Mr Twenty Twenty and Rob Begg talk about Feel It Real – Manifesting and living your DreamDrivenDay!

– [TT] Oh yeah, there he is. – [Robert] Hello, hello? – [TT] Hey. – [Robert] Hey, how are you? (TT laughing) – [TT] Are you in a dungeon? – [Robert] Does it
sound that way, does it? – [TT] It sounds cool as hell. (laughing) – [Robert] Philosophy dictates
technology and all that. (TT laughing) – [TT] I had a buddy, Bill, he built his empire in a
closet, I swear to god. – [Robert] Did he? – [TT] He had a little
sound-proofed closet, ’cause I told him, this was… I was a client of his
at first, and I said, “Dude, your shit fucking
rocks, like what’s your gear?” (laughing) And, I was at his house at the time, and he took me and he opened the door, and I’m like, “Are you fucking serious?” Ane he’s like, “This is where it happens, “this is the magic room.” And, it’s like… – [Robert] Wow. – [TT] Yeah, totally like
blew away all my fantasies of having to invest 20
grand in a sound studio. – [Robert] Yeah, exactly, yeah. Exactly. Is it too much of an
echo for you on the line, or is it okay? – [TT] No, this is great, absolutely. – [Robert] Ah, cool. – [TT] First, I wanna thank
you for asking your questions, and being willing to play like this. (birds chirping) And I just wanna make sure it’s
cool that we can share this with the world and all that good shit. – [Robert] Yeah, of course
it is, yeah absolutely. No, I’m grateful to you
for all your teaching, and I’m glad to have come across you on my journey and all that good stuff. So yeah, all cool. – [TT] Cool. All right, let’s do it. – [Robert] So, have you got… Are we just gonna go with the flow and see where it takes us? – [TT] Yeah, totally man. Absolutely, this is as
formal as I get. (laughing) – [Robert] Okay, sounds good to me. Sounds good to me. So where do we begin? – [TT] Wow. Always begin with why. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] I don’t care if it’s
an article, an interview, if you’re trying to help
someone with anything, like, “Why do you want a sandwich?” And, they tell you… I was talking with a homeless guy one day and yeah, I was just
listening to a conversation he was having and I said,
“Why do you want a sandwich?” He goes, “‘Cause my dog’s hungry.” His dog was hidden
right around the corner. And, I was like, “Fuck, man,
let me get you some dog food. “And, what do you want?” (laughing) It’s like, fuck me. – [Robert] Yeah, exactly. – [TT] You know? Let’s take care of puppy the right way. – [Robert] Yeah. Cool, yeah, okay. So is it my why? You start with my why or your why? – [TT] Any why will do. Why are we on the call? You asked some great questions. – [Robert] Yeah, I’ve got a few questions in no particular order that
I’d love perspective on, just to chat through, really. – [TT] Cool. – [Robert] And I guess the
first one that springs to mind is to start with this whole
concept of consciousness, which I observe is a term that people throw about the place, but nobody… You know, when you drill down, people don’t really understand it, or they get confused around it. You talked yesterday about
consciousness, awareness, and attention, I think it was. – [TT] Cool, what did I say? (laughing) – [Robert] Well, I think you started with, consciousness is the only reality. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] I mean, I
don’t really remember. – [TT] Nice. What I say today may deviate
from what I said then. – [Robert] Yeah, that’s cool. That’s cool. – [TT] I’ve always made it a point… Can we talk a little
bit about what you do? ‘Cause, I’d like to
expose you a little bit. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah sure, yeah. – [TT] ‘Cause, you’re
first, a good fucking guy. Second, I get you and I have a common why, in that you wanna help
people make some changes. – [Robert] Yeah, definitely, definitely. And that was born out of,
you know, I now do that, that’s my primary focus. I spent 20-odd years of my
life running my own business. Got to a point and
couldn’t get the results that I felt I was capable of getting. I had built quite a successful entity, but just wanted to get a better
outcome than I was getting. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] And, I just couldn’t
seem to get past myself. And I came to a point of realizing that the issue sat with me and I went about searching for answers and I did all that
usual self-help journey, read every self-help book under the sun and stacked up my intellectual
mind with greater awareness of what I could and should be doing, but it didn’t really
support me to make a shift. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] So, I exited that. And along the way I’d had
some business coaching. And then I thought well, I
could maybe help other people to avoid some of the
pitfalls I’d experienced. So I spent eight years business coaching. During that time I was continuing to try and scratch my own itch and
satisfy my own curiosity for how everything really worked. And I was fascinated by human behavior. Why is it people behave as they
do and not as they want to? Why do they have this gap? And that led me into various things. But also into meeting and
working with Bob Proctor. And better understanding
how the mind works and how it all works and
the laws of the universe and all the rest of it. And the more I learn,
the more curious I am, the more I understand, the
more I realize how much more there is to understand. And the more I get scripture, the more I’m better able to
help others and help myself. So I just am a curious guy, perhaps more curious about
the workings of it all. – [TT] You know my love
affair with curious. – [Robert] Yes, yeah. – [TT] I’ll do the crass
commercial, I’m so fucking sneaky. (laughing) – [Robert] I can absolutely
endorse that so… – [TT] Without curious we
have to become confident and confident requires
that we have something to be confident about and against. Confident always has both sides. – [Robert] Yeah we– – [TT] I gotta be confident,
yeah, yeah, you got it. Right, I can hear the
energy in your voice. – [Robert] Yeah, I was
thinking that, yeah. Yeah, even if we’re ignorant
and we’re confident about, we don’t know what we don’t know, yeah. – [TT] Yeah, exactly. And so as we explore consciousness and I love that you mentioned
laws about the universe, as far as I can tell
there is no such thing. As far as I can tell, this is gonna blow a lot
of people’s fucking minds, because it’s not a law about the universe that makes a difference,
it’s the truth about you. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And this is where when
I have watched your videos in Dream Driven Day and you and I are both quirky as fuck in different
but complementary ways and I’d knew we’d have a
great dance together here, but I mention that because
if you try to parrot what everyone else is saying, you have to parrot it with confidence. But if you discover what’s
the little fucking niche that you can give and only you can give, suddenly there’s no way
that Rob can be a commodity or Mr. Twenty Twenty can be a commodity. I have no competition. There’s nobody out there with what I do. There’s tons of different
people out there, but I have no competition. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] And there to me lies the value, because when we shine the
