Mountain Men: Bear Attacks the Youren’s Dogs (Season 8) | History

Hey, bear! Woo! Harry, you see him in
the creek right there? He’s got a hold of Mort, Kidd. Go up a tree. Woo! NARRATOR: In the cliffs rising
from Idaho’s Boise River– Let’s climb out of here. NARRATOR: Brothers
Kidd and Harry Youren are on the hunt for
greener pastures. Let’s see if we
can get up high, get out of this river bottom
through these rocks up there. I think we can get up to
that last little bit of rocks and get on that big
ridge and see all of it. This is some big
damn country here. Very big. You don’t realize
how big it is when you’re down on the river. Yeah. NARRATOR: But if they find
suitable grassland, bringing cattle in later through
the steep mountain pass will be worth the
time and effort. This area we’re going to look
at is National Forest land. So if it all works out, we’ll
start the permit process and hopefully get
some cows up here and graze them for
the summertime. Big. Damn, that’s a big
drainage out there. There’s a really big valley
up to the north here. You can run cows in here
for two or three months. NARRATOR: 1,000 head of cattle
need at least 2,000 acres to feed on, and this open
country may be just what the brothers are looking for. These dogs are splitting
and kind of going both ways. They’re moving
something going that way. Whatever it is is hot. Yeah. Right here’s where
they come through. Oh yeah. You see they came right
off this ridge here. Hey. Look at that right there. Oh, that’s a bear track. They’re definitely
running a bear. Let’s hustle up to the top. Right behind you. We know it’s a black
bear because there are no grizzly bears in this area. It looks like we’re
going to go bear hunting. Black bears can be any
color from blond to cinnamon to chocolate. Hell, there’s even
been white ones. I can’t see anything. There he is. Oh, damn. It’s a big old bear. Any time your dog takes
off on a bear track, you’ve got to hustle. That’s the time to get going. NARRATOR: The hunting pack is
trained to stay on a target until they’re released
by Harry or Kidd. He’s going
underneath those trees on the far side of the creek. NARRATOR: But if they try to
face off with a bear this size, it could be deadly. If we drop down as
fast as we possibly can, we can do a little
ambush on him. And we can be on one side. Dogs can be on the other. That’s when he’ll pop up a tree. Woo! But we need to haul
ass and catch up. Hey, Har. Harry. He’s coming right down
that creek right there. Yeah, yeah.
What did you see? I’ll drop right in the bottom. You see if you can get
ahead of him right there. Yeah, yeah. NARRATOR: Now the
brothers are racing to intercept him and call off
the pack before one of the dogs gets injured or worse. That bear’s headed down
the creek right here. Kiddo’s in the bottom. Hopefully I can down here
at the same time as Harry. He should be able to
catch him from there, but if he comes
up the side at all trying to go back
where he came from, I’ll be up here waiting for him. Put that bear in
a pincer movement. We can make him go up a
tree if we can both get there at the same time. NARRATOR: If they can get
the bear to climb a tree, it will end the chase
and give them a chance to get the dogs to safety. I can hear the dogs. They’re not very
far in front of me. Running down this creek
bottom, it’s hard to keep going fast through here. It’s really thick and
brushy, but I can see Harry. He’s up above the
bear right now. I’m right down below it. It looks like our plan’s
all coming together. Hey, bear. Woo! Hey! Woo! Hey! In these high-adrenaline
situations, it’s really hard
to stick to a plan, but generally me and Kiddo’s
go-to move is trying to pinch them in between you,
and usually those bears will pop up a tree when
you’re on each side of them. Come on. Woo! The only problem
with this plan is the bear does not
want to climb a tree. NARRATOR: Though the
dogs outnumber the bear, if a predator this
powerful turns to strike, it could be game over. Harry, you see him in
the creek right there. Yeah. He’s got a hold of Mort, Kidd. Go up a tree. Woo! I seen him turn
around and smack my dog right on top of the head. I mean, it hit him hard. And this bear will
not go up the tree. Our dogs, they
aren’t going to quit. They’re just going to go
until they get beat up and can’t move no more. NARRATOR: If the bear
won’t back off now, there may be only
one way to end this and extract the dog safely. For some reason, this
bear swims across the creek and is coming right back
down the drainage towards us. The dogs haven’t
made it across yet. If we’re going to shoot
him, this is the time. Go for it then. You got him? Yeah. These bears, they’re
creatures of habit. When you get one that
starts slapping dogs, he’s going to keep doing it. That’s a good chance
that someone or our dogs can get hurt. NARRATOR: The brothers
didn’t come here expecting to take home
a fur, but they’ve turned a bad situation
into an opportunity. This bear’s going to give us,
oh, at least 250 to 300 pounds of meat we can use,
plus we can sell this hide for, like, $500, $600. There we go. We definitely don’t go
around just shooting bears for no reason,
but now that we’re going to be running cattle,
you really don’t want to have an aggressive bear out here. If there’s one thing you
can say about our lifestyle, it’s certainly not
predictable, and there’s never a dull moment.

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