Miltenberg; Peeling Back History

The composer who wrote this symphony for the
Swedish court in 1780, Joseph Martin Kraus grew up in the house right behind me. Classical music is just one example of this
quaint Bavarian town’s history. Over the next few days, we’ll see just how
far back in history we can go. SAP is supplying the necessary resources as part of their engagement in corporate social responsibility. ….old pharmacy started in1516… All of these buildings look so old but what’s
the oldest? Give me a minute then I’ll tell you everything
about the building behind me. It’s said to be the oldest inn in Germany. Ok. Why would Germany’s oldest inn be here of all places? Miltenberg wasn’t always such a quiet tourist town. For much of the middle ages, it was one of the major crossroads for European trade and commerce. Mediterranean goods arriving at the ports of Venice and Genoa often passed through Milan, crossed the Alps to markets such as Nuremberg
and arrived at Frankfurt via Miltenberg. Here, they either crossed the river or were
loaded on to barges for markets as far awayas the Netherlands. So how old is the oldest building? I’m not sure, but it’s probably not this building. This book was recently published celebrating Miltenberg’s 775 years of history. I’d asked the author. I hear you know something about Miltenberg’s history? Yes, I could tell you a story or two. Tell us something about the oldest building? That would be the castle. We’re not sure of the exact year, but it was
built between 1150 and 1200. This was the Eastern border of the Mainz Principality. The Archbishops built the castle in particular
to control the trade on the river Main and the important road crossing the river here. The actual town really took off, however, when what we refer to as the old town, Wallhausen, declined. So the area’s history goes back further than Miltenberg castle? Absolutely, lets take a walk to the old town. Let’s go. So the foundation we see rising about a meter from the ground is what remais of Wallhousen’s church tower. I hate to interrupt but I couldn’t help
but notice the Roman fortress on the sign. Didn’t this predate the old town? The town of Wallhousen was a predecessor of
Miltenberg and it was built in the Roman castle using parts of the old Roman walls. What’s the connection between Rome and Miltenberg? The edge of the Roman Empire ran along the river Main from the end of the 1st to the middle of the 3rd century. Starting in the middle of the 2nd century,
the border actually left the river near the cruise ship landing and ran due south. The fortress in front of us housed the 300
to 500 soldiers that protected this point. Are there more vestiges from Roman times? I suggest you check out the town museum at
the marketplace. This is the room where we house our Roman artifacts. This pillar is one of the jewels of our collection. The engravings are believed to be unique. It was found in the temple shown over here
on this map. So these dotted lines represent the temple? Oh, not actually. These lines represent an Iron Age fortress. There are walls of this section about five
meters above the surroundings. Who would have thought when we began this
journey that we would end up at a Celtic fortress dating back to 1,000 BC? I guess it just shows that you can always
peel back another layer of history.

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