Mountain Men: Kidd Runs Idaho’s Dangerous Rapids (Season 8) | History

[music playing] KIDD: Every time I
run a rapid in a drift boat, you always get a
bit of an adrenaline rush. HARRY: If something
happens to the boat– KIDD: Oh, damn. That’s a boat sinker. HARRY: –that means
we’re walking. KIDD: Come on. [bleep] Holy hell. NARRATOR: On the banks
of Idaho’s Boise River, Harry and Kidd Youren are on
the hunt for untapped territory to give them a competitive edge. KIDD: Harry and I have been
down this river before, but we never had time to get out
and explore any of this stuff. NARRATOR: Cattle season is just
around the corner, the time when the brothers will
make half their yearly wage working as hired hands. KIDD: Harry and I run cattle
for a few different ranches. We’re always kind of
looking for greener pastures we can take them to
for the summertime. The bigger the grassland
area is, the less that we have to move them. NARRATOR: They’re scouting for
fertile fields that can feed as many as 1,000 head of cattle,
the type of grasslands that are hard to come by in these
parts unless you push deep into the remote hills. KIDD: It’s really hard to get
a horse down through here. There’s no trails. There’s no road. That’s why this
country is untouched. It’s even hard to get a
boat down through here. Hey, Harry. What’s on the side of
the river right there? HARRY: It’s looks like a boat. KIDD: It is a boat. Someone didn’t make it. HARRY: They didn’t
make it very far. NARRATOR: Early
spring is the safest time to travel
here before melting snow overwhelms the river– KIDD: Let’s not do that. NARRATOR: –and creates
rushing rapids that can easily take out a small boat. But navigating the Boise is
not to the inexperienced. HARRY: Once we start on
this, we are committed. There’s nothing you
can do to bail out. You have to go all the
way through to the road. If something happens to the
boat, that means we’re walking. KIDD: All right, we’re getting
into more white water, a little faster drop, narrower canyon. HARRY: We’re getting
a lot of cliff here. KIDD: Oh, we’ve got some
more water coming in. I can see why not a lot
of people come down here. HARRY: There’s more and
more water building up. The water is getting
stronger, faster, and bigger as we go down the canyon. You can hear the rapids. You can hear it from
a long ways away. I mean, it’s a roar. KIDD: Yeah, this is that
blind corner right here. I definitely want to get
out and scout this one. Coming around this
corner right here, I can hear a rapid
right down below us. It’s like a lake up above it. It’s stopped so much water. And it’s all pouring
off all at once, and it’s making a
whole lot of noise. Holy cow. That water’s cooking, dude. Before you even
see these rapids, you can hear them coming. They’re really loud. They sound like a jet. If I slam into one of these
rocks at the bottom of my boat, it’s going right through
the bottom of my boat. If you make one
mistake out here, make an oar stroke at the wrong
time, you can break an oar. And then you’re kind
of what they call up [bleep] creek without a paddle. Oh, damn. That’s a boat sinker. You have to miss those rocks. You can get washed down
on that really easy. HARRY: You can get washed
out on that real easy. I can’t because I’m not
going to be in the boat. NARRATOR: Kid is an
expert river runner with years of experience,
tackling whitewater. But rapids are
unpredictable, so he’s not leaving anything to chance. KIDD: Having a lot
of weight in a boat is going to make it hard
for me to slow down, so we decide it’s best if Harry
walks around with the dogs and I just pick
him up down below. Here we go. You’d better make sure
you’re dead on because, if you’re off by an inch
or two on either side, you’re going to crash. Holy hell. Come on. Ah! Pretty damn swift. HARRY: He misses all the rocks. Well, most of them. I think he might
have bumped a couple, but he’ll never tell me that. KIDD: Making it
through the rapid, it’s kind of like a weight’s
been lifted off my shoulders. My job’s kind of done
with the boat and stuff. I’m just going to pick up Harry. Let’s go find a
place to camp now. HARRY: I say we just find
anywhere that looks flat. It’s getting late enough. It don’t really matter where. What about if you just
tuck right up in this? KIDD: Oh, that’s a nice looking
little cove right there. HARRY: We need to get camp
ready, get some wood cut, get dinner rolling. And we should be
good for the night. KIDD: This works
good right here. Yeah, let’s just
grab that stuff. I’ll get this fire
rolling just a little bit. Harry and I are going to get
out here early in the morning. Hopefully, we can
see some new country. HARRY: I really
want to find some of that high mountain,
meadow, tall grass that’s going to last all summer. KIDD: It’s pretty good country. I’m sure we can find
something around. If this thing has the potential
that we’re thinking it does, we could set up a
real camp and do a lot of hunting out of here. I’m going to sit down. My legs are tired. This could be the spot we
want to spend a lot of time in the future.

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