Mountain Men: Marty Pushes Into Cat Country (Season 7, Episode 13) | History

[music playing] NARRATOR: The weather’s
intensifying fast over the White
Mountains, where Marty’s pushing deep into cat country. Boy, it’s shaping up
to be a miserable day. NARRATOR: Fighting biting winds
gusting up to 40 miles an hour. Real bad flat light. There’s new snow, and
the wind’s howling. The last time I ran this
line, it was beautiful. The machine fairly
idled through here. It was just hard packed,
real easy to see trail. And now it’s drifted, gone. Wow. Huh. Well, you have good days,
and you have bad days. Nobody said it was
going to be easy. And there might be
fur, so here I go. [engine starts] Look at this mess. NARRATOR: The dense terrain
is treacherous to navigate but also prime for
the lynx he’s chasing to cap off a killer season. Because it’s so
thick in there, this is just a cat trail. It funnels the lynx in here– like a cat highway, kind of
following those brushy little draws, hunting bunnies. Good deal! Pretty cool. [music playing] I got a big lynx here– a big male. Yeah, that’s a pretty
big cat, pretty big. NARRATOR: Marty’s
perseverance pays off. A cat this size is worth
$200 and is a good sign that there may be more to come. Now I continue on. Boy, the snow is deep
up in the hills here. [engine starts] Oh! Wow. Damn it! [music playing] NARRATOR: Deep in Alaska’s
storm-battered White Mountains, Marty’s snowmobile is hung up. Dang it. NARRATOR: Tangled
in a web of brush. Well, I tried to
blast through this but got balled up around
my ski, and I’m stuck. You got to dig it out. I hope I didn’t break anything. [music playing] I can’t even get it. [sighs] NARRATOR: It’s 10 degrees
below zero and dropping. The worst case scenario, we’ll
walk, and it will be miserable. I got lucky. If you clip a tree with
a ski, lots of times, you’ll be stuck for a while. And I need to try and
get back to the cabin before I get stuck so
bad I can hardly dig out. [engine starts] Today was hard, but it
was a pretty good day. It’s exciting to
catch any fur animal, especially lynx, which is why
I live to fight another day. [music playing]

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