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hay midgets! How you feel to day? [narrator]- On a summer’s day in 1553 after ten days of traveling, a magnificent procession reached the capitol. At it’s head was Mary Tudor, the eldest daughter of King Henry the Vlll. She had come to claim her inheritance. The crown of England. [David]- Mary entered the city of London in triumph on the third of august 1553. The buildings of the city that Mary knew have disappeared almost completely. But it’s boundaries are the same of the modern city of London’s financial district you see behind me. Mary entered from the east. At Aldgate and she rode through streets hung with precious tapestries to the Tower of London The people wept tears of joy and Mary quoted ecstatically from the bible ‘If God be with us, who can be against us?’ [Narrator] This day was Mary’s victory over all those who had opposed her. But the joyful scenes were not to last. Mary was a queen driven by conscience and by faith. She would send hundreds of her subjects to burn at the stake for what she believed was right. A vision of England restored to it’s traditional Catholic faith. Mary was born on the eighteenth of February 1516. A Greenwich palace beside the River Thames. She was given a splendid christening and the bells rand for joy. [David]- The Princess Mary was an extraordinarily important child. Her parents Henry the VIII and Catherine of Aragon had already been married for seven years when she was born and they’d had several children. but all the other children were either stillborn or they died shortly after birth. Mary was the first child to survive. This meant that she was heir to the crown of England. There was only one drawback, Mary was a girl and a woman had never ruled England as Queen. Mary’s destiny was clear. She was a royal princess who will become a royal bride and only reign as her husband’s wife. The search for the right husband started earlier *Sign of the Cross Amen When Mary was only two she was betrothed to the Dauphin, the heir to the throne of France in a ceremony which mimicked all the features of a royal wedding. This was just the first of many engagements Over the next ten years the promise of Mary’s hand in marriage was repeatedly used for treaties with other countries. As daughter of King Henry and heir to the throne, Mary was an attractive proposition But her mother’s family was even grander Catherine of Aragon was descendant of the great Spanish royal family whose empire now stretched across Western Europe and even to the new world of America. Catherine made sure that Mary did not forget the Spanish roots Mary spoke Spanish as well as English and proudly identified herself with her Spanish family. After her father the King, Mary was treated as the most important person in England. She liked music, dancing, and games Henry referred to her as his pearl in the world. Catherine too was devoted to Mary who was fiercely ambitious for her daughter. She made sure that Marys education would fit her for her destiney. How ever great it might be. David: this letter was written by Cathrine to Mary when she was age 8 or nine.

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  • Yuuuurs = years

  • Its no wonder she had an 'out for blood' attitude. Her brothers Protestant Church movement was a bit overly aggressive and a little too soon

  • Truly crazy!

  • Anyone know about the soundtrack for this film? I would like to buy it! 😁

  • No No .. Queen Mary, aka Bloody Mary, wasn't being cruel, vindictive.. not acting like a Nero.. Burning people at the stake for not accepting Catholicism, wanting to be Protestant.. No.. It's just a a slap on the wrist punishment.. Queen Mary was sweet, kind, loving of her country's people like her own children, as she acclaimed to say .. lol

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

    It is any wonder why Monarchs, the Monarchy, along with Emperors – ie; Absolute Total Power Rule is no less horrific, deadly and evil as Socialism-Marxism-Communism-Fascism

  • What a miserable woman. No wonder she is he most hated queen.

  • For some reason the captions were on when I started the video, and at 0:00 it read "hay midgets!"


    …also, she was more like Toasty Mary, really.

  • If ever a father screwed up a child–so is the case here. It seems to me, Mary was acting out of bitterness toward her father, and vengance for her mother.

