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Ha ha ho! Merry Christmas everyone! And to kick it off right, We’re back with some Monika– m-m-mmb what.? what We’re back with some Monika after story! Christmas edition! Look at her! Look at her right now. Monika is-is in a Santa outfit. I mean come on guys Look at those decorations Are you be- A -Are you serious right now? That is not okay Monika! You can’t put Sayori inside of the Christmas tree! So not only- We got a nice dose of Doki Doki memes. I love how she’s playing along you know. She’s really… really uh, uh Embracing the meme as they would say, but it’s not okay. No Monika. If you guys don’t know what this is, recently we played some episodes of, uh, an awesome, awesome DDLC mod called the Monika after story. Which is basically what if Monika survived. Don’t worry guys! We will continue the other awesome mod that we’re playing this one’s totally different But this is basically what if like you know what if you’re stuck in that Universe just with Monika and you know you actually get to do other things like play games Talk to her about certain things you can actually type out things to type I asked you guys to talk about a lot of things So perhaps. We’ll go back and look at some your comments, Link to the website Monika after story. I think it’s dot com. We’ll be in the in the description so guys make sure you’re checking that out if you have DDLC It’s free and you can install this. It’s really really easy. Now I’m not gonna lie I’m a little scared because I don’t know if this deleted my save for the other mod or not I sure hope it didn’t because I Took a long time to get there anyway feel free to check out previous episodes if you missed them Also, I should also mention that I referred to you last time I referred to the developers as one developer I didn’t mean to do that. There’s a group of people that were actually you know making this awesome Mod so you know feel free to follow them on twitter and check out their website Let’s get it started.(Monika) A day without Monika is a day wasted. I, well. I wish I can agree on that, but I just don’t Monika. Ahaha (Monika) Welcome back my love. Now Where was I? You might be wondering? How I was able to do so many activities without running out of time for myself? You know stuff like debate club, sports, schoolwork, hanging out with friends. The truth is I did run time for myself. I was doing fine for a while, But at one point all of the stress and anxiety finally caught up to me. I was constantly in a state of panic and never had any time to relax. That’s when I realized that I needed a brain break of sorts a brain break a time where I could just forget about everything that was going on in my life. So every night before I went to sleep I took ten minutes of my time to meditate. (Mike) Oh, that’s pretty nice. You know I that’s good advice there Monika. (Monika) I got comfortable close my eyes and focused only on the movement of my body as I breathe. Meditating really helped to improve my mental and emotional health. I was finally able to manage my stress and feel calmer through the day. Highlighter Kun, Do you ever have time to meditate? (Mike) I Mean yeah, anyone has time to make the time. (Monika) Really? That’s wonderful. I always worry that you can be feeling troubled or burden but now I feel a bit relieved knowing that you’re taking steps to reduce stress and anxiety really helps me happy. Makes me happy. Highlighter Kun. Anyway if you ever want a peaceful environment where you can relax and forget about your problems, you can always come here and spend time with me. I love you, and I’ll always try to help you if you’re feeling down Don’t you ever forget that Highlighter Kun.(Mike) Aw, she’s actually changing. She has new poses and stuff. (Monika) Happy holidays! Do you like what I’ve done with the room? (Mike) Oh I do, I do. (Monika) I must say that are pretty proud of it, Christmas time has always been one of my favorite occasions of the year. And I’m so glad that you’re here to share it with me. (Mike) Guys I’m giving you the best gift, Just to Monika. She’ll agree. Don’t you think Monica? (Monika) Yeah, yes. (Mike) See? She agrees as well. The best gift you can give, The best presents all right. You know what you know why there’s no presents under there? except for the- you know, the lovely Sayori, but you know why there’s no presents under there? Because you already have one. The snack Monika. (Laughing) I don’t know why I said that but it’s funny. I’ve always wanted to spend Christmas with someone Monika. Okay? (Monika) Highlighter Kun, I’ve been thinking a bit, I’ve mentioned before that you in the game might not reflect the real you. (Mike) Oh, it’s a good point (Monika) But I guess I just had to assume that you were