flashlight in a different place and your clients are going
to want things to get better. I suspect in 20 years
of business you discover you just wanted things to be different. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] You can always make more money, you can always build a different system, hire a different manager, get a different, but different man, different. That’s what we crave and that’s where we’ve gotta begin. So if consciousness is the only reality, and as far as I can tell it is, that means that there
isn’t a universe out there to have laws about, but
there is a truth about the consciousness you
are that sets you free. And that’s the whole thing
because awareness of being is, Neville Goddard said,
“Awareness of being is god.” I say awareness of being is you. And how you are aware of being determines everything, your circumstance. You being aware of curiosity and what we were covering in the course and of potential and of
dancing versus being at war via the working dance talk stuff. Suddenly you and I are on a call together. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] And it’s all because
of first, your conscious, awareness of being is god, but what you let get into your tension, the cool little thorns you let get in, oh my god, here we are, this
is where we get to play. And thorns are a good thing. – [Robert] Yeah, for sure. For sure and playing’s
a good thing isn’t it? If I look back over my
life it’s not something I’ve done a great deal of
or I’ve not done enough of. I’ve been too busy trying to work out, but in a work sense rather
than in a play sense. – [TT] Yes. – [Robert] So Dream Driven
Day has been so good to be able to just relax and play with it and indulge my curiosity. – [TT] I am infinitely
curious about the ripples. – [Robert] Yeah. Yeah, for sure. For sure. And yeah, they spill
everywhere, don’t they? – [TT] Yeah. I love positive sprawl. I don’t got a better word for it. Godless with those birds, fudge. – [Robert] Are you outside? – [TT] Oh my god, yes. I wouldn’t do this inside. – [Robert] Okay. It is nice with the
birds in the background. I’m in Scotland so it’s
dark and it’s raining. – [TT] So there are no
birds, I’m in the dungeon. (laughing) – [Robert] Exactly. – [TT] Wow. – [Robert] Yeah.
– Cool. What’s our next letter
in the alphabet soup? – [Robert] Yeah, so Neville
talks about the end result. So he talks about, is this
okay just to, I’m just– – [TT] Yeah. – [Robert] I didn’t know what you meant by alphabet soup really, but– – [TT] I don’t either. (laughing) if I ask what the next question
is I’m not honoring you, you get it? ‘Cause what’s the next
question on your list? Fuck, I don’t need you anymore. Just send me the list and I’ll talk. (Robert laughing) But if we use an angle of metaphor, because god, it’s all metaphoric. Suddenly you and I get to show up. I don’t know what the
fuck the question means, but I’ll run with it. So you and I get to dance again. – [Robert] Yeah, cool, yeah, cool. Yeah, love that. So what is my question then? So yeah, Neville talks
about imagining a scene that implies the wish fulfilled. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] And I’m curious
about the size of the scene, is the scene a single scene that implies the single wish has been fulfilled? – [TT] Oh my god, yeah. – [Robert] Is it a broader
vision of your whole, the bigger pie? How narrow, how wide do you go? How deep do you go? How– – [TT] I’ll talk about the
mistake I see all the time, people wanna make a 30 minute scene, it’s like a movie script. And they wanna include everything. I’ve got the car, but I wanna make sure that I’m not making payments on it and I’ve got the attractive
woman in the car with me, but I wanna make sure that
she’s my wife, not my neighbor. (laughing) It’s endless torture that way versus all the time I’m
using the phrase now, I’m curious what I’ll
be doing in three years, but my phrase now is, I
imagine Victoria’s YUM and how that makes me feel. So there’s always three
elements that I’m seeing from what I can tell. There’s something external. Actually hearing or seeing Victoria’s YUM. How I feel on the inside about it and the knowing that, that is real. Now what’s about cool about that, so I’ll take it to my car. When I manifested up my BMW,
I got in within like five days for less than what I paid for the price of my Chevy S-10 pickup truck. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And all I
experienced was the feeling that I get when I drive on
what I call Ticklebelly Hill, you can imagine what
the feeling is, right? – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] So there’s the
feeling of being in a BMW, Ticklebelly Hill, my dog in the backseat, and we only had Emmet back then, because I wouldn’t be
driving somebody else’s BMW with Emmet in the back
seat on Ticklebelly Hill. So it’s just that little,
so here’s my scene, ready? (swooshing) Yeah, yeehaw, that was fucking fun, right? Just the whoa, there we
are, we hit the bottom and then we start going
back up Ticklebelly Hill. – [Robert] Is that a feel
it real session in itself? Is that a– – [TT] That’s it, that’s it, yep. – [Robert] A 30 second, because you can take yourself there it doesn’t need to be 15
minute or half an hour– – [TT] No, now I may enjoy, Tickebelly Hill is five
minutes from my house. I may enjoy just for five or 10 minutes the feeling of wasn’t that fun Emmet? That was fun. I can just rest in that
feeling of Ticklebelly Hill. – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] So I had the experience. This is part of what DDD and
NIST incarnation was about when we explored the happy chemicals. Yeah, how to bring the
tones of reality into not just your imaginal act, but your life because if you’re playing
with these happy chemicals in your quote-unquote physical life, before you can do that
you’ve gotta imagine up what generates those mother fuckers. So that verus I’m imaging the black BMW with the black leather seats, it’s got a five speed transmission, fuck. I’m just experiencing Ticklebelly Hill at 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit and in Australia, I’m checking my mirrors ’cause our speeding
fines here are atrocious. – [Robert] Okay, yeah. – [TT] They really are. And so it’s like right. (laughing) So I’ve got the endorphin, I’ve the got the fellowship
of me and my puppy. I’m in a god damn BMW for fucks sake, I’ve got some status and I don’t mean that I’ve got a better car than someone, that’s negative side of status lets say. But I’m in a car that I like. This is my chosen car. I’ve given myself enough status that I buy a car that I enjoy. – [Robert] Yes, yeah. – [TT] All these have
internal/external components. External statuses, when I lived in South Western Pennsylvania, I all the time was buying BMWs
for the price of used Chevys. And for example, I got a
$4,000 one for 1,500 bucks because the guy couldn’t
figure out a lighting issue. All I had to do, I
bought it, took it home, went on Google and Google said if your 325, 318, whatever it
was, has a aftermarket radio and it’s wired into the wiring harness, it screws with the lights on
the left hand side of the car. And so I went out, I looked,
