Well….it’s about damn time. Yes, about two and a half years ago I made
this Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order video, and ever since then the request
I’ve seen the most is when’s the next one coming? So, with Avengers Infinity War coming out
in about a week, I thought this would be a good a time as any to do one last one of these. And yes, this will probably be the last one
of these MCU chronologies, because after this, this universe is gonna be way too big to recount. This video was hard enough to make already,
trust me, with the movies and TV shows and short films and even the freaking tie-in comics. I know this video is ridiculously hilariously
long, but considering everything I’m talking about here in total is about 256 hours long,
condensing it into 2 hours I think isn’t half bad. But yeah, maybe don’t watch this all in
one sitting, or do! That would be….impressive. Now I need to make a few warnings and such
upfront, if you wanna skip to the main part of this you can click to this time, go ahead,
I won’t be too offended. Some of these dates aren’t gonna be 100%
accurate, a few might be assumptions. I also might mess up a name here and there
because there are a lot of weird names of artifacts and planets. I think I did alright though considering the
scope of this. Also, considering the stuff I need to cram
into this, I will be painting with a pretty broad brush for some of these, especially
the TV shows. Like I can’t go into every tiny subplot
of Agents of SHIELD, as much as I might want to. And as if it wasn’t super obvious, spoilers
ahead. For everything. Like I mean, everything. Alright, with all that said, sit back, relax,
and let’s get this thing started. So before we actually get into the events
and everything, there are a few things you should just know about this universe. Basically, think of this universe as having
two main sections. There is the regular universe first, which
has Earth, and then branches out to the rest of space. It goes to other galaxies and planets like
in Guardians, and even further to planets like Asgard and the rest of the realms. Now I know they’re called realms, not planets,
but from my research and understanding, the nine realms are just planets deep out in space,
and these nine specifically are connected to each other by a kind of system called Yggdrasil. Basically just think nine important different
planets connected to each other, and they just got those names cuz of Norse mythology. I already know there’s gonna be a huge debate
in the comments, the realms aren’t planets, the realms are planets, from what I’ve seen
I’m pretty sure they are planets that are just nicknamed realms, but I’m just gonna
call them planets/realms from here on out. The main planet/realm is Asgard, where the
aliens living there have technology so advanced that they appear to be gods, and also have
some kind of magic-ish seeming powers which make them pretty godly. But then beyond this regular universe, in
the other section, there are hundreds, thousands, an infinite number of parallel dimensions
to this world. All this is called the Multiverse. We mainly stay in ours throughout this, but
in this story there’ll be a lot of references to other dimensions, basically universes that
exist a Doctor Strange portal way from ours. So there are planets (which the realms fall
into) and then there are other dimensions, which I’ll point out along the way. Ok, I know I may have already lost some people
in that set up, but now let’s actually get started. Before Universe (several billion year ago)
So before the universe existed, several billion years ago, there were six singularities that
eventually morphed into tiny gems of the power of the universe. They have the powers of time, power, reality,
space, soul, and the mind. In this pre-universe era (I know, doesn’t
make a lot of sense, but whatever) there’s a race of aliens called the Dark Elves, who
rule this pre-universe era cuz it’s all comprised of darkness and they love that,
they can’t get enough of that darkness. Then the universe starts and the Dark Elves
don’t like this cuz no more infinite darkness so they wanna return the universe to how it
was before, without all these planets and species and whatnot. So the albino leader of the Dark Elves, Malekith,
gets his hands on the Reality Stone and turns it into a substance called the Aether, basically
he turns the stone into a substance he can use as a weapon. About 100 million years BC
Then as the universe evolves these giant space god type things called Celestials turn up. From where, we don’t know, they just turn
up. They have the power to manipulate huge amounts
of energy, and so they’re able to use the most powerful objects in the universe, the
Infinity Stones. They use them to wipe out planets and their
civilizations whenever they want, cuz they’re just kinda pricks like that. One of these celestials is called Ego, and
he finds being a space god he’s particularly lonely. He discovers he can manipulate the matter
around him and creates shells upon shells around himself until he’s an actual planet. Being a planet’s kinda boring though, so
Ego creates a smaller avatar of himself to explore the universe, to see what’s out
there. Over the next millions of years he finds tons
of planets around the universe and decides he wants to conquer all of them. He does this with a well thought out plan,
he plants little seeds on the planets that can turn those planets into extended versions
of himself. But to activate them he needs the power of
another celestial. So how do you get another celestial? You bang everything that moves in the entire
universe….apparently. Ego gets busy across the whole universe and
then sends people to retrieve the kids he makes for him (one of these retrievers is
eventually Yondu, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves). Ego’s pretty pissed though cuz none of these
kids inherit his celestial powers, something about dominant and recessive genes or something
I don’t know, and so they’re useless to him. So he kills them all and stores their corpses
in the lower part of the planet, which is technically inside of himself? Ewww… Several million years BC
Alright, at this point Earth has finally formed, kind of. And a meteorite filled with a super strong
element called vibranium crashlands in what will become Africa. Because it’s awesome the vibranium gives
the plant life around it special powers and extra strength. Thousands of years ago
Move ahead a few million years and now humans have evolved on Earth. In Africa 5 tribes of humans discover the
vibranium and decide to build a home around it and call it Wakanda. The tribes are always fighting cuz that’s
how tribes do until one day one of the tribe’s warriors gets a message from the Panther goddess
Bast to consume this plant affected by the vibranium called the Heart Shaped Herb. Ok pause, yes there’s apparently a Panther
goddess, maybe this was just a hallucination this guy got or something, cuz there isn’t
really another explanation for it in this universe, whatever. Important part is he consumes the vibranium
powered plant and he gets super strength, speed, and enhanced instincts from it. Everyone else is like yeah alright that’s
pretty cool, he should be our king, and so the tribes are united under his rule and live
in peace in Wakanda. Except for the Jabari tribe, who decide to
live in the mountains instead. The guy who eats the Heart Shaped Herb also
becomes the Black Panther, the warrior protector of Wakanda. Over the centuries the mantle of King and
Black Panther is passed down with the help of the Heart Shaped Herb. Also, because they have a boatload of vibranium,
over the centuries Wakanda develops into an incredibly technologically advanced country,
far more advanced than anywhere else in the world. However they decide to hide themselves so
they don’t have to share their tech and wealth with the otherwise pretty sucky at
the time world, and so disguise themselves as a poor third world country. Meanwhile, this being somewhere else in the
world who might be human, might not, it’s not really clear, called Agamotto discovers
the Mystic Arts. Basically he realizes oh my god magic is real. The Mystic Arts essentially let’s you manipulate
those alternate dimensions I mentioned before and also do other cool stuff like magic shields
and whatnot. So because of this he creates a little club
called the Masters of the Mystic Arts with a bunch of humans and they start training
in this art of energy manipulation aka magic. At some point he uses his powers to get his
hands on the Time Infinity Stone, which he uses to make the Eye of Agamotto so he can
control it. Basically a fancy necklace. He puts up three sanctuaries around the world
to protect the world from threats from other dimensions. These three Sanctums are in Hong Kong, London,
and New York (or what will eventually be those places). Threats from other dimensions you ask? Why yes, like for example this big amorphous
threat called Dormammu, who is the lord of the Dark Dimension. What’s the Dark Dimension? Well it’s one of the many dimensions that
I mentioned exist out there in the multiverse. Time doesn’t exist there, that’s an important
detail. Dormammu basically wants to conquer every
dimension in the multiverse, cuz he’s a giant super powerful bad guy entity and he
just wants to consume worlds. It’s also possible to draw power from the
Dark Dimension that’ll let you like live for a super long time, but it’s generally not
a good idea cuz Dormammu could influence you and come through and destroy literally everything,
so you know it’s not recommended. 3471 BC
Now over to a guy called Odin, who is heir to the throne of that planet/realm I mentioned
before, Asgard, currently the King there is a guy called Bor. In Asgard there’s a tale told of Ragnarok,
this event that is foretold to destroy Asgard. A giant fire demon called Surtur is gonna
do that, using the Eternal Flame, which basically gives him loads of power and can resurrect
dead people. Odin doesn’t like the sound of any of that,
so he fights Surtur and locks him up on another planet/realm called Musp….Muspelheim. Then he locked the Eternal Flame in his big
Scrooge Mcduck style vault back home on Asgard, hoping to stop Ragnarok from ever happening. Please take note, as this is the first of
countless times Odin sucks at hiding stuff. 2988 BC
Fast forward a bit and the Convergence happens. Basically this means that all the nine planet/realms
align with each other and they’re much easier to get to. Like no really, literal portals open up between
them, and the fabric of reality kind of start getting weird. So that race of aliens from before the universe
called the Dark Elves, who are currently chilling on the planet/realm of Svartalfheim….(zoom
on name) godammit, take this opportunity to try and destroy the universe again using the
Aether/Reality Stone. They’re stopped by the Asgardians led by
King Bor, who also take the Aether from them. Bor puts the Aether away where no one can
find it, kind of. Malekith and some of his troops manage to
escape and they put themselves into hibernation until their next opportunity arises. Ca. 2500 BC
So now back out in space, there’s this race of aliens called the Kree. What you need to know about them is that they’re
just the worst. Like pretty much always. They’re always at war with some other aliens
and at this particular time they’re suffering huge casualties in a war and need a way to
get the upper hand, so they’re searching for that. Eventually they come across Earth and decide
humans aren’t good enough, so they’re gonna modify them and make Inhumans. Now listen up, cuz this next part is slightly
complicated and very important to a lot of the rest of the story. The Kree experiment on humans and give some
of them powers that manifest when they are exposed to a mist called Terrigen Mist. This Mist is released by Terrigen crystals. This whole process is called Terrigenesis. Once you become Inhuman you just get some
sort of superpower. The Kree put these Terrigen crystals in this
weird shaped things called Diviners. Along with that, the Kree went to Puerto Rico
and built a giant underground city where you can easily release the Terrigen mist to activate
your dormant inhuman powers. If a human with the Inhuman gene touches this
Diviner terrigen crystal carrier, they get visions of a big ol’ map of that city so
they can go and get their powers. Confused yet? We’re just getting started. So the Kree are happily making superpowered
Inhumans but at one point they’re like hey these kinda suck, let’s get out of here. One of the first Inhumans they made from this
Mayan hunter turns out to be this super powerful and dangerous Inhuman called Hive, who has
a tentacle face. He’s so powerful that the Kree wanna get
rid of him. So they find a planet called Maveth out in
the universe and build a portal called the Monolith to easily transport the Inhuman there
to get rid of him. They do so and he destroys the entire planet,
turning it into a barren wasteland. However, Hive had some followers back on Earth
and they believed that eventually he could be brought back to rule the world, so they
started trying to get him back and built a whole society around the idea. This secret organization became known as HYDRA,
that’s where their symbol comes from. Yes, HYDRA wasn’t always just crazy Nazis,
they were originally crazy tentacle monster worshippers. At one point HYDRA gets its hands on the Monolith
and tries to send some people to get Hive, but they never come back. Anyway, the Kree get the hell away from Earth,
but one poor Kree died while they were there and so his corpse is just left on Earth. At some point here as well, some of the Inhumans
that are left behind on Earth find a way to get to the moon. Through a portal maybe, they never really
clear that up. Anyway they get to the Moon, build a city
there, and set up their own monarchy and society where the people who get good powers get to
be royalty and live awesome lives while the people who get less good powers have to work
in the mines….and remember, you’re supposed to root for the rich people here. Ca. 700-600 BC
So now back on Asgard Odin has become the King, and he has a daughter called Hela, who
is now the heir to the throne. Odin decides he wants to expand Asgard’s
power and bring his kingdom more glory, so he goes around the nine planet/realms with
Hela and conquers them, sometimes by means that aren’t necessarily very sanitary. Eventually though, all Tai-Lung style, Hela’s
ambition grows too big and she gets a little too…let’s say crazy with all the murdering. So Odin banishes her to the planet/realm of
Hel, cuz Odin in case you haven’t realized yet is kind of a bad dude. Odin’s kind of ashamed of all the terrible
stuff him and Hela did together though so he tries to cover it all up and act like she
never existed, like the hero he is. 16 AD
So now finally we’re in the ADs. Back to that whole multiverse thing where
there are a bunch of different dimensions. In another one of those dimensions, there’s
this awesome mystical city called K’un Lun, which appears on Earth somewhere in China
every 15 years. In that city this group of monks called the
Order of the Crane Mother teach the art of chi, this mystical life energy in every living
thing. Basically it can help you heal people super
fast or it can be used for fighting purposes. Also did I mention that dragons live in this
city, cuz they do. Yeah, Game of Thrones style dragons. Over the years, all of them die out except
for one, called Shou-Lao. There’s also one special trainee in the
Order of the Crane Mother who, if they’re super amazing at punching and kicking, fight
the dragon Shou-Lao and win the powers of the Immortal Iron Fist. *immortal iron fist
compilation* That means you can channel your chi into one fist to make it super strong,
plus you’re really good at like karate and stuff. The Iron Fist’s job is to defeat enemies
of the Order of the Crane Mother and guard the secret passageway to K’un Lun, and the
mantel is passed down from generation to generation. Think of it as the Black Panther for this
other dimension city. But, things aren’t all sunshine and child
beatings in K’un Lun. There were 5 students there who wanted immortality
using this chi. The Order of the Crane Mother was like, *get
the fuck out*. And so they got banished to earth. Those five were called Bakuto, Madame Gao,
Alexandra, Murakami, and Sowande. They banded together to form an evil organization
called The Hand, very sinister name. They figure out that around the world there
are bones from all those dragons that died scattered under ground, and through these
bones you can get an elixir that lets you bring back people from the dead, so you can
live a super long time. The Hand starts trying to conquer Asia, getting
their own little army of ninjas together. So another group called the Chaste who don’t
like that stand up against them, and they battle for centuries to come. The Chaste are big believers in K’un Lun
and the Iron Fist, and they’d really like an Iron Fist to help them out. The Hand keep going around being pricks though,
and at one point they destroy the city of Pompeii. Early 900s
So Hela is still looked away in Hel and she hates it, cuz it’s all fires and sadness
down there, so she tries to escape. Odin sends his army of super badass warriors
called the Valkyries to stop her. They do it, but all of them die in the process
except for one of them, called Brunnhilde? *django clip* I’m just gonna call her Valkyrie. She’s pretty shaken after seeing literally
