Mom Thinks She’s Having Twins, But Drs Quickly Learn She’s Making History With Rare Delivery

[Music] facts verse presents mom thinks she’s having twins and then makes history when a couple finds out that they’re pregnant it’s a very exciting time when Alexandra Canova and her partner Antonin from the Czech Republic found out that they were having a baby they were thrilled she was 23 years old at the time and she wasn’t nervous about having a baby at all she already had one child so she knew what to expect she assumed that her second baby would be a breeze when she went to the doctor though she got information she never expected this mom thought she was having twins but doctors quickly learned that she is making history with a very rare delivery but before we deliver the rest of this video to you please do us a favor and click that like button to let people know that you’re a fan of our videos and be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of our future videos when Alexandra had her ultrasound she found out that she was carrying twins she couldn’t believe her luck she was going to be a mother of three rather than a mother of two for months she began planning for twins a few months later the doctors ordered another ultrasound at this visit they discovered that Alexandra was not having twins when she first heard the news she assumed the doctors meant that one of the babies have maybe passed away in utero what she found out though was the real story and she couldn’t believe it the doctors told her nope she wasn’t carrying twins she was carrying nope not triplets quadruplets four babies not twins but quadruplets they had to scramble to start buying things for two more babies than they were expecting they originally thought that they would have two children suddenly they were gonna have five children at all as with most multiple births the doctors had Alexandra come in for another ultrasound Alexandra thought this one would just be no surprise because they already knew about the four babies while she was wrong the ultrasound this time showed a fifth baby Alexandra was carrying an astonishing five babies that’s quintuplets the doctors said that since there were so many babies in her bed it was difficult to get an accurate read on the ultrasound because there were so many babies in her belly and they were constantly moving around they couldn’t figure out the genders for their unborn brood the babies were playing hide-and-seek so they had really no idea of the gender of the babies until the day Alexandre gave birth with Alexandra went into labor there were 40 people in the room to take care of Alexandra and her upcoming five babies according to the chief medical doctor in the neonatal unit the births took place without any complications Alexandra and Antonin were so happy with their new family Alexandra gave birth to four boys she named them Daniel Michael Alex and Martin then she gave birth to a girl and named her tereska while Alexandra knew that six children would be a lot of work remember she already had one at home she is happy and her family is now complete one of the obstetricians in the room that day Alena Makarova did some research after Alexandra gave birth she found out that the family made local history on the day those babies were born she was interviewed for the Telegraph the OB stated in our country birth statistics have been recorded since 1949 and there is no mention of any quintuplets in the Czech Republic quintuplets are born only on an average of maybe once every 480 years what makes this story even more astonishing is that the odds of conceiving quadruplets naturally just for babies is one in seven million we have yet to get the stats for having quintuplets naturally most of the quintuplets that are born around the world are a product of IVF or some other type of fertility treatment according to Alexandra twins naturally run in her family twins also ran in Antonin spamela because of their combined family history it’s no wonder she gave birth to five babies at once according to Alexandra she never expected to be a local celebrity when she found out that she was pregnant but that was exactly what happened when word of the babies spread they were featured in new segments and in newspaper articles people from all over offered donations to the family to help them support their new family they also have plenty of friends and family members who are willing to come by and help take care of the babies Alexandra says that she is the luckiest mom in the world this history-making family has a very happy and loving future ahead of them subscribe for more [Music] you

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