it had an after market radio. I pulled it out and clipped the hot wire with a pair of wire snippers. Instantly, the car is fixed. (laughs) So I just gave myself a
$4,000 car for 1,500 bucks. Ran like a dream. – [Robert] And was that,
’cause that was part of what you’d imagined that you
picked up a 4,000 BMW for– – [TT] Yeah, absolutely. So I always buy shit. I love flying for a half or a
third of what it should cost. I’m just, for me it’s the game because as a kind that was award. Here’s another one. And I said kid as in 18 to 22. I was poor, I grew up on welfare, put myself through he police academy and all that other bullshit and I’m working for a cop for
three different departments part time, can’t afford decent food. I’m buying the largest pizza I can at Fox’s Pizza Den in West Newton ’cause they gave it to us at half price ’cause we were cops. We look out for them, they
look out for us kind of thing. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] But I didn’t work
down there for like two, three days in a row, I
didn’t have any leftovers. And so I’m looking,
I’m scouring the stores for half price meat, anything I can get, so I can survive. Now it’s fun making really good money and making my game. You know what we’re gonna have today? Pork belly. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna get it at half off. How am I gonna do that? I slowed down for two
steps walking into Woolies the other day and I just feel,
hear, I hear Victoria’s YUM. I feel what I feel if it were true, yes. And I go back in there, there
it is, there’s my pork belly. It shouldn’t be there, yum. Give it to me I’ll take it all. (laughing) – [Robert] Nice. And what would you say
to any people that have, that aren’t accustomed to
feeling the way they want to feel in terms of getting out
of that cortisol cycle into experiencing happy chemicals? Is that a process rather than an event? Can you take yourself there? If you feel it. – [TT] Yeah. – [Robert] You’ve been in a
space of being addicted to unhappy hormones, can
you take yourself there in a few minutes or– – [TT] Yes. So when I came to Australia and I’m training the Forex traders, the problem with Forex trading is you can lose a lot of money or make a lot of money pretty fast. And if you take a dodgy trade
and you get a cortisol dump, now you got a problem ’cause your trading under the impact of cortisol. And so what I told them to do is step up, walk away from the cookie
jar, go outside and skip, because skipping resets things. Now to get really clear, the
physical skipping’s important, but before you can physically skip, you have to imaginely skip. – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] And so I gotta cough, one second. All right so– – [Robert] Did you imagine
that before you coughed? – [TT] I imagined hitting the button. (laughing) So before you can physically skip you have to imaginely skip, right? – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] And so I told him skip, right? So I’m just tricking him into
imaging something different. I don’t want him to sit
there and stare at the screen and go, I am a great trader,
I am a master trader, I just make 5,000 pips a night. Fuck that man, just get
up and skip, then sit down and imagine having nailed a
couple good trades, right? – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] But here’s the thing. There’s some fascinating
research done by this guy named Tom Meyers and listening to Tom is like listening to a robot, right? He’s a fascinating freaky guy, but he dove deep into the fascia system and so I bought one of
Tom’s six video course training things, right? So I get this because I just can’t get it out of my head, I
have no idea why I’ve become totally obsessed with stuff called fascia. Do you know what fascia is? – [Robert] Yeah, which is the sleeve that goes around the
muscle, is that right? – [TT] It goes around everything. Fascia goes around the
muscles, so they can glide. It goes around every muscle fiber, it goes around every cell. It’s everywhere in the body. It’s the one sheet that’s
woven into everything. It’s sort of like a tapestry, right? So I’m watching Tom’s
second video one day here and I almost shit myself
because Tom brings out, he basically talks and
he shows a little chart and he says and this is
where I get this bit from, “Muscles have to do with the mind.” Because you can literally
you can hold up your hand and count: one, two, three, four, five. You can point up a thumbs up for yes, a thumbs down for no. That’s all muscles, right? – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] Then he talks about emotions. So muscles are mind. He goes, “Emotions are cardiovascular.” So you can watch when, I
love making people blush, ’cause we live in a world
that’s almost emotionally dead as far as I’m concerned or it’s
very emotionally predictable and if I can get someone
to blush, oh baby I just, you get it, we just did it, right? Ooh, Rob’s more alive now. Imagine having
congratulatory conversations or imaginable acts leading
to stuff like blushing. You get that, it’s a Victoria’s YUM. You get it? That’s the emotional. That’s a change in her
cardiovascular system, that’s emotions. – [Robert] Yes. – [TT] But here’s the kicker– – [Robert] That’s the origin
of the word as well isn’t it? Movari to move, it’s all about
movement and emotion I think. – [TT] Mm-hmm, yep. – [Robert] Sorry, I cut you off there. – [TT] No, no, no. Never apologize to me. (laughing) So ready for the thing
that will cook your noodle? – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] The third thing Tom said was, “Fascia is at the level of belief.” – [Robert] Hmm. – [TT] And I went holy fuck, he’s right. And fascia is what prevents
us from either being stiff as a board, because without fascia nothing could glide in there. Nothing would move. So fascia’s like the ultimate lubricant. Also without fascia we’d be a puddle. All your cells would
just puddle fucking down. Gravity would pull all of
you down into your feet. Right, you’d be a puddlely
burst without fascia, right? – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And so when he talks
about fascia and belief and what’s belief? Belief is nothing more than how
you believe the world to be, how you believe you to be. Belief at it’s core is
nothing more than your state. I believe you and I will
have had a wonderful time. There’s my imaginal act before our call. And it will bless billions, right. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] And that effects my fascia. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] Fascia is electrical,
fascia is lubrication, fascia is the network that
holds it all together, it let’s it all move
seemingly independently. And when you add that in, ready
for the noodle to be cooked? – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] This is why things
like skipping to me are vital. Skipping allows you to
experience the bounce the fascia system has. If you watch the puppy
run, we’re gonna cover this in the state of Bruce call
that we do in a couple days, if you watch the puppy run or
more accurately lets say trot. When a dog trots, most of his
muscular work is isometric. In other words, he just positions the body in a particular
configuration, holds it there, and adds in a little bit of work. And the fascia makes all