  • There is no evidence that Anne Bolyin mistreated Mary. She tried to befriend her, but it was Mary's stuburn aditude that prevented a friendship but also Anne didn't bore a live son

  • In many ways Mary I's life was a tragedy of epic proportions. Through so much of her life she comes across has the put upon heroine / victim. Someone who suffered for no good reason and was often very courageous. She also showed real ability on so many occasions like when she finally took the throne. Sadly her reign destroyed the image of the Heroine. Her upbringing and suffering had reinforced certain characteristics in her which were a detriment to her and her nation. And the burning of nearly 300 people for the "crime" of beliefs different from hers have deservedly clouded her reputation.I do feel sorry for her, but I feel much more sorry for her victims.

  • Funny how God, who stands for love and forgiveness, causes so much death and pain. Mankind doesn't understand faith and grace.

  • Mary had serious daddy issues!

  • Why are there never any eyelashes on those horrific portraits? 🤔

  • Proof you should not marry and breed with your cousin..

  • Still can’t say her name into a mirror to this day.

  • Greta Thurnberg? Is that you? (Painting of Mary I)

  • Like father like son they say but in this case like father like daughter …. batshit crazy maybe she was knocked on the head too ?

  • 'Broody Mary' according to Sellars & Yeatman! When she died, the word 'callous' was found engraved upon her heart!

  • This gentleman sounds like he's beating the letters and words to their death. It's like he's spitting the words, not saying them. No offense but it's pretty annoying to listen.

  • I feel sorry for Mary because of the baby thing. I, also, I'm wanting to get pregnant and have a child. I know how painful the biological time clock can be, and I can't imagine the pain a queen would have and the embarrassment of her situation.

  • She looks evil,she's got no eyebrows,they probably burnt off.

  • "Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Ma….uh, ah, aaaaarrrrrrgg…"

  • Rhyme I was taught to remember what happened to king Henry VIII wives..Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived!

  • Anyone remember when we used to turn of the lights in a bathroom and say bloody Mary x times and nothing happened 😂

  • Sometimes she’s doing angelina jolie looks

  • Sometimes she’s doing angelina jolie looks

  • Sometimes she’s doing angelina jolie looks

  • Sometimes she’s doing angelina jolie looks

  • Mary had a little lamb… little lamb… little lamb….

  • why does this guy keep coming from behind trees and pillars as he speaks.

  • This documentary claims no blood was shed for Mary to have her crown. What about Lady Jane Grey, or her husband and father? Sloppy.

  • Anyone else remember when you where a kid .. if you say bloody Mary three times in a mirror a hand would come out and get you…

  • The painting of Mary they are using as a thumb nail. Looks like a man she isn't pretty at all. Her sister is better looking

  • Philip of Spain sounds like a total scumbag as well.

  • Bloody Mary’s dad have 6 wife and all he’s wife

  • I have honestly nothing against the narrator, David Starkey (?), I just don't like his voice ! Regrettably, he now often narrates many British documentaries, but I still cannot get used to him. There used to be someone else with a much nicer, deeper and calming speaking voice who often did documentaries, but I can't remember his name. This one's voice grates in the ears while one could listen to his predecessor for hours and never get tired of listening – there is absolutely no comparison between the two.

  • How many times was Mary betrothed, then ? I mean, a betrothal is also a binding contract until revoked by at least one of the couple, but for her to be "repeatedly" engaged was surely even unusual for the era and her status. It must have shown to the world that her father Henry was not to be relied on to keep his side of a contract, if he had indeed cancelled the engagement himself, which I suspect. For everybody in Henry's life was a pawn in this eyes, especially his children and wives. What a "doting" father Henry was ? As soon as it suited him he disavowed this eldest child, reducing her from Princess of Wales to her stepsister's Lady in Waiting and from the succession, declaring her born out of wedlock – which was utter rubbish, regardless how one sees it. This shows us how expendable even his closest family was if he had a mind to it, even being prepared to kill them if it was expedient in his view, so what kind of a person does that make him ? Obviously an extremely self-centered, cold blooded and murderous tyrant who would stop at absolutely nothing to get what he wanted, even murder. When one really thinks about it, one could honestly say that Henry VIII was in fact a demon in human form.

