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the Battle of Midway was a legendary and surprising victory for the Americans in World War two we often did songs about naval warfare so here’s another one [Music] on May 27th 1942 at the large Anchorage of hashira Jima in Hiroshima Bay the mighty ACOG II of the Japanese carrier division the proud flagship of Vice Admiral Nagumo – Ichi of the first air fleet moving out into the Pacific even though the Japanese Navy produced the mightiest battleships the world had ever seen many of the officers believed that the real modern power on the sea lay with the carrier force the Kido butai it would decide winning and losing control of the sea and so far the Japanese carrier fleet had proven it’s worth by mid 1942 the Japanese had humiliated the Western nations at Malaya and the Indies had moved towards Guam Java the Philippines Singapore the British bases on Ceylon and even raided the north of Australia they had successfully surprised the US Navy at Hawaii sinking and crippling many of the warships anchored there and they had just scored a tactical victory at the Battle of the Coral Sea though the Allies had prevented an invasion of Port Moresby but now it was just a hiccup right that battle merely confirmed the carrier-based operations would be successful against the inferior America but what would be the next step to go further into the Indian Ocean to attempt to invade Australia or move again against the now awakened giant in the East Marshal Admiral Yamamoto commander-in-chief of the Japanese combined fleet knew that the United States had to be crushed before they could bring their industrial night to bear he ordered eastern operation to continue and an invasion of Hawaii before they could attempt that however the Japanese had to lure the American Navy away from the strongly defended target and towards another one that was easy enough to attack but important enough to trigger an American response Midway a tiny two island at all in the middle of the Pacific seemed perfect for that by June 4th Admiral Nagumo’s Kido butai and his four carriers the acog e acaba the here you and the soryu was closing in on Midway but he was without two carriers after the Battle of the Coral Sea the Seas had been foggy for days and the Japanese plan was already in disarray their submarines were nowhere to be seen and the main fleet was up to two days away but that gu no didn’t worry since the mighty battleships were only needed in Phase two after the bombardment of Midway once the American fleet had been alerted and after all surprise was on their side yeah except that it wasn’t American cryptographers had revealed Yamamoto is rough intentions a few days ago the code-breaking station at Hawaii had intercepted the traffic between the Akagi and the other carriers realizing that something big was up though they weren’t sure of the destination codenamed AF so they came up with a ruse an uncoded message about Midway’s desalination system breaking down was sent and was picked up by the Japanese who interpreted the message that they should bring a water tanker with them to AF so Midway it was [Music] Oh [Music] let’s be clear here at this point the Americans were indeed losing the war the u.s. Asiatic squadron was a shadow of its former self and the Japanese had both the numbers and the initiative to dictate the course of the war it would take time for the superior American industry to kick into high gear and change the balance what if it was too late by then commander in chief of the American Pacific Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz took over command after Pearl Harbor and was trying to reassert confidence in the American Navy and just now when the Japanese had lost strategic surprise without even realizing it Nimitz was quick to transfer his three available carriers the Yorktown enterprise and Hornet to the command of Rear Admiral Raymond a Spruance the carrier task forces would wait an ambush 300 miles north of the anticipated axis of advance of the Japanese till the attack on Midway began which it did at six o’clock in the morning in large numbers each carrier had an array of aircraft to carry out a well-balanced strike the Mitsubishi fighter type zero the dive bomber HD type 99 with armor-piercing and high-explosive bombs and a Nakajima type 97 armed with torpedoes they were to overwhelm the enemy in one coordinated mass display of firepower now then a side note here the key to carrier warfare is to bring in the right planes at the right moment if there are enemy bombers on the horizon start the fighters in response if destroyers come along answer with torpedo bombers and if they sight carriers get the dive bombers on deck this is why accurate intelligence is so important being caught wrong-footed is a death sentence and heck even for well-trained Japanese crews it took hours to rearm and prepare different flight decks 7 a.m. the first wave of bombers was returning from Midway at 8:00 a.m. Admiral Nagumo had given the order to prepare for a second bombing run when a message reached him from his reconnaissance planes enemy’s surface ships detected Spruance ‘as forest was moving south Nagumo’s report spoke of ten enemy units but it wasn’t clear what kind of ships they were concluding that 10 ships were not much of a threat to the mighty Kido butai he chose to continue the attack on Midway well soon the first American bombers were above them tracer bullets lit up the skies as the Bombers aimed for a cocky and soryu sharp evasive maneuvers saved the carriers until the zero has made short work of the inexperienced American pilots however the Japanese anti-aircraft guns had not hit a single target something was clearly off as they were far too slow to react to multi vector and multi altitude attacks at 9:00 a.m. the reports reaching Nagumo still spoke of cruisers and destroyers but clearly there were American planes in the air they had to come from somewhere the saw Ryu was repeatedly fighting off enemy torpedo planes but Nagumo had no idea where they came from for his reconnaissance was insufficient none of the Japanese carriers were equipped with radar and the radio technology and the scouting planes was fairly primitive and because of the lack of concrete information Nagumo still chose to continue his strike against Midway by 10:20 his for flight decks were bustling with energy as planes were armed and fueled okay in history some battles are decided in a day and some battles are decided in hours the fate of this battle was decided in 10 crucial minutes at 10:22 as the entire Japanese carrier force was refuelling and rearming their machines the American dive bombers attack this time it was the veteran dive bombers from the Yorktown they engaged the kaga first pushing their planes into a dive through a hail of ineffective 5-inch batteries releasing their 500 and thousand-pound bombs the first three landed in the water but the fourth hit the flight deck half detonating in the crew compartments the seventh bomb hit the forward elevator detonating in the fighter stowage rooms the bombs