Money vs Currency – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 – Mike Maloney

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  • Hi Mike Maloney,
    What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency as the next replacement for store of value over gold. As the new generation comes foward, they are more dependent and secure in digital assets over physical ones.

    Have you researched digital currency and its affect on the FIAT crisis we are in?

  • Hey it’s josh from school

  • When doomsday comes, who do you think will dominate the game? A guy with gold,or a guy with gun? And who on earth owns the biggest gun?

  • This is a really nice documentary to learn about the history of money and what the future holds about fiat currencies. I believe that cryptocurrencies have also stored value since there is a specific amount of bitcoin (or any other token) available. They may not be tangible but they exist on blockchain so you know you own them. Surely gold and silver will remain a great investment throughout the decades, but with the development of technology, cryptocurrencies are a good addition to these as well.

  • Can someone else??

  • Food
    Security (guns/ammo/shelter/land)
    Gold and silver

    Exchange your dollars for these assets and you will be wealthy. It may take many years but if disciplined, one can acquire sufficient wealth by age 40. I however have wasted much of my life so I hope to be financially secure by 60. We need as many Constitutionists and Patriots as wealthy as possible so this republic doesnt fall to the fraudsters.

  • It's backed by military powers

  • so when silver and gold becomes money again we already have a few wealthy people who collected all that gold and silver? i dunno but most of the countries gold reserve seems gone.

  • "The USA has exported its inflation"
    That is profound, and deeper still how debt is currency

  • If you would have invested in gold the day this video was published, you would have lost $317.38 per ounce, or 19.67% of your investment in the last half decade.

  • You can always mine more gold.

  • great stuff

  • Financial rule number 1: never take financial advice from a man in funny hats.

  • Currency=current stuff=Limit in time

  • BLACKS AFRICANS builds the pyramids world-wide.U can deny it.debate it but at the end of the day u get back to AFRICA.and visit khemet now called Egypt and Sudan .end of discussion.


  • Basically BTC

  • came here from cold fusion, thanks for sharing this

  • BUY BITCOIN! Way better than gold

  • Where was I seven years ago? Stumbling moron who didn't know better. Thanks to you and your channel, I now have some of both in my portfolio and ever excited to expand more

  • Poor bank robbers 😂😂😂😂

  • You said that the Fed doesn't back US money with anything (such as gold or silver). Actually, it's backed by some type of collateral as this is what I copied and pasted directly from the Fed website. Please expound on this:
    "The Congress has specified that Federal Reserve Banks must hold collateral equal in value to the Federal Reserve notes that the Federal Reserve Bank puts in to circulation. This collateral is chiefly held in the form of U.S. Treasury, federal agency, and government-sponsored enterprise securities."

  • Gold came from an exploding star? No it didn't.

  • I have a question , when you say Gold & Silver will do an accounting of the currency supply , couldn't i also say that peas and carrots will also do an accounting of the currency supply ? Since that is what happens during a hyperinflation , right ? Prices rise , I agree but how will we benefit from the increase in purchasing power silver and gold will give us ? Since silver's price will rise but so will the prices of everyday products & services . Do you have any proof that our increase in price per silver/gold coin will result in increased purchasing power relative to the price increase of most every products and services ?

  • Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  • Worth Reading:

  • The problem with gold:
    The power struggle between corporations and the state (1/2) | DW Documentary – YouTube

  • Just because your currency has been hijacked by bankers does not mean fiat money is worse than any other currency, your antagonistic approach is entirely misdirected at the people you elect to lead you. Ideally we wouldn't need money but the reality that we should be constrained by an arbitrary amount of ore is just as silly as paper backed by trust in the system/nation you live in.

  • I read that the switch was made from gold to fiat currency because the price of gold was too unstable… perhaps certain people wanted others to believe that

  • Every one shut up about crypto’s. They will absolutely not replace gold. Central banks aren’t going to hold crypto reserves lmao stop being children you have all been scammed on crypto’s

  • >Pure gold has the same value all over the planet.