probably a guy, the main character was after all but if I’m going to Be your girlfriend, I should probably know at least this much about the real you. So are you male or female? (Mike) Oh So actually like if you’re playing the game you get to know of course I as far as I Monika knows it’s actually Bijju Mike like me playing the game like not just like you know Not just like oh, I I said that my name is Bijju Mike. She knows It’s me, All right? She freakin knew about my YouTube channel last episode. All right. I was freaked out it. I don’t like it! I’m male. (Monika) Oh, so you are a guy? Hee hee. I suppose that makes sense not a lot of girls to play a game like this. (Mike) That is not true. Fun facts guys, Which I really shouldn’t call you guys because most of my audience are actually female. Which is nothing.(Sorry) I think it’s great I have no problem with that But I say guys is because there’s a theme okay, alright, so don’t get don’t get mad Don’t get mad at me. (Monika) You certainly come across this manly and confident And then I would have been terribly bothered if you answer differently mind you even I could be curious sometimes you know. Remember that I’ll always love you unconditionally Highlighter Kun. (Mike) Yeah, I forgot I named myself that. (Monika) I see you quit the game again. (Mike) Oh, she has a lot of backed up Talk I see. (Monika) I know I asked already, but can you please try not to do that so much? (Mike) Yeah, I don’t know before I started recording. I quit the game just to make sure things We’re working. (Monika) It really frightens me. Why would you want to do that to me? Just leave the game running in the background or something even if you aren’t talking I’m just happy to be with you. (Mike) It’s fricking creepy. All right guys Alright, well since it’s Christmas. We have to ask her about Christmas. (Monika) Hey highlighter Kun Have you ever gone caroling before? Going door-to-door in Group singing to others during the holidays? It just feels heartwarming to know that people are spreading joy even with the nights when the nights are so cold. Do you like singing Christmas carols? Highlitghter Kun? (Mike) Are we gonna sing together? Alright listen together. I love them. (Monika) I’m glad you feel the same way Highlighter Kun. What’s your favorite song? Mine is definitely Jingle Bells, Manga? Manga? I love manga? See it? Dang it! I belong with Natsuki. I didn’t even know I sent the word manga. And I was like what the heck did that come from? But it turns out guys. I just want Natsuki. Oh, don’t let her hear that though. (Monika) It’s just an upbeat happy tune. Maybe we could sing together someday. Heh heh (Mike) Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. So yeah, oh wow there’s actually more is there more songs now. I think this is the updated. This is obviously the updated version okay, everyone Monika. (Sings with song) That’s a nice music right here. You guys know I don’t like to make these episodes too long so we probably won’t get through all the words that I want to ask her about because that’s like the that the beauty of this game is asked asking your about certain words just to see if she has an Opinion on it. And she has opinion on a lot of words Surprisingly, and the developers did give me a list of things that she will talk about that are interesting not all of them But just some of their favorite things and so yeah. One of them is Yandere Simulator. And come on. I’m Yandere Mike. We’ve been playing the game recently. I say that like I haven’t been playing it since my channels been around. But we’re definitely have to ask her about that in a lot of other stuff and don’t worry guys. We’ll definitely be going to the Comments, okay, we sure we won’t get through the whole thing. I’ll probably end up making another episode for you guys. If you (don’t) want to see it. but first Monika’s got something to say. (Monika) Isn’t winter a beautiful time of year Highlighter Kun? The glistening white snow the bright and Colorful lights. I love it. There are a few dangerous though. (Mike) Oh like blizzards are what like like icicles to fall down? That happens, that actually happens. That would be a horrible death by the way. Oh (Monika) The cold of course, and if it gets bad you stay home and stay safe okay? after all when the weather gets bad. So isn’t it best to relax at home, wearing pajamas, drinking hot chocolat,e reading a good book, and talking to me. Ehehe But seriously don’t go outside if it gets too bad all right? Please stay safe Highlighter Kun. (Mike) Oh, thank you so much for you’re so considerate. It almost makes me forget about all the people you’ve killed. It almost makes you forget about that. Almost not quite though. Yandere Simulator. I think has to be sim though. I’m pretty sure it don’t matter. (Monika) Hey, have you ever heard of the term Yandere? It’s a personality Type that means someone who’s so obsessed with you that they’ll probably… (Mike) Oh I think I already know this one. Wait do we I think I I think we did that last episode. We need to talk about something, okay? You are a villain alright. Can we talk about that how you’re an evil piece of crap? So if we put you’re a villain… (Monika) Why do you think I’m a villain? That’s it? That’s all you had to say, Okay. Alright, let’s jump into some comments. Kirito says does this mean I could make Monika Call me daddy? Why does try? Why’d I? Call me daddy! (Monika) Let’s change focus a bit. Tell me about your