all of her friends get murdered so she goes off into the universe, as her faith in Asgard
and all that is shaken. She ends up on this junk planet out in space
called Sakaar, where more or less all the garbage from the universe goes, where she
slowly turns into Han Solo mixed with Archer. *Archer drinking clip*
Also, Odin has another kid with his lovely Asgardian wife Frigga called Thor. Thor is now the heir to the throne of Asgard,
cuz Hela totally doesn’t count. 965
Later on, on another realm/planet called Jotunheim, there’s this species called the Frost Giants
who want to conquer Earth aka Midgard. So they start their invasion in the heart
of the Earth….Scandinavia. In Norway, the Asgardians meet them and battle
them all the way back to Jotunheim, where they defeat them. Also the king of the Frost Giants has a baby,
but he just leaves him out to die. Odin finds that baby and he’s like, aww
he’s so cute, so he keeps him and names him Loki, and he raises him with his actual
son Thor, never telling him he’s a frost giant. Nice Odin. He also negotiates a peace treaty with the
Frost Giants, and takes their source of power, the Casket of Ancient Winters. He also puts that down in his vault. Thor and Loki grow up together, and they love
each other, even if they don’t always get along, including one time where Loki pulls
an epic prank on Thor. *snake clip* Loki is generally just kind of
envious of Thor cuz he clearly gets more attention, and Thor also gets kind of bratty and arrogant
as he grows cuz hey he’s a prince. 1000s
So remember those blue aliens called the Kree? Well they’re still hated by literally everyone
and so they end up starting a war with this huge empire in space called the Nova Empire,
that spans lots of planets. That war lasts for a long long time. Ca. 1200
Asgard also has this army of special soldiers who get super enraged and destroy everything
called the Berserker Army. One member of this army, after a battle on
Earth, decides to stay there, and he ends up living in a quaint little monastery inn
Ireland. His Berserker Staff makes a person super strong
so he splits it up into three pieces and distributes it around the world. 1400s
Odin’s still a busy king and so he gets his hands on another Infinity Stone, the space
stone called the Tesseract. He’s like hey this object of insane power,
I have to hide it in the most secure place in the universe….Norway. So he does. Also this Asgardian woman whose voice “ensnares
men” called Lorelei goes around the Nine Planet/Realms collecting an army of slave
men. She’s stopped and imprisoned by an Asgardian
warrior named Sif though. 1500s
Still in Asgard, yes, a bunch of Asgard stuff happened in this time, there’s this blacksmith
called Haldier who finds this artifact called the Cup of Glory, creative, but Loki sees
this and because he’s Loki thinks of a plan to steal it. He insults Haldier and gets chased by Haldier’s
son Brunok. Thor stops the chase, and Loki says they should
have a contest of skill, intelligence, and virtue to settle the matter, in teams. They go though this challenge and through
his tricks and schemes Loki steals the Cup of Glory in the process. However, through circumstances that really
aren’t important here, Thor is arrogant and tries to take the cup, they all realize that
the cup brings out the worst in them, Loki admits what he did, Haldier goes crazy with
power because the cup and tries to steal it and kill Thor, and in the end Thor wins the
fight and that’s the end of that Burger King tie-in comic. I’m not even kidding. 1830s
Nothing really important happened for about 300 years. By the 1800s HYDRA’s still sending people
through portals to Maveth to get their tentacle leader back. Hive on the other side keeps killing them
and taking on their bodily forms to stop himself from dying. Some pieces were cut off from the Monolith
and given to the biggest fat cats in HYDRA. Now over the next 100 years HYDRA sort of
moves away from the whole tentacle monster thing and become more focused on just world
domination, as you do. Late 1800s
Also the Hand’s still rocking about being evil and stuff. Just so you don’t forget. 1920s
In the 1920s there’s this group of powerful businessmen called the Council of Nine who
organize a bunch of bad stuff, like the assassination of president McKinley and the Wall Street
Crash, all to get rich. 1930s
In the 1930s this kid called Howard Stark makes some pretty crazy inventions cuz he’s
a genius. He uses these and his other brilliant ideas
to become a multimillionaire at a very young age. 1930
Then there’s this sickly skinny sad kid called Steve Rogers in Brooklyn, who has a
heart of gold. This other guy called Bucky Barnes helps him
with some bullies, and they become best friends for decades to come. Like a lot of decades. 1934
Now by 1934 one of the biggest members of HYDRA is a guy called Johann Schmidt. Now that Nazis have taken over Germany he
wants to join up with the Nazis. Schmidt meets with Hitler and and he’s like,
hey I’m evil, you’re evil, let’s team up, and Hitler’s like sounds good. Schmidt also meets with a scientist called
Arnim Zola and starts working closely with him. HYDRA is now the Nazi Deep Science division,
and Schmidt has quite a few things on his to do list. He wants to turn himself into a super soldier
weapon for HYDRA, he wants to develop special weapons for the Nazis to use, and he’s also
looking into finding the mythical Tesseract, since it’ll probably be pretty useful in
the whole taking over the world thing. Howard Stark in his billionaire-ing also meets
Dr. Abraham Erskine, a German Scientist who is working on a serum that enhances a person’s
physical abilities to the max, a super soldier serum if you will. 1935
The Nazis are like hey a super soldier serum that sounds perfect, and so Schmidt captures
and forces him to make a serum for him while threatening to kill his whole family. His family eventually dies in a concentration
camp by the way. HYDRA continues to develop high tech mech
suits and weapons but don’t have the extra umph to make them super lasery and cinematic
yet. 1936
The year after, Steve Rogers’ mom Sarah Rogers dies of tuberculosis. Steve’s now an orphan, but Bucky helps him
get through the tough times. He’s with him to the end of the line. 1937
Over in Soviet Russia, The Red Room program is started by the Soviet government. This is designed to brainwash and train young
women to be super deadly assassins. This includes handcuffs, death, forceful sterilization,
and ballet. A little girl who will later be called Dottie
Underwood is trained in this program to become a super spy. 1939
Howard Stark quickly starts up a company for all his awesome inventions called Stark Industries,
which starts dealing in science and eventually weapons. With the help of all his new resources Stark
also comes across some of that vibranium that’s still left over in Africa and takes the tiny
amount he finds back to the USA to work on. 1940
So now there’s this woman called Peggy Carter. She’s a codebreaker in England working for
the British. She’s also gonna get married to this guy
called Fred. Her brother and BFF Michael recommends her
to be a field agent cuz she’s such a badass, but Peggy’s like, I can’t fight, I wanna
get married to this guy you don’t like Michael. But then Michael dies, and this pushes Peggy
to become a field agent and call off her wedding. Peggy meets and starts working with Colonel
Chester Phillips in the US Army. Through these connections she joins the Strategic
Scientific Reserve, or SSR, the American version of HYDRA designed to fight HYDRA. Think of it as early SHIELD. Meanwhile Stark shows off his new vibranium
and is immediately attacked by HYDRA assassins, so he also ends up joining Chester Phillips
and the SSR to fight HYDRA. Back over at HYDRA, Schmidt injects himself
with an unfinished version of the super soldier serum, and it works, he gets super strength! But it goes a little wrong and he is horribly
disfigured, giving him a big ugly Red Skull. Peggy Carter, now with help from Stark, goes
on one of her first missions and rescues DR. Erskine, who comes over to join the good side
and make a super soldier serum for the Americans. 1941
Steve Rogers is now trying to join the US army after the US enters World War 2, but
is denied, because his amazing spirit is outweighed by his not so amazing physique. Bucky tries to help but it goes nowhere. Howard Stark also starts helping with the
war efforts more, he ends up on the Manhattan Project. 1942
So after a lot of searching Schmidt finally finds the Tesseract in Norway and goes over
and steals it from Walder Frey. Zola the scientist now uses it to create super
laser Nazi weapons to help take over the world. The Nazis are like this Tesseract stuff is
awesome! So another Nazi officer called Werner Reinhardt
is sent out to find more mystical artifacts to help the Nazis. He discovers the corpse of that Kree soldier
from way back when the Kree came to Earth to make Inhumans and stuff in Africa. The corpse is sent back to HYDRA for experiments. 1943
So Steve is still trying to join the army, and Peggy Carter now finds out more about
Project Rebirth, the super soldier serum project. She’s assigned to it along with Chester
Phillips, Satrk, and Erskine. They need to find the perfect candidate to
test out on though. Steve and Bucky coincidentally end up going
to one of Howard Stark’s expos, where he’s showing off whatever. Here Dr Erskine overhears Steve talking to
Bucky about how gold his heart is and he’s like, he’s perfect for this. So he recruits him to the program and Steve
starts training in the army, where he meets Peggy Carter and Chester Phillips. Steve and Peggy become friends and eventually
a bit more than that. After showing his worth, Steve gets approved
for the project, gets the serum injected into him, and gets super strength, enhanced abilities,
and Chris Evans’ muscles. Schmidt has found out about all these developments
though and sent an assassin undercover to kill Erskine, which happens. Over the next few months, Steve becomes the
poster boy for the war but is pretty bummed out cuz he wanted to fight and not put on
performances and get mooned by soldiers. His chance to prove himself though comes when
Bucky and his unit get captured by HYDRA forces. Bucky is experimented on by Zola. Steve goes off to save them with the help
of Howard Stark and his now girlfriend Peggy and frees the prisoners. He also confronts Schmidt for the first time,
and discovers his red skull. He gets out of there alright though. 1943-1945
Bucky’s unit, known as The Howling Commandos, join Steve who has become known as Captain
America. Cap gets to fight in the war now with his
men and they end up doing one thing and one thing only. *clip of Killin Nazis*
At some point here, Howard Stark is still working on science stuff for the war and develops
this gas called Midnight Oil to keep troops awake, but it has a very Kingsman church scene-ish
side effect. It’s used on some Soviets and one of the
soldiers who dies there has a brother whose a Soviet spy and/or psychiatrist? Look it’ll make sense later, but this guy
now hates Stark. Howard Stark also experiments on some of HYDRA’s
super weapons based on the Tesseract, which lets him discover an entirely new incredibly
powerful element. He keeps that in his back pocket though, it’ll
be useful later. Stark also gives Cap some new upgrades in
terms of his uniform, and makes a shield out of that vibranium he found in Africa, which
Cap uses to go around killin more Nazis. 1945
Werner Reinhardt is still off looking for extraterrestrial mystical stuff, and while
doing so he finds a Diviner in China, remember those things that carry Terrigen crystals
that help create Inhumans. He uses it to experiment on many prisoners,
including a woman called Jiaying, who is actually an Inhuman. Her Inhuman power is she can absorb the lives
of others and stay young forever, which she decides to do from there on out. Cap and his team are out on a mission when
Bucky falls off a train, losing an arm on the fall down. He’s presumed dead but actually survives
due to the enhancements he got from Zola’s experementings and is taken off by the Soviets,
who eventually hand him over to HYDRA. The Americans then take Zola captive, and
Bucky remains a prisoner of HYDRA. Cap then attacks HYDRA HQ, and big fight ensues. This all leads to Cap fighting Red Skull on
plane that’s on it’s way to destroy America. Schmidt gets his hands on the Tesseract, literally,
and it uses its infinity power to shoot him out into space. Cap realizes he has to crash the plane and
sacrifice himself to save the free world. He does so but luckily lands in some ice,
that very nicely freezes him over and keeps him alive and super youthful looking for like
70 years. Now Peggy’s pretty upset about losing her
boyfriend Steve (sad music with abrupt stop) But life must go on, so she leads some of
the Howling Commandos to take down the last HYDRA base, led by our old friend Werner Reinhardt. There she finds the Diviner and the Kree corpse,
which is put into SSR control. Peggy Carter later interrogates Reinhardt
but gets nothing out of him and leaves him to life imprisonment. Also around this time Howard Stark is out
looking for Cap’s body but never finds it. Instead he finds the Tesseract lying around,
and brings it back and puts it in SSR control. The SSR now starts to bring in HYDRA scientists
to work for them, including Zola. Little do they know that they’re actually
secretly building up HYDRA from the inside of SHIELD, growing like some kind of parasite
from within. Zola is all over this secret HYDRA from within
by the way. Now that the war is done, Howard Stark also
really starts his playboy billionaire lifestyle, which doesn’t last too long before things
go ary. 1946
In fact just the next year, Stark’s vault of inventions is broken into (by that brother
of the guy killed by Midnight Oil who is now out for revenge) and they start showing up
on the black market. Stark gets accused and put on trial for selling
stuff to enemies of the US and he’s like I didn’t do it, so he recruits his old buddy
Peggy Carter to help him solve this case. Peggy is now working full time at the SSR
and befriends this guy called Sousa. Carter works with Stark’s butler Edwin Jarvis
to unravel the mystery, and they go through several adventures, at one point discovering
that one of the big things Stark wanted back was a vial containing the last of Steve Rogers’
blood, which makes Peggy pretty upset. She keeps at the case, working with the Howling
Commandos again and discovering that Red Room with little killer Russian girls. She has to fight one of the agents there,
Dottie Underwood. In the end Stark’s name is cleared and he
explains the situation and it’s all good. Pretty sure he got hypnotized at one point
in there as well. Also, Peggy makes a very Harry Potter esque
choice to pour Steve’s blood out over the Brooklyn Bridge. Very poetic, except some fish down there is
probably gonna get super strength now. 1947
The next year the SSR is trying to set up shop in LA, and Stark moves to LA to start
up a movie production company cuz hey why not. Carter’s sent to LA to help with a case
where a woman was killed by being exposed to this thing called Zero Matter, this blob
of pure negative energy that got here from one of those other dimensions. All you need to know is that it’s super
powerful and it can kill people and suck people into portals. It gets into our world when atomic bombs are
tested. There’s this actress who is married to a
Senator whose out to use Zero Matter for her own crazy needs. Carter teams up with a scientist called Jason
Wilkes and they seem to kind of start to like each other, but of course there’s a love triangle
cuz Sousa’s still there and Sousa is clearly the better fit for Carter, god that was a
frustrating part of that season to watch. That actress gets infected with Zero Matter
and it gives her the power to turns stuff into negative energy and absorb it. She wants to detonate an atomic bomb to open
up a rift so she can get even more Negative Energy. They all end up at Stark’s movie production
lot, the Zero Matter is forced out of the actress and into a rift, and Stark keeps a
little bit of it that was left behind to study it. Everyone’s happy and Carter ends up with
Sousa, yes. There are a lot more details in there (Wilkes
becoming intangible at one point, they work with Dottie Underwood, Carter gets pretty
badly injured) but this story is so massive that I think it’s best if we keep this brief. Whether Carter marries Sousa in the end isn’t
specifically stated, but it’s possible. 1948
The entrance to K’un Lun gets attacked by some soldiers. An Iron Fist protecting the entrance as he
should be is captured on film. People still aren’t really appreciating
Peggy, cuz despite everything she’s done, it’s the 40s and sexism is cool. So she goes behind the back of the SSR to
go on a mission to get this vial full of a dangerous chemical. The SSR doesn’t like this, but Howard Stark,
after all his adventures, is planning on starting up SHIELD, a new and improved SSR, and wants
Peggy Carter to lead it with him. Most of the stuff from the SSR, including
any artifacts, like the Kree corpse, and staff, like Zola, are moved over to SHIELD now. 1949
After a few years of building up trust at SHIELD, Zola moves out and comes home to HYDRA
to discover Bucky. He decides to brainwash him into working for
HYDRA for super assassination missions. He’s trained to become a deadly killer,
