Moms Snoop Through Their Sons’ Phones [Technically Speaking]

– [GASP] – What’s that? MA! What are you
doing! NO!
– Oh my god! QUE ESO!? – Yea I’m a mama’s boy. I tell
her most things. I wouldn’t say I tell her
everything but – – And I eavesdrop on everything
else. – My mom is awesome. She’s cool
and she is strict. – Currently single, because of
this drama queen right here. – It’s all about me, mom, so no
we don’t have time for that.
– Yeah….. – You want her to have my phone? – I am never allowed to touch
this phone. – Is it getting hot in here? – This is the first time I’ve
ever seen his phone. – Not only there is a code when
you open the phone, there’s a code for the text
messages too. – I am going to open his phone
and find his text messages to
his girlfriend. – We like talk about sex, so&.
– Oh good! – She calls you puss?
– Its not puss, its poos. – Puss?
– Short for pussy. Okay? – Where’s his clothes? Where’s
my child’s clothes? -NAKED! You showing all these ridges in
here? UH-UH. – How long do we have to do
this? – Who’s that? It says “my queen”. Now I
thought I was my son’s queen. This has to be my son’s queen
cause she’s all over my child. – Oh this is Jessica. She looks
cute! – Just a few, just a few, you
could stop at a few. – Hold on, let me just make
sure. – Yeah, you talking about
pictures you got more pictures
than me! – Oh you still going, you still
going. – That’s cute&
– Okay. – Mommy got you – don’t touch
this. – ” Boy her booty was looking
like molten lava.” – Uh-hohhh, okay okay. – Why do you write stuff like
this? – Mom, it’s a joke. – Here you might have something
and you like hiding it from me. – I’m like praying. – Be nice to her. Treat her
– Of course. – And I wanna see who she is,
how tall is she. Be looking her up and down like
“You know I know”. – We’re really in love. – Oh my god Marco! – What? It’s 2016, what do you
expect? – Come over here. I’m gonna
count to 5. – I’m done y’all!

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