    Disagree. If a closed economy was pumped up full of gold (for whatever reason), it would depreciate. It has happened before.

  • 1 min into the video n I’m already hooked!! Let’s see what rabbits in this hole! Bet I find gold we’ll see

  • Guys, I don't understand how the export of US currency creates inflation in the countries receiving the currency, can anyone explain? Don't those countries have their own currency?

  • good doc.. i reckon bitcoin is superior to gold. ticks all the boxes and much better medium of exchange. When bitcoin reaches maximum circulation of 21million, it will be more scarce than gold, you can still mine gold

  • wealth IS destroyed if the cooperation between people is destroyed, which is the root cause of all crisis, even for the people who profits, they lose purchasing power with their profits, because the total production power of the economy is destroyed

  • i think dollar is truly the different one from the 3, monopoly money and gold probably held it's purchasing power pretty well, i mean monopoly money was a piece of paper and is still a piece of paper, right?

  • Living in a culture of greed . Want want want . Be happy with what you have . Don't be unhappy with what you don't have . This will kill off the greedy federal reserve banks and their mates the super rich .

  • So start collecting silver and gold .

  • That why it use as petrodollar..
    Without petrodollar USA would be doom…

  • The first currency was in a place in East Africa know as Kenya, where the Bantu tribe offered to exchange food staff and cattle for wepons from the Nilots.

    Thank me later.

  • Looks like Mike Maloney is making up his own definition here. Money is just another word for currency. Since we live in a FIAT system it in no way can ever maintain a fixed value. Gold and silver are precious metals and are not used in coins anymore.
    It's not hard to understand. There is no conspiracy!

  • Stop reading comments and pay attention!

  • I also learned that the Federal Reserve made a law that every gold and oil should converted into dollars not any currency that's why America became so powerful despite of several setbacks.

  • What I want to know is… Has the currency collapse already happened? Or is it ABOUT to happen? We're 5 or 6 years latter, and I'm not sure if I missed the boat on this… Either way, I should probably buy a few silver dollars, good to keep on hand, and they're not as expensive as gold yet.

  • Not until bankers are arrested and sent to prison will we start seeing some real changes in the management of currency and the economies of the world. Bankers are evil scum.

  • Here's a good question what if people on welfare and gr and s*** like that start buying a small percentage of gold you can buy coins that are hundred percent gold for $200 ⅓ or less of normal size coin but it is something instead of nothing

  • Watching this in 2019 hit a like.

    The best investment is in educating yourself, that's what brought me here.

  • I have a big problem with the video. It doesn't compare the money supply relative to the increase production of the country.

  • “The further you look into the past the further you can see into the future” the Bible says nothing is new under the sun what happen will happen again 1:35

  • The Gist of what I understood from this lecture, Anyone please correct me If I went wrong somewhere, it's appreciated.
    The real difference between currency and money is that money stores value over time, currency may or may not, for example, gold and silver are forms of money whose value will always exist.
    the government hates gold as money because they can't print them it's something they can't control. In the current system the produce currency out of thin air which of course they can't do with gold, then comes the concept of inflation, the term refers to the increase in supply of currency by the government which results in increase of prices of the products you buy with it, the real estate never changes, so all we see in the market, the increase in prices it's all a hoax, it is actually the inflation caused by the fed and central banks.
    The real crisis comes when the cycle repeats, the time when fiat money is considered merely as a piece of paper by the consumers we all turn to gold and silver and the prices of gold and silver rise up until the point when their value becomes higher than the currency we have. these circumstances will eventually hit all countries not just America, it's not happened yet because the inflation American fed is creating is shipped overseas that is dollar is now shipped to other countries in exchange of hardware but when the importing countries realize this game theory they will stop accepting dollars as there are too many of them, the crisis will start in the due course.
    there's one more point, sooner or later all the inflation end up in rising of food prices, which happened in the middle east, a revolution was born out of this, but this time it's different because it is going to happen globally.