gets given a metal arm to replace the one he lost and gets given a sweet 90s haircut
that’s way ahead of its time. He’s also cryogenically frozen when he’s
not needed to keep him all youthful looking, which seems to be what everyone wants in this
world. He becomes the first subject in HYDRA’s
Winter Soldier program, basically their version of the super soldier program. Early 1950s
Also just thought I should mention, Peggy keeps working for SHIELD, and at some point
here or maybe slightly later she has kids with her husband, who again, might be Sousa,
or might not be, we’ll never know, that show got cancelled. 1950s
After all his crazy adventures, Howard Stark starts up the Stark World Expo (a huge event
to show off the newest developments in tech) and starts to look very Mad Men-y. He drops the playboy persona and settles down
with a woman called Maria. Ok so I know we’ve been on Earth a lot,
but back in space there’s this little blue alien kid called Yondu Udonta. He’s sold as a slave to the Kree and if
you’re surprised at this point that the Kree had slaves, I don’t know what to tell
ya. 1964
Now Stark starts working with this Russian guy, which probably wasn’t the best idea
in the 1960s, called Anton Vanko. They start creating the arc reactor together,
a source of immense and pretty unlimited power. 1967
Three years later and the arc reactor is finally completed! Stark wants to use it to create a new clean
world of energy, but Vanko wants it more for the money purposes. So Stark has Vanko totally screwed over cuz
Stark isn’t above being kinda douchey and he gets Vanko deported, which sets Vanko on
a lifelong Stark hating streak. 1970
Howard and Maria Stark then have a kid called Tony, who grows up just as genius as his dad
and just as good at making super dangerous people hate you. Stark Sr. also gets a new business partner
to help him run Stark Industries, the dude himself…Obadiah Stane. Stane convinces Stark to turn Stark Industries
back into developing weapons more and such and less energy based. 1971
Then there’s a spy in the CIA called Nick Fury, who helps to uncover a double agent
in Russia during the Cold War. He’s gonna be more important later. 1972
Arnim Zola’s been kicking around, brainwashing people and such for a while now, but he’s
told he’s gonna die soon, so he puts his brain into a supercomputer to live on forever….as
you do. 1973
Now back on some more street level stuff, there’s this guy called Bill Fisk who is
running for some political position in New York City, and is also mixed up with some
pretty shady business involving the mob. He’s also got a son called Wilson Fisk. Bill’s not a great papi, in that he beats
up Wilson’s mom a lot, so one day Wilson can’t take it anymore and he beats his dad
to death with a hammer, jesus that escalated quickly. Wilson and his mom dispose of the body over
several days by cutting it up into pieces and dumping them in a nearby river. Mama Fisk then sends Wilson out to live with
his relatives. Eventually Wilson moves out to Asia, where
he learns how to do business like a mobster and continues to develop as a bit of a sociopath. 1974
Howard Stark is now busy being a good (?) dad, and he hides the secret to making that new
element he discovered in a map of the Stark World Expo for his son to discover one day. He also records a video telling his son Tony
that he is and always will be his greatest creation. Meanwhile there’s a little boy called Phil
Coulson who grows up a huge fan of Peggy Carter and Captain America. He collects cards, and he also helps his dad
with red Corvette, which is called Lola. 1975
Yondu is still a teen slave but he is freed from his slavery by a Ravager called Sylvester
Stallone, I mean Stakar Ogord-nah I’m calling him Sylvester Stallone. Yondu himself becomes a Ravager, and if you
don’t know what Ravager is, it’s basically a space pirate. That Celestial Ego from the very beginning
who’s trying to conquer the universe by making as many children as possible hires Yondu to
bring his children to his planet, and Yondu does it gladly, despite it being against the
Ravager code. Although to be fair, Yondu didn’t know that
Ego was killing all of these kids and then storing them inside of himself….still gross. 1980
Ego eventually makes his way to Earth and impregnates a woman called Meredith Quill,
nope wrong Meredith. He then realizes that he’s actually falling
in love with her cuz she’s just that awesome, but Ego can’t afford such distractions, so
he gives her brain cancer and leaves. Later, Meredith has the child of Ego called
Peter Quill, who is half human, half Celestial, and grows up hearing about his father being
a man from the stars, and also maybe David Hasselhoff. Early 1980s
Now there’s this super powerful demonic being called the Spirit of Vengeance that
lives in the Hell dimension. To be clear, this is not the planet Hel (one
L) where Hela is trapped, it’s one of those other dimensions, totally different things. Anyway, this Spirit of Vengeance escapes from
the Hell dimension and bonds to a guy called Johnny Blaze. This spirit turns whoever it bonds to into
the Ghost Rider, which means they get a flaming skull and some pretty cool powers. Also yeah, as the name would imply they gotta
be pretty vengeful. Over in Harlem, two teens called Henry and
Cornell, plus this other guy who doesn’t really matter, grow up and are kind of part
of a gang. They work for this mobster in Harlem called
Mama Mabel, who is Cornell’s grandma. Henry gets the nickname Pop from the sound
his fist makes when he hits you, and Cornell later on gets the nickname Cottonmouth. Cottonmouth is mainly raised by his cousin
Mariah, and he wants to be a pianist, but Mama Mabel’s like, pianists don’t beat
people to death, so she forces him to go out with Pop and company and shake down people
for money and such mob things. Pop gets locked up in prison for his crimes,
and Cottonmouth continues to work with Mama Mable’s mob, especially against a rival
mob. He’s forced to watch Mama Mabel torture
someone from the mob who betrayed her, then later on is forced to kill him. He goes on to kill more people, which slowly
turns him and his cousin Mariah into cold blooded killers. Later on, when Mama Mabel dies, the mob is
passed on to Cottonmouth, who leads it very well. Now I assume at some point in this decade,
Nick Fury leaves the CIA and starts working for SHIELD as an agent, and also a guy called
Alexander Pierce becomes the head of SHIELD. At one point in Bogota, a hostage situation
develops where some rebels kidnap a bunch of hostages including Pierce’s daughter. Fury suggests a plan to get them out, but
Pierce refuses it cuz it’s too risky. Fury does it anyway cuz live on the edge I
guess and ends up saving Pierce’s daughter. Pierce is so impressed that he promotes Nick
to director and himself becomes a member of the World Security Council, basically politicians
from the world’s biggest countries who look over the world’s security. However, soon after this Pierce gets recruited
by HYDRA, still growing like a secret virus inside of SHIELD. He becomes their greatest operative inside
SHIELD. Also, at some point later on, Fury loses one
of his eyes because of trusting someone. Possibly a skrull? We’ll probably find out next year. At some point in this decade as well, a boy
named Kevin Thompson is born and he has a serious brain disease which needs a lot of
treatment. His parents subject him to awful and super
painful treatments throughout his childhood, which eventually lead to him developing the
power of mind control. The experiments also mess him up pretty bad
psychologically. 1983
Now back to that Inhumans stuff real quick. A man with Inhuman genes in him called Gordon
undergoes Terrigenesis. It takes away his eyes, but on the plus side
it gives him the power to teleport and make force fields, which is pretty sweet. He ends up in Afterlife, which is this Inhuman
safe place sanctuary daycare that Jiaying set up, that Inhuman who Reinhardt experimented
on from before. 1984
In 1984, a scientist called Hank Pym discovers a type of particle that lets you shrink, and
he decides to call them Pym Particles (he’s known for his intellect, not his creativity). He uses these to design a special suit that
allows him shrink down to the size of an ant, if not smaller. He also designs tech to communicate with ants
and all this allows him to somewhat work together with them, becoming an Ant-Man, if you will
*is it too late to change the name* 1986
The Hand is still going around the world extracting Drogon bones to stay immortal, but removing
giant things from underneath the Earth causes some structural integrity problems, and at
one point their antics cause the Chernobyl disaster. 1980s (probably?) At some point around here, the space titan
Thanos is going around the universe. Thanos is kind of a big deal in case you hadn’t
noticed. He’s a super powerful space warlord who
controls this giant army of aliens called the Chitauri, and his main goal in life is
to get all 6 Infinity Stones and rule the universe with them. Or create balance in the universe or something
along those lines. It’s bad news if he gets the Stones, and
he reallllly wants them. Around this time he kills the families of
two alien girls called Gamora and Nebula, and forces them to become his daughters. They work with him and a Kree fanatic called
Ronan the Accuser, an ally and friend (?) of Thanos’, to become super assassin killing
machines. They do this by fighting each other in battles
of super intense combat. Gamora always bests Nebula in their fights
and as punishment everytime Nebula loses, Thanos replaces a piece of her with a machine
part. This leads to Nebula hating Thanos and also
Gamora, and becoming something of a Terminator. Needless to say Thanos is not the best father
figure. Back on Earth, Howard Stark hears of Hank
Pym and wants to use his shrinky tech to stop some people in Berlin who are using HYDRA
weapons. Pym’s like *fuck off* cuz doesn’t want
anyone using his tech but himself. Peggy (now as a very experienced SHIELD agent)
goes to confront Hank Pym about helping them with a mission in Berlin. Because Peggy is significantly less of a douchebag
than Howard, Hank is convinced, as long as he himself gets to do the mission. He goes out to Berlin and it’s a complete
success. Hank’s like hey this hero stuff is a lot
of fun and also helps the world, so yeah I’ll work with SHIELD. He now starts using his Ant-Man suit for superhero
stuff and has another shrinky suit made for his wife, Janet Van Dyne. She’s called The Wasp, cuz bugs. On one particular mission they’re trying
to disarm a Soviet ICBM, but the only way to do so is to go subatomic into the bomb
itself, as in go in between the atoms of it. So Janet does it and succesfully disarms the
missile, but continues to shrink indefinitely forever and ever until eventually shrinking
so tiny that she enters one of those alternate dimensions called the Quantum Realm, and she
gets stuck there. Because of this loss and also cuz the Pym
Particles are driving him kinda nuts Hank hangs up the suit and has a very strained
relationship with his daughter Hope, cuz he doesn’t wanna tell her about how her mom
died cuz he doesn’t want her to end up the same way? Weird excuse. 1988
With his newfound mind control powers, that kid Kevin Thompson tortures his parents for
a little bit, then moves out on into the world, he becomes known as Kilgrave. Cuz he’s super messed up in the head now
he starts doing pretty evil stuff with his powers, and also accidentally getting into
uncomfortable situations *screw himself situation* Also around this time, a dude called Calvin
Johnson meets Jiaying the Inhuman and has a baby with her in China, called Daisy Johnson,
who carries her mother’s Inhuman gene. Out in the universe, Ego the Celestial sends
Yondu and his Ravagers to retrieve Peter Quill on Earth for him, still desperately searching
for someone to combine celestial powers with him, but Yondu discovers that Ego’s killed
all the other kids Yondu got for him, and he feels understandably a little bad, so he
decides he’s gonna keep Peter with his crew. Peter’s mom dies of the cancer, and just
afterwards Yondu and his crew arrive. Despite some initial difficulties and the
crew wanting to eat Peter, over the years Peter and Yondu bond quite a bit, and Yondu
teaches Peter how to be a proper Ravager. 1989
So SHIELD and Howard Stark are watching Hank Pym do all this crazy shrinky superhero stuff
and they want in on the action, so they try to replicate the Pym Particles themselves. Hank hears about this and gets pretty mad
at SHIELD and quits in front of Peggy, Howard, and some guy whose face feels the wrath of
CGI de-aged Michael Douglas. Alexander Pierce, who remember is a secret
HYDRA bastard, lets Werner Reinhardt go from prison. Reinhardt goes back into the world to do Nazi
things and finds that one of the prisoners he experimented on way back when with the
Diviner hasn’t aged at all, that being Jiaying. So he cuts her up to find out why. Obviously it’s cuz she’s an Inhuman, but
that doesn’t help Reinhardt much so he just uses her DNA to make himself look young again. He starts going under the name Daniel Whitehall
but I’m just gonna keep calling him Reinhardt to make this less confusing. He thinks Jiaying is dead after chopping her
up and so dumps her body somewhere, but her husband Calvin comes and using his medical
knowledge puts her back together. Thanks to that and her Inhuman powers she
heals somewhat, but she has to kill an entire village of people and absorb all their lives
to really heal. Pretty messed up. SHIELD hears about all of this and decides
to take Jiaying’s daughter Daisy cuz hey she might be useful. Jiaying and Calvin search for their daughter
for a while afterwards, which involves a lot of killing, but can’t find her, so Jiaying
divorces Calvin. Daisy is put into Saint Agnes Orphanage where
she is given the name Skye, but again for the sake of clarity, I’m just gonna keep
calling her Daisy. Late 1980s
A few years later, Carter retired from SHIELD after many years of dutiful service and settled
down living the peaceful life as a grandma. Eventually she develops Alzheimer’s. At this point in time, Wakanda is still secretly
flourishing, and the current king is T’Chaka, who is also the Black Panther. He’s at a conference somewhere where he
refuses to share Wakanda’s resources with the world. This angers some people, who hire a guy called
Ulysses Klaue to assassinate T’Chaka. Klaue already doesn’t like Wakandans, since
his great grandad was killed by the Black Panther at the time a long time ago. The assassination attempt fails though, and
Klaue, also being an arms dealer (and part time mixtape maker), is now on everyone’s
radar, including SHIELD’s. 1990
There’s another secret HYDRA guy inside SHIELD called John Garrett, who becomes HYDRA’s
first subject in another super soldier program called Project Deathlok, cuz he stepped on
a mine. This basically gives him some cybernetic enhancements. 1991
A year later Pop gets out of jail and decides to stop being a criminal and instead sets
up a barber shop in Harlem, which becomes like the coolest barber shop ever. Howard and Maria Stark leave their now somewhat
irresponsible son Tony for Christmas, as they plan to go on a romantic getaway for a few
days. Howard has also finally figured out how to
make more of the super soldier serum after years of research. HYDRA learns of this, takes Bucky out of his
cryosleep, and sends him as the Winter Soldier to kill the two and get the serum. Stark is pretty surprised to see his old friend
Bucky Barnes, who then proceeds to beat his face in and strangle his wife before taking
the super soldier serum away. It’s made to look like a car accident. After this, Stark Industries is left to Tony,
who keeps selling weapons like his father with the help of Obadiah Stane. Bucky takes the super soldier serum back to
HYDRA, where it’s used to make five more super soldiers. They get out of control though and so are
put into cryofreeze, cuz they are incredibly dangerous. Late 1980s
King T’Chaka also has a brother called N’Jobu, who’s been sent undercover by the King to
America for Wakandan affairs. He meets a woman there and has a kid, Erik. 1992
However, N’Jobu sees that people of African descent all over the world are being oppressed
and is like, hey, we’ve got all this awesome tech in Wakanda, we should use it to help
these people and start a revolution. This is an idea he really imprints on his
son Erik. So he decides to betray his brother the King
and his country and teams up with Ulysses Klaue to steal some vibranium from Wakanda. Klaue gets away with a bunch of vibranium
and is branded Thief, but T’Chaka is suspicious of his brother, so he sends his buddy Zuri
undercover to spy on him. Once T’Chaka gets the evidence of his brother’s
betrayal he needs, he goes to confront him and is like you betrayed the country, you
gotta die. N’Jobu’s like hey what if I shot Zuri
and T’Chaka’s like nahhhh and he’s forced to stab his brother with his panther claws
to save Zuri. He then gets out of there, while N’Jobu’s
son and T’Chaka’s nephew Erik finds his dad’s dead body with panther claw marks
in it and cries. Over the years Erik plots his revenge against
Wakanda and how to fulfill his dad’s dreams of revolution, which involves joining the
army and being so brutal and efficient at killing that he got the name Killmonger. 1993
Anton Vanko is still kicking around in Russia with his son but he gets sent to jail for
selling really serious weapons. 1994
