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Welcome back to my channel TheCandyGuy where i talk about treats for the sweet tooth Today I’m going to talk about
Milky Way the Milky Way was introduced in 1923 by the Mars company in
Minneapolis Minnesota it was created by Frank Mars and his son Forrest Mars before Forrest went on his own to expand into European markets The Milky Way bar is not named after the Milky Way galaxy but named after a famous malted milk
drink of the time oh so why am i doing a video with the Milky Way? well isn’t it prettier than looking at a malted milk drink? I think so (laughs) oh and in case you’re wondering, malted milk drinks are just a milkshake I tried to film the night sky
with my own camera but the quality was poor so we’re going to use this stock
footage that I found. I think it will do nicely the Milky Way is a nougat center
that is topped with caramel and coated in chocolate I really enjoy the Milky Way due to the delicious soft nougat center and chocolate taste. I know I’ve
said I’m not a fan of caramel but this caramel is light and creamy so it
dissolves easily Thank you for watching this week’s video of TheCandyGuy Links for the Penny Candy Store and myself will be in the description of this video I post videos every Friday, so I shall see you all next Friday Have sweet day. Bye! Please remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe to my videos And share if you’d like. Thank you

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