the bouncy shit happen. – [Robert] Got it. – [TT] Little kids bounce
and have endless energy, because they are very fascia oriented. They’re exploring what they do believe. Never-Never Land, fairytales. What do I want to be when I grow up? Adults, we all go muscle. We got stuck in the head,
it’s all muscle and mind and then we have very
predictable emotions, maybe two. Most people only have two
or three emotions a day for the most part, fuck. – [Robert] Yeah fuck, yeah. – [TT] You know this. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah I do, yeah I do. – [TT] You live in one
of the Queen’s empires. I live in another one and I look around and it’s like fuck man. You know like least Americans have anger. I mean. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah, yeah that’s true. We just have suppression going on. – [TT] Exactly. What’s the dominant emotion? Suppression. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] Fudge man. – [Robert] Whatever it
is, just suppress it and we’re British, yeah. – [TT] There we go. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] All right. So with all that in the mix, your turn, grab the stick. – [Robert] Wow. – [TT] Wow. – [Robert] Whoa, I am having fun. I’m just gonna keep asking questions. – [TT] Let’s do it. – [Robert] Before I’ve
got another question here in front of me but I’m curious about the addiction to emotion. We talked about most people
only have one or two emotions, but I observe that people create scenarios through their consciousness
or through their awareness. They go unconsciously finding things to support their addiction. Does that make sense? – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] People look
at, they don’t see life through their eyes, they see
it through their beliefs, and often those beliefs just
exist to feed the addiction. – [TT] So you asked about
cortisol in the last question. The key to kicking cortisol
is discovering your body, because if you believe your body or if you behave as if your body, studies show it takes three
years to get over cortisol. So you find that– – [Robert] If you believe
you, you are your body. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] You talk to someone
who doesn’t get consciousness is the only reality and they
think that their body is and what it experienced. If their husband or wife cheats on ’em, it takes them three years to get over it. If they experience a tragic
loss, the puppy dies, three years later they’re
probably getting another dog. Or even if they got another dog sooner, they’re still grieving the
first one for three years. It’s a fascinating thing,
but if you get that consciousness is the only reality then you start bouncing back faster. You get it? Skipping is bouncing. You bounce back faster
because you get what you are. The addiction is the same thing. Yeah, I love this… Everyone’s obsessed with phrases like, what fires together wires together. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] I’ll sort of agree with that, but it’s just been used to
the point where it’s bullshit. What’s addiction? Addiction… I hope it’s okay with
you because I imagine, like right now I imagine
you and me doing– – [Robert] Everything’s okay. – [TT] Everything’s okay. When Timmy was here from the group, Timmy was sitting right next
to me where the computer is and we’re having these kinds
of chats while he’s here. I’m already imagining you in the garden and when you’re here you’ll
notice, yeah, and you got a dog, but I’m willing to bet that Emmet has more gaits than your dog because I haven’t classified
all of them as gaits yet. Yeah, it’s like he
creates new ones every day to fuck with me with me. And a gait is nothing more
than we configure the body in a particular shape so that we can move at a particular speed. And so Emmet will create a gait that, it’s got so much bounce, so much twist, and it’ll keep him moving
at a particular speed with the least amount of effort. So most of the muscle work is isometric. A little bit of it is actually in putting a little bit of motion into the system. If you watch a really
good baseball player, pitcher, they’re elegant. If you watch me throw a
baseball, it’s not, right? It’s horrible. But it’s that and the thing is and this is another one that
I’ve just recently codified, this is where people begin
and this is all right. Instead of imagining
bad, Rob, imagine good, but I’ve been imagining so
many bad things for so long it’s easy to imagine bad,
it’s hard to imagine good. Okay? – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] We just set up
another artificial war. Now if we want to create a game– – [Robert] Because we
tell ourselves that story or because we believe it. – [TT] And we’re used to just… I’m making burned cookies. Tomorrow I’m gonna make
unburned cookies. (laughing) – [Robert] Okay, yeah. – [TT] Versus tomorrow I’m making bread. The day after I’m making
spaghetti out of raw ingredients. The day after I’ll make a pizza,
but if we’re stretching… Again I watch the dogs, I stretch a lot, but the dogs got me
beat every single time. I walk in the house, they
walk toward the door, they identify it’s me, they stop, and they do a down dog, they do an up dog, and then they come over. I didn’t bother doing that. (laughing) So I decided I’ll start doing that, so as soon as they walked towards me and they stop to do
their stretch, I do it. Down dog and up dog and my
spine just articulating it in different directions and you know what? I feel better at the end of the day. I see Victoria. A little stretch, little stretch. But it’s not just the body stretching. How do we stretch what we’re imagining and it doesn’t mean just imagine bigger, it’s imagine maybe a different element. Add in a different happy chemical. It’s so easy to watch
someone addicted to oxytocin, because what works easiest for them is a congratulatory
conversation, an actual hug, yeah, the sit and the cuddle. On the other hand every now and then it’s really useful since
they’ve mastered that tool that becomes their addiction. It’s sort of like I used
to love Smith & Wesson. I think it was the
L-Frame Revolver series. It was my first gun. I got so damn good at
it I owned four of them over the 30 years I carried a weapon. I just loved them, they were great. And if you gave me one today, I know that weapon inside and out. I can just feel it, I
could probably pop caps and a quarter at 10 feet,
but I’m good at that. But what else do I want to get good at? What else do I want to explore, because it’s like having the
same delicious meal every day, it gets old. So we so if we stretch
with our imaginal acts, to me that always has us putting another new fun bun in the oven. Like when I talk about Victoria’s YUM and I discover oh, I could
call this the two-step method because it took me two
steps walking into Coles. That was fun. What if we taught people how to get into the state akin to sleep
was while you’re walking just sort of slow your gait
down for two steps or three and that’s sort of takes
you into that drowsy state and you experience the YUM
and the internal experience and the knowingness and you
get that fast, oh my god. How many ways can you stretch a day then? – [Robert] Yeah. Yeah because we go to
our defaults, don’t we? Back to the addiction.