  • Just buy Bitcoin

  • 5:31, actually it's not that true, because goods pricing also depends on relative scarsity of them, easy understanding example:
    1 oz of gold gets one cow in Egypt, but you can get same cow in China for 2 oz, because (in this case) China, does not have a big agriculture productivity, so there's less cows avaible for purchasing, if so, Cows are more expensive, no matter what unit of value you use to exchange them, they will always more expensive than buying them in Egypt. PD: i have a bachellor at economics at Tucson University

  • But people buy paper gold and silver, a piece of paper which says they own gold and silver which they are never allowed to see or touch.

    It is likely that this gold or silver is not real and paper gold and silver allow for market manipulations keeping the price low.

  • Well it's June 23, 2019. This video is still relevant today. Only now cryto was in demand but is slowly lacking luster.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks so much for posting . This gives the people of the world an understanding of the way things really are . Some are determined to have world government and they say they will have it either by consent or by conquest . We the common people will never consent and here in America when things get so bad like they did in the Arab Spring movement , the results will be the same . The rich and famous will be the first targets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike ; my thought on your question is , as long as there is physical currency , money or assets , no one can lock down our assets . When digital assets replace currency one person ( The right person ) Christians call the anti-Christ , can lock down everyone's assets to where they can neither buy nor sell . It's coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!———————————————————————Ernest E. Johnson

  • Mr I think that gold is is a currency but today's time gold is not used as a currency.

  • Before You Asking for Gold make sure you allow immigration and stop racism in your country ok?
    Because we know that barbarian will start colonizing poor country to steal their gold and start destroying their land.
    Gold is not the solution because i know west and barbarian again will colonize a poor country to steal their gold just like old barbaric day when slavery is so trendy. Also Gold Mining can destroy planet earth you will cause landslide during typhoon or Earthquake.

  • It's dinar dirham time

  • Coconuts : Fish is 12:1

  • Why do governments tax fiat currency ?

  • Thanks for the information. God bless you

  • Mike Maloney; thank you for such a great information.

  • then QE69 then QE420

    not that it isnt a serious matter but coudnt resist GP reference

  • LABOR is more important, if everything collapses, people that know how to grow food will be more important than food. Its a shame that we do not value 'true' farmers more. I say 'true' because people that own the farming markets are not actual farmers and therefore are worthless expect in a bubble

  • 19:48 how the money comes back ?????

  • Curse money

  • Buy Bitcoin

  • Another BS show and correct, I am not buying your book

    I hate to ask this question BUT WHO sets the price of an ounce of gold? Is it always and forever the same? Will it ~never change? LOL

  • The only purpose for Money is to exchange it for Goods and Services. People can still Bartar and Trade for things but don't on a regular basis because the economy is so Consumer focused.

  • If gold is so valuable, and my US dollars are so worthless, then why will these gold companies give me their gold in exchange for my US dollars?

  • buy bitcoin

  • Found you from ColdFusion

  • I agree with the gold and silver value. How do you determine if gold is all pure when you purchase it? Kings and leaders used to clip coins and devalue gold and silver with metal alloys. How can the regular person determine this?

  • Great video in my life time

  • crash yet.

  • I want to add the following, in response to people who tend to dismiss what Mr. Maloney is sharing with us, because they think this is just an advertisement, from which Mr. Maloney profits. ~ I have seen Mike Maloney in several other videos, in the one when Puerto Rico had the hurricane, in interviews where other people interview him, in other videos he has made besides this series. He explains in episode 1 how he got into this rabbit hole in the first place; he was helping manage his mother's funds. He says he started, as a financial means to pay for the videos that he puts out onto youtube, and that he does not receive any income from the profits of He is not the president of the company. Of course it's possible that he is lying, but I've bought coins from this company, and dealt extensively with an employee of the company, and she also said, Mr. Maloney does not have anything to do with the running of the company. I think this at least is true, because he spends a lot of time continuing to make videos, although I have no proof that he does not make money from this company. I can tell you, my father, who passed away in 2015, understood inflation very well, and urged me to read, "The Creature from Jekyll Island," which I did. This provides the history of the Federal Reserve, which is not, "Federal;" it is not a government agency. It is a banking cartel. When my father died, we had at home $70,000 worth of semi-numismatic coins in gold, silver and also what is called, "junk," silver, i.e., pre 1965 U.S. coins. My parents lived on their investment income, saving a considerable amount each year, during their retirement years, for over 20 years. Dad didn't have a college education, but he really understood inflation. I am so thankful he did, and thankful for what he taught me. Whether Mike Maloney makes money from selling gold and silver or not, I don't care. What he is saying is true. If you believe him, you do not have to buy from him. There are lots of dealers you can search out and compare.