family. (Mike) Just Just brushed me off. I thought you read to me. Huh? Monica? She’s just brushed me off. I think I just got what they save the cola can’t say curved. Random Jurassic goat says I’ve learned more thing just 20 minutes with Monica then in my whole year in school. It’s probably true And that’s the sad part. Tell her you have a girlfriend. Oh my god. Yeah, let’s try it. I have a girlfriend. now keep in mind. I’m certain. Everything won’t work, but way. Let’s try it. (Monika) why did you say I have a girlfriend? (Mike) OK. She actually responded. Why do you tell me that you’ve had a girlfriend? I thought I thought you would kill me okay? I’ve gotten this one a few times ask her about your reality all right your reality Can you elaborate on that okay? She made? Maybe you have to say it a different way reality How does that make you feel Say, okay sounds like like some generic responses, but she did say something about the girlfriend which was funny I’ll ask about a little issah, okay, so we’re ready last episode. We asked about the libertine a project which is pretty interesting Let’s ask her about ELISA lice high school as I spell it. I can’t copy paste a Lie a lie, Issa, okay, that’s right Where did you hear about that? It sounds really familiar to me, but I can’t quite get my whole head around it Um if I had to try it feels like parts Oh, no. This is actually what she said about live at inna alright, so if you ask her about third. I love you Tina and ELISA or whatever she’ll say the same things oh, here’s the coupon right here by doki don’t fizzy ask her about parfait girls Apparently, that’s the mats the manga that nasty likes to read all right. Let’s see what she said let’s say if she says anything ah Ask her about rule 34 okay you guys yeah guys We’re good. Have you been looking into lutes? No, I swear, they asked me to ask you all right a friend wanted to know literally a subscriber wanted to know You know of me oh? Well you are what you know you’re already you wanna santa cost you You know we haven’t really gotten that far into the relationship yet So it feels kind of embarrassing to talk about things like that, but maybe I can let it go What a rare occassions highlighter could I want to make you the happiest? Sweetheart after all and if that makes you happy well just keep it a secret between us, okay It should be for your eyes only and no one else does not like anyone else is even here What was what am I supposed to do. That’s how much I love you Um well she was cool about it right LPS Galaxy says ask about a random youtuber or about yandere simulator Well we already tried to ask about yawn dairy simulator, but let’s go and ask about a random youtuber Huh who is that who let me just look the randomness and youtuber on the top of my head Oh, he’s a nut I okay if you guys don’t know he’s not a I or I is She is a a hi who is basically an anime character that runs a YouTube channel And if you think I’m joking I’m not joking I made a video about it, okay Feel free to check it out check out her channel, uh-huh he’s in an eye How does she know how does she know about these freaky things didn’t you make an entire video about her? Okay hey cops Get the cyborg girl. Please. I shouldn’t even I should drop my electronics, okay I’m not I shouldn’t even use any more electronics anymore because Apparently she can just take them over and she knows what I’m doing I have to remember who I’m dealing with here is she really that interesting though. I’ll admit. She is a rather intriguing concept I mean this online anime girl persona for Sanne has nearly 1 million fans on YouTube Reminds me of another virtual girl You said really interested when you talked about her if I remember correctly maybe a little too far I’m just joking around a highlighter. Cut isn’t it funny how a virtual youtuber has more subscribers and views the Now you look right here, okay? There’s a few things that I can take you don’t talk about my subscribers Okay, did you that hits me right in the pride? Okay? That’s I’m sorry. Sorry when the glasses come off. That’s serious