Back in New York there’s a boy called Matt Murdock, whose dad is a boxer. Matt loves his dad almost as much as he loves
his eyesight, but soon he’s involved in a car accident where a bunch of chemicals
get into his eyes, so he goes blind. However, twist, his other senses are super
enhanced so he can basically still see and in some ways can see better than normal people
if you think about it. Soon after, his dad has a boxing match coming
up and he’s told he has to lose it so people can win some money and blah blah blah corruption,
but because he wants to his son to see his old man as a winner, he wins the fight. His son’s super proud, and it’s a really
nice touching moment, and then he gets shot. Matthew is sent to Saint Agnes Orphanage where
Daisy is staying, and here, Stick, another blind guy with heightened senses, who is also
a member of the Chaste (those people fighting the Hand) visits Matt cuz he knows about his
super high sense. He thinks he could useful in the fight against
the Hand and offers to train him in super senses martial arts, which he accepts. Mid-90s
We’re gonna do a little jumping around here for this time period. On Earth, that kid from earlier who’s a huge
Captain America and Peggy Carter fan, Phil Coulson? He joins SHIELD and along with that secret
HYDRA cyborg man John Garrett is taught by the director himself Nick Fury. Out in space, Stallone finds out that Yondu’s
been trafficking kids which isn’t cool, so he kicks him out of the Ravager club, I
guess. Back on Earth, there’s this total science
nerd called Bruce Banner, and he meets another science-y girl called Betty Ross, and they
start dating. Somewhere else on Earth, a teenager called
Grant Ward is having some trouble with home life, cuz his big brother Christian is a real
prick. And somewhere else on Earth, specifically
Russia, a young Russian woman called Natasha Romanoff joins the Red Room assassin training
program. Sh eoges through the training, including the
not very fun parts, and becomes one of the best assassins in the world. She gets the codename Black Widow. 1996
Matt Murdock keeps up his training with Stick and becomes a super badass ninja, but Stick
leaves after he’s trained. The Chaste and Stick are now also training
another kid, called Elektra, to be a super assassin. They want as many awesome fighters as they
can get. She’s amazing at being an assassin, but
she’s also kind of a sociopath. The Chaste find out that she is the latest
incarnation of the Black Sky. Now what is the Black Sky, well it’s mildly
confusing but from what I’ve gathered it’s basically The Hand’s Iron Fist. The Chaste has the Iron Fist, this immortal
weapon that’ll help them defeat The Hand. Well, the Hand has the Black Sky, this human
weapon that’ll lead them to victory so they can conquer the world. It takes many forms, and it’s apparently
in this girl called Elektra. The Chaste is obviously not too happy about
this, so they order Stick to kill her, but Stick, having grown fond of her, just sends
her off to live in Greece after turning her into a super assassin. Also, this guy also living in New York called
Carl Lukas gets beat up in a fight, so his friend Willis Stryker helps him train. He reminds him to keep focused on his breathing
when he punches, cuz that’ll be important later. Also, it turns out Willis is actually Lukas’
brother in a way, cuz Lukas’ dad cheated on his wife with another woman and had Willis. So they’re brothers but don’t know it
yet. 1997
Now there’s this Danish guy called Kaecilius, not really a Danish name but whatever. His wife dies, and he’s pretty upset, so
he meets up with another guy called Karl Mordo, an associate of the Ancient One. The Ancient One is now the current leader
of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, remember, those people who can use magic. Kaecilius joins the Masters to find a purpose
in life and trains under the Ancient One. Secretly though, despite being generally a
good teacher and role model, the Ancient One steals energy from the Dark Dimension to live
for a very long time to keep teaching. Remember, stealing energy from the Dark Dimension’s
a bad idea cuz it could let loose a planet destroying entity. 1998
Natasha Romanoff is now out in the world doing murdery assassin things and ends up on SHIELD’s
radar, so Nick Fury, sends a SHIELD agent who is especially skilled in archery, Clint
Barton, aka Hawkeye to take her out. Clint finds her and beats her in combat, but
doesn’t kill her. Instead, he offers her a chance to use her
skills for good and join SHIELD. She accepts the offer and becomes best friends
with Clint, going on many missions together, including one particularly weird one in Budapest. 1999
John Garrett now meets up with Grant Ward, whose in juvy cuz he burned down his family’s
house. Remember, his brother was a real prick. Garrett sees HYDRA written all over for this
kid and recruits him. His first training exercise is being left
out in the Wyoming wilderness for 5 years. Tony Stark, Howard’s son, now a billionaire
playboy running his dad’s company like a boss, goes to a New Years Party in Switzerland. There he briefly meets a guy called Ho Yinsen,
but mainly meets a botanist called Maya Hansen. She’s working on a project called the EXTREMIS
virus, which can heal wounds and regrow limbs, but also has some explosive side effects. And fire breathy side effects. Also on that same night, a disabled guy called
Aldrich Killian asks Tony to look into his program, Advanced Idea Mechanics, or AIM. Tony says he’ll meet him on the roof, but
he totally forgets about it and never shows up. So Aldrich Killian is super bitter and angry
and hates Tony Stark forever and is gonna go on and become a super villain now. 2000
He actually soon after starts working with Maya Hansen, and they successfully develop
the Extremis virus together, although it still has some unpleasant side effects. He also used Extremis on himself to cure his
physical disabilities, but unfortunately there’s no cure for being a terrible person. He keeps working with Extremis at AIM for
years to come. Meanwhile, a teen girl called Jessica Jones
is out driving with her family, but they get into a car crash. Jessica’s dad and brother die, but her and
her mother survive, sort of. They’re taken away by a company called IGH,
led by this dude called Dr Karl. This company is doing scientific experiments
on people to save lives and heal injuries, however their experiments are illegal and
have the unfortunate side effect of giving superpowers. They get done with saving Jessica’s life,
or rather bringing her back from the dead, within 20 days. The side effects are she has super strength
and can jump super high. Jessica’s mom is a different story though,
she has more injuries and has to be treated for much longer, 5 years to be exact. Jessica’s now an orphan, so a talent agent
called Dorothy Walker adopts Jessica, as a publicity stunt to get people talking about
her daughter Trish’s new TV show. Trish’s mom abuses her, but Jessica shows
her new powers to Trish and says she’ll protect her. Her and Trish then become BFFs for a bit,
however they fall out as Trish becomes a drug addicted pop star 2001
So, there’s this big company called Rand Enterprises. It’s run by the Wendell and Heather Rand,
who have a son called Danny. They’re really good friend with a family
called the Meachums, the dad Harold Meachum, and the kids Joy and Ward Meachum. Joy, Ward, and Danny hang out a lot, even
though Ward’s a bit of a dick, but at some point here Harold Meachum gets diagnosed with
cancer. Madame Gao, one of the leaders of the Hand,
sees this really desperate man with a lot of power and influence, and offers to bring
him back to life with her dragon bone juice if he’ll work for The Hand. He agrees, but Wendell Rand is about to find
out about all this, so he asks Madam Gao to help kill him, which would also let Harold
take over the company. So, Danny Rand and his parents are on a flight,
but their plane crashes in the Himalayas, cuz Harold Meachum had the pilots poisoned. Mommy and Daddy Rand die, but Danny stays
alive. He is found by the Order of the Crane Mother,
who save his life and take him back to the mystical city of K’un Lun, where he trains
with the monks there to become a ninja warrior. It also involves a lot of getting beaten with
sticks. Harold Meachum now takes over Rand Enterprises,
which essentially means The Hand takes over, which means they now have tons of resources
and influence in New York, which is bad news for most everyone. Ok, now remember The Monolith? This portal to another planet where that HYDRA
Inhuman is? Well it’s ended up in the possession of
NASA somehow and some astronauts are sent over to Maveth. All of them get tentacled to death except
for one, who stays there for the next 14 years avoiding Hive (the Inhuman tentacle man) as
best he can and just barely surviving. We’ll get back to him. Now a general called Thaddeus Ross, who is
actually the dad of Betty Ross, the girl Bruce Banner is dating, convinces the government
to start looking into restarting the super soldier serum program so the US can have super
soldiers to fight for its causes again. Time to introduce another big character, Frank
Castle is just an average guy who joins the Marine Corps. He goes to fight Afghanistan, where he befriends
a dude called Curtis but more importantly befriends the guy who will become his best
friend in the whole wide world, Billy Russo. They do a lot of fighting in wars together,
and while at home at some point Frank falls in love with a woman, marries her, and has
a family with her. Then back to the wars, Frank and Russo get
assigned to a new squad called Cerberus under this guy nicknamed Agent Orange, who’s a shady
guy. This unit is pretty shady too, they go in,
find high value targets to the US, interrogate them, then kill them. Cerberus is also a secret front for a drug
operation led by Agent Orange, so that’s bad. An Afghan police man who works with a woman
called Madani discovers Cerberus’ true intentions and poses a potential threat. Therefore he’s captured and tortured by
Agent Orange under the excuse of him being a potential terrorist. Orange then orders Frank to kill him which
Frank does. The whole thing is recorded, and Frank has
no idea that he just shot a totally innocent man. Agent Orange then assigns Frank and Russo
and their team to a super dangerous mission. Frank’s like hey this is obviously a trap
and Agent Orange is like nah don’t worry about it man, but yeah it’s a trap. Frank uses all of his super fury to kill everyone
there but it’s pretty intense and a lot of men die. Agent Orange acts like a real prick about
it when they get back so Frank attacks him and punches his eye out, just bam. Alright the eye doesn’t actually fly out
of his head, but it hurts. Russo then quits the military while Frank
stays, but unbeknownst to Frank Russo is also a real prick and starts working with Agent
Orange for their own nefarious plans. Early 2000s
Now at this point, HYDRA’s kind of moved away from the whole tentacle Inhuman origin,
but there are still some firm believers in that, including a big guy at HYDRA called
Gideon Malick, who ends up on the World Security Council. He’s still sending people through portals
trying to get that Inhuman god Hive back. Over in SHIELD, Phil Coulson goes on his first
missions with another agent called Melinda May and they form a strong friendship. One of their missions involves stealing a
secret Russian object. In the process they get another unit of Russians
tortured and killed, but one of them escapes, and he swears revenge on SHIELD and Phil Coulson
and will probably be back in several years. Also, Matthew Murdock, blind ninja and now
much more grown up, is going to law school, to serve justice to the world. There he meets and becomes best friends with
a guy called Foggy Nelson. Harold Meachum dies of his cancer, but is
brought back as promised by The Hand. He starts living out in a secret apartment,
and his son Ward finds out about this. Ward takes over the company but is really
being controlled behind the scenes by Harold, who is really being controlled by The Hand,
insert appropriate Geppetto metaphors about the Hand here. Tony Stark is still selling weapons and not
being particularly careful about who he sells them too. At one point this leads to some of his bombs
ending up in the Eastern European country of Sokovia. The young twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff
are having dinner with their parents when a Stark bomb goes off in their house and kills
their parents. They survive, but from then on they also have
a lifelong hatred of Stark and want to find a way to take him down. The Stark family is not awfully popular so
far in the MCU. 2004
Now 5 years later John Garrett goes back to that HYDRA trainee Grant Ward he left in the
woods. He sets him up to become a SHIELD agent later,
while secretly being a double agent for HYDRA, very sneaky. Also, Leo Fitz and Jemma SImmons, two big
nerds, start going to the SHIELD Academy of Science and Technology, and soon become friends
and bond over their mutual love of science, I suppose. 2005
Bruce Banner is now working on a new version of the super soldier serum that his girlfriend
Betty’s dad, General Ross started. Cuz of a lack of funding, Bruce tests the
experiment on himself by exposing himself to gamma rays and a different version of the
super soldier serum. However, it goes horribly, horribly wrong,
and now whenever Bruce Banner gets a high pulse, aka stressed, aka angry, he turns into
a giant green rage monster called the Hulk, which kinda sucks. General Ross sees this big threat and sends
the military after Banner/Hulk and so he goes on the run. He goes all around the world running from
the military, turning into the Hulk occasionally. A guy called Emil Blonsky is recruited onto
Ross’s Hulk hunting team. So now, back to Stick. Right about now, Stick is curious what’s
going on with that blind kid he trained a while back, Matt Murdock. He contacts Elektra, since he’s still on
good terms with her after he didn’t kill her that one time, to go out, find Matt, and seduce
him. Matt and Foggy are out at a party when Matt
meets Elektra. They talk and kick it off, and they kinda
get a romantic thing going. They steal someone’s car and break into
different people’s houses, basically they just do reckless criminal stuff together and
they start bonding over it? I don’t know its weird. At one point they break into the old gym where
Matt’s boxing dad used to train. They talk about their pasts with each other,
then they start doing a little playful fighting, and then they have sex. In the boxing ring….where his dad trained….again,
little weird. Now, Elektra sets up a situation where her
and Matt break into the house of the man who killed Matt’s dad all those years ago, so
Elektra can help Matt to get revenge. The killer’s tied up and Elektra eggs Matt
on to start beating on him. Matt does, and kinda starts to enjoy it a
little, but when Elektra tells him to kill him, Matt snaps back to reality and realizes
this is pretty messed up, so he promptly breaks up with Elektra and she promptly disappears. Meanwhile, Jessica Jones’ mom’s treatment
is finally done at IGH, her face is different and shes’ got no hair, but hey she’s alive. She also has super strength and incredibly
terrifying mood swings, not a great combo. She escapes IGH to go see her daughter Jessica,
who now is living with her boyfriend Stirling. Jessica’s mom thinks Stirling isn’t good
enough for her daughter though so she murders him out of rage, then runs away, leaving Jessica
pretty upset. This leads to Jessica going back to Trish,
helping her get off drugs and they become besties again. Jessica’s mom goes back to IGH, realizing
she still needs help, and starts a romantic relationship with Dr. Karl there, who now
loves her and also uses her for whatever he needs. 2006
So Matt and Foggy are just about done with law school, so they decide to become business
partners together! Yay! Meanwhile Bruce Banner’s still being chased
around the world, some people see him and report him as a giant green sasquatch. He tries to contact Betty but he can’t,
cuz it kinda hurts your relationship when the girls dad literally wants you dead. At one point Bruce can’t take it anymore
and tries to kill himself in the Arctic by shooting himself in the head, but he can’t. He turns into the Hulk, which saves his life. So no matter how depressed he gets, he can’t
kill himself. This just got really dark. General Ross also goes to Stark Industries
and purchases some sonic cannons to help against the Hulk. Moving on to some less heavy news, that SHIELD
agent who is Coulson’s friend, Melinda May, starts dating and eventually marries this
dude called Andrew Gardner. Late 2000s
So now heroes and weird more crazy stuff has been happening for a while, so SHIELD starts
up the idea of the Avengers Initiative. This program is essentially designed to bring
together a group of remarkable people so when humanity faces a threat that’s too intense
for regular old SHIELD and the military, they can help defend the planet. Nick Fury is heading this initiative up as
the director of SHIELD, and so is keeping eyes on people of potential interest for it,
starting with Bruce Banner. He goes in undercover and finds Banner at
a bar somewhere, which to me doesn’t seem like a place you should be if you’re trying
to stay calm but whatever. Fury then sends in two SHIELD agents with
the most generic names possible (Peterson and Johnson) to get into contact with Banner,
but it goes a little sideways, and Banner Hulks out and runs away. Meanwhile, back at that Inhuman sanctuary