  • No one talks about solution ? Like what the government supposed to do ? What are we supposed to do ? How do we get out of this crisis ?

  • No currency lasts forever….nothing lasts forever. The oldest currency still in circulation is the british pound (over 1000 years) and that wont last forever. If the dollar gets half as good a run as the pound we have another 700+ years left. Silly argument to say currencies that become fiat dont last…..the proper argument is no currency lasts

  • Thank you so much for this video good sir. Loved the recap at the end. You managed to make a rather complicated issue, alot easier to digest and understand. Keep up the great work. You're serving humanity. God bless you with eternal happiness for looking out for humanity

  • WHY are you not talking about this Mike:?? FED is still shrinking balance sheet despite all the easing talk. Gold aint going nowhere til this turns… (Bottom most recent numbers.)

  • The MMT people say that fiat currency value is has base demand set by taxation. How does this relate to value of currency, keeping in mind all the was discussed around valuable metals?

  • in a 100 years gold only rised by $1000 per oz, back in 1915 it cost 400 now in 2019 it cost 1400, I cant see how gold will cause a wealth transfer?

  • i just came back to this episode to say thank you Mike Maloney, this documentary and your book opened my eyes and got me to put gold and silver in my portfolio.

  • This guy's last name has the word money in it!!

  • Am starting to think this guy invested already in gold and silver and wants to prop it up,

  • Smh, the federal reserve has failed in its charter for over a century! And "We The People" still haven't united to get rid of it, even though the fed along with the government has stolen so much from us.

  • The value of the US dollar lies in the power of the US military. The ability to kill anyone who threatens US financial hegemony props up the dollar and gives confidence in the dollar.

  • Can Gold be artificially created like diamonds?

  • You could print paper but you cannot print gold

  • So pretty soon cryptocurrency will become "crypto money" as more businesses and corporations start to adopt it and allow people to buy "More" things with it. And aren't the exchange rates for units of Crypto the same everywhere cryptocurrency is on the l no matter what fiat currency is buying it.Am I correct?

  • Great series. My question is this, why is investment in companies like stocks, funds, etc not included? The shares will act essentially like Gold or Silver, as inflation goes up, so will the value for each share, so in essence, you are protecting yourself. The inherent value of the company will not go down, Apple will have the same relative value as inflation goes up, so each share will go from 120 to 220 to 2000 to reflect its value. So why not stocks?

  • 11:58

  • The most annoying part of this is that people are completely hipnotised.
    You can tell them all this and they will agree with you but do nothing.

  • But gold sucks the return in a 5 year period is like 2.3 percent wtf? I taugt gold was great till I saw the time and returned no way!

  • So i go to prison for printing money but the FR doesnt.

  • Real money is what you can eat. Gold and Silver are still symbols of value. Real Value is what you Really can use something for, ultimately to increase or preserve your own life. You can't eat gold. You can eat a 50 kilo sack of beans, even save some and plant it to feed your family.
    You can plant sliced potatoes and grow them. Ultimately you need food, water, shelter, protection, trade, medicine, and opportunity to create wealth.
    You create wealth through converting time+resources+effort = Value. Your Value added. time+cotton+effort= blue jeans you trade for $$$ a symbol you trade for coffee and chicken, electricity and water, etc…

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