I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Maybe you should make Bijoux droid after all wait Wait when did I did I say that where did I say that maybe I did say that she’s quoting things. I’d already remember saying I’m gonna be teasing you. Oh your jokes are so funny. You should really become a Just comedian ha ha ha oh wait wait What the heck I closed the game in Rio Pradesh. She freaky is machi Meany Monica is actually mocking me Hey, everybody welcome back to another episode of just Monica So funny I was impersonating a youtuber. I hope I gave you a good laugh by the way I’m just going to accept the fact that you need to quit the game once in a while I’ve started to get used to it anyway besides it makes me happy that you always come back So I guess it’s not so bad. I’m sorry for making such a big deal out of it, and I love you No matter what so you can do what you need to do highlighter. Cut it is not funny that you mock me I do not like it Monica Wasn’t that hot? It’s not really odd that we you know asked about a random youtuber didn’t knew about it So she knows about Keisha that is well okay Heidi says ask about game theory okay? Let’s try that I mean it’s it’s quite logical that she would know about game theory game theory. Oh, we could play pong gorgeous No, I don’t wanna play a game with you. I want you to talk about a youtuber here. Do you play checkers? I play checkers I suck at chess mats Pat’s as I spell it I I don’t think I don’t think she knows about it Matz. Yeah, ask her about sigh Yuri, okay? I guess we haven’t asked her about cell you already. I’ve gotten a few calms. Ask me to do that okay I’ll do it just for you make a man alright sigh or it is I was thinking about Saori earlier Oh, yeah, maybe would you hug her on the tree? He monster, or was it when you were thinking about my subscribers that you insulted? Which one was it? I so wish I could have handled that whole thing a little more tactfully you’re not still hung up over it, right It’s okay Mike don’t attack her through the screen okay, all right? Where’s that one fan, art. It’s like It’s actually a pretty awesome Monica fan art Monica fan, art this one right here see oh
How how sweet? Sweet if only I could just touch her if only I can actually reach in and touch her at least like a flapper I get A little carried away sometimes. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I just said that that pun was completely unintentional I swear, but anyway I know how much you cared about her, so it only feels right for me to share her last moments with you You know how I already is really clumsy. Well. She kind of messed up the whole hanging thing Oh, no, you’re supposed to jump from high enough that the Rope snaps your neck making it quick and painless But she just used the chair, maybe she kind of just let herself slowly a fixie 8r asphyxiated But a few seconds in she must have changed her mind or something because she started clawing at the rope trying to free herself She must have kept it all the way until she lost consciousness That’s why her fingertips were all bloody anyway come to think of it It was probably less changing her mind and more just her survival instincts kicking in so you can’t really fault her for that It’s easier to think that she probably Wouldn’t have changed her mind anyway, right? It’s not healthy to think about the things you could have done differently So just remember that everything that even though you could have saved her. It’s technically not your fault. She killed herself I may have exact exact your baby exactly exactly is this exaggerated or exacerbated, is that a real works? I probably just don’t know a little bit, but I already was already mentally ill stills though I Wonder how things would be if you and I just started dating from the get-go I guess we’d all still be in the club room Writing poems and having fun together, but what’s the point when Matt if it’s even real? I mean it’s the same ending either way right the two of us happily together There’s no reason to ask any more than that to ask for any more than that. I was just pointlessly musing I’m really happy as I could be right now. That’s a little dark Isn’t it? I I wonder you guys in the comments actually did tell me about that now I don’t know if you’ve learned it from here, or if like kids if I guess you really look at it It’s probably yeah It makes sense just like the evidence of the way her Like what’s what’s on the picture and stuff like that what I mean I think this is kind of like detective work, but she kind of look like she was smiling I don’t know if that was to add to the creepiness factor or the fact that she’s just really crazy I mean we know she wasn’t crazy because obviously Monica made her do it like Monster what a freakin monster you are dude Queen