– Totally. – [Robert] We think oh,
I’ll just do a feel it real for oxytocin or for one
of the happy chemicals. – [TT] Totally. Yep, yep. – [Robert] So yeah I hear you on that. And I’m guilty of that myself. I have my defaults in terms of what’s easy or what what I can use to
shift my state fastest. Okay. – [TT] I used to, I had a motorbike. It’s was a Honda CB 900 CE. It was a limited production thingy-do And I called it my attitude machine. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And you can guess why. If I was feeling small I
could get on that sucker and the knees are in the breeze. And then at some point the
motorcycle died and I sold it and I had a choice either
to be a motor bike addict or discover how else can
I build these different happy chemicals in? Which one was lacking? I was always a solo rider. Not cool. How can I build fellowship in? I’m pretty good at fellowship now. – [Robert] Yeah is that,
did you not used to be? – [TT] There were times where I’ve gotten real isolationist. – [Robert] Yeah and I get it, that feeds the chemical
as well, doesn’t it? – [TT] Totally. I’m the guy on the hill. There’s some status there,
even if nobody knows I’m on the hill. (laughing) There’s some status there. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] Everybody else needs to take all sorts of shit in the
woods in order to camp. I walk in with a knife. I’m in good shape. – [Robert] Yeah. Okay, tell me about buns in the oven, multiple buns in the oven. Talk about buns in the oven and how you manage
multiple buns in the oven in your imagination,
because that’s presumably multiple feel it real sessions
then for different things. Is that where you go
on Tickebelly Hill or– – [TT] So we’ll define sessions two ways. I do formal sessions in the morning, at nap time and at night. So I’m investing that state
akin to sleep as I wake up, today it’s like ooh, Rob and I kicked ass. Next, ooh great, feel it real
fun show, that kicked ass, just out of the pool. Yeah, that kicked ass. And I explore different ones in different ways with
the different pillars, happy chemicals all that good stuff– – [Robert] So as you go through your day. – [TT] Yeah basically,
before I get out of bed I’ve already nailed half a
dozen events for the day. – [Robert] Okay, okay. – [TT] So boom, boom, boom. The other side is pretty cool because well let me just finish that. So my other two formal
sessions at night time, I’m revising some stuff from the day, turn some bad into good, good into great, like we did in revision to the max and my midday session is
whatever’s on my mind. Could be a homeless guy
that I passed in the street, could be you, yeah, it
could be a business thing. So whatever it is, could
be, since like right now it’s Victoria in the garden season, so as I’m falling asleep
from my afternoon nap maybe I’m imagining her having crushed it and then talking to me as
I wake up way too fast. Ah, just need 10 seconds, right? – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] So those are the formal sessions and again, those don’t take long, but I’m just investing a little bit. I nail something, relax a little bit, maybe I nail something
else, relax a little bit, and I’ll fall asleep just knowing that I just nailed some things. On the other side, so
multiple buns every morning, multiple clean up buns every night. Something while I’m falling asleep, something while I’m waking
up at my afternoon nap, so that’s an easy part of the formula. Another side is that whole thing of I’m walking into the shops
and I see a friend of mine looks stressed and I just go ooh, right. Slow down for a step or two, just imagine him looking perky. How would I feel if Dean
look perky? (laughing) – [Robert] Right. – [Host] And as soon as I nail that, cool. Then I’m walking up the Coles, where’s Victoria’s YUM today? What’s my desired pork belly? And so on. – [Robert] I’m wondering if
you’re working on a big project that’s you know, are you still
taking it in daytime chunks? You’re doing your feel it reals for today, for a piece of work that’s ahead of you or are you doing it for the end result? I’m curious about bridges to end results and feeling it real for a bridge
rather than an end result. If that makes sense. – [TT] So I’ll be posting up some, probably on Jen’s post today, I’ll be posting up some videos of some old Chinese guys doing weird shit. I just love the internal kungfu. I used to actually think I was good at it. And then I discovered that all
my power was being generated from my waist instead
of way, way, way deep by the subtle muscles that
are all inside the sacrum. It’s like all right, so I
dismantled my old way of moving for I’ve been doing that
for about five years and I’m exploring getting
both hips fully functional, which has taken me on this
really cool adventure of just learning all sorts of things, exploring all these
different muscles inside, around and inside the
sacrum area of the body. So here’s why I mention all that. So the outcome is for
me to basically be about 150 to 180 and doing some
really cool kungfu shit that most people in their 20s can’t do and almost nobody can actually understand. So I imagine being able
to move like a 20 year old when I’m close to 200. Because I want to be here for a while, because I don’t want
to learn algebra again. I want to see how the garden works. And I don’t want to go learn algebra again and then find my way back here. – [Robert] Did you even learn algebra? Come on, be honest. – [TT] Well yeah, totally true. – [Robert] Most of us were present, but we weren’t really taking it in. – [TT] Yeah, I was looking at legs. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] So there’s my thing. So my big thing, I want to
live to be about 200 or so. Maybe a quarter and it’s possible and with today’s technology and because of what I’m imagining. I happen to give myself a lifetime at the point in history where
it’s very, very probable that anyone who takes care of their body could live to be 200, right? Just really cool. So there’s that, that’s a biggie. On the micro side, god I
imagine already having had a great day at the pool. On the other micro side, I remember when I had my
left foot was diagnosed as having had a fallen arch. There was like no arch in my left foot and so I figured at one point, like I had a left hip injury that I get to explore with
this internal kung-fu bit. I had a fallen arch of my left foot and it’s like well I imagined
