Moleskine vs Leuchttrum 1917 | Writers Notebook Review + Pen Test

all writers need notebooks even if you
do the majority of your writing on the computer it’s good to have a notebook
something physical to jot down all your ideas if you talk to ten different
writers they’ll give you ten different ways on how to use a notebook so I’m not
gonna get into that today today we are gonna talk about the best notebooks and
when we think of the best notebooks too often comes to mind moleskin and Leuchttrum 1917 I think that’s how you say it electrum plectrum I always wanted a
really nice notebook but it’s hard to splurge on one and I know that a lot of
you feel the same way then I thought hey I’m a writer my expenses are pretty low
I got a pen I got a paper I could be a writer it’s like why why shouldn’t I
have a nice notebook so now you decided that hey yes I am gonna get a really
nice notebook that I’m gonna write in everyday but which one should I get
should I get the moleskin or should I get the Leuchttrum 1917 well I went ahead
and I splurged and I got both of them but I want to share my experience with
you today so I can help you decide which one is the right one for you so let’s do
it let’s get right to it so this is the most skin classic collection plain
notebook it has 240 plain pages at 13 by 21 centimeters 5 by 8 and a quarter
inches behind the label there’s this area for you to write down your travel
experience or where you’ve been so this book is clearly made for someone who is
traveling although it’s not clearly marketed as such this notebook has a
one-string bookmark and also a foldable pocket in the back that contained a
pamphlet with the history a moleskin if you’re interested in that feels very
nice in my hand it’s very sturdy I think it could take a beating in my backpack
no problem the cover is a little hard it’s not
particularly that nice to hold I expected something a little softer that
feels a little nicer when I grip it it has this elastic band strap to keep your
book close and like I mentioned before all the pages are blank I don’t know how
I grabbed this one it’s not completely ideal because my writing is a little
messy when I open it I do find that the binding is a little bit tight on certain
pages it’s just something I have to break in and the pages I find that it
feels kind of glossy and it’s a bit thin overall I think this is a fine notebook
for $24 I’m I’m not convinced but let’s go and Leuchttrum 1917 this is the
electrum 1917 notebook it has 251 dotted pages and this is a bonus the pages are
numbered that’s nice to know it actually comes with a lot of features
it comes with a table of contents which I don’t know if I’ll ever use because I
never use a notebook in any logical way twelve perforated sheets expandable
pockets much like the moleskin has in the back
here it also comes with AE look to separate string bookmarks are you
kidding me look at this – oh it’s slightly bigger
than the moleskin one which I don’t know if I actually need it to be a bit bigger
but it is at 14.5 by 21 centimeters it costs $24 Canadian retail price which is
exactly the same as the moleskin one honestly off the bat I like the feel of
this one a lot more the cover is a little bit softer and the pages I feel
like they’re not as smooth and glossy as the moleskin one maybe just by a little bit it’s a little
easier to turn to grip it and flip the pages I’m actually really impressed by
the Leuchttrum 1917 I’ve heard a lot of good things about moleskin but I feel
like for writers this this feels this feels good I feel like I would go with
this but I’m getting ahead of myself with these two notebooks let’s put them
through the ultimate notebook test and that’s the pen test let’s try it with
different pens and see how it performs with each one all right I use five
different pens on these notebooks to see which one performed the best which one
surprised me which one was a little bit disappointing and I also wanted to see
how these two notebooks took the ink did it bleed through to the other side and
leave a lot of ghosting that’s something I wanted to know so I know which pen I
should actually used on these notebooks so I I chose five different types of pen
I chose the classic blue bic ballpoint pen I choose the Paper Mate ultrafine
felt pen then I used the paper made erasable gel pen and then the energy gel
metal point rollerball gel pen and finally the pilot kikuno fountain pen
perhaps the most surprising one is the classic BIC ballpoint pen that I’m going
to actually perform really well it wasn’t super fun to write with just
because it is made out of very cheap material but the paper took the ink
really well and the pen just wrote pretty smoothly it performed great for
both of them and so it goes to show that if you have a nice notebook you don’t
really need a really good pen any pen would do the BIC just get yourself like
a pack of 20 big ballpoint pens for like five dollars and that will be fine the
disappointment to me was the erasable gel pen it was unpleasant to use the ink
didn’t really come out that clearly on the paper unless you’re really into
keeping your notebook like clean and organized instead of scratching out a
mistake like a chaotic good person like me would
do I wouldn’t use an erasable gel pen on it
it’s just not worth it it’s just not pleasant readings something that’s sort
of if it looks kind of faded but the one that came out the best for both these
notebooks was the energem metal point rollerball gel pen it was just a really
smooth writing experience I felt as clean and smooth as if I was writing
with the fountain pen but the fountain pen it it tends to get a little messy
with the ink getting everywhere so that is actually to me a good choice if what
you’re looking for is a nice smooth writing experience with these notebooks
however here’s the ultimate test with these notebooks how does the ink hold on
the page and if you plan on writing on both sides of the page with these
notebooks this is an important thing to consider it’s like which pen do you use
and how well does the page itself contain the ink you don’t want the ink
bleeding over to the other side if renders it completely useless and
therefore you can only use one page if you choose to use that pen so here let’s
take a look at the moleskin one as you can see all the pens are visible but the
one that got through the most is the damn it is the energem metal point
rollerball gel pen let’s take a look at the Leuchttrum 1917 one now it performed
a little bit better I would say than the moleskin however it was the energem
metal point rollerball gel pen that seemed to leak through the most even
more than the fountain pen in my opinion that is something to consider if you
were to choose Pat’s pen huh you can’t have everything however in terms of
ghosting cages overall I do feel like the Leuchttrum 1917 performed a little
bit better than the moleskin one maybe it’s because of the dots I don’t know
maybe because it’s just hard to say the batch just Mike’s so what’s the verdict
it’s clear to me that like from night 18:17 is a better value for writers if
they’re looking for a nice notebook at $24 each these are too pricy notebook
but this one just to me has more like moleskin has a lot of clout these days
maybe because the brand name is a little easier to say than this one just off of
my initial experience as soon as I’m done writing and these filling these
books with my brilliant ideas I do think I’m gonna go with another Leuchttrum 19:17
this is a really nice notebook I really like it a lot so I think what I need to
do next is compare one of these really nice notebooks with like a cheap dollar
store one to see where the quality actually suffers if I was to buy like a
cheap one I think that will be an interesting review let me know if you’re
interested in seeing that if you are subscribe I’m going to start working on
that right away but till then let me know what notebooks
you are currently using I would love some recommendations your
own personal opinion please share it in the comments below and before you go
check out this playlist for some writing tips and tricks alright I’ll see you
guys there

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