McCarthy: Schiff will lie and do anything to impeach Trump

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  • He will have to testify in the senate. Funny how liberals always think themselves to be so smart, yet look like idiots over and over.. And they think Conservatives are dumb and just don’t get it.. She hates him.. they figured if they dug enough they would get something.. Trump isn’t stupid enough to try doing anything illegal in his first 4 years.. he knows that the Democratic Party will try what ever they can to make him look crooked..

  • Schifty Schiff is like the wizard of Oz! Behind the curtain making up the rules as needed…… May lightening strike him !

  • Gop is f..ked up

  • 5:25 Your right Nadler, President Trump put the interests of everybody that wants to stop corruption front and center and since most of you Stinking Lying Scamming democrats are behind most of the corruption of course you don't want Him to suceed.

  • Guess what PEOPLE?? Can YOU even begin to guess? My vote has not changed one iota and it will not change; in fact I am more resolved in my original vote.
    Adam Schiff is a COWARD and always has been; That will never change!!

  • No the committee isn't lying!!!

  • Schiff will not testify because he is afraid he will need to purger himself

  • Thiis isnt any fair hearing its lop sided

  • God Bless President Trump!

  • The whole “Why is Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff throwing 31 Democrats under the bus next election” isn’t rocket science.

    If there’s a mass landslide victory for Republicans in 2020 and Democrats only win three seats; it’ll be Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff’s seats that they’ll keep.

  • The correct title of this clip should be…McCarthy lies to protect trump and his administration…sad!!!

  • …better yet the whole GOP and Faux News Network would lie and do anything possible to protect and justify Trump regardless of all his wrongdoings…super sad!!!

  • Who is paying Schiff? What has his role been in Ukraine corruption? Those are the questions that must be answered. Are republicans ready to beat him at the ballot box? What are republicans doing about setting up candidates to beat Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer and Waters. Who is investigating how Tom Steyer came by his billions as a hedge fund manager. I bet there are some truly disagreeable and unethical vulture deals.

  • There are lies and then there is "FRAUD" Schiff for brains has crossed that line years ago and he knows it except now he is trying to play it off like it is a parody.

  • Turley is 1 of 4 constitutional lawyers that testified. The other lawyers said Trump's actions warrant impeachment. And it makes no difference if his is a Democrat. He wasn't there to provide partisan testimony. He was there because he was asked to review the issue and provide his opinion. Just like the other lawyers were asked.

    The GOP needs to sit down with Trump and convince him to resign. He will not survive Bolton's testimony and the GOP are going to be unable to find a replacement that can beat the Democrats. This is going to turn out like it did for Hillary. But, GOP members of Congress are gong to suffer losses as well.

  • If Trump is the most successful President in History, why are Republicans saying the Democrats do nothing?

  • 😭😭 Republicans are crazy man!

  • I think I should work for the ENQUIRE!? Chinese are putting genomes in organs that they are selling to the USA that reduces mens sperm count there by reducing the male population!? Making USA males less and less, and less!? You reap what you so?! Got clinton on bengazi?! MPO!?

  • I am independent but watching and praying…

  • Fox news is Trump butt kissing news

  • What a bunch of corrupt scumbags we have all over in Washington…. that's the one thing Trump got wrong, it's not a swamp, it's an ocean of corruption.

  • First of all, John boehner changed the house rules when he was the speaker of the house and second, where was Kevin McCarty when Mitch McConnell said he was going to make Obama a one term president? Hypocrites

  • Stop playing nice Kevin …grow some balls

  • NADLER: "The President poses a threat to our election"…Yes Jerry he does…he's going to wipe the floor with the Democrats.

  • This isn't the Dems, but you can pretend. The DOJ just cleared the FBI report as no biased ! Where 70 % of the FBI ARE REPUBLICAN. From the all 12 witnesses said trump s lying about the quid pro quo are REPUBLICAN STAFF ! But let's keep pretending! Lol

  • Here it is y'all are supposed to be smart, what y'all can't see, is how Trump has the rat's snitching on each other in public view

  • …..what a piece of Schitf …

  • I can see it now…the Presidential Impeachment board game by Milton Bradley …

  • My predictions are easy for Schiff out of office next election, or in jail, which ever comes first, but both should happen.

  • How much money is schiffy taking from soros?

  • Adam Schiff loves little Haitian boys

  • Fox viewers = swamp rat lovers.

  • End immunity for politicians. You commit a crime you gotta go to jail like anyone else. That will end Schiff and Pelosi full stop.

  • What does the supreme Court have to say about how this impeachment is being handled?

  • Are we still talking about the whistleblower? Why?

    All the other testimony backs up the complaint and so the whistleblower is no longer relevant to the process.

    Spin spin spin

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