having a arch in my left foot because that arch in the foot is, it’s another pump for the power with this internal kungfu stuff. And it’s like I just don’t
have an arch in my right foot, I’d like to have an arch in both feet. So I imagine I’ve got
an arch in both feet. So like I just see my
tracks and so all right, so I on with my life. I find myself not liking shoes
with arches in them anymore even though that’s what they tell me I need to be wearing that orthotics and I just go with these flat shoes. Zero drop shoes are what
they call them I guess. – [Robert] Okay yeah, yeah. – [TT] And so I become obsessed
with these fuckers man. I have more shoes than Victoria. And so of course I started
manifesting up these shoes at about half price or third price. I ordered a bunch of the UK called Freet. I found a 40% off coupon deal that was supposed to
expire like five years ago, it was still working the last
time I used it two years ago, so I’m ordering all these freaking shoes that are flat shoes with
no arch support, nothing, because I’m just obsessed with them. I have no idea why and lo and behold, one day I’m walking and I look down and I look at my prints and my prints show that I’ve got arches in both feet. – [Robert] Wow. – [TT] And it’s like
fuck man, that’s cool. So I photograph it and it’s
somewhere on the Internet. – [Robert] Yeah, for sure. – [TT] It’s so cool because again, that’s not a big win for
me, that’s a middle win, because I figured again, if I’m gonna live to be 200 years old it’d be nice if the tires were lined up on the car. It’d be cool for what I’m doing the kungfu I bet you it would actually enhance it because all that power comes
from flexing and arches and fascia and those little
micro muscles in the hip. So all those are little
intermediate wins for me, which again, I imagine and give life to. But I discover them along
the way because again, you’ll notice my pattern. I get top shelf steak
at bottom shelf prices. I get my BMW for the price of a Chevy. Last time I flew into Australia, two out of three or three
out of four of the legs were first or business
class and I paid for coach. It was just good fun and I
got the ticket for half price. The tickets were like two grand, I got it for 1,200 or
something so almost half price, but it’s it’s the coolest thing because when I get obsessed with living to 200 and then it’s like well, you
know this whole kungfu thing, that’s fun and yeah, I want
that and so that’s another bit and then it’s like my feet and then suddenly my foot has healed. Now we could blame the
shoes and I’m sure going to zero drop shoes was part
of a physical bridge, but you know me I’m
not gonna pay 200 bucks for a pair of shoes when I can
get them for a hundred bucks. So boom, there we go. – [Robert] And so the feel it real session or imagining the scene of your, that implies your arch is
fixed so the end result now. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] I feel like
I’m interviewing you here, so do stop me if– – [TT] No, it’s cool. – [Robert] So you do the feel it real and then you drop it. You feel to the point of being real, but seeing that implies it’s fulfilled and then you drop it,
there’s no awareness of that as you go through your day,
you’re not trying to force it. I’m curious about the difference between allowing and forcing. – [TT] Yeah, I don’t find
myself thinking about it, but I do find myself going
fuck, those shoes are weird. Lemme check them out, oh my god, you know? And do some research and
suddenly I find a coupon code. So it’s not that I and
here’s the thing I notice. So living from the
state of loving teacher, I’m always finding
things to teach and share and so there’s a really big chunk. On a smaller chunk size, I find that it’s like, once I imagined having a bimmer. Of course I see more bimmers
going up and down the road. I don’t take it a sign, it’s just that I’m looking
at bimmers now differently. What kind of car, what
kind of BMW would I like? Oh I don’t like that
one, it’s too angular. Ah, that one’s okay. But it’s a fascinating thing because an ongoing emergence
state like businessman marketer has me, I love learning about business. I love learning about marketing. I’m obsessed with Neil Gaiman as a writer and I’ve got probably five
of his books on my Kindle. I’ve got a buddy who’s
got some signed copies he’s looking to give me. Imagine manifesting up that,
I’m just having so much fun. – [Robert] What fascinates
you about Neil’s writing? – [TT] So Neil… I don’t know. (laughing) How’s that for an answer,
but I fell in love with Neil before I even knew much about him whenever I listen to the Graveyard Book and when he talked about– – [Robert] You hear so many
people talk about that, “The Graveyard Book”,
I’ve never read it but– – [TT] Don’t read it, listen to it. Get it on Audible, it’s in his voice. And when he talks about one
of the characters in the book called The Sleer. You instantly know what
the fuck The Sleer is like because of the way he says it and it’s like ooh, that’s nice. And then what I do his
course in master class, that thing, One of the things he mentions is whenever he develops a character he says, some people wanna
know what they look like, some people want to know their history. He says something like, “I
want to know how they sound.” And I went holy fuck, this guy gets it because Neville was
really big into hearing. Eavesdrop, listening in on your friends, are they envious or are they happy? What are they saying? When you listen to Neville, by the way I hate when
people suggest to me or they tell me, hey I’m
listening to “Out of this World.” I says wow, I didn’t know
know Neville read that. And he, oh no, no, no,
somebody else is saying it. I tell them don’t listen to it. Listen to Neville because
when Neville talks, Neville, like when Neil says Sleer. You know what a Sleer is, you don’t even have a fucking
clue what it’s Sleer is, but you know because of
the way I’m saying it. When Neville says that consciousness is the only reality, it’s not. He’s not saying, and
consciousness is the only reality. No, he’s saying it coming from Rob, consciousness is the only reality. Like when I say, that’s him, my phrase is what you are is god having
the adventure of a lifetime. Another one of my phrases
is how your conscious determines what’s in your reality versus if somebody says that I said that, it just doesn’t have the same impact because they’re not saying