Afterlife, an Inhuman young child named Katya can’t really control her powers and is causing
a lot of damage. She runs away and ends up in Bahrain, where
Phil Coulson and Melinda May are sent by SHIELD to take her down. May is forced to kill a small child to save
the day, which is obviously a little upsetting, so she retires from field works and takes
a desk job. It also causes her marriage to kind of fall
apart. Now there’s this fun Michael Keaton type
guy called Adrian Toomes living the good life with a wife and little daughter called Liz. Family is everything to Toomes, so to support
his family he starts the Toomes Salvage Company, which cleans up messes left behind by big
incidents, which seems like a pretty good idea as the world is getting more and more
superhero-y, and where there superheroes there are collapsing cities. 2009
Ok, this timeline starts to get a little more muddled here. I know there’s a bit of a debate over which
year the original Iron Man takes place in, but for a number of reasons that I don’t
really wanna get into, I’m putting it in 2009. Some people says its 08 like the movie’s
release, some people say 2010, but I personally think it makes the most sense if it’s in
2009, especially in relation to Iron Man 2 and other future movies. Iron Man 2 is six months afterwards, and it
features the Stark Expo 2010, so….anyway, the year shouldn’t matter THAT much, but
it is worth mentioning. Tony Stark’s still being a billionaire playboy
and at one point he gets in a bar fight. He gets some assistance from his good friend,
one might even say besite, Colonel James Rhodes, aka Rhodey. A little later he wins an award for something,
but Obadiah Stane has to get it for him cuz he’s too busy having sex with reporters
and you know, doing Tony Stark things. Despite his playboyness he also has a bit
of a flirtatious relationship going with his assistant Pepper Potts. Also he’s got a bodyguard called Happy. So Stark Industries is still in the morally
grey business of selling weapons, and Tony doesn’t really care cuz billionaire life,
but Obadiah Stane is starting to use the company for less than legal means. He starts secretly selling weapons to a terrorist
organization called the Ten Rings. He then also pays the Ten Rings to kill Tony
when he goes to Afghanistan. However, the only kidnap Tony once they realize
who he is and demand that he build them weapons to use. In the whole process Tony is mortally wounded
but his life is save by a fellow captive, Ho Yinsen *never thought I’d meet a man
called Ho*. Yinsen puts an electromagnet in his chest
which keeps the shrapnel in there from killing him, which Tony eventually turns into his
dad’s old pet project the arc reactor. The Ten Rings also demand more money from
Stane cuz of who they had to kidnap. Phil Coulson is sent by SHIELD to go talk
to Stane and once he gets back to SHIELD offers to go out himself and save Stark, but Nick
Fury for whatever reason tells him not to. Instead of building the weapons that the terrorist
demanded, over three months Stark with the help of Yinsen builds a weaponized suit of
armor that he can use to escape, which is powered by that arc reactor in his chest. Over these three months Stark also learns
a bit of humanity. While all this is happening, Natasha Romanoff,
now a great and more interesting Agent of SHIELD, is sent out on a mission to escort
a scientist in Iran. HYDRA sends out The Winter Soldier, to kill
the scientist, and he does so by shooting through Romanoff. *bye bye bikinis*
So after a few months Stark uses the armored suit to bust out of his prison and kill some
terrorists. He escapes, but Yinsen is killed along the
way. Stark crashlands in the desert and is picked
up by the military and taken home. Tony’s a changed man now, so he pulls Stark
Industries out of the weapons business, which Obadiah is pretty pissed about. That and also, you know, Tony’s not dead
and he isn’t running the company yet. Tony also gets closer to Pepper, who helps
put a new arc reactor in him. Stark continues to refine his armor suit,
making it much slicker, adding more gadgets and weapons, and throwing a little hot rod
red in there. Eventually he turns it into what becomes known
as the Iron Man suit. This takes a few months, so while all that
is happening, a woman called Colleen Wing who is pretty proficient in martial arts comes
over to America from Japan. She meets Bakuto, one of those ancient Hand
members, and gets recruited as a member of the Hand. But she’s under the impression that the
Hand is a good organization and doesn’t really know about all the mass murder. Aldrich Killian now with a sweet mullet is
planning a takeover of the world, but first he’s gotta get this Extremis thing perfect,
and he needs fire breathing henchmen, duh. So he finds a bunch of army veterans who have
suffered serious injuries to be test subjects. He injects them with Extremis and some are
successful, they grow back lost limbs, and they’re super grateful. Some are not though and they explode in a
very painful way. Oh well. Also, at some point here, back in Asgard real
quick, a guy called Imir tries to overthrow Odin as the king, but he’s stopped by Thor. Just a typical day for those guys. So now, back on Earth, The Ten Rings find
Stark’s first armor suit that he escaped with lying around in the desert, and they
start piecing it back together. Stane shows up and sees it and thinks, I could
use this, and so starts building his own giant Iron Man suit. All the while, Stark continues to make his
suit way better. Now it can fly and shoot repulsor blasts and
all kinds of stuff. He also gets a fancy AI butler system, and
names it JARVIS, after his dad’s old butler. So Nick Fury is still quite intrigued by this
whole Tony Stark character, so he sends Phil Coulson in to talk to Stark about his whole
situation, but Stark kind of blows him off. He also finds out that some his company’s
weapons are still with some terrorists in Afghanistan, so he flies in and kills a bunch
of terrorists cuz he can. *cool guys don’t look at explosions* He
has a little brush up with the military, and kinda has to reveal to his buddy Rhodey that
yeah, he’s Iron Man. Pepper then finds out that Stane’s been
working with the terrorists, so Stane’s like well, everyone knows I’m a bad guy
now, might as well kill Tony myself. He almost succeeds, but Tony’s still alive. Coulson goes with Pepper to discover Stane’s
own Iron Man suit. Tony gets back to full strength, puts on his
suit, and him and Stane have a good suit on suit punch up. Stark wins and Stane is killed. The next day, at a big press conference, Stark’s
supposed to tell the world that Iron Man is some kind of robot bodyguard that he built,
but he goes a little off script *clip*. He also gets a little more in touch with SHIELD. While Stark gives this press conference, Anton
Vanko, that guy Howard Stark screwed over all those years ago, who is now out of prison,
dies while watching it. His son Ivan Vanko vows to take revenge on
the Stark family, and in a surprisingly short time, uses his dad’s old arc reactor blueprints
to make his own ar protector. He then uses that to make an even cooler Iron
Man suit, just kidding, he makes some electric whips with it. Nick Fury approaches Stark himself this time
about the Avengers Initiative, cuz a guy with a super high tech suit could be useful, but
Stark is like nahh. As he’s leaving Stark’s house, Fury calls
Coulson and tells him they’ll need Natasha Romanoff for this one. Coulson also helps train this random guy called
Hendricks ot be an Agent of SHIELD, unimportant detail but hey it happened. All this time just so you don’t forget,
Bruce Banner’s still running from the military. He ultimately ends up in Rio and starts working
at a soda bottle factory, all the while starting to contact a scientist called Samuel Sterns,
who is trying to find a cure for this whole Hulk thing. He’s just trying to keep a low profile and
figure out how to return to a normal life. So SHIELD’s getting mighty busy these days. Not only do they have the Avengers Initiative
planned, but they also start up project Tahiti. SHIELD still has that Kree corpse just lying
around, and after testing it they discover some of its bodily fluids have regenerative
powers, aka they can bring someone back from the dead. So Nick Fury orders this project to be started
(with Phil Coulson in charge) to extract some fluids in the event that an Avenger is killed
in action and needs to be brought back. They test some of this on dying SHIELD employees,
but it doesn’t go great cuz they start going insane and drawing maps of that underground
Kree city. So COulson’s like, well this program kinda
sucks let’s shut it down. And so they do….for now. Tony Stark’s enjoying the life of being
a billionaire and now also a superhero and starts helping establish world peace as Iron
Man, going around and kicking the shit out of terrorists. He also tries to have a relationship with
a woman called Lina, cuz he’s such a playboy. However, the Ten Ring’s find out about this
and kindap Lina’s son, and then blackmailing her into stealing some Iron Man blueprints
for them. However, Stark finds out about this, figures
out the situation, and then saves her son. They then stop seeing each other cuz like,
how do you come back from that. Stark goes back to seeing his assistant Pepper
Potts. 2010
Tony’s world peace mission continues as he stops a group of Ten Rings dudes and hackers
from selling his weapons in Italy (Cordo Gaines). He also recovers some stolen paintings, cuz
why not. He mostly just continues to fight the Ten
Rings mainly, especially in Afghanistan. As he’s doing this, he realizes the core
of his arc reactor is slowly poisoning him, cuz technology, so he starts searching for
a cure. Over in Brazil, Bruce Banner is working in
a soda bottle factory, and he one day he accidentally cuts his hand so some of his blood goes into
one of the soda bottles and kills Stan Lee, which gets the government and military right
on his scent. Now back over to HYDRA. They’re working on yet another super soldier
program cuz that seems to be all they can do. After Red Skull’s serum and making robot
people, they now turn their attention to making a superpowered army by combing the super soldier
serum with gamma radiation and some of that sweet extremis tech that they somehow get
their hands on. Basically taking every superpower giving thing
in the MCU and throwing it in a big melting pot. It’s called the Centipede Program, and it’s
led by John Garrett from before. He also wants to use it for his own purposes,
since even with robot parts his health is failing. Also with the program you get an implant in
your eye that lets HYDRA see everything you do and also can kill you if you start doing
something wrong. Another very Kingsman like element. Tony now starts running the Stark Expo 2010
to show off a bunch of new tech and innovations and what not in the world and he shows up
in the flesh to really be the Tony the world knows and loves. Life isn’t all giant conventions with scantily
clad women for Tony though, as he also has to go in front of the Senate (some of whom
are members of HYDRA) cuz they’re like, the government should have your suit cuz it’s
really dangerous, and Tony Stark’s like hell no. He claims that no one is close to replicating
his tech and he’s created world peace so the government should shut up. Testifying against him is the somehow smugger
and douchier Tony Stark Justin Hammer, his rival in the tech world. Tony gets out of there and makes Pepper Potts
the CEO of Stark Industries. Ok, now things start to get a bit more complicated,
because there are 3 different plot lines all happening at once, so hang on. Nick Fury sends Natasha Romanoff to go undercover
and keep an eye on Tony. At this time the Ten Rings are pretty sick
of Iron Man messing up their lives so they get Anton Vanko, whose completed his own arc
reactor based whips, a way into the Monaco Grand Prix which Tony will be attending. Back in Brazil, the army has tracked down
Bruce Banner’s location and attacks him where he lives, under the command of a Emil
Blonsky. Bruce becomes the Hulk and runs away, waking
up in Guatemala the next day and decides he should go back to his old university to look
for more data on finding a Hulk cure, cuz he just can’t take this anymore. Rhodey who is now also the Cheads, is trying
to convince Tony to work with the government and its starting to get mildly heated between
them. Natasha Romanoff arrives at Tony’s place
and slips a pill in a woman’s coffee on Stark’s team so she starts throwing up,
so she can deliver some files to Stark herself. Tony meets her and acts exactly how you’d
expcethim to. Tony then goes to the Monaco Grand Prix as
promised and straight up replaces a guy in the race cuz I guess you can do that when
you’re a superhero. He’s having a fun time driving when Ivan
Vanko shows up and laser whips his car in half. Luckily Tony’s got an on-the-go armor with
him and he defends himself, later talking to Vanko in prison and getting really nothing
out of it. This public display of other arc reactors
being out there though puts the government even more on Tony’s ass. Justin Hammer sees this and breaks Vanko out
of prison, wanting him to make Iron Man-like machines for Hammer Tech so he can upstage
Tony Stark. Vanko goes along with this but really just
builds him a bunch of drones so he can later on pull some sweet sweet revenge on Stark. Stark’s also still getting poisoned by his
arc reactor, the public’s against him, the governments on his back, and him and his best
friend aren’t on great terms. Tony’s life sucks right now. Cuz of this he throws a big drunken birthday
party for himself, which ultimately ends with him and Rhodey getting in a suit on suit fight. Rhodey, not being totally drunk, flies off
with a suit and gives it to Justin Hammer, unaware of what Hammer’s actually doing
behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Agent Jasper Sitwell, an SHIELD
agent and another undercover agent for HYDRA, is ordered to keep track of Bruce Banner while
Nick Fury goes to help Stark with his arc reactor poisoning problem. Also, there are a big disturbances in the
atmosphere around this time in the Southwest US, caused by some commotion away in Asgard
which we’ll get to in a bit. This concerns some people including astrophysicist
Jane Foster. She gets in touch with another astrophysicist
called Erik Selvig and they go to New Mexico to check it out. SHIELD discovers this is happening and keeps
an eye on them. Now wayyyyyy back across the universe in Asgard,
Thor is finally of the age…? where he gets to be the new King. Even though he’s arrogant and a spoiled
brat, and Loki’s kind of jealous, but hey he’s getting coronated. It’s his big day but it gets interrupted
by the Frost Giants sneaking into Odin’s vault and trying to take that Casket of Ancient
Winters from a really long time ago. Point is Thor is just really upset that his
big day’s interrupted and also that the Frost Giants broke in. So Thor and his posse consisting of Loki,
Sif, and the Warriors Interchangeable go off to Jotunheim to fight the Frost Giants for
what they did. This is specifically against Odin’s instructions
but again, Thor’s dumb and arrogant. A fight starts but Odin comes around and breaks
it up. Odin’s pretty mad at Thor so he takes away
all of his godly powers and his super powerful hammer Mjolnir. (Quick side note, Mjolnir was made from the
core of a dying star and helps Thor control his lightning powers. It can also only be lifted by whoever is worthy
of it). He pitches Thor down to Earth, New Mexico
specifically. His hammer also lands somewhere nearby
Cuz of all this activity going on in the atmosphere, Fury sends Phil Coulson down to New Mexico
to check out all that business. On his way there Coulson also stops an armed
robbery at a convenience store, cuz he’s just that good. Back to Stark, Tony’s hanging out in a big
donut and has a talk with Nick Fury who wants to help him. Also Natasha Romanoff reveals herself as Black
Widow to him. Justin Hammer starts upgrading the armor Rhodey
gave him and changes it from this to this. While that’s happening Tony discovers in
a map of the old Stark Expo that secret formula for making a new element his dad left him
all those years ago. Which is also the perfect replacement for
his arc reactor, somewhat conveniently. So….yeah, that’s fixed. Tony’s no longer dying, now he just has
to worry about the crazy Russian and the smarmy businessman. At this point Bruce Banner’s also gotten
back to the old university and he’s hiding out with an old friend of his. So now Justin Hammer is showing off his Ivan
Vanko designed drones at the Stark Expo, but Vanko goes for his own motives of killing
Stark and hijacks the drones and sends them after Tony. He also hijacks the War Machine armor with
Rhodey in it, which is fun for everyone involved. There’s a bit of a chase, during which Tony
saves a little kid who’s a fan of his called Peter Parker, who will come into play later. Eventually Rhodey gets control of the suit
back and him and Tony team up to destroy all the drones, while Black Widow and Tony’s
bodyguard Happy fight some bad guy henchman. Eventually Tony and Rhodey fight Vanko in
a giant Iron Man type suit and end up blowing him up and killing him by combing their repulsor
powers. Hammer gets arrested, Pepper gets a kiss,
and Rhodey gets the armor….kind of. Meanwhile back in New Mexico, Jane Foster,
