Muslim meets Jesus in dream and gets marked with an incredible sign for the rest of his life

Where the testimonies that the power of the Kingdom is literally influencing people’s lives. And that’s when it gets a little bit tricky, because there’s not a whole lot of stories. God has made it clear that we are his preferred agents of change to the world through the holy spirit. But, sometimes when surely no one is available he’ll go straight for us himself. This is Ali, and he met Jesus while hanging out at Mecca. Yeah, you heard me Mecca the epicenter for the Muslim Faith. When he was younger Ali was a raging alcoholic and his drinking got so bad that he moved away from his wife and children in turkey to Saudi Arabia, simply to protect them from himself. While there some muslim friends of his talked him into going on Hajj to Mecca, the Great Pilgrimage to the holiest place in Islam. So I decided to go and when I went there everybody needs to sleep together, and everybody also goes seven times around the Kaaba, and they were also going to do the Namaz, and there I said well, maybe something good will come of it. And I did the Namaz the ritual prayers also. But I was very ashamed because I didn’t believe in it and yet I was still doing it. So everybody that night sleeps around the Kaaba, so I slept there and then in the night I had this dream, and in the dream Jesus came. First, he touched my forehead with his hand and he said you have been saved, you have been saved. Then he opened his hand and placed it on my chest, and he said you belong to me. One again he said you are saved and then you belong to me and he was smiling. And this is what I wanted to say this is what he looks like. From his waist up he was naked and shining pure white He had a beard like in the pictures, but a little bit longer. His hair and his beard it was as if every hair was electrified light, chining from every hair. That’s how handsome he was. When he smiled, his teeth were shining white, and I was amazed at the way he stood there. And the lower part of him was like a cloud of Melted iron and in that cloud he was taken up. And then a voice from here started to talk and it was really moving around, in the same way that your mouth moves around when you talk. His voice started from right here. That’s how it felt to me. So I woke up my friend and I said to my friend. Hey, look do you heard that voice? He said no, I said but I’ve had this dream. I saw Jesus. He said you ate too much food last night. You’ve gotten sick go back to sleep, what business does Jesus have in Muhammad’s capital? So I tried to go back to sleep, but the voice wouldn’t let me, it kept talking to me, just like I’m talking to you . And when it was morning time the friends came over to me, and they said let’s continue on the pilgrimage and the voice was saying: “no, you’re not going to go”, it wouldn’t let me. And the voice was saying to me: “go and collect all your stuff and go back to your country looks for your friends and find them” I didn’t understand, but I made up my mind okay. I’ve decided I’m not going to go. I didn’t understand it myself. And so then I went and took a shower so that I could go back to where I had been. So in order to take a shower I got undressed, and I looked in this little mirror. And this part was white. But at that time my hair my beard my mustache there wasn’t a single white hair anywhere, and there was this white everywhere, and so I tried to wipe it off and when I wiped it, it didn’t come off. I wiped it with water and soap, and it still didn’t go away, and this voice said to me: “I’m going to show you even more things than this”. And then since I knew it was jesus right there in the bathroom. I got down on my knees, because the only thing I knew to worship was to go down on my knees. So I got on my knees, and I said yes, Jesus, whatever you say I’m gonna do it. It’s been years since this encounter and his hair is beginning to gray, but to this day his chest hair is still white where Jesus touched him in his dream.

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  • Big News We Are Now on Instagram Brothers and Sisters /with Love! 🙂

  • God bless 🙏🏻

  • Islam is peace so lets celebrate it with killing infidels!

  • If you say islam is violent i kill you for islam.


  • This man has courage.

  • Psalms 74:12

    “For God is my King of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth.”

  • Your Messiah is in HISSOISM..

  • Well.I believe and worship no one but Allah and I follow the path what is written in the Holy Quran and I follow the path of Muhammad (sh:),the prophet of Allah.

  • This soundtrack! Tony Anderson!!