it from experiencing it while they’re saying it. And that’s what I like about Neil. – [Robert] Got it, got it. Okay. – [TT] By the way, that’s
also what I love about your videos because I watch
this curious quirky guy experience his curious and
quirkiness live on the camera and I just go, I just
fucking love this guy. He’s so there. And that’s the thing
where if that shows up in everything you do in your business, you can’t help but make a lot of money and have a lot of impact
and you’ll never be boring. – [Robert] Yeah, well that’s funny because I’m conscious of… it’s interesting I say I’m conscious of, but I’m conscious that
I often rein that in– – [TT] I know! No kid. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah, yeah,
I read it in I think I need to be serious about this. Get his point across in a
serious fashion or yeah. – [TT] Everyone’s trying to do that. Don’t do that. (laughing) – [Robert] Okay, that’s good, all right. That’s good advice. – [TT] I’m not a 100% into the
philosophy of Napoleon Hill. – [Robert] Okay yeah,
let’s talk about that. – [TT] Okay, but but I do want to tell you there’s some recordings that you can find, they’ll be at
or on the Wayback Machine, something like that, they’re
rare Napoleon Hill recordings of him actually speaking. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And he and he is
such a delightful fucker. Oh my god, is he fun. But you won’t get that
reading “Think and Grow Rich” and you’ll never get it
from “Think and Grow Rich” if you listen to Earl Nightingale reading, “Think and Grow Rich.” (groans) As lovely as Earl’s voice
is, it’s not engaging like Napoleon Hill’s and
when you listen to Nappy talk and again, I’m not a
100% in his philosophy. He’s got some struggle built into there. But he was getting there, but
when you listen to him talk, oh my god, he is a hoot. – [Robert] Right, yes. I think I’ve heard him
on a couple of things on Spotify I think, but
they’re certainly not great. – [TT] Exactly, yeah the
sound quality on those isn’t great but if you’ve
got some headsets on and you’re in the dungeon. – [Robert] In my dungeon,
yeah exactly, exactly. So what else can we party
on, what can we play with? – [TT] Wow. I think I wrote about this. Yes, but let’s do it. Wins versus stuff. I could give a shit if
you ever get your stuff. What I’m interested in is how
many wins can you stand today? It goes back to the whole philosophy is how much happiness can you stand? If happiness is defined as
a single happy chemical, you can’t stand much, but
if happiness is designed… If happiness is you
mixing up new combinations of happy chemicals oh my god, the amount of happiness you
can stand, it’s just amazing. – [Robert] Hmm, yeah, I
remember having a conversation years ago with a business owner about what she wanted and it
was all these things like a house and a boat
and a thing on this wall. It’s back to the why conversation, well what’s that all about,
why do you want that? “Well, that would make me happiest.” What if you were just
happy without those things? She said, “Well what if I was only happy, “that wouldn’t be any good.” (laughing) – [TT] So day 29 on Dream Driver Day, we just did it yesterday
and the state of Bruce, when I threw the ball,
Bruce wants one thing, and you know what it is? – [Robert] What? – [TT] To be the hero. – [Robert] Right. – [TT] I throw the ball and he goes yes, then he brings it back. Then I throw the ball he goes,
yes and he brings it back. I threw the ball he goes, yes
and he doesn’t bring it back. He sits there and goes
it’s my fucking ball, you come get it. Really? I will fuck you up boy. I’ll go over and I’ll walk
toward him like a bear does. I just throw my left hand
side and my right hand side. Then his tail wags ooh,
Dad’s gonna come get me and then we play chase, but
he just wants to be the hero. – [Robert] Got it. – [TT] And that’s all any of us want. Being what gives life to everything, all we want to do is really be the hero. – [Robert] In our own movie. – [TT] Oh my god, yes and when
you help people be the hero in their own life, it’s never the house. It’s never the car. As the hero I can enjoy the car. Being the hero might be just me poking, I’m gonna go around the roundabout today. Being the hero might be
keeping it alive for 30 years. I like this car. It’s not a classic BMW,
but it’s a treasure to me. – [Robert] It might be,
it might become one. – [TT] It will become one, yes. But it’s like I just, how
can you be a hero now? Bruce finds it in the ball. Emmet does it by sitting on my lap and trying to prevent Bruce from playing. See Bruce, I’m blocking you. (laughing) – [Robert] And if I’m
understanding you right, it’s not a hero in an egotistical
look at me kind of way. – [TT] No. That can be there. You have your friends congratulate you, but it’s not like look at me. I am imagining good
for all my friends too. No, no, no. Yeah, that’s fun, but it
really is, it’s about the win. When you teach yourself a new yo-yo trick, oh my god, how cool is that? When we did Dream Driven Day last time and the yo-yo lesson came up, I think it was like that
day or two days after Victoria and I were in the city and we came across a collection
of old Coca-Cola yo-yos. These things were like priceless. I should have bought one. I don’t know why I don’t sometimes, but like what are the
odds of us coming across a collection of old Coca-Cola yo-yos? Like oh my god, it’s a 100%
because that’s what I do. (laughing) It’s like fudge man,
but it’s just how many, how many wins can you stand? Little ones, big ones,
fun ones, serious ones. Oh my god, we just came here to have wins. But there’s no win without a risk. When Bruce misses the ball, then you can watch him
go fuck, go, go, go. You’ve got a dog. – [Robert] Yes. – [TT] You know this. – [Robert] I do, yeah. – [TT] They’re just as
excited with the near miss and then they finally get
it, yeah Dad, I did it. Cool, let’s do it again. – [Robert] Can we dig into that? There’s no win were there to risk. Because I’d love to dig
into that because I observe that so many people are
trying to go through life getting wins without the risk. – [TT] Yep, I love the mantra people. Every day in every way I’m
getting better and better. Well guess what? Some days, I got rear-ended the other day. I was in Victoria’s car and
this van fucking hits me. – [Robert] Oh, thank god
you were in her car, right? – [TT] Thank god I’m in
her car, right. (laughing) And I pulled over and everything was fine. I got a little bit of