  • Many people do not realise that Henry was head of the Catholic Church of England, it was not yet the reformed Protestant religion that his son Edward wanted to introduce to England. Henry basically kept the Catholic religion without some of its traditions, but most importantly, disavowed the Pope as being merely the Bishop of Rome with no power over English prelates. Mary obviously wanted a full restitution of the Roman Catholic Church in England with the Pope as its head. When she became Queen, most Englishmen and women were still Roman Catholic, at least secretly, so she was very popular to start with. This changed when she married Philipp II, King of Spain, also a dedicated and even fanatical Roman Catholic, as she herself was. The horrific persecution and execution of hundreds of Protestant reformers, including the burning at the stake of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, changed many minds but nevertheless, nearly half of the population were still Roman Catholic when Mary died and Elizabeth took the throne. This was to prove to be a major problem for Elizabeth during her whole reign.

  • Mary attended mass four times a day and burned 300 Protestants??? Now THAT'S a religious fanatic.

  • bias much?

  • Damn click bait. I thought this was was Stephen King's it

  • Seven deadly sins is what led kings and queens of england to downfall yet they were in religious environment , i think you need to be good and honest from the inside out in order to be fair and faithful only true fear of the creator can led to such thing , it is amazing to see and learn about the history it’s a real adventure .

  • Man Mary and her father were both crazy in my opinion. I feel like they wanted to force people to think like them. Hence why Mary was so uptight about everyone being Catholic

  • 41:11 Hellloooooo king farquad

  • Mary died from the Vitriol that flowed from her in droves.

  • british / england history is arrogant, discusting, terrifying, and should be forgotten.

  • Tough times called for tough measures.?

  • You know it's bad when you're going to an incestuous dynasty for a shoulder to cry on

  • I think Henry the 8th was a serial killer

  • Send the men back to Mars.

  • Human rights were practically non-existent back then, people just did what they pleased, I wanna go back to that era.

  • I can’t believe that Mary hated Anne that much

  • On the left pic she looks like that climate freak Greta Thunberg

  • The amount of adverts was ridiculous. Spoiled a really good documentary. Couldn't even skip them

  • Member that scary mirror game?

  • 18:25
    That guys face 😂

  • Gosh all in the name of God wow

  • Mary Tudor was Catholic but Henry had opted for Protestantism so his daughter Elizabeth continued Protestantism, one of our best monarchs Queen Elizabeth 1

  • This story teller talks bad about Elizabeth but makes it seems like she is just so pure and doesn't mean any harm in burning 300 plus people alive. She was just doing it for God. Lol ok

  • 21:00…In another documentary the boy king sent foot soldiers to intersept Mary and the navy to form a blockade so the French ships couldn't arrive or leave (can't remember which)

  • thank you for the spanish subtitles.

  • Mary was the legitimate rightful Queen of England but got robbed. That said, she was a complete psycho just like her father.

  • The documentary is such BS… Mary was horrible with politics and relied heavily on her advisers whom she trusted fully. Unfortunately they were all self serving. Mary was merciful by nature. So merciful that Spain threatened to withhold her marriage to Phillip unless she executed all those who conspired with Wyatt and especially execute Elizabeth…. We all know that she definitely didn't kill her half sister… She also started her reign very open minded to her subjects who may have been practicing other religions. She made a statement saying that she would not mandate any religion to be banned. This is one of the earliest examples of religious tolerance in government. Don't listen to this garbage documentary. Instead go read "A History of the English speaking Peoples" by Winston Churchill, pp 95-99. Then go read "The Reformation" by Will Durant, pp. 587 – 600. There are many other great historians who wrote on this. Go read some of them as well. Then come back with your opinions. She also DID recommend her sister Elizabeth for the succession at the end of her life. On November 6th 1558 Mary sent the crown Jewels to Elizabeth. I can not believe this garbage documentary. Flat out lying. Wow.