  • I saw Jesus in my dreams n take my hand n pull me from a place called

  • that would be a spirit to put to the test, because the Muslim/ Quran's idea of Jesus is not the same as the KJBible, I believe that Muslims AND Jews do not believe Jesus rose from the dead

  • 🕋 is a false God that Muslims pray to I suggest don’t walk around the demonic place Jesus is the only way he was the son of God and he is the Almighty it’s not worth to walk away from him satan deceives so so many people it’s unbelievable I’m glad that this man was touched and he believed

  • Are you keeping the 10 Commandments? Did you know that the 4th Commandment was changed by the Catholic church. They admitted to the change as evidence of their ecclesiastical authority. Most the world follows man's tradition of the Papal Sunday. The true Sabbath of the Lord has always been, since the beginning, Friday at Sundown to Saturday at Sundown. Read Exodus 20:8-11. It is such an obvious and simple concept once read through the lens Jesus Christ provides. No human being, no pope can undo what God has sanctified eternally! God never changes!
    God bless you all!

  • I saw Jesus in a dream too… I was in a Cathedral crying with what seemed to be heads of the Church. I saw the face of a Jewish man but there is no one alive today which looked like this man. One may not even think that he looked Jewish by today's standards? He did have a similar look to Screech from Saved by the Bell but he was whiter with black freckles all over that decorated his face in a way I have never seen freckles do. They were almost like moles but not unattractive, just like them in a way that they were coming out of his skin. He actually looked beautiful since I have never seen anyone like this before and he definitely appeared to be poor. They were all over his face, some very small but not as much as freckles.. It was definitely VERY far from every picture of him that I have ever seen. I have been able to meet people in dreams and then find them online and verify facts that they tell me which are true. Everyone we meet in dreams are real and I believe that its possible to meet someone who has not even been born yet. More than anything else in my life, they seem to come from a higher consciousness, from God in a way… although I am scared to say this because I know that not everyone has the same luck that I do when I sleep. Its possible that every time you see someone in a dream they will at one point experience the same dream which you had… the thing is that most of what goes on while we sleep is not remembered and definitely is NOT part of our "subconscious mind" as I was previously taught. I had met someone in a dream before I had met him in real life, more than once. They seem to know everything more than someone who is dreaming would so perhaps this is part of their afterlife or "final death trip"? In this dream I also met my girlfriend's older sister who had died a few years ago… she was on the bleachers (a meaning that only I understand from a previous dream…) and at the top of them, buried her face in pie until she died. She did not want to be seen and felt ashamed. I felt like it was an understanding message and agreement about sin and things which we do for pleasure that we know are harmful to our bodies. How could I possibly think that this person was anyone else when its already been proven to me that I can find the truth while I sleep in a place that is not trapped in time?

  • Brother 

    Thank you for teaching us ,

    Therefore, by their fruits, you will know them.  Matthew 7/20

     By their fruits, you will know them.  Maybe harvesting thorny grapes, or thistle figs?  Matthew 7/16

     That day, you will know that I am in my father, and you in me, and me in you.  Jean 14/20

    God Blessed  , Dieu bénit 

    My Vision with God

    Date 05/01/1981 

    City ,Clermont Ferrand 

    Province , Puy de Dôme 


    Ferrier Richard , Student , Servant ,

    The Holy Bible

  • Very confused video and very poor knowledge about Muhammad and Jesus. In Islam they both are righteous prophets. Very bad thinking of his friend saying what is Jesus doing in Muhammad ‘s capital ? Non of the true Muslim can say that.

  • As long as all people who have seen or dream't of Jesus truthfully are the luckiest of all. Those who lie will have serious consequences. I am not so lucky, neither have I dream't of Jesus nor have I seen or met Jesus. But I certainly speak and pray to him when I am alone, things become very clear to me. I stopped going to Church because I found all of them tried to impose false doctrine on people and me. It's better to stay away from them. God bless you all.

  • Jesus Christ is no name at all. It's an imaginary character made by Saint Paul.

  • Oh, how I LOVE this!