Erik Selvig, and Jane’s friend Darcy find Thor all powerless lying in the desert. They taze him and send him to the hospital. SHIELD also starts investigating Thor’s
hammer Mjolnir on Earth. Nick Fury realizes how big this New Mexico
situation could be and so sends Clint Barton to help Coulson with it. Thor escapes from the hospital using his Asgard
training and meets up with Jane, and they start having a little bit of a romance. Back in Asgard, Loki discovers that he isn’t
actually Odin’s son and that he’s a Frost Giant, which makes him kind of upset. Odin then falls into a deep sleep that he
has to take once in awhile called Odinsleep. Loki starts planning a treacherous plan to
get Odin’s approval back, which involves getting the Frost Giants to attack and then
saving his dad’s life. Back with Banner, Bruce Banner meets up with
Betty and they get back together. However, in the process the military figure
out he’s there and head for the location. Back with Banner, Emil Blonsky gets injected
with a version of a super soldier serum to help him take on the Hulk thanks to General
Ross, which means he can survive this sort of thing. Seeing General Ross getting more and more
desperate to get at the Hulk Fury sends Natasha Romanoff to go spy on Banner. Banner gets caught by the military, Hulks
out, and fights them and Emil Blonsky at Culver University and then runs off with Betty. Natasha Romanoff sees the whole thing and
tells Fury about it. Fury has too much on his plate already though,
as he has to go to Tony and talk to him about joining the Avengers Initiative. He reveals that Tony is not approved for it
cuz of what Natasha has seen, like just all of this *birthday*. But they’d like to have him as a consultant. Tony agrees only if Fury gets that secret
HYDRA senator Gary Shandling to present him with a medal. Back with Thor, Thor sneaks into the SHIELD
site with his hammer and tries to lift it but discovers that he’s still not worthy
and has to earn the hammer back, cuz he’s still an arrogant sad little man. He’s then captured by SHIELD, and Loki comes
down to lie to him and tells him Odin’s dead. Erik Selvig then manages to get Coulson to
give him Thor. Sif and the Warriors Three go to Earth to
help out Thor. Back on Asgard, cuz he’s pretty evil now
Loki sends this big Asgardian terminator machine called the Destroyer to kill Thor. Loki’s also taken over Asgard while all
this is happening. The Destroyer comes, Thor and the Warriors
Three fight it, and Thor proves that he’s learned his lesson and he’s worthy and has
learned humility and all that and boom he gets his hammer and powers back. Up in Asgard, the Frost Giants attack and
are about to kill the sleeping Odin but Loki betrays them to save his father. Thor, Sif and the Warriors 3 get back to Asgard
and stop Loki from taking over the throne, however in the ensuing battle Thor has to
destroy the Bifrost (rainbow bridge connecting the planet/realms) to stop Loki’s evil plans,
meaning he’s now stuck on Asgard, temporarily at least. Loki then falls off into space and is presumed
dead but actually gets picked up by Thanos, who sees some potential in Loki for helping
him grab all dem gems. He prevents Loki from dying, gives him one
of the Infinity Stones he’s actually acquired, the mind stone, in a sweet sceptre, and presents
him with a deal. Thanos has discovered that one of the 6 stones,
the space stone, is in the Tesseract, which is currently in SHIELD possession. So he’s like hey Loki, I’ll give you the
means to go get revenge and conquer the planet your brother loves so much by giving you my
massive Chitauri army, and all you have to do is bring me back that Tesseract. Oh and please don’t lose the stone I’m
also giving you to do this with. Him and Loki agree and spend the next while
planning their attack. Betty and Bruce are still running around and
eventually get to New York where they meet with that guy Sterns who thought he could
cure the Hulk. However, it doesn’t really work out. Emil Blonsky shows up and forces that doctor
to inject him with some of Banner’s super blood serum thing and it turns him into a
similarly gross giant CGI rage monster. That doctor, Samuel Sterns also gets a little
bit of the serum in himself, but he’s taken into custody by Natasha Romanoff and will
maybe return at some point down the line? Blonsky, now known appropriately as The Abomination
is going nuts in Harlem, much to Pop’s dismay probably, and so Bruce decides to Hulk out
once more and fight him, eventually defeating him and then running away. Banner ends up in Bella Coola, where he calms
himself and learns how to control the Hulk. He does this by always staying angry….interesting. Later on he moves to India to work as a doctor
there, but on the way he’s attacked and is forced to Hulk out. Once he turns back to Banner he looks much
more like famed magician Dylan Rhoades, and yes that is the worst reference I could’ve
pulled for this. SHIELD then asks Erik Selvig after all his
Thor adventures to help them experiment on the Tesseract. Loki shows up and influences Selvig to say
yes, so his plot to get that Infinity Stone is already in motion. SHIELD also finds the Destroyer and takes
it back to HQ, where they use the Asgardian tech to turn it into a cool new gun. Meanwhile, The World Security Council (friendly
reminder that they’re a bunch of politicians and some secret HYDRA guys who oversee the
world’s security and SHIELD) wanna add the Abomination to the Avengers Initiative, because
you know he can smash stuff, but Coulson and Jasper Sitwell figure out a plan to stop that
from happening. Cuz he’s also crazy. The plan is to send Tony Stark as their consultant
to talk to General Ross and anger him so much that he refuses to give Blonsky to the Avengers. Stark works his charm and it plays out perfectly. Tony then devotes his time and energy to building
Stark Tower, a giant building run by arc reactors for him to live in in New York, a self sustaining
piece of energy. Very cool and also kinda narcissistic (Tony
Stark in a nutshell). Also just while all of this is happening,
Killian is testing more people with Extremis and some are working out nicely but some are
blowing up, and it’s starting to get a little suspicious to the government. 2011
2011 is a relatively calm year for the MCU. Jane Foster and SHIELD try to reopen a wormhole
to get back to Asgard so Thor can come through again but it fails cuz that Bifrost isn’t
there anymore. Jane’s not too happy about this. Tony and Pepper’s relationship is continuing,
and at one point she gives him some magnets that he uses to improve his suit, very romantic. Rhodey gets an upgraded version of the War
Machine armor and he uses it to go off and fight some more Ten Rings terrorists. The big thing that happens here is that in
the Arctic, some Russians are looking for oil when they come across Captain America’s
old plane, with Cap inside! SHIELD soon shows up, finds the Capsicle,
thaws him out, and sets him up in a facility in New York so he can slowly adjust to the
modern world. However he quickly breaks out and is approached
by Nick Fury, who explains to him what’s happened and what the Avengers are. He’s sent to a little cabin called the Retreat
(a place where Banner sometimes stayed to calm himself) for a while to adjust and get
back to normal strength before coming back to New York. Also, now that they’ve got the Tesseract,
SHIELD is now considering reactivating old HYDRA weapons in case they need to fight some
other worldly threat. Like a bonus precaution on top of the Avengers,
given how weird the world’s gotten recently. 2012
So now let’s move over to something a little more obscure but it’ll be important later. There’s a lab where a bunch of people work,
including a happy couple, Lucy and Joseph Bauer. They come across this book called the Darkhold. The Darkhold was made from Dark Matter in
the Hell dimension. Again, not the planet/realm Hel where Hela
is trapped, the entirely different dimension called Hell. Anway, the book lets you build stuff out of
Dark Matter, and people like Nick Fury and the Red Skull have looked for it for years. They searched and searched the entire world
but these two lab nerds found it in someone’s basement. After they find it what happens with every
magical object happens, they become obsessed with it. They start to use the Darkhold to build a
machine that lets you create matter out of literally nothing. They show their fellow lab workers the book
and what it can do and one of them, a guy called Eli Morrow, sees the power of the book
and starts to also get obsessed with it, wanting the power all for himself. Joseph’s not a fan of this, and so he hires
a gang to kill Eli. Eli has a nephew called Robbie Reyes, and
one night Robbie steals his uncle Eli’s car to go street racing. He also takes his little brother Gabe with
him. The gang that was hired to kill Eli though
mistakes Robbie for Eli and shoots up the car. They kill Robbie and cripple his brother. Robbie’s spirit wants some sweet sweet vengeance
really bad though, and so Johnny Blaze, The Ghost Rider appears, and transfers the spirit
of Vengeance to him, turning him into the new Ghost Rider. Cuz I guess he wanted vengeance even more! Robbie comes back and uses his new found powers
to hunt down the criminals who deserve it. Next day Eli finds out Joseph tried to kill
him so he beats him up pretty bad and also uses that machine they built to turn the other
lab workers and Lucy into “spiritual entities”, which is jus this universe’s fancy way of
saying ghosts. He turns them into ghosts who can make people
go crazy by touching them. Then Eli’s arrested while Robbie goes off
and kills criminals as the Ghost Rider. Everything else is pretty normal around this
time, Hawkeye and Black Widow are training, Tony Stark is messing around with women in
Dubai, you know it’s pretty standard stuff. At one point Black Widow is sent on a SHIELD
mission to Russia and ends up getting caught up in a Ten Rings plan to shoot a missile
on the Russia North Korea border which will start a huge World War. With the help of Phil Coulson she stops that
from happening. Aldrich Killian is still doing his Extremis
experiments, and a guy called Chad Davis joins the program. However, his procedures go wrong and he explodes
in Tennessee, where others are killed as well. More and more of these explosions come to
light and are getting very suspicious, so to cover them up, Aldrich Killian disguises
them as terrorist attacks by the leader of the Ten Rings who is known as the Mandarin. The real Mandarin has nothing to do with them,
but allows the credit to be taken anyway cuz hey why not. At this point Loki is still chilling out with
Thanos figuring out how to do the whole conquer the Earth thing. While this happens, Frigga (Loki’s adopted
mom) realizes he’s actually alive and tries to contact him, but it doesn’t go too well. She tells Odin and Thor that Loki’s alive
and they realize he’s probably gonna do something terrible to Earth. So Thor and Odin then work on a way to get
Thor to Earth without the bifrost, that being using some dark magic. Maybe from the Dark Dimension? Who knows. So now Thanos’ big plan goes into effect. He helps Loki open up a portal to Earth using
the Tesseract, and using that new Infinity Stone powered sceptre that Thanos gave him
he goes through and mind controls Hawkeye, Selvig, and a bunch of other SHIELD workers. He steals the Tesseract and runs away. Nick Fury sees that their worst fears of an
alien invasion are about to come true and he sets the Avengers Initiative into full
effect. This involves getting Black Widow from a mission
in Russia to go recruit Bruce Banner in India (who is a little hesitant at first but comes
along when promised that they only want his brain and not his Hulk), Tony Stark getting
recruited by Coulson after having just successfully powered up Stark Tower, and Captain America,
having realized Peggy Carter is still alive and boxing through the night getting called
in by Nick Fury. For her own safety Jane Foster is also moved
off to Norway, cuz odds are Loki would go straight for her. Again, apparently Norway is the safest place
on the planet. Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Natasha meet
up on SHIELD’s giant flying fortress called the Helicarrier and figure out a plan of action. Meanwhile Erik Selvig needs a certain material
to power up the Tesseract so it can let the Chitauri army through, so Hawkeye goes off
and gets it for him with the help of Loki in Germany. Cap arrives and him and Loki have a bit of
a punch up for a bit in Germany, but Cap is a little out of practice. Tony shows up and Loki is taken captive, but
little do the Avengers know this is all part of his plan to turn them against each other. On the way back to the Helicarrier Thor gets
shot down from Asgard and takes Loki for himself, so him Iron Man and Cap have a fight over
it till they realize they’re on the same side. Loki’s taken back to the Helicarrier, where
the Avengers talk and start to not love each other’s company too much. Bruce Banner feels like he’s being antagonized,
Cap discovers the old HYDRA weapons SHIELD was keeping just in case and also isn’t
a huge fan of Tony’s brand of comedy, and Black Widow realizes that loki plans to use
the Hulk to escape. The Avengers start really fighting when Hawkeye
and Loki’s crew shows up to break him out and destroy the Helicarrier. In the following fight Bruce Banner loses
his cool and Hulks out and destroys a lot of the Helicarrier, chases Black Widow, fights
Thor and eventually falls down to Earth, Cap and Iron Man work to repair one of the Helicarrier’s
engines, Hawkeye is knocked out of his mind control and brought back to the team, Thor
gets thrown down to Earth, and Loki escapes after backstabbing Phil Coulson, literally. Loki then goes to Stark Tower to let in his
alien army. The death of Coulson gives the team something
to Avenge, which kinda makes you wonder why they were called that beforehand, and they
come together under that to stop Loki in New York. The Chitauri army does come through and the
Avengers in all their glory fight them off. There’s a ton o property damage and a lot
of people die, but the Avengers work their hardest to save as many people as they can. Tony calls Rhodey to come help but he can’t
cuz he’s busy fighting terrorists in Hong Kong. The World Security Council though who continue
to be the worst people don’t think the Avengers can save the world though so they send a nuke
to stop the invasion….but it’ll also kill everyone in Manhattan. Iron Man sees an opportunity, grabs the missile,
and sends it straight into the Chitauri homebase through the portal, killing all the Chitauri. His suit fails in space and he kind of almost
dies up there before falling back down to Earth. Black Widow closes the portal, Hulk grabs
Tony and saves him, and Loki and the Tesseract is taken away. And the world is saved! After all this insanity, the Avengers go for
lunch at a Shawarma place. Rhodey arrives to help in the battle only
to see that it’s already over. Dammit Rhodey. But he at least he got some shawarma. The Ten Rings and the Mandarin by the way
are not happy about Rhodey and his Ten Rings fighting. Loki’s scepter is taken away by SHIELD to
be studied. Loki and Thor go back to Asgard where Loki
is thrown in prison, and the Tesseract is put in Odin’s treasure vault. The other Avengers go their separate ways,
Tony Stark decides to rebuild Stark Tower as Avengers Tower with Pepper, Bruce tries
to live a normal life, and Cap decides to stick with SHIELD and train with them to become
an awesome fighter along with Black Widow and Hawkeye. For the next while he trains in martial arts
and espionage and the lot, until he can do stuff like this. After the battle, that cleanup company the
Toomes Salvage Company, led by Adrian Toomes, realize that this Chitauri attack is their
big break and they’ll make a ton of money on this. They start cleaning up after the Chitauri
stuff with all this weird alien tech, but soon Tony Stark organizes a team of his own
to clean up, called Damage Control, and they send Toomes away. He’s really angry about this and grows a
hatred for Tony Stark and the other Avengers, but you know mostly Tony Stark, and decides
that he’s not gonna take this lying down. So over the next several years he and his
crew start illegally salvaging the crazy mythical and alien tech from all the Avengers big super
battles, and also from Damage Control afterwards. Toomes himself starts utilizing a flight suit
with wings called the Vulture suit. The crew now sells these super weapons illegally
and make their business that way. Toomes keeps this a secret from his wife and
daughter, cuz you know, secret identity. Toomes isn’t the only one finding Chitauri
tech. These two people called Benjamin and Claire
find a Chitauri gun in the aftermath of the New York battle and start to rob banks with
it. Eventually they’re caught by SHIELD/HYDRA
agent Sitwell and are offered jobs at SHIELD for their intuition…I guess. The Other, Thanos’ assistant in a way, tells
Thanos that Loki failed and that Earth Is now protected by these heroes, which should
really anger Thanos, but he takes it well and just smiles. He’s not too happy with how Loki has failed
though. Back on Asgard with Loki in prison, Heimdall
discovers that he can use the Tesseract to rebuild the Bifrost, so he does. Since Thor went to Earth the Nine Realms planets
have kind of gone to chaos, so Thor spends his time now going around cleaning up that
mess. Meanwhile on Earth Jane Foster is upset that
Thor hasn’t said anything to her or come to her or contacted her or anything, which