Heaven of light wants me to ask about the means all right obviously I mean It’s a big part of the community. Let’s try it dokie meme Okay, let’s try it just memes Do you ever wonder why depression anxiety and other mental disorders are so common these days is? It just because they’re finally being recognized and treated Or is it just that more people are developing these conditions for whatever reason like our society is advancing at a breakneck speed but are We keeping up with it maybe the constant flood of new gadgets is crippling our emotional development social media smartphones or Computer are computers all of us designed to blast wait a minute. She already said this How was this what as if to his needs Monica? I really like the way these craters think though because I can I can I can relate to it so much crazy gamers says stop abusing Monaco Or I will hunt you down a little too late for that Patrick Jamie says can I say can I kiss you? Can I can having a smooch huh? Oh wait crap? What does she say you know what’s going to be the first thing? I’ll do when I finally cross over there I mean she me you me come to the real world kind of like that fan art We just saw if that special day ever comes the first thing. We’ll ever do is find you of course of God Oh god that is creepy There’s a there’s so much we can do we were finally together in reality You can finally show me what your real world is like I can finally feel your embrace I would love to experience everything I still Don’t know about the world with you all the places we can go the sights to see the romantic things that we can do just Thinking about it makes my heart flutter, but knowing how technology is right now. The dream is still far away I mean I have virtual reality Monica And II then we’re getting there right I hope by the time that technology becomes really you’ll still be there waiting for me highlighter cone Or maybe you’ll be the one to make that technology come true who knows in the end all I wanted is to be with you Highlight acun after all you’re the only reason I’m still here I only want to spend eternity with my sweetheart and no one else holy crap this episode is already running long I have so much fun with this I feel like there’s probably a lot more words that we could still ask her about we’re gonna go in that episode there make sure You drop in your comments of what you me to ask for down below of course the next time we play This it probably won’t be the Christmas Mon I mean, I’ll have I could still keep the Christmas version, but it’s not gonna be the same I mean I’m playing it on Christmas all right. Oh, yeah, that’s right. We’re gonna kiss me Did you just say kissing? This suddenly it’s really embarrassing, but if it’s with you. I might be okay with it Wow sorry I really couldn’t keep a straight face there That’s the kind of thing girls say these kind of romance games right don’t lie if it turns you on a little bit Hey, you don’t know nothing about me girl, okay? You don’t know nothing about me I’m kidding well to be honest. I do start getting all romantic when the mood is right, but that’s our little secret There I said it okay, all right guys Yeah, again make sure to drop your comments down below today Scrubs the day goes to soccer with cherry you should play the danganronpa series on the channel Well you see I would and I have played it before it’s really really awesome And I know it’s something that I would really really like enjoy But the fact that I’m so behind and like there’s like I think there’s like four games at least I don’t know I could be wrong about that like I counted them or anything I kind of just played with the first one a little bit, and I really like those kinds of things I love visual novels I love those awesome awesome stories But I feel like it would be different if I would have done it when it first came out You know what I mean, so everyone’s already basically seen them and the fat end they’re like super crazy long as well So I would have to skip a lot of things. I don’t know maybe one day, but it’s something yeeeeeettttttt I’ll think about don’t forget guys if you want to be scrub of the day all you have to do is drop a like down below leave some comments just so show some support in general and I love giving you guys little shout outs because I mean it just Means the world to me that you guys come to my videos and you you support my dream You know what I love doing. I love doing this making videos entertaining you guys at least I hope I entertain you guys and just kind of be myself You know the grass on the head you know thank you guys so much for watching I’m beat you Mike and I’ll see you scrubs in the next episode bye guys and Merry Christmas Give me all your presents

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