  • Jesus is a muslim

  • poor desperate Christians!! look at the games they play trying to convince Muslims with this Pagan Idiology called Christianity.
    like the Gospel healing preachers on T.V who lie, deceit people to live a lavish life with the sick, desperate peoples money. SHAMEFUL.

  • jesus our GOD and saviour, is always saving people and always working.

    there is no deity that has the right to be worshiped except ALLAH[SVT] alone and Muhammad [sav] is the last and final messenger, prophet of ALLAH[SVT]. this is what your going to sink or swim by!!

  • My mom has a white spot on the top of her head where she said the Holy Spirit came to her snd spoke to her and went through her. I saw it after it happened. 20 +years later she still has the white spot. So cool.

  • Wow. I'm so moved. It's so cool when we get converts from the Islamic or the Jewish religion.

  • He is Good!!! He's so Good!!

  • Hey Christians! one question for you from a Muslim. in the garden of Gethsamene when Jesus fell on his face like a Muslim and begged, prayed to his God with loud crying and tears to save him from the cup [Cruci-fiction] was his prayer accepted or rejected? yes or no will be sufficient.



  • I had also dream of jesus may 3 times or more the firts I saw him his talking to to children and I coming to him when starting looking to me I walked up and I'm talking jesus many time and second one isaw another dimension and I tel my self wants to go there Suddenly I'm coming there and isaw them jesus and the father.lastly he ask me if your have problem don't forget to call his and the guardian angel to help me and I try to call the Angel's and I said to them angel me suddenly the sky is blinking light and I noticed a lot of Angel's are coming from heaven.

  • Thank you God! 🙏 the one and only savior.

  • Jesus Christ is our saviour…Amen

  • We Muslim believe all prophet…we believe and love prophet essa ( Jesus )…but you liers don't know makkah the city and kabba the house of God is of God from ages before jesus…it is in Bible go read…no prophet can stop going to kabba God home…there is only one God Allah… prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is last prophet and men of Allah…don't teach religion to muslim…I know where you all stand drinks adultry clean shave preasts…church's near red light districts search amstradam church 100 meter near red district…shame on you for promoting lie…search history of Makkah and kabba in Bible…

  • Jesus Christ, God's son . we must believe in the Lord. because Jesus saves..

  • Y a AQUEL que es PODEROSO .

  • Jesus is Muslim…

  • This is an amazing testimony I would love to see Jesus like that, btw I wanna know the ost of the background music it’s beautiful

  • You have been saved by Jesus

  • I feel like when you are blessed by God, you have dreams. Dream is a gift from God

  • The Holy Spirit is with us always!


  • How does Jesus look like? Is it the one portrayed in the picture of the last supper? The guy with the golden hair? Is he caucacian?

  • 🙏💜🙏💜🙏💜

  • Amen , glory to our God!

  • You met loki and he showed you a magic trick

    I consulted the Norse goddess hel of the underworld. She said your testimony is nonsense. And without evidence.
    Also, the CIA was good at propaganda

  • wow that incredible story! you blessed to be chosen.. thank you for your inspirational story!!

  • Dear brother Ali kindly pray for these Muslim families of Mr Adam Qalandar Shaikh, Farzana, Mudabir, Kabir and Rafiyah and their entire households for their SALVATION. RAHIM and his two wives children and his entire house holds.

  • im laugh.. hahahah

  • all lies unless he repented doesn't sound like he repented sound like you slept

  • Amen. Hallelujah. Jesus is our Lord

  • Jesus is a prophet like muhhamed peace be upon them.

  • I believe that Jesus is a Prophet a Messenger of GOD(Allah swt) and also Mohammad is a Prophet a Messenger of GOD(Allah swt). And I believe that GOD is only One not Three, not a Human and not a Holy Spirit. Because GOD created the Humans and Spirits and everything in this world. Think wisely my brothers and sisters Jesus is a human GOD created him. GOD is only one, think my brothers and sisters. I loved Jesus and Mohammad I believed to them .

