Meet Gang Members From Chicago’s West Side (HBO)

Last night, Chicago passed 1,000 shootings for 2017. — Is this a war-torn country?
What are we doing? We have to stop the violence… — President Trump called out Chicago’s troubles,
and campaigned on finding the solution. 12 days after inauguration, a pastor named
Darrell Scott told President Trump he had one. Scott said “top gang thugs” in Chicago had personally
contacted him with a message for the President: — They respect you, they believe in what you’re doing, and they want to have a sit-down
about lowering that body count. — Darrell Scott is from Cleveland, and
doesn’t have many contacts in Chicago. But he’s got the attention of the White House. — …because what’s happening in Chicago
should not be happening in this country. — Scott and Donald Trump first met back in 2011, when Trump was flirting with
the thought of being President. During the campaign,
Scott introduced Trump at Ohio rallies and spoke at the Republican National Convention: — God bless Donald Trump! God bless you, and God bless America! — He’s now the CEO of the
National Diversity Coalition for Trump. And his promise has made him
the de-facto “Fix Chicago Advisor.” — I figure, I don’t know,
I guess I’ve seen all types of death. I don’t think it’s even affected me
like it should anymore. — Torrence Cooks is a former South Side
gang member turned community organizer. His cousin introduced him to
a pastor named Luther McKinstry, who then introduced Cooks to Darrell Scott. It was his one-off conversation with Darrell Scott
that turned into a promise to the President. — Hey, T.
— Hey, hey. — Come on in, man.
— How’re you doing, brother? — People have been talking about
saving Chicago for a long time. While he waited for Darrell Scott’s meeting,
Torrence Cooks organized his own town hall, for the South Side: — I have never, out of all the years of my life, ever seen this many children die before their parents. — We need to bring those young people that
we’re talking about into the room and talk to them. — No actual gang members showed up. — If it’s hard to get them to show up
to their own community center, what’s gonna happen when people
from the Trump administration want to come and talk to them too? — We don’t need them there, with the Trump meeting. We just need to get something done
from out of the Trump meeting. [SINGING]
— Daddy just went home! [SINGING]
To be with the Lord! [SINGING]
But it’s gonna be alright! [SINGING]
It’s gonna be…! It’s gonna be…! — Larry Tabron is a pastor who does
community outreach on Chicago’s West Side. He was skeptical of Scott’s comments
and decided to reach out to Scott, who then invited him to be a part of the meeting. — Do you buy it, that Trump is
the guy who can change Chicago? — I buy that he has the power to do it. If jobs are gonna come to my city,
I don’t care if we wake Hitler up out the grave. If Hitler says, “I’m going to help the African-American
community in the inner city of Chicago,” I’m going to roll with Hitler. — There are some people who’d say
that it’s about as likely that Trump is going to help
black people in Chicago as Hitler rising from the grave
to help black people in Chicago. Do you think that Trump has an
accurate understanding of Chicago, and that he can treat its people right? — The police tried it their way. The preachers tried it their way, where we’re praying our way out,
we’re laying on the ground, we’re marching. That didn’t work. — The plan was for Cooks to bring the South Side,
and for Tabron to handle the West. The two sides, historically,
haven’t been able to get along. The meeting was set for March 21st,
at a Marriott near the airport. — Deep down, the majority of us want the same thing. We want the homicide rate to stop in Chicago. I personally, in 2016, did over 100 funerals myself. — It’s hard enough to get community leaders
to work together. It’s even harder to get the gangs to. It no longer looks like organized crime
of the ’80s and ’90s: The original leaders are dead or in prison, and gangs have fractured into cliques,
fighting bitterly for money and territory. — Why, everyday, are you carrying
that around with you? — It ain’t safe. You don’t know who to trust, or who not to trust. — If you leave the house without this… — You’ll get killed. — …it’s like you basically said,
“Shit, fuck my life,” you know what I’m saying? — So when you wake up in the morning,
when do you first grab that? — Soon as you put on your clothes,
it’s like putting your clothes on. How you bend down to tie your shoe? How you go in the bathroom to
wash your face and brush your teeth? That goes on your hip like you’re putting your belt on. The last thing you do is worry about the police— I’d rather do a few years in a penitentiary,
than life in a cemetery. — Birdman and Lil G are gangster disciples
on Chicago’s West Side. — It’s doing a lot better than
when I first got out of the hospital. I wish each one of my bullets
could bring back one of my dead homies. I’ve been hit 13 times. That’d be 13 of my homies that’d be back. — Birdman was shot in November
and the wounds are still fresh. He replaces his bandages
with his grandma’s napkins and tape he borrowed from our cameraman. This reality is a world away from hotel
