Mary Frances Berry – “History Teaches Us to Resist” and the Power of Protest | The Daily Show

-Welcome to The Daily Show.
-Well, thank you. And before we get into the book,
I just wanted to say, I honestly have met few people
who have lived as much of a life -as you have.
-You mean I’m old. (laughter) No. Some people are old,
but they haven’t lived life. -Ah. Okay, all right
-They really haven’t. Because-because…
reading through your story truly fascinated me. I mean, you know,
you were at the forefront of opposing the war in Vietnam. You know, you were
one of the key individuals who fought for the American
government to impose sanctions on the apartheid government
in South Africa. You’ve been fighting
for equality in America for a long time. You’ve been on the front lines, and you are friend
of Dr. King’s family. If you look at MLK Day today,
and you look at how people have warped his message
and his image, et cetera, what do you think is the biggest
misconception people have -about Dr. King?
-The biggest misconception is that Martin Luther King
was a dreamer who had a dream. Every time I go someplace,
people get up and say, “Yes, he was a dreamer,
he was always dreaming.” Well, that’s
because of the speech and the part that’s taken out. Uh, Martin Luther King believed
in the right to vote. The first speech he gave
in Washington at the Prayer Pilgrimage
in 1957, his coming out, as it were,
in Washington, was about,
if we ever got the vote, everything would change–
we’d have justice if we just got the vote. That was even after… a year before,
they had done the boycott, -Right.
-the Montgomery boycott. But over the years
as he evolved, he saw, hey, the vote is
important and we should get it, and he continues
to fight for it, but voting by itself
isn’t gonna give us justice. And he concluded that protest is an essential ingredient
of politics. You see,
politicians want two things. They want you to vote for them,
and they want to get re… get elected, and they want you
to vote for them -so they can get reelected.
-Right. Those are two things they want. -(laughs)
-But the thing you have to want is to make them do
what will give you justice and equality
in this country, and they won’t do that -unless you make them do it.
-That’s really interesting. And that’s where
protest is involved. Martin Luther King
believed in nonviolence. He learned about it.
He believed in it. He and Coretta believed in it. It was at the center
of their lives. When I say protest is an essential ingredient
in politics, I mean nonviolent protest. And the book is about
the kind of nonviolent protest you can engage in
which will make change. It will make government
officials who you elected actually do what they promised
they would do. Isn’t that unique? How interesting that they would
actually promise to do something and even try to do it. -(laughter)
-You see? Uh, say, you… But that’s what… And… The other thing
the book is about is how every generation has to make its own dent
in the wall of injustice. Young people, you know,
have to pass it on. -Mm-hmm. -All the movements
that I talk about in that book in which I was involved and at the center
of some of them… It didn’t happen overnight. You didn’t go out
and have one march. You didn’t go out
and have two marches. Uh, we went on for years until we were able
to make change. So, young people
have to pick up the torch and move forward with it
and make their own dent. It takes a long time
for it to happen. And Martin Luther King
stood for all of that. He didn’t live long enough. Unfortunately,
his life was taken. But in the time
that he had with us, he modeled all those things
for us. There was another thing
he modeled, which was
you don’t have to be perfect in order to be good
and to have a good message. You don’t have
to be personally perfect -in order to…
-Mm-hmm. Uh, what you look at
is what people do in the cause and what sacrifices
they’re willing to make. And that doesn’t mean that
everybody should go out and die. That’s not what
I’m talking about. What I’m talking about
is we worked hard to end the draft,
and we succeeded. I can show you, and if you read
what’s in the book, you will see that we succeeded. When we wanted the
Americans with Disabilities Act passed in the Congress,
we used strategies -and tactics to make it happen.
-Right. And what you have to do
when you protest is keep changing what you do. Don’t do the same thing over
and over and over again. People get tired. If you did
the same thing on your show every night,
people would say, “Eh.” -(laughing)
-And they won’t watch you. Change it up! Or if you were like the-the team that played, uh,
Kansas City yesterday and they just kept on doing
the same thing. And I kept saying, “Why don’t
you do something different?!” -You see? So, uh…
-(cheering and applause) -So, then that’s-that’s really
interesting. -So the box… So if you want– if you want
student loans forgiven so you don’t have to pay off
all that debt, whatever it is you want, organize people, mobilize people to do it
in a nonviolent way. Put pressure on ’em. You have to make politicians
do stuff. -Yes. Climate change.
-Do you think that– Right. -Make them do it. -Do you think
then our generation has become complacent
in thinking that a moment of giant protest counts
as-as the duration of protest? Because in the book, you-you
talk about how, for instance, with the a-apartheid movement,
anti-apartheid movement, it took two years for you to get -the American government
to do something. -Right. So do you think our generation
goes, “We have a big march. It trended on Twitter.
And now we’re done” and we think that’s enough, whereas it’s supposed to be
an ongoing affair? Twitter– putting something out
on Twitter is not a movement. You can inform people
through Twitter. -It’s very useful for that.
-Right. Facebook.
They’re all useful for that. Also, you can be kept
under surveillance by the people who are watching
you while you’re doing it. But you have to–
What I learned over time– and Martin was
an exemplar of that– you have to be present
in the moment. You have to do something
yourself. You have to be there. You have to put your body
on the line. You have to be willing
to go to jail. You have to be willing to say, “Here I stand
and you will go no further, because I have moral authority
in what I’m doing.” So, use any kind of media
for communication, -to get in touch
and stay in touch. -Right. Although we used to use
mimeograph machines and get ink all over our fingers and all of that
and the rest of it. But you can make change. So the lesson of all this is, in this book is,
if you read it, if there’s a change you want
to have made, sure, vote. It’s an election year. But don’t just vote
and then go home and say, “All right, I did it.
Now, four years from now, I’ll come back and do it again.” That won’t get us anywhere. That won’t end inequality
and that won’t change us and get us justice
in this country. -If you could organize– Yeah.
-(cheering and applause) If you… if you could organize
a protest today that would last until it-it got
the results that it needed, what would you say
is the most pressing issue? I know there are many, but
what would you say right now would be the most pressing,
pressing issue that you think people need to protest for? -Climate change.
-(whooping, applause) Because climate change affects all of us… without regard to race
or class or whatever it is. We may not understand
that it does, but it does. So, I would do it in a way to try to explain to people not just the morality of it, but how their lives
are in danger and the lives
of their children and so on. -And find messaging…
-Mm-hmm. that would help to do that. And the messaging takes time. For the antiapartheid movement, the steering committee on that
movement, which was successful, met every day at my house
in the morning for a year and a half. And had protestors out every
single day going to jail. We all went to jail
multiple times. We boycotted, uh,
Shell Oil Company. We-we did, we-we made people
stop buying Krugerrands, when they didn’t even know
what Krugerrands were before. -(Noah laughs)
-Uh, we got now help to get Nelson out of jail,
and, oh, was that a great day -when that happened.
-Right. And so, it takes hard work, it takes thought, it takes,
using creativity and imagination about how to get
the public’s attention. We had marches,
but when we had marches, we had celebrities, people
who folks don’t know about. Paul Newman, you guys
never heard of him. (audience whooping) -He was an actor, uh…
-(Noah laughing) -Um, people like that
who were out there. -Right. You know, doing it, so,
in fact, you can… If I were doing it, uh,
I would sit down, and you can,
if anybody wants to start, read the book
and come to my house, and we’ll sit there for another
year and a half going out every day mobilizing people
and figuring out what to do. -Sounds like a plan.
-(applause and cheering) Thank you so much
for being on the show. -Sure. -Wonderful having you,
especially today. History Teaches Us to Resist
is available now. Dr. Mary Frances Berry,

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