  • I love to find these stories . It’s beautiful.. Jesus was in my dream as well.. He spoke to me without moving his mouth.. His message was clear.🙏❤️

  • Many Christians haven't had such wonderful privilege. To see Jesus in glory. Yeah we are the 99 sheep I know.

  • Praise you soooooo much Jesus. Only one who can save.

  • Thank you, Yeshua Hamashiach, for Your continued grace and mercies upon Your creation! Hallelujah for You are our only hope in this dying world!

  • And Jesus confirmed after him, will come Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), and Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) confirmed Prophets before to the time likes of Abraham Moses Jesus.

  • I have a story if anyone will listen

  • And i have proof

  • Hoax story Jesus is Muslim

  • Fake story

  • Thank you Father


  • Jesuchristo is the Lord. Hallelujah Amen

  • So Jesus has a mouth In his stomach? I don't believe this man

  • Jesus is coming back soon. I can feel it

  • God bless you!! Thank you Jesus

  • I read that many Muslims are meeting Jesus in their dreams.

  • Hii guys u can see the channel of Christian prince .he will clearly define Islam is fake. Shabbir ally even doesn't make a chat with him because he fears him

  • islam is the end of religins nothing after islam till judgment day

  • Hmmm Our Jesus Christ is Awesome God! There’s non like him.

  • No one comes to the father but through Jesus Christ amen

  • It is just a dream not real

  • I met Jesus in my dreams so many times… He is real and big.

  • God the Father , Jesus Christ and Holly Spirit . Will give you peace of mind , forever . Amen

  • Just a drunk dream

  • Wow .Such an interesting FAKE story😂😂🤣🤣

  • Jesus is love, he won't let you down!!

  • Some agenda
    I’m afraid he was paid 🤔

  • Incredible story I had hoosebumps… please post the entire story. I couldn't find it anywhere

  • He was paid, he just met demon for sure

  • It was narrated that Anas ibn Maalik said: Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) told us: “When the Day of Resurrection comes, the people will surge with each other like waves. They will come to Adam and say, ‘Intercede for us with your Lord.’ He will say, ‘I am not fit for that. Go to Ibraaheem for he is the Close Friend of the Most Merciful.’ So they will go to Ibraaheem, but he will say, ‘I am not fit for that. Go to Moosa for he is the one to whom Allaah spoke directly.’ So they will go to Moosa but he will say, ‘I am not fit for that. Go to ‘Eesa for he is a soul created by Allaah and His Word.’ So they will go to ‘Eesa but he will say, ‘I am not fit for that. Go to Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).’ So they will come to me and I will say, I am fit for that.’ Then I will ask my Lord for permission and He will give me permission, and He will inspire me with words of praise with which I will praise Him, words that I do not know now. So I will praise Him with those words of praise and I will fall down prostrate before Him. He will say, ‘O Muhammad, raise your head. Speak and intercession will be granted to you, ask and you will be given, intercede and your intercession will be accepted.’ I will say, ‘O Lord, my ummah, my ummah!’ He will say, ‘Go and bring forth everyone in whose heart there is faith the weight of a barley-grain.’ So I will go and do that. Then I will come back and praise Him with those words of praise and I will fall down prostrate before Him. He will say, ‘O Muhammad, raise your head. Speak and intercession will be granted to you, ask and you will be given, intercede and your intercession will be accepted.’ I will say, ‘O Lord, my ummah, my ummah!’ He will say, ‘Go and bring forth everyone in whose heart there is faith the weight of a small ant or a mustard-seed.’ So I will go and do that. Then I will come back and praise Him with those words of praise and I will fall down prostrate before Him. He will say, ‘O Muhammad, raise your head. Speak and intercession will be granted to you, ask and you will be given, intercede and your intercession will be accepted.’ I will say, ‘O Lord, my ummah, my ummah!’ He will say, ‘Go and bring forth from the Fire everyone in whose heart there is faith the weight of the lightest, lightest grain of mustard-seed.’ So I will go and bring them forth.”  

    When we left Anas I [the narrator of the hadeeth] said to some of our companions, “Why don’t we go to al-Hasan, who is hiding in the house of Abu Khaleefah, and tell him what Anas ibn Maalik has told us?” So we went to him, greeted him with salaam and he gave us permission to enter. Then we said, “O Abu Sa’eed, we have come to you from your brother Anas ibn Maalik, and we have never heard anything like what he narrated to us about intercession.” He said, “Tell me.” So we narrated the hadeeth to him and we came to this point and he said, “Keep going.” We said, “He did not tell us any more.”  He said, “He told me this hadeeth when he was a young man, twenty years ago. I do not know if he forgot or if he did not want to let you depend on what he might have said. We said, “O Abu Sa’eed, tell us.” He smiled and said, “ Man was created hasty. I only mentioned that because I wanted to inform you of it. Anas told me the same as he told you, and said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) added: “Then I will come back a fourth time and praise Him with those words of praise and I will fall down prostrate before Him. He will say, ‘O Muhammad, raise your head. Speak and intercession will be granted to you, ask and you will be given, intercede and your intercession will be accepted.’ I will say, ‘O Lord, give me permission (to bring forth) all those who said Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah.’ He will say, ‘By My Might, My Majesty, My Supremacy and My Greatness, I will most certainly bring forth from it those who said Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah.’” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 7510)


  • ¿Que negocios tiene Yeshua HaMashiaj (Jesucristo)en la Mecca ,la capital del mundo musulman?? Pues ir a rescatar a uno de sus hijos. Fue a decirle a un musulman tu eres mio. Yo soy Jesus , y tu eres mio. Wooooow. Se que la biblia dice Bienaventurados los que no vieron y creyeron, pero no niego que me gustaría que me pasara también algo así jejeje.

  • Sometimes i think muslims are more open to Yeshua HaMashiaj (Jesucristo) than Jews. Jesus was mentioned in Coram as a prophet, but the jews talmud talks about him as a blasphem and idolatric. So sad for Jews people , they were choosen and now reject salvation.

  • I was born with white hair it's browned over time around 7 yrs old but it wasn't hereditary or anything.. I would love to see more.

  • God has not made it clear. To everyone

  • God is real

  • So u talk about a man who was never a real muslim or he would not drink in the first place,who left his wife and children to go drink in piece to S.Arabia-
    There he feeled ashamed because he did the hajj but did not believe in that?!
    And also said he did pray there,that mean's he also did not pray 5 time's a day before in his life-
    But u call him Muslim??
    AND many year's later he became grey ,but his hair on the chest "Where Jesus touched him"
    where still withe/grey?!
    Well well……😩 make's sense.

  • Many years ago I dreamt of the Lord. I dont remember the entirety of it all and I have no idea how one connects to the next. l was in a hall walking in the midst of a feast or celebration, but it was the saddest time of my life. I thought God was so far away. When suddenly a white bearded face of an old man appeared on the floor as though he was preaching. I was engulfed with fear thinking it was the Lord. Outside the hall there was a porch with a table and a chair in the middle. Feeling depressed, I sat on a chair and read a book. Maybe out of exhaustion and resignation, I took a nap. But then I thought nothing will happen if I remain that way. So I opened the book again and there I read as though it says: " You will not feel anything today but know that I'm always here." I thought the Lord had read my mind and felt ashamed for not trusting him. Then I looked up above the sky in the east. It was early afternoon and it was gloomy and cloudy. Then in a cracking sound appeared in the sky countless stars and lo and behold, they formed the face of the Lord. And then He stretched out His right hand so stretched that it touched me from where I was sitting. I was enveloped with fear. And then He slowly disappeared. By reaching out to me, it seemed the Lord wants to assure me this: "Stop doubting, I'm always here." I woke up gasping and wrote the whole thing. This happened 012104, 2:22am. Glory to God!

  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱one of my favourite testimonies ever

  • Is not converting from Islam to another religion punishable by death?

  • Alcoholic peasant has a dream, hears voices, then swaps one imaginary friend for another.
    Yeah…. That's substance induced mental illness not a visit from a glowimg Jewish carpenter.

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