Microsoft Windows : How to Change Your History Settings for Internet Explorer

Hi. My name is Michael Burton, with Michael
Burton Films, Dot Org, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’re here talking about how to
use Microsoft Windows. Now, I want to talk to you about how to change the History Settings
on the Internet Explorer. Let me start up by saying that Windows XP is a registered
trademark of Microsoft, and I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. One of the easiest
ways to change your History Settings on the Internet Explorer is, first of all, to go
down to your Start menu, pull up your Internet Explorer, which is up here on the upper left.
Now, I had it back to have my website to, to, to pop up to Yahoo!, and as you can see,
this is the date on this day when the world’s tallest woman dies. That’s my news, my news
folder. Anyway, what I’m going to do in order to change the, the settings for my Internet
Explorer History, first of all, the History is the list of the web pages that you have
visited. For example, if I scroll over here to the right, you see over here there’s an
icon called Page, an icon called Tools. You don’t want to use the drop, by left clicking
on the drop down menu. You’re going to want to bring up your Internet Options, which is
all the way down here at the bottom. Once you bring up your Internet Options, it opens
a lot of different tabs for you. The tab that we’re going to be on, want to be on is here,
under General. This shows you your homepage it automatically opens to, like I, like I
showed you. It opens to Yahoo! dot com for me. Right down here, you got your Browsing
History. This is where you can delete your temporary files, your history, your cookies,
passwords, other things. This is the, this is the section that we want to deal with right
here, in order to change our settings for our history. As a matter of fact, you’re already
there. This is your Browsing History section, and here is your Settings tab. So, click on
this button. This opens up your History Settings. Here we are. This is how you change them.
This is how I currently have them set. I have, every time I start Internet Explorer, that
it searches for new versions of all my stored pages. That way, basically, it always, it
always, the web pages work faster when I go to them every single time. Right here, it
has my disk space use that I choose, to use, to house these, these website histories. As
a matter of fact, just before did this video I had it set, by default, to a hun, well,
a thousand twenty-four megabytes, which I did not want, and I did not know my computer
was set to that. I have currently put it down to two hundred and fifty megabytes, because
that’s all I need. I don’t use the Internet a lot, and so I turned it on two hundred and
fifty megabytes, plus clean it out constantly, anyways, because my computer runs a lot faster,
specially because I do a lot of cleanup, and then I do a lot defragmentation, so to get
rid of all those saved websites really helps my computer run a lot faster all the time.
Right down here, you got your current location. This shows where those files are being saved.
We got under the Documents and Settings, it goes into the Windows Video, Local Settings,
Temporary Internet Files. Those are the Temporary Internet Files that I will show you how to
delete those, as well. So, basically, you can change the folders. You can view the objects
by clicking on View Objects, that are currently stored in the folders. That would be these
objects right here. Okay? And then, you can also view files, as well. The others were
objects such as programs. This happens to have a lot more files. It saves, it saves
images, Flash, Flash pages that you can see, it’ll save images, it’ll save video clips,
anything that is on, on a website, as you can see as I scroll down, there are a lot
of things saved. All of these files are taking up space on your computer. These are all on
your History, and so, in order to get rid of those, let me show you how to do this.
Let’s close this window. Let’s, let’s click Ok on this. Oh! Let me show this. Right down
here, it says History. This is to specify how many days on the Internet Explorer should
save the list of websites you’ve visited. I have it selected to ten, like I said, I,
I clean it out all the time. Now, if there’s, is a certain website that I need to, to view
a lot more often, I will bookmark it, and, and go back to it way, as opposed to leaving
it in my History because, like I said, those files take up a lot of space on your computer.
So, I have it set to ten days. You know, I should set it to, like, two or three, but
I just set it there because I clean it out all the time anyway. So, let’s close that
over here. Now, if you come up here where we were, to the Browsing History section.
Here’s your settings tab. If you go the Delete tab, this is where you’re able to view all
these different topics. Okay? Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, your Forum Data and
your passwords. Now, if you wanted to delete your history, here’s an option for you right
here. You can, it’s the list of websites you visited, and you can click to delete it. You
can delete every single one of those. So, how about we do that. We’re going to delete,
and click yes for “Are you sure you want to delete history of visited websites.” Yes,
I do. So, it’ll probably just take a sec. It actually didn’t. It’s done. So, all of
my history has been deleted, and all those files that I just showed you are no longer
taking up space on my computer. The ones that were saved in the Temporary Internet Files,
that’s where I want to come up here, to the Delete Files, on the Temporary Internet Files,
and click Yes. That might pop a little bar that says: Deleting browser history. See,
that takes a little bit longer, because the files usually in the Deleting Temporary Internet
Files, alright, I’m sorry, in the Temporary Internet files are usually a lot bigger than
what’s in the History page. See? There, now we’re all done, and we’ve just saved all that
space on our computer. So, that is one of the best ways that I know of to, to clean,
to clean out the, your history, or to change your settings on your history. If you want
to view your history, if you come up to the left hand side of your Windows Internet Explorer,
there’s a tab here called Favorites, the star right here. If you click on the star icon,
over here is your History drop down list. You can choose to sort your history by Date,
by Site, by Most Visited, by Order Visited Today, or you can search your history for
certain web pages. Here’s what we have visited today. Now, there might not be anything in
there, because I emptied it. You see, I have nothing showing up when I click on it’s because
I, we just emptied it. But, normally, if I would’ve clicked on Today, it would have shown
a drop down list of all the web pages that we’ve visited, and within those web pages,
for example, if I searched on Google for an image, or for something, it would also, I
would be able to click on Google, and then I would, give me another drop down list of
all the, all the images, or all the things that I searched for that I viewed off of the
Google page. So, it basically keeps an entire map record of every website that you visited.

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