Murder Mystery | Trailer | Netflix

(rock music) – I don’t wanna give it
away, it was the butler. The butler did it. – Leave my books alone, okay? Just let me read. – Timber. (rock music) – What brings you across the pond? – It’s my honeymoon. – Where’s your husband? – Dead. (Nick snoring) – Asleep! He’s dead, dead asleep. (both laughing) – Sir, if you don’t return to your seat, I’m gonna have to call– – The cops. – Hey, hi honey. We’ve actually been married for 15 years, but we’ve just been very,
very, very, very busy. (Nick brushing teeth) – I’m flossing. – I can see that. You’re doin’ it extra hard tonight. (rock music) – Charles is inviting us to
spend the weekend with him on a yacht. – Crashing the party with civilians. – You’re an actress, right? – Grace Ballard. – (laughing) I an Nick Spitz! This is my wife, Allison! I can’t believe– – Audrey. I’m Audrey.
– I said Audrey! Did ya ever fool around on a boat? I just lay here and the
boat does all the work. (Audrey gasping) (women screaming) – [Man] There’s been a murder! – Should we pull it out? – No, it’s a foot long knife. (knife gets pulled out of body) (crowd screaming) – Will you listen to my husband? He’s a detective! – I’ll put it back.
– Don’t put it back. – No! (Audrey screams) (police sirens sounding) – My name is Inspector
Laurent de la Croix, and we now summon you for questioning. (puffs smoke out) – Why is that smoke ring so good? How did he do that? – Did you notice anything
out of the ordinary? – [All] The Americans. – But we didn’t do this. – [Nick] Someone’s trying to frame us. – We do things together, so can we please just figure this out? (gun fires) (Audrey screams) – [Audrey] It’s just like
“Death in the Library”. – [Nick] What happens in
“Death in the Library”? – They died. That’s why it’s called
“Death in the Library”. (gun fires) (Audrey screams) (“Look What You Made Me
Do”, by Taylor Swift) ♪ Look what you made me do ♪ – You guys are all over the news. They say you killed someone. – Do you think that’s possible? – We’re trying. (gun fires four times) – Shoot at him! – Those were warning shots, honey! ♪ But I got smarter ♪ – If we’re gonna do this,
we gotta look confident. ♪ And me I rise up from the
dead, I do it all the time. ♪ – Boom. – [Audrey] Go, go, go! (gun fires) (police car crashes through plane) – Ferrari!
– What? – Testarossa! Magnum, P.I., I’ve got the mustache! – Okay, go! – It’s a fantasy! (doors slam shut) What the? Are you kidding me?
– I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say!
– Ah, go, go! (engine revs) ♪ Ooh, look what you made me do ♪ – You have any idea how gorgeous you look? (Audrey screaming) – Hit the brakes! (police car crashes) – I love you, that was sweet. ♪ Look what you just made me do ♪

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