yeah, that’s pretty fair. Tony’s having a good time living the hero
life but he didn’t come out of that wormhole totally ok though. He can’t sleep, he has like space PTSD,
so he starts building the Iron Legion, an Iron Man army to keep him occupied. Nick Fury’s looking at Coulson’s corpse
and thinking, well he’s not an Avenger but he was a pretty fun guy, so he reactivates
Project TAHITI to bring Coulson back to life using that Kree body. He also wipes his memory of the project ever
existing. Instead he’s given memories of sitting in
a beautiful hut in Tahiti. It takes him a little while to recover though. So now, there’s a dude called Scott Lang
who is working at company called Vistacorp when he finds out that they’re cheating their
customers out of money. After being fired for discovering this he
breaks into Vistacorp and Robin Hoods millions of dollars back to the customers. He also steals some of his old boss’s stuff
and drives his car into his pool, just for good measure. He’s then arrested and sent to jail for several
years, but he knows deep down he did the right thing. Iron Man and War Machine team up to take out
a low level villain known as their Melter who starts messing their stuff up, and soon
after the US government gives War Machine a paint job and turns him into Iron Patriot. This is in response to those Extremis explosions
that everyone thinks are Mandarin bombings that are popping up more and more now. To make his Mandarin cover up even more convincing,
Killian finds a washed up British actor called Trevor Slattery, gives him a makeover and
promises him drugs and boats and hookers if he’ll play this terrorist convincely. Trevor accepts and does a pretty good job,
making the world absolutely terrified of him and giving a face for these bombings, while
Killian is working him behind the scenes. Tony’s still tinkering and making new suits
constantly and this makes his relationship with Pepper very strained. Also the fact that he’s now mentally connected
to the suits and they almost attack Pepper in her sleep, yeah that doesn’t help either. Pepper meets up with Aldrich Killian, who’s
trying to pitch his ideas to her, but it doesn’t go super well. Happy Hogan, now forehead of security at Stark
Industries, follows one of Killian’s Extremis henchmen to the chinese theater, where another
Extremis patient fails and blows up, seriously injuring Happy. Tony thinks this is another Mandarin bombing
and threatens the Mandarin by giving him his home….address. Not really how threat’s work Tony. Surprise, Aldrich Killian sends helicopters
to blow up Tony’s house, right when Maya Hansen had betrayed her boss Killian and showed
up to warn Tony of these dangers. Pepper and Maya get out, and with the help
of his latest armor the Mark 42, Tony flies to Tennessee where one of those Mandarin bombings
happened. The suit runs out of power, and the world
thinks Tony’s dead. But SHIELD does nothing to investigate cuz
I guess they were busy that day. Tony meets this kid there called Harley in
Tennessee who gets him some help and a sandwich. He starts solving the mystery of the Mandarin
and these explosions and has a little encounter with some extremis guys before getting out
of there. He then heads out to kill the Mandarin, building
some makeshift weapons along the way, and with the help of Harley gets over his PTSD. He breaks into the Mandarin playboy mansion
only to discover the truth about Trevor Slattery before being captured by Aldrich Killian. Long story short, Killian kills Maya Hansen,
kidnaps Pepper and injects her with Extremis, and gets the Iron Patriot armor from Rhodey. Stark escapes and get his suit back but Killian
has sent a henchmen to Air Force One in the Iron Patriot army as a trojan horse. While Iron Man saves most on board the plane,
the President of the United States is still kidnapped and strung up to be killed by oil. With the President out of the way, the vice
president will become Killian’s puppet, as he’s secretly working with Killian for
his own reasons. This way Killian will have the President of
the United States and the world’s most feared terrorist under his control. Not a bad plan. However, those plans are foiled when Stark,
Rhodey, an Extremis’d up Pepper, and the entire Iron Legion save the president and
defeat Aldrich Killian and his extremis soldiers. In a gesture that ultimately wasn’t very
long lasting Tony decides to blow up all of his suits and devote more time to Pepper. He also gets the extremis taken out of Pepper
and gets the arc reactor taken out of himself, but he’s still Iron Man … I guess. Also he immediately starts building more Iron
Man suits again, cuz you know he’s paranoid about aliens still and wants to work on protecting
the entire world using his tech. This causes his and Pepper’s relationship
to start to be a little strained again already, which ultimately leads to them taking a break. 2013
After all of these adventures and strained relationships, Tony needs a counselling session
and so sits down with Bruce to talk about his problems. Bruce is not a big fan of Iron Man 3 though. Moving back to the more grounded world, that
guy from earlier Carl Lukas is framed by his secret brother Willis and is sent to serve
a long prison sentence at Seagate for a crime he didn’t commit. Here he befriends a dude called Squabbles,
and starts getting picked on by other inmates and guards including a guy called Rackham
and a guy called Shades. He also starts bonding with a prison psychologist
lady called Reva Connors. Meanwhile in space somewhere, a genetically
engineered being that looks like a racoon called Rocket and a sentient lovable tree
man thing called Groot are partners in crime. Rocket’s pretty snarky and Groot can only
say I am Groot. Anyway they’re on a space station called
Hub where they’re almost tricked into stealing some snail like creatures for this crime lord
but end up saving the snails instead….I know, one of the more riveting adventures
in the MCU. Back in prison, Carl Lukas is forced to start
fighting with other inmates for the entertainment of people like Rackham, and rumors of prisoners
being experimented on start circling. Lukas trains and becomes a skilled fighter
with his buddy Squabbles, and beats other prisoners for months. After a while though, Carl is sick of Rackham
and his prisoner fighting ways so he threatens to expose him, but then in retaliation Rackham
threatens to kill Reva, actually kills Squabbles, and his henchmen like Shades beat up Carl
and put him in the infirmary. Reva demands that a doctor do that experiment
that was mentioned earlier, which involves a serum to help heal you faster. Probably another attempt at Erskine’s super
soldier serum. While the experiment is happening, Rackham
comes in and things get messy. The tank overheats and give Carl the powers
of super strength and completely bulletproof skin. There’s an explosion, Rackham’s killed,
Carl escapes with his new powers and goes to be with Reva. They’re in love now and Carl starts his
new life by having all of his records deleted and gets his name changed to Luke Cage. Soon after him and Reva get married and things
are looking up. Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson now start up
their own law firm to help people find justice, and at night Matt Murdock finds another way
to serve justice. Matt hears his neighbor abusing their daughter,
so after the police don’t do anything he does what any normal person would do, puts
on a mask, beats his neighbor senseless, and starts becoming a night time blind vigilante. He still has all those fighting skills from
his younger years, and his enhanced senses help. Back at SHIELD, Phil Coulson is now alive
and kicking again, and Fury gives him some more resources and tells him to bring together
a SHIELD team to do all sorts of fun missions, every Tuesday evening. His team includes the quirky SHIELD scientists
Fitz and Simmons, secretly HYDRA agent Grant Ward, and Coulson manages to get Melinda May
back in the field after her traumatizing previous experience. Their first mission comes when a guy who was
given HYDRA’s Centipede program (that super super soldier serum, basically) surfaces and
they start following those leads. Along the way they pick up Daisy Johnson,
remember that Inhuman orphan girl from before? She’s now a hacktivist for a group called
the rising tide, don’t worry they’re not important, but she ends up joining Coulson’s
team. Now again, like I mentioned before, I’m
just gonna level with you here, Agents of SHIELD is a big show with a lot of plot threads
and details, and I’m just gonna cover it in pretty broad terms, so this doesn’t get
super bogged down. Just wanna say that before someone comments
what about that one thing Coulson did in season 2 episode 13? I can’t go into every tiny detail. So early on, this SHIELD team is just kinda
finding artifacts and bad guys, some of their escapades include finding a HYDRA weapon in
Peru, Daisy and Grant Ward becoming much closer and training together, Nick Fury yelling at
Coulson about his super suit, fighting a dude called Scorch, jumping out of planes cuz of
Chitauri viruses, and so on and so on. Jessica Jones is now in a pretty meh place
in her life. She quits her job and meets up with Trish. Currently she’s just challenging guys in
bars to strength contests and winning money from it. Trish gives Jessica the idea to use her superpowers
to be a real life superhero. She doesn’t want to until she’s dressed
as a dumb sandwich, saves a woman, and feels the great feeling of being a hero. She starts having people, like her future
friend Malcolm from muggers, until she’s found by Kilgrave, that prick with mind control
powers from earlier. He stumbles upon her and sees her using her
powers and takes control of her mind, and holds her basically as a prisoner of months,
where he can do whatever he wants with her, which is incredibly creepy. At one point she tries to escape but fails. Also in New York, Luke Cage befriends Pop
who’s now an old friendly man running his barbershop. Luke also later on opens up his own bar. Meanwhile, Cap and Black Widow and another
SHIELD/secret HYDRA agent called Brock Rumlow are now going on missions on the regular for
SHIELD, although they oddly never cross paths with people who are presumably working in
the same building. Anyway they take out some terrorists who stole
a weapon called the Zodiac from SHIELD, and save Professor Sana Amanat from being kidnapped. Regular SHIELD stuff, you know, Cap’s building
up his SHIELD cred. Now wayy back in Asgard, Thor and the gang
defeat a Frost Giant who has magic cuz he wears the Crown of Fools. Right about now Thor is feeling pretty good
after saving the world, so him and his buddies (including a guy called Skurge) go on a quest
to rid the 9 planet/realms of all evils and threats. They do pretty well with the help from so
slow mo jumps and finally bring peace with Vanaheim being the last planet/realm that
they save. Just as this happens though, the Convergence
starts again, which manes portals start opening up that allow you to travel between the 9
planet/realms. Jane Foster, Erik Selvig, and Darcy get back
together to investigate. Jane Foster accidentally gets sucked into
a portal which takes her right to where Bor hid one of those infinity stones, the Aether,
aka the Reality Stone. She becomes infected with it and is sent back
to Earth. Heimdall uses his Cerebro powers and tells
Thor that he can’t find Jane anymore, so Thor goes to Earth to pick her up and take
her back to Asgard to find out what’s wrong with her. Meanwhile, across the universe, because the
Aether’s become active again Malekith and his Dark Elves from way back a the start of
this story awaken again, and get dead set on getting that Aether back. They invade Asgard but don’t find Jane or
the Aether. So they stab Thor’s mom and get out of there. Thor then goes behind his father’s back…again,
and takes Loki and Jane to Svartalfheim to confront the Dark Elves. After a brief battle Malekith takes the Aether
out of Jane and runs away with it, planning to send the universe into eternal darkness
once the Convergence is full. Loki is stabbed and survives, but he tricks
Thor into thinking he’s dead. After Thor has gone to London to fight Malekith,
Loki sneaks his way back to Asgard and tricks Odin out of the throne, by banishing him to
a retirement home on Earth. Loki then poses as Odin and becomes the new
king of Asgard. Thor fights Malekith through many planet/realms,
and eventually Malekith and the Dark Elves are defeated. Thor then heads back to Asgard with the Aether,
not realizing that Loki is pretending to be Odin. Thor then goes back to Earth to be with Jane,
but eventually their relationship falls apart cuz let’s be real, their chemistry wasn’t
great. Also Coulson and his SHIELD team are promoted
to glorified garbage men and are sent to clean up after the battle in London. Sif and Volstagg take the Aether off to the
Collector, this eccentric dude off in space who loves collecting things, who is currently
trying to collect all 6 infinity stones, albeit slightly less aggressively than Thanos. The Asgardians leave it there cuz they already
have the Tesseract and they don’t wanna overload on infinity stones. The Collector then contacts Gamora, who hates
her dad Thanos at this point and is willing to betray him, since he murdered her whole
family, and asks her to get the Power Infinity Stone for him, right now sitting in some cave
somewhere inside a little orb. Gamora sets about forming a plant to this. Coulson’s SHIELD team keep having adventures. They stop a telekinetic dude, they stop that
Berserker Staff from Asgard, Melinda May and Grant Ward have sex (yeah, bet you forgot
that was a plot line at one point), and they keep fighting Centipede soldiers. Also one of those centipede guys starts getting
fitted with cybernetic enhancements and eventually becomes another member of the Deathlok program,
and we’re just gonna call him Deathlok. Coulson also is getting more and more curious
about how he really came back from the dead, cuz when you think about it, sitting at the
beach in Tahiti doesn’t usually resurrect people. This eventually leads to him finding the place
where he was resurrected where he finds that Kree body that helped bring him back. Those Kree fluids are also used to help save
Daisy’s life at one point. Trevor Slattery the Mandarin actor is now
in Seagate prison, and the real Mandarin is suddenly not very happy about his name being
mistreated like this. He was fine with it when it was all explosions
that made him seem terrifying, but now that it’s just some British fool, yeah that’s
a problem. So he sends some Ten Rings people in there
to take Slattery to him where let’s be real he was probably horribly murdered. Also Justin Hammer is in that prison, fun
fact. 2014
So while Asgard was being attacked by Dark Elves, that trickster lady called Lorelei
escaped. She goes to Earth to cause some trouble but
is apprehended by Sif. Coulson asks Sif about aliens she’s met
cuz he wants to know more about that Kree corpse but Sif is like nahhh. HYDRA’s leader now is a guy called Baron
von Strucker. He manages to get Loki’s sceptre out of
SHIELD’s control with the help of HYDRA SHIELD agent Mark Smith. Plus, they get a bunch of Chitauri weapons
left over from the Avengers fight. They use their resources to build a big base
in the Eastern European country of Sokovia. HYDRA starts experimenting on local people
there with the sceptre, including Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, who still wanna get revenge
on Tony Stark. Pietro gets superspeed from the experiments,
while Wanda gets telekinesis and energy manipulation vague powers. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers has befriended this
dude called Sam Wilson, who used to use fancy falcon wing suit in the military. He later goes on a mission with Black Widow
to fight pirates who took over a SHIELD ship, only to discover that Black Widow is getting
info from the ship’s computer. He asks Fury what’s up with that, so Fury
shows him what SHIELD’s latest project is: Project Insight. Basically 3 giant helicarriers that can kill
terrorists and bad guys before they even do bad things. Steve’s like that’s not America and Fury’s
like well deal with it. However, unbeknownst to Fury, the secret people
inside of SHIELD who are HYDRA, including Alexander Pierce, are going to use it to take
out all of HYDRA’s potential enemies in the world. Steve then goes off visiting a now super old
Peggy Carter, hitting on his neighbor who unbeknownst to him is Peggy’s secret agent
niece, and hanging out with his buddy Sam. Fury starts becoming a little suspicious of
Project Insight, so he asks for it to be delayed. After this, Alexander Pierce gets out HYDRA’s
old secret weapon, the Winter Soldier, to kill Fury for doing that. Fury escapes and tells Cap that SHIELD’s
compromised, but then gets shot pretty bad by the Winter Soldier. He takes a pill that slows his heart down
to appear as if he’s died, and sends Cap off with a USB to discover the truth. Pierce then sends SHIELD HYDRA people to kill
Rogers but he escapes and with Black Widow goes to his old training base from the 40s
where he finds Zola’s old computer brain. Zola stalls him by explaining how HYDRA has
been inside SHIELD this whole time, and then gets blown up by a missile. Cap and Black Widow survive and head over
to Sam Wilson, who takes them in and joins their little team, as both Falcon and the
