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  • The established mainstream religions, especially the Catholic church have become so corrupted that their purpose had changed. The Church is no longer designed to help man find his true spiritual nature and the power and freedom that comes with it, it has become a tool with which the people can be controlled. Re-incarnation as well as many other spiritual concepts were rejected. Now you need the Church as an agent of God, you can't think for yourself I'm not surprised that they deny the Stigmata

  • The Church does NOT deny stigmata, but is careful. I live in Rime, Italy, I have visited where Padre Pio was at. I also lived near Assisi, and would go there almost daily. One saint not mentioned in this, was Saint Rita, who also had the wound of Christ on the right side of her head.

  • What you stated is untrue, The Church does reconise it. If not, do you really think that the Franciscans would be allowed to have their ''design'' of two hands, with one being St Francis with the stigmata? (I live 2 min from their world headquarters here in Rome, Italy)

  • Jesus was not nailed though his hands, but rather through his wrists

  • Is it possible for this to happen to non-Christians too?

  • If it is because of brain than what about his supernatural powers and his None decomposed body ? and BTW i'm Muslim and that thing they mentioned is not true nobody got Mohammed Wounds in history

  • Ab Soul brought me here to look up what stigmata was.

  • I don't think it's a gift to bleed and hurt.  This is nonsense.

  • Why is there not more on heather woods….I have been trying to find the documentary on her and cannot find it anywhere

  • True science will recognize mystical phenomena since God created science itself.

  • Boy where s(t)igm(a(r)t)
    should I start I've experienced and still am:

  • Are we aware that The Holy Bible WORD reveals that satan can cause his satanic demonic "lying signs n wonders" to be manifest? Please pray to JESUS CHRIST n read 2 Thess 2:6-9 to be shown The Truth of GOD! Why then do deceived people still believe in non bibled based 'stigmata'? Very simple, to mislead them to 'statues, n graven images' to be focussed on them n away from GOD in The image of CHRIST! Please read 1John 16:7-11 đź’ť Thank GOD i had been delivered from Roman Catholic deceptions since 20yrs ago n now i Worship GOD thru CHRIST in A 100% bible based Baptist Churchđź‘Ť

  • For those who choose not to believe no explanation is sufficient. For those who believe no explanation is needed:-)

  • This is Catholic Luciferian satanic manifestations for a sinful generation,

  • Very sloppy research. First, the crowd attending Jesus' flogging were Roman soldier. Civilians were not present. Second, nails went through the wrists, not the hands. Third, the Bible doesn't say which side of Jesus' torso was pierced; stigmatic usually bleed from the side of the picture that they have seen most often. And the scriptures cited are in no way supportive of stigmata. Watch this if you want a migraine.

    This is a waste of your time.

  • This reminds me of the story of Moses. When Moses' cane turned into snakes, the Pharaohs magicians did the same thing, however Moses snakes swallowed the Pharaohs snakes. It would be funny if God did something like that to show the shrinks this can and does happen. Shrinks usually do not believe in God or a God.

  • open stigmata is another phenomena these are open wounds of deliverance for others ….i am one of them feet hands side back ,he had a large gaping wound on the back

  • In a world that doesn't need God anymore His supernatural works are explained away. For every believer there is a skeptic. The world will never acknowledge God in any way. Don't let it bother you

  • Nuns are the most beautiful women in the world

  • Mike, I want to speak with you about your documentary – can you send me a message?

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