like working for the stuff you
are creating advertisement and bringing people through the store so I said an
equal exchange and again I felt like I was not doing my part so I was feeling
really guilty and that plus like the mental stuff that was going outside
books to Graham it was just really not a good time so I took a little bit more
break I think I took like a wake or two and then I came back I was I was really
inspired to create content again and I really love these feet I
absolutely adore it you can see like some journal shots that I did and
journaling has always been a therapy of mine journaling has always been a way
for me to slow down and just like focus on what I’m doing and don’t think about
other stuff so that’s why you see so many journalists because that was my
therapy in some way and I really love how it turns out and people really loved
it I’m glad that I didn’t keep up with it I definitely thinking of bringing it
back when I have time to do also it creates a mess but yeah I would
definitely love to create some more journaling spread so things started to
look up again I was definitely caught up with my
breath photos also I got to do my first real long again other stuff that I was
super super super scared about I didn’t know if people wanted to read with me it
was really really fun and I really enjoy all the content and we got to find her
about like the tiniest stuff that happened every single chapter it was
super fun and I’m gonna be hosting more read along in this 2020 year so make
sure you do okay great I absolutely love them and it really love breed and Megan
because I have some crazy ideas and they just say sure go ahead
Rohit do you need help what can I help you with and now it’s the return of
Kayla so for Bankrate I had like like a pool
for the food in mind but again I had like a very specific aesthetic in mind
so it’s like I’m gonna take the pictures you post in Kayla’s always so gracious
to be my model I have a watch olfi finish up America’s Next Top Model and I
definitely show it during photoshoots I’m like neck kala let me see her neck
Kara is honestly like the best love her through friendship friend laughs you
Kayla so it was summer so it was bootcut and me anytime it was my first time
going to New York City I love New York City love it like I
could live there I would I met so many amazing people on books to
cram like I just I cannot believe people like a knife meet so many Clinton
careers and authors and it was really really a dream come true
and that was the first time where I was like I cannot believe that’s something
that I do from my bedroom like something there is only for me it’s actually out
in the world and people’s yet it is so weird like it’s such a weird feeling and
then I also realized that I would not be here if I would have give up all the
times that I wanted to give up just keep on fighting keep on doing what you’re
doing because I promise to you is gonna pay off after returning from New York it
was time to move for college I really really really brainstorm a lot on how
can I make my dorm broom books the gram worthy in a budget so the solution was
white comforter and leaves and fairy lights
it is definitely harder to create content only one day a week when I used
to have mini photo shoots every day at home but now I’m only home some
Saturdays and some days it’s been an incredible two and a half year journey
I’m so excited what the future has in store
I just love every single thing that has brought me here I cannot believe I got
me to New York my dream city that I got so many amazing friends I’m so grateful
for every repetition that I have for every single one of you for everything
in common it means a lot to me I cannot even put into words how pasta
the community has been and just I’m just so grateful like I cannot thank you
enough for what you have given me which is confidence to you know get out of my
comfort zone so I just want to say that if you’re lost on your books to Graham
and you don’t know what to do and you are lost just know that every single
step that you take on that journey it is necessary it is gonna help you learn new
things explore of your comfort zone progress it’s not a straight line but
every single step that you give this is step forward there is a quote that we
like and its success is going from failure to failure without loss of
enthusiasm don’t give up in your dreams really analyze what you want and
relieving yourself because you can do it believe me I’m telling you you can you
are good enough so keep going and keep moving forward
I really love you guys thank you for being so kind and encouraging I have
some pretty amazing changes coming to my account soon I’m so excited to keep
exploring keep experimenting keep changing and bring in new content to you
thank you so much for watching my name is Michelle and I see you next time

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