  • Dramaaaaaa 💁🏼‍♀️

  • Sorry but another typical C of E inspired "hit piece" on Queen Mary. Didn't notice any historians having a problem with Henry VIII and Thomas Moore burning Lutherans
    There were many Protestants burned under both Mary and her father.
    Sorry,as well that no one mentioned that Edward was used like a poppet by his Father's friends,who were given many gifts by the King when the monastery's were dissolved. They were no Moore saints than the Roman Catholic religious houses than the monks and nuns who lived in the there.
    Mary was no worse thanher Father Henry VIII or Elizabeth.

  • Bleeding is bad it is when it doesn't bleed could be worry some why is there no blood flow to a certain area? Clotting disorders

  • How could she had possibly expected herself to be pregnant as a forty year old woman in the sixteenth century

  • Although the way he pronounces "year" drives me nuts, the man is an amazing storyteller. His documentaries are an absolute delight.

  • Henry is God, he knew how to run a country

  • I wonder if the narrator dude needs a neck brace after doing these. Moves his head so much. Gonna take me a YEEUHHH to forget it.

  • I know the British will totally hate her up till this day.being a predominantly protestant nation

  • Ummmm Matilda was queen so she was the first queen of England look it up

  • If only she had kids when she was young….
    If you dont use your eggs, they get scrambled

  • That's why she became evil, it was her father betrayed her life, her husband left her, people demand heir from her….a 38 yo woman. She was in great depression.

  • 30:16
    Why do the most intelligent and competent women always have to prove themselves but even the most incompetent and ignorant men never have to….

  • This documentary is sometimes a bit sexist. Mary‘s age gets mentioned in about every sentence at some point but Phillip‘s age not even once. Also getting pregnant with 38 or something is hardly a miracle. I understand that they might want to mirror the view of the time but then I expect them to say so first.

  • honestly if I were her, i think i'd end up the same way she did.

  • I love this narrator. He’s so passionate. He kept my attention the entire time.

  • This is an incredibly sad story.

  • Disgusting how all this pompous display of royal BS is still looked upon as great. Kings and queens. And they still carry it like it actually means something today.

  • Omg that's Greta

  • name of the song in 4:00 ?

  • Its a shame Catholicism wasn’t wiped out then. Child abusers, boy rapers… the horror should be eliminated

  • Looks like Greta thunberg lol

  • I feel bad for Mary.

  • Catherine of Aragon had red hair and blue eyes, not black / brown hair and eyes i am so weirded out when they judge her looks by her country

  • And Mary had red hair because both her parents had red hair

  • at 48:03, queen mary resembles greta thunberg.

  • If she hadn't experienced such tragedies, maybe she wouldn't have become such an infamous historical figure.

  • So Henry the 8th was the first Brexitier and I suppose it was a no deal Brexit. Btw, why did he kill his wife?

  • Mary’s birthday was December 8

  • The commentary is superb!!

  • They are all demonic period.

  • Starting to see bloody Mary the truth was userpt by En lizard

  • Good for Mary. She deserved her vengeance. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • I am a religious person. I do not know where these people who claim to be God's people get the idea that it is ok to murder people, especially in such a horrendous manner. They sure didn't get the idea or the command from the Meek and lowly Savior. Catholic, Protestant, it doesn't matter. Jesus Christ never preached, endorsed or suggested any murder, of anyone, especially brutal and ghastly murder, of any person for any reason. He did, however, explicitly condemn the act of murder. He himself was brutally murdered, innocent of any sin. Those who do these things will suffer the Wrath of that same Jesus one day. Hope this lady enjoyed her throne…because it will be the only Heaven she will have ever known.

  • And just think…when kids do that thing with the mirror while saying "Bloody Mary" three times…this is the person whom they are trying to summon. 🤪

  • This was absolutely amazing to listen to. The narrator was awesome.

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