blew the interior of the kaga apart another blew up the bridge killing all the officers now the Dauntless dive bombers were descending on the soryu multiple bombs simply tore the ship apart Nagumo watched in horror as both carriers were engulfed in flames and smoke everything was blown to pieces their engines were dead their boilers were ruptured aircraft parts body parts littered the flight deck suddenly the alarm sounded on the acog II as well and it’s a a guns opened up then came a massive explosion of a 1,000 pound bomb detonating after bursting through the middle elevator it tore everything inside the hangar apart in just a few minutes the American bombers had come and gone and had left 3 the mightiest Japanese aircraft carriers burning and even though not sinking burning is bad for those carriers were full of high-octane gasoline oil and lubricants ammunition and bombs paper and wood in minutes they were arranging Inferno surviving Japanese firefighters were frantically trying to save the ships hundreds had died in moments many more were now exposed to fire heat and smoke many of the mechanics on the lower and boiler rooms they were trapped further explosions ripped through the ships as ammunition and vaporized gasoline caught fire men were literally boiling inside the compartments with no chance to get out [Music] only the here you escaped untouched as it was still protected by zeros and only attacked by ineffective torpedo bombers but this was a major disaster a disaster which would have made most commanders turn and flee but Nagumo was not most commanders the main body of the fleet though 600 miles away could still make a difference the Americans had lost a large amount of torpedo bombers in the attack and and if they could be forced to a decisive surface battle Japan might just come out on top since the hair.you was still intact he ordered its two dozen planes to retaliate immediately soon after 1:30 in the afternoon Nagumo’s best dive bombers douve towards the Yorktown American flak Gunners took a heavy toll on the attackers but at least two bombs hit their target a 500-pound bomb hit amidships and another detonated in the forward elevator the Yorktown was now burning but by 2:30 it became clear not only the kaga and the saury you were lost the akaki was as well the Yorktown though was still moving fending off repeated Japanese attacks sending its planes out to attack the last Japanese carrier at 5 p.m. joined by bombers from the enterprise they broke through the cover of zeroes and planted 4 bombs on the bow of the hair you cheering its flight deck off and engulfing it in flames Kido butai was no more so as night fell the battle was decided Spruance had no intention of going toe-to-toe with the japanese surface fleet before badly wounded Japanese carriers would be scuttled rather than falling into enemy hands for the Americans it seemed like the Yorktown could still be saved but the undetected Japanese submarine I 168 took its chance and torpedoed and sunk the Yorktown that and a destroyer for the American ships lost against four fleet aircraft carriers to this day the importance of the Battle of Midway is discussed among historians was it the decisive turning point of the Pacific War was this the end of Jack expansion the Japanese had suffered dearly by losing four carriers and the loss of hundreds of skill mechanics and experienced sailors was a further crippling wound well we know that the war had over three more years to go in the Pacific but it had just entered another round around where the sides were suddenly a lot more even [Music] going back to well we said at the very beginning that you often do songs about naval warfare this is true now why is that personally I do enjoy warships I mean if we’re touring and I find out that there’s a port in town and they have some naval ships or something like that that you can visit for a museum for example yeah I love to go and see that I think one of the most impressive which probably helped us aspire to write this song about Bismarck later was when we visited the USS New Jersey alright okay and it’s a very impressive ship and we actually thought about using it for some of the scenes in the Bismarck music video okay but later we decided to basically render them and I mean it was pretty pretty exciting this stuff you used anyway yeah yeah now having been on the battleship New Jersey is it ever been in your mind to write a song about that specific ship or is it more naval warfare that you’re no we were very inspired because actually the USS New Jersey has a lot of interesting stories to it yeah I mean in San Diego there’s the USS Midway which is named after the Battle of Midway although I did not see action at Midway no it did not it was just launched right after there we’ve been kind of funny if they happen to name it Midway and then ah three weeks later happen yes you’re not gonna believe it what are the odds [Music] is this like even when you were kid were you interested in like me yeah yeah I was definitely and I’ve always had a fascination on boats basically and it’s pretty cool that you have a job that you get to write about something here fascinated by yeah I mean my my father used to say that if I would be in the Swedish military I probably be serving on a submarine not also being so tall it would fit oh yeah and and I’m not afraid of small like being inside of Lochte even if it would go under the water hi it’s Carrie just 30 okay for me that would be seem like a realistic solution now did you do lumping the that’s this they used to have Swedish mandatory military service did you do that no I didn’t do they pretty much that year they stopped doing mandatory I’m pretty much done and it became a moral voluntarily basis thing so I went down to do their tests and stuff and then afterwards I said I I really don’t want to do it because I wanna play heavy metal until I die so and they said it’s not a it’s not a reason to quit this and I said well yeah just give me a gun and I kill everybody in sight and then they said well it’s better that you play music then all right well ladies and gentlemen that is it for today for sabaton history thank you [Music] yeah don’t forget to inform them about the special edition of the albums that’s all we needed to know for now okay super see you soon all right so thank you very much for watching become a patreon become a subscriber see you soon [Music]

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    The Sabaton History team.

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  • USS New Jersey "The big J" was the ship my dad served on in the 80s during the crisis in Lebanon. That ship had a big impact on the war. Check out Drachinifel's history on the New Jersey and maybe the rest of the Iowa Class battleships.

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  • My great uncle was a sailor onboard the DD 412 USS Hammann and died when it was torpedoed, along with the USS Yorktown, by the IJN submarine I-168. Fair Winds and Following Seas Petty Officer Belcher.

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