conference rooms, much less the Oval Office. Birdman and Lil G have never heard of
Darrell Scott, Pastor Tabron, or Torrence Cooks. — I bet you that whole table’s gonna be full
of everybody in suits and ties, man. They ain’t gonna have nobody in there
dressed like how we’re dressed. — Why don’t you think you get
invited to meetings like that? — How?
— They think we’re too ignorant. — How? How is somebody like us gonna get
invited to somewhere like that? You know what I’m saying?
Who’re they gonna send? How’re we gonna get an invitation? — The night before Darrell Scott’s scheduled meeting, Scott’s team sends out two conflicting press releases: the first calls the meeting a gang summit
with a negotiated ceasefire; the second walks the promise
of a ceasefire back. Less than an hour later,
Scott postpones the meeting. — This meeting happened on the impromptu, and it was because of the cancellation
of Dr. Scott and T. Cooks. — A frustrated Pastor Tabron invites people
to a makeup meeting on the West Side, no Southsiders or Trump associates in sight… …or gang members. — Ex-ing out the “Donald Trump syndrome”
and stop jumping on the bandwagon that Donald Trump is this monster
and he hates black people— we need to know for ourselves,
and that’s where I am right now. — Back in Cleveland, Pastor Darrell Scott prepared
to make things right, and reschedule the meeting. — There’s been some confusion around
what this meeting would look like, because it began at the Black History Month table with it sounding like Trump might actually
sit down with top gang thugs from Chicago. And then there was a release, that said that there’d be a ceasefire and immediate
job openings for the kids. Where are we now? — Ceasefire… if the Lord Jesus Christ
descended from Heaven right now, that would be hard for him to do. — At any point, when you consider, for some people, the life or death stakes here, and the
complicated geography of the city of Chicago— — And I’m learning that. This is a learning process to me,
I didn’t know. I did not know! — So do you ever feel like, “Damn,
maybe I bit off more than I could chew here”? — No, you know why? Because I’m not trying to grandstand, I’m not trying to showboat,
and my motives are pure. — Nearly three months after his promise
to the President, Scott held the meeting. This time, within walking distance from
the White House, at the four-star St. Regis hotel. — President Trump is unpopular
in the black community. And he wants to help. He wants to make good on his campaign promises, and if I’ve got anything to do with it, he’s gonna come through for everything he said
he’s gonna come through for the black community. — In the room, there was a mix of pastors… — I have churches in Africa, Haiti,
and one in Canfield, Ohio. — …businessmen… — I own a pharmaceutical company
in India with 178 employees. We make generic oncology drugs. — …and friends of Trump and Scott… — We’re here to really take action
and make change, so thank you for taking the action
of coming here to D.C. — …seated across from six Southsiders from Chicago. Pastor Tabron didn’t get the invite, and
Torrence Cooks missed his flight that morning. The conversation went on for five hours. — You know, in the streets,
they say, “Put up or shut up.” We put up, and we’re here. We’ve gotta bring home hope, because— — You gotta go back with a good report. — Not just a report. Because we’ve restructured the meetings, you have to remember, in the ghetto,
where people are poor, cynicism is heightened. “Man, it ain’t gonna happen,”
“Man, what’s up with this?” So we have to bring something back. — The Chicagoans wanted money for
nonprofits, housing, economic development, and programs to keep kids off the streets. What they received was a promise
that there’d be another meeting. — What’s important for us,
is establishing the next steps. — I always said this wasn’t the last meeting. I said it from the very beginning,
the first time they pounced on me about… saying, I was engaging with
some people from Chicago, I said, “This ain’t the last meeting,
it’s just the first meeting.” — In Chicago, waiting on promises and
processes means more people dead. Over 70 people have been shot
in Chicago since the meeting. — Everybody wants to say,
“Put the guns down, put the guns down.” But it’s impossible to put a gun down when
this side done killed somebody I grew up with, or this side done killed my brother,
or this side done killed my sister, or… you know what I’m saying? — Can’t you just decide, “I’m not gonna retaliate?” — How? If somebody was to kill somebody that was
close to you right now, what would you do? — I have no idea, to be completely honest. And then it’s like, how could you go in a courtroom and point this man out
when you’re on the streets yourself? — Right. So, at what point do people
say, like, “This is just too much”? — It can’t be too much, because
you’re in too deep now.

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  • Darrell Scott, a pastor in Chicago, told President Trump that he had a solution. Scott said “Top gang thugs” in Chicago had personally contacted him with a message for president Trump. Watch More:

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