Mountain Men: Jake Hunts Mountain Lions Close to Town (Season 8) | History

NARRATOR: In southwest
Montana, lion hunter Jake Herak has his crack
team on the mountain chasing an urgent lead. JAKE: I got a pretty
strange phone call. Normally it’s from a rancher. This time it was
from a fisherman, and he sad he spotted a
lion when he was down here. NARRATOR: The Ruby River winds
through a populated valley in the foothills of the
Tobacco Root Mountains, miles away from the lions’
regular hunting grounds and way too close to town. JAKE: We’ve got several
houses here within a mile, and that’s a big problem. This is by far the
closest that a cat’s came to civilization this year. NARRATOR: It’s unusual for
a cat to come this close to civilization,
and running it off before it can do any serious
damage has its challenges. JAKE: We’re going to go ahead
and keep pushing on this cat and get it up onto the mountain. Oh [bleep]. All right, this is
a big, big problem. Looks like a bobcat
crossed our path here. Then the dog switched
on to that fresh bobcat. They’re lined out
going this way, and the lion’s
going the other way. The dogs won’t often
chase two cats at once. When tracks cross, they’ll
jump on the newest scent, even if that’s not
their intended target. They’re trained to
track the freshest scent, but today that’s not
what we’re after. We need to get this lion caught
up, and I’m in a big hurry, so hopefully I can get up
here and get him caught up and finish the job
we started today. There’s multiple people
up and down this bank at any time during the day, and
it’s a big concern when you’ve got a cat running around. Come on, dogs! Woo hoo. Come on. That bobcat came down this
trail here, stopped right there and turned, and now he’s
backtracking the dogs. Damn. He pulled all sorts
of trickery in here. He went up this
tree a couple times. We’ve got tracks going
up, tracks going down, and tracks going back up. So it’s definitely
a smart old bobcat. We’re going to follow
it and see if we can’t figure it out ourselves. Whoa! There it is right there, bobcat
streaking across the hillside right out in the wide open. That’s pretty awesome to see. Look at that sucker moving. NARRATOR: The dog team caught
the scent while hunting down a dangerous mountain lion. Now the bobcat is
running them in circles. JAKE: Come on, dogs! NARRATOR: And the longer
it takes Jake to catch up, the longer the lion
is on the loose. JAKE: All right, I’ve just
caught up to one of the dogs here. Oh, got two of them. Good boy, Henry. Good boy, Clutchman. Just got to find Marlene now. Mar Mar. Come on, baby girl. Woo hoo! Here it is. Good girl. All right. Now that I’ve got
them caught up, I need to get them on
the right track now. NARRATOR: Retracing
their steps takes them back down the mountain. JAKE: All right, here it is. I’m going to see if
they’ll take this lion– NARRATOR: But it
doesn’t take long. JAKE: What do you
think of that, Mar Mar? NARRATOR: –before the
lion hunt is back on. JAKE: Good dog. Count them up. I think we’re back in business
now, so now it’s up to them to catch up to this cat. I’m running out of
daylight, so it’s time to get these dogs
on that lion’s ass, and hopefully we can
put him up the hill. They’re after it. I need to get after it too. So start getting up
the mountain after him. NARRATOR: Lions that are
comfortable around humans pose an urgent threat. Jake’s goal now is to push this
cat as deep into the mountains as he can. Yeah, I can definitely
hear the dogs up ahead of me. They’re sounding like they’re
getting a little excited. I’m going to go ahead and
make my way in here quietly, and hopefully I can catch
the dogs before it jumps. Good dogs! Good dogs! Good dogs! That’s definitely a
nice young female, and that’s one that I
have no experience with. This is a totally
new cat to this draw. NARRATOR: The hope is that
the shock of a first encounter with the hunting team
is enough to teach the lion to back off and stay
out of the valley for good. JAKE: It’s definitely
important for these lions and know that they can’t
come down into civilization. Otherwise they’re going to have
to deal with me and the hounds. [barking] All right, get these
dogs home and get them rested up because we’re
going to be right back at it again tomorrow. Come on, dogs. Let’s go. Good dogs! Come on! Let’s go! Good dogs.

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