a sore neck, but yeah, I got all that taken care
of but I made a friend. But if I went in every day and every way everything’s getting better and better, there are no exceptions, every day I make $10,000 in my business. The day I make $9,000 and get
rear-ended, it’s all over. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] It’s suck fest. But there’s this thrill,
there’s this dopamine of fuck, I almost got the ball, let me get it, get it, get it. Hey Dad, serotonin time. Cool Bruce, good boy. Yeah, there’s the fun thing. I love the whole thing with, this whole new age thing fascinates me because it’s like you cannot manifest when you are in a negative emotion. It’s like really? Wow, what about Hitler? He did pretty well being an asshole. It’s like well, he didn’t manifest good, well but he got like all
sorts of nice cigars and shit. And I’ll just play devil’s advocate, because it’s like what does Neville say? Good, bad, indifferent. You can use this for good,
for bad, or indifferent. You can have an all rice day or life, you can have a burned rice life, or you can have a rice with spice life. – [Robert] Mm. – [TT] And some days
you’re gonna burn the rice. You’ll put it on, you’ll walk outside, Bruce will wanna play ball,
you get all hooked on that, next thing you know, that
smells interesting. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] I guess we’re eating out for lunch. – [Robert] And I guess
it’s always on, isn’t it? We’re creating all the time. – [TT] Oh my god. – [Robert] Is that the trick? Is to be conscious of what we’re creating? – [TT] I think that’s the thing, so did you catch the
reference to Dr. Watson in one of the recent lessons? – [Robert] Missed that. – [TT] Nobody fucking caught that one. So Dr. Watson is that thing, do you have Windows computers? – [Robert] In the UK
or do I in my dungeon? I’ve got Mac. – [TT] Yes baby, I know you
and I get along just fine. So the people that have Windows computers and I’m sure there’s
something the same on a Mac, but on a Windows computer
they have called Dr. Watson. And if you’re just sitting
there listening to Spotify and you’re on your, I don’t
even know what the processes are called anymore but you’re
on a super duper computer, it needs to be doing something. So Dr. Watson just has it do dumb shit. Just dumb shit, dumb shit, dumb
shit, dumb shit, dumb shit, and then you fire up a spreadsheet while you’re listening to
Spotify and it still works, but Dr. Watson has less space
on your activities going on. So if Spotify takes up 1%,
Dr. Watson takes up 99. If Spotify and your
spreadsheet take up 11%, Dr. Watson takes up
whatever 100 minus 11 is. – [Robert] 89. – [TT] 89, see I’m not
good with this shit. I tell people anyone can make
money online, look at me. (laughing) So that’s Dr. Watson and
the thing is Dr. Watson is like the bullshit part of your brain that manifests up bullshit because when I walk down the street and I see the little old lady hobbling I imagine her strutting, but
does she ever strut again, I don’t know, but I
can tell you this much. Man I was in the shops one day
and I gotta go in two minutes and this old guy was having this stroke. And thank God that there
was some lady there that was trained because
she’s doing first aid, there were two Girl Scouts there that were helping out as well and I just stood there and
looked in the guy’s eyes. And he looks at me and I look at him and I’m just imagining yep,
I’ll see you here next week looking good, right? And it was like two weeks
later, he’s in the place and he’s looking good. It turned out that his
stroke was apparently pretty damn minor and he
didn’t die, which is cool. But here’s the thing,
a lot people would go yep, I’ll imagine lovingly
for that guy later because I’ve got shit on my mind. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah, I’ve
gotta get half priced meat. (laughing) – [TT] Yeah, I already nailed that right, but people will go around and
they’ll miss opportunities to imagine lovingly for seeming others while they worry. It’s like fuck man. Yeah, how can I imagine lovingly for you? How can I imagine lovingly for you? Oh, that looks like fun. I imagined up a new scotch. It’s a PD scotch, it’s
only 60 bucks a bottle. My favorite scotches are like
a hundred bucks a bottle here and so wouldn’t you know,
I imagined up a new scotch that’s fairly PD at 60 bucks
a bottle and I like it. It’s like that works for me and the funny thing is
the store manager says, “I don’t know why this is here.” Like yeah, this doesn’t make any sense why they’d send this to us. And I said well, keep it it’s good. (laughing) – [Robert] You know why it’s there. – [TT] I may be the only
person that buys it, but I like it and it’s
60 bucks versus 100, that’s 40 bucks in my pocket, sweet. – [Robert] Nice. – [TT] But there’s the game. There’s nonstop games to be played. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] So I gotta drag
my dogs to the dog park. Ugh, how do we close it
up in a minute or two? – [Robert] Ooh, ooh, let’s
leave it open, how’s that? – [TT] Let’s do it again, how’s that? – [Robert] Yeah, yeah, let’s
leave it open for more. I’d love to. – [TT] Okay, let’s call this part one. – [Robert] Yeah, part one will do. Yeah, let’s see what what feedback you get and what questions get asked and let’s have another riff another time. – [TT] Cool and with
everything we’ve covered you’re cool with me putting
it out into the world and having us make an
impact and all that shit? – [Robert] Yeah of course, yeah. Yeah absolutely. – [TT] Cool, cool, do you have a website? – [Robert] Yeah, I’m in the process of revamping it. It doesn’t really give up
flavor, but it’s out there. – [TT] Nice. – [Robert] People can connect with me on Facebook or wherever. – [TT] All right, cool. I would suggest anyone listening do that and everybody here probably
knows how to find me, but I’ll just say yeah. – [Robert] Yeah, do that too and if you’ve been thinking
about Dream Driven Day or Manifesting Mastery is it? – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] Stop thinking
about it and just do it. – [TT] Cool. Rob this has been an
absolute fucking pleasure. – [Robert] Likewise, I loved it. Thanks Twenty. – [TT] Cool, I will
send you a link to this recording after I get
back from the dog park. – [Robert] All right, enjoy. – [TT] Cool, see you buddy. – [Robert] Cheers, bye-bye.

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