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it’s taking a little longer than usual this video is for my playlist alcoholism
in movies and TV it’s a silver synopsis on the movie leaving Las Vegas with Nick
Cage and Elizabeth Shue and it’s taking a little longer so I decided to hit you
off with this video it’s just some outtakes from that video you know it’s
just a short video video video video am I saying video too much anywho if you
don’t know who i am but i act somebody or just check out the channel so enjoyed
outtakes and I’ll see you when I release this leaving Las Vegas sober synopsis
alright peace played by Valeria Valeria gal galileo galina Valeria Valeria ah this chick is played by val Valeria
Galileo galino Valeria Galina Valeria Gulino this chick is played by Valeria
galino you may recognize her from hot shots I believe hot shots part deux
Charlie Sheen she said maybe you shouldn’t drink so much to which he
replies very loudly maybe I shouldn’t breathe so much she puts her hand on his
arm and says maybe you shouldn’t maybe you shouldn’t drink so much you know in
her exotic accent and as she leaves he he says maybe I shouldn’t breathe so
much Terry actually that was exactly what happened

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