Whoo, there’s a destroyed wheel and a bike broken in two! Give me five Damien ! Hey guys, I’m Max for Owlaps, we’re at the top of the Les 2 Alpes glacier for the Mountain of Hell 3600m above sea level, the biggest mass start race in the world As you can see there’s more than 1000 people, it’s crazy and beautiful It’s sunny and the ice is perfect Yesterday we had mechanical problems with Damien, so we’re starting very last, it’s gonna be crazy, you can’t even see our bikes they’re so far away you’ll see it all on Owlaps, see you later wait my GoPro made several noises, am I filming ? (yeah) okay I thought it only had to beep once let’s go Oh shit it has started Damien is just in front of me Woah almost hit him I’m going left Whoo, there’s a destroyed wheel and a bike broken in two! This is stupid Now we’re gonna suffer It’s such a carnage snow is starting to get soft hardest thing is people on the ground making you fall too wohoo Dam’s ! I think he’s a bit tired, I hope he’s not hurt there’s still many people coming through! thanks almost went OTB Hey Damien give me five (I fell up there) I saw it where is everyone ? Damien is behind me Coming! Sorry! Thanks Coming sorry sorry! let me pass please excuse me excuse me taking the inside it’s hard excuse me I can hear Damien right behind me I’m so tired Grabbing the brakes a lot in some places in the steep it’s really hard the race we dreamt of we started dead last shit shit! He’s got a puncture Fortunately he’s running tubes because he broke way too many wheels in the past Bad luck for him I have no idea of our ranking I’m guessing it might not be too bad excuse me resting the arms say hello to the media guys here normally we’re jumping over a car It’s long but it’s good riding all this blind, not easy the track is here Gnarly! I don’t have brakes anymore I think my brakes are dead I don’t have brakes anymore I can’t stop go go I don’t have a rear brake anymore Is it still long after this? It hurts (could you guys please put your bikes over there) Well that was crazy Damien and I did a really good run we passed a lot of people on the glacier then I was really tired then he had a puncture, the cardio was there but it was my first mass start race so it was hard and my rear brake died on the way so cool he must be disappointed it’s not his wheel so he had to be careful but he still didn’t finish a long time after me he’s a machine we did it! passed more than 900 people that was crazy I didn’t think we’d do it so cool

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