good looking man in the sunglasses. Pierce sends the Winter Soldier to kill Cap
and company, but after a fight Steve discovers that he’s actually his old pal Bucky and
this is obviously a little emotionally disturbing. He’s then taken captive along with his pals
but they soon escape with help from Maria Hill and find out Nick Fury’s still alive. They then make a plan to take down the HYDRA
carriers which involves 3 little computer chips, Tom Cruise style. Also Bucky is starting to remember Steve but
Alexander Pierce ain’t having any of that, so he puts his brain back in a blender. So Cap and the team go to carry out the mission
and succeed. Action ensues, and after a lot of punching
in the face, Bucky finally remembers fully who Steve is and saves him from drowning. HYDRA and SHIELD’s secrets are then exposed
to the world by Black Widow, Pierce is killed, Steve recovers, Bucky goes to learn more about
himself and eventually moves to Bucharest and becomes obsessed with plums, that one
Senator from before gets arrested, and Brock Rumlow gets crushed under a building and becomes
pretty horribly disfigured. He survives and takes on the name Crossbones,
wearing a special armored suit. Also he doesn’t work for HYDRA anymore, since
he shoots some of their agents. He’s just a bad guy who wants revenge on
Captain America. Cap and Sam resolve to go off to find Bucky
and bring him back to being normal, meanwhile Bucky’s off killing HYDRA scientists and
trying to become more human. Now as you would imagine with the SHIELD team,
yeah finding out everyone’s HYDRA is a pretty big mess. John Garrett and Grant Ward are exposed and
start shooting people in the face, and a big battle between SHIELD and HYDRA ensues. In the chaos that follows, the US government
declares SHIELD a terrorist organization, so that’s fun for Coulson and the gang. John Garrett breaks into SHIELD’s facilities
and steals a bunch of weapons from Coulson’s past adventures. Fitz and Simmons end up in a medical pod which
Grant Ward then chucks to the bottom of the ocean. Fitz almost sacrifices himself to save Simmons
cuz they’re in love , but Nick Fury shows up just in time to save them. Nick Fury and Coulson then team up and eventually
defeat Garrett. And by defeat I mean vaporize. Fury then makes Coulson the new head of SHIELD,
and just so we’re up to date his team now includes this dude called Mac, and this dude
called Triplett, and this dude called Patton Oswalt. Fury goes into hiding now with the excellent
disguise of a beanie. However, Coulson is now starting to experience
side effects from being resurrected using Kree fluids. And those side effects are he starts sketching
a map of that ancient Kree city for Inhumans to find everywhere, cuz that’s in his brain
now. Meanwhile, this soon to be Inhuman whose been
running around this show for a while now called Raina goes to Daisy’s dad, Calvin, who is
still looking for her after all these years, and tells him she’s found his daughter. He really wants to see her, so he sets out
to do that. Fitz has been in a coma cuz he almost drowned,
and now he’s got brain damage. Simmons is now sent to work undercover in
HYDRA with the help of fellow SHIELD agent Bobbi Morse. The SHIELD team also recruits sassy British
man Lance Hunter and some other people but they’re not as important. The Agents also start fighting this Inhuman
called Carl Creel aka the Absorbing Man. Back over to Kilgrave now, he discovers that
there’s a USB stick with information on it that he would like. However, it’s currently in possession of
guess who, Reva Connors (Luke Cage’s wife). So he gets Jessica to find the USB for him
and the orders Jessica to kill Reva. Jessica does it but it’s so traumatic that
she manages to break free from Kilgrave’s control and walks away. He is then promptly hit by a bus. Jessica thinks he died but he survives and
later forces a guy to give him both of his kidneys so he can survive. Fun. After all this Jessica Jones decides to become
a Private Investigator while Luke Cage is pretty devastated, and also running his bar. Ok, now we’re going to go to space for quite
a bit. Thanos is still looking for those Infinity
Stones after Loki sucked at getting the Tesseract, so he enlists Ronan the Accuser, his old Kree
crazy fanatic friend, to help him. In case you forgot, the Kree are still at
war with the Nova empire (the good police of space), and there was a peace treaty introduced
that the Kree signed, but Ronan went rogue and starts terrorizing Xandarian people. Xandar is the capital of the Nova Empire,
I know these are a lot of weird names at once, I’m sorry. Anyway, Ronan with the help of Thanos’ adopted
daughters Nebula and Gamora is now looking for the Orb that contains the Power Infinity
Stone on places like Praxius IX, but so far no luck. Also Groot and Rocket are still off collecting
bounties, for example on this guy called Baldo. So at this point everyone is looking for this
infinity stone orb. Thanos wants it to conquer the universe, Gamora
wants it so she can give it to the Collector, and this random merchant wants it cuz it can
probably be sold for a lot of money. This merchant hires Yondu and the Ravagers
to get it for him. Peter Quill, now going by the name Star Lord,
is all grown up now and despite what they’ve taught him wants to move away from the Ravagers. So he locates the Orb and takes it for himself,
just before running into Ronan’s henchmen. Quill escapes and Gamora is sent to retrieve
it. On the planet of Xandar, Quill is attacked
by Gamora for the orb and by Rocket and Groot for a huge bounty on his head. In the end they’re all captured and sent
to a prison called the Kyln, where they meet Drax the Destroyer. Drax’s family was killed by Ronan under
the command of Thanos so he wants revenge on both of those guys, which he intends on
getting through Gamora. In the end these unlikely 5 team up to get
out of the Kyln, and get the orb to the Collector so they can all get paid. Now they’ve got the Ravagers (who are mad
at Quill), the Nova Corps (who wanna uphold the law) and Ronan (who wants the orb) all
on their tale. They get to Knowhere, a Celestial head where
the Collector is. Peter’s falling in love with Gamora, Drax
and Rocket are getting drunk and fighting, but eventually through all these distractions
they do end up giving the orb to the Collector. However, one of the Collectors assistants
touches the stone and a big explosion happens, cuz it’s an Infinity Stone, which leads
Gamora and Quill to take the stone back. In a fit of drunk vengeance Drax calls Ronan
to the planet to fight him, a fight which he loses. Badly. Nebula tries to kill Gamora in space and gets
the orb, but Peter saves her at the last minute right as they’re captured by the Ravagers. Ronan now has the stone and decides to betray
Thanos, keeping it for himself and planning to destroy Xandar and then Thanos. The crew, now going by the name of the Guardians
of the Galaxy, eventually regroup and team up with the Ravagers to guard…the galaxy. They team up with the Nova Corps and a big
climactic battle ensues, during which Groot sacrifices himself to save his new friends. Eventually after some battling and a dance
off, Peter and the rest of the Guardians grab the stone and kill Ronan with it, saving the
day in the process. Peter is able to hold the power of the stone
for as long as he does because he’s part Celestial. The Guardians give the stone to the Nova Corps
to keep safe, and the Guardians go off to become kind of guns for hire. Also, Rocket picks up a twig from Groot’s
corpse and plants it, creating a new Groot in baby form, who grows with the team. Meanwhile, the Collector gets mocked by Howard
the Duck. Ego, the living planet celestial, hears about
someone who held an infinity stone and realizes it must be a son of his that Yondu never delivered. He then hatches a plan to get Peter to his
planet and to join their forces so he can consume everything or whatever his dumb plan
was. Nebula has escaped and is now hated by pretty
much everyone in the universe, but she really wants to kill her dad Thanos. So she tries to steal some super powerful
batteries from these aliens called the Sovereign but is caught and taken prisoner. However, there’s a giant monster called
the Abilisk that’s slowly draining those battery’s power, so the Sovereign hire the
Guardians to defeat it. They agree to do so if they get Nebula in
payment. After they succeed, however, Rocket steals
some of their battery’s cuz he’s kind of a dick. And that’s not a joke, that’s really why
he did it. *he stole batteries he didn’t need* The Sovereign
discover this and send a fleet to kill the Guardians, but Ego shows up and destroys the
fleet. He reveals himself as Peter’s dad, and him,
Peter, Gamora, Drax, and Ego’s helper Mantis (who can read people’s emotions and make
people feel emotions) go back to Ego’s home planet, aka his body. Meanwhile Rocket, Baby Groot, and Nebula stay
to repair their ship. Meanwhile the Ravagers and Yondu are off on
some hooker planet celebrating their victory against Ronan when Yondu runs into Sylvester
Stallone after all these years. Stallone gives a bit of foreshadowing about
how Yondu won’t have a nice Ravager funeral, and Yondu’s not too happy about it. But soon after the Sovereign approach him
and ask him and the Ravagers to catch the Guardians for them. They head to the planet where the Guardians
crash landed and after a brief skirmish take Rocket, and Baby Groot prisoner. One of the Ravagers, Taserface, believes Yondu
is getting too soft, and stages a mutiny. Nebula helps the Ravagers take out Yondu and
then goes off to kill her sister once and for all, cuz really she just wants to kill
her whole family at this point. Yondu’s men are killed in the mutiny, but
eventually Yondu and Rocket bond and then escape with the very very slow help of Baby
Groot and Yondu’s number 2 Kraglin. Yondu gets a new arrow controlling mohawk
and they murder all of the Ravager bastards in the coolest way possible. Meanwhile on Ego’s planet, Ego is teaching
Peter how to use his celestial powers, and Peter is loving it. Something seems off though, and Mantis is
becoming friends with Drax and wants to tell him about Ego’s deep secret, as in all the
child murdering. Yondu knows about all that child murdering,
so him, Kraglin, Baby Groot and Rocket get in a ship and jump across the universe to
save Peter and the gang from Ego. Nebula gets to Ego’s planet first and fights
Gamora, and eventually they stop fighting and bond through Nebula revealing why she’s
always hated Gamora. Very sweet. Peter is getting really into Ego’s celestial
thing while Gamora and Nebula discover the cave of dead children under the surface of
Ego’s planet. Peter is hypnotized by Ego and almost goes
along with Ego’s plan until Ego reveals that he killed Peter’s mom, at which point
Peter snaps out of it and a battle begins. The process of all the seeds Ego planted transforming
has already begun, and stuff starts expanding all over the universe, including in Missouri. The Guardians fight Ego and the Sovereign
as they’ve just arrived, Peter and Ego duke it out in the weirdest way possible, and ultimately
yeah the Guardians win and Ego is no more. In the process, Peter loses his Celestial
powers, so he’s not totally OP when Infinity War comes. However, to save Peter, Yondu redeems himself
and sacrifices his own life, freezing to death in outer space. Yondu’s funeral follows, and all the Ravagers,
including Stallone, come back to honor him since they’ve realized he wasn’t such a
bad guy after all. Nebula and Gamora become somewhat loving sisters
but Nebula leaves to find a way to kill Thanos, which I guess takes her another 4 years to
get around to doing. Kraglin takes over Yondu’s arrow, and Stallone
reunites an old Ravager team in Yondu’s honor. The Sovereign, still pretty upset by the Guardians,
create Adam Warlock to be the ultimate weapon against them, though that’s gonna take a
few years to fully manifest. Also this old man has been an informant for
these beings that watch the universe called the Watchers. That’s all you need to know about him. Nowww we can go back to Earth. There’s this guy called Jonathan Pangborn
is in an accident at the factory he works at and is paralysed. He seeks medical help and physical therapy
but those do nothing for him, so he hears about Kamar Taj where the Masters of the Mystic
Arts still are and heads over there. Here he meets the Ancient One and trains in
the way of the mystic arts, and eventually leaves as he can use the magic to walk again. 2015
The SHIELD team is having some more adventures, mainly revolving around trying to figure out
the mystery of those werid drawings Coulson did. This includes May fighting an agent with a
mask that makes her look like May, which gets permanently burned onto her face. That guy Werner Reinhardt also comes back
into the limelight and gets his hands on the Diviner again. Over in Hell’s Kitchen Matt Murdock confesses
at his church about his vigilanteing, cuz he’s very Catholic, but decides to keep
it up anyway to make his city a safer place. In the same area reporter called Karen Page
discovers some shady activity involving money laundering going on with a company and tries
to tell one of its employees, but wakes up the next morning next to his dead body holding
a bloody knife. She’s accused of murder and gets Nelson
and Murdock to defend her. She’s doing some investigating and so some
people want her killed. Matt, in his vigilante outfit, saves her. He’ll become known as the Daredevil. Karen starts working as a secretary for Nelson
and Murdock after that. Now ever since the Chitauri invasion, a bunch
of house prices dropped in New York or something real estate related like that, so there are
more Russian gangsters and mobsters and all that taking advantage of the situation. Wilson Fisk, that deranged kid from before,
returns home to make the city better, but better for him isn’t better for a lot of
people. Also he falls in love with a woman called
Vanessa and starts beating people’s heads in with car doors. So Matt as Daredevil fights back against him,
involving lots of dark hallways and alleys and beating up Russians. In the process Foggy discovers who he is and
has a big scene of acting. Along the way Matt also befriends a nurse
called Claire Temple, who finds out who he is and helps tend to his wounds. Wilson Fisk also starts working with Madame
Gao and the Hand, who besides trying to find cures for death and ruling the world and all
that are also just selling heroin and being pretty terrible people in New York. Stick is also still kicking about. Right now he’s out in the world trying to
find the Black Sky, The Hand’s big secret weapon. He discovers it’s a little boy this time around
so he kills him, not realizing that his old pal Elektra is still also a Black Sky candidate. Eventually Wilson Fisk is taken down by Daredevil
and sent to prison. On the other side of town, Jessica Jones is
still working as a PI. She’s still pretty upset about the whole
Kilgrave thing, and so she’s a pretty heavy drinker. At a point she’s hired by a dude named Andre
to investigate who’s sleeping with his wife. Turns out it’s Luke Cage. At one point in her investigation she goes
into Luke Cage’s bar and her and Luke later on have sex. However she realizes he’s the husband of
that woman she murdered a while back and feels only ever so bad and leaves. Her and Cage don’t start out great, but
eventually become friends after Andre and his friends attack Cage’s bar and her and
Cage fight them off together. Soon after though, Jessica discovers Kilgrave
is very much still alive and very much still doing evil things. She starts investigating all this with the
help of her friend Trish and other lawyer friend (?) Hogarth. Kilgrave buys Jessica’s old childhood home
and is generally being a real creep until he gets Jessica to come over. He wants Jessica to learn to love him without
him using his powers on her, which is a good plan, since they don’t work on her. After earning his trust for a few days, Jessica
and the gang kidnap Kilgrave, put him in a tank and try to get a confession of all his
crimes out of him. However, after his parents are brought in
to help, he manages to escape after killing his mom in a pretty brutal way. Long story short, after some more sadness
and running around, Luke Cage finds out Jessica killed his wife, gets possessed by Kilgrave,
and tries to kill Jessica because of that. Jessica wins and snaps Kilgrave’s neck. Then she’s goes back to being a PI. Also there’s this dude called Simpson who
initially is friends with Jessica and the crew but eventually starts taking super steroids
that make him a crazy murderer. He might come back later on. Also Claire Temple meets Luke Cage here. Let’s move over to another dimension, where
Danny Rand is still training in that secret magical city full of monks. He wants to become the Iron Fist, and he does
this by fighting the giant fire breathing dragon called Shao-Lao the Undying and plunging
his hands into it’s molten heart. And inexplicably there is no footage of this. Anyway, this gives him the power of the Iron
Fist. Great. The SHIELD team is still dealing with Inhumans
and HYDRA. First Grant Ward goes off and kills his whole
family in case you didn’t get he’s a villain now. Then through a series of events, Coulson kills
Reinhardt, the SHIELD team finally find that Kree city Coulson’s been sketching, and
the Diviner shoots out the Terrigen mist and turns Daisy into an Inhuman. It also turns this girl Raina into an Inhuman,
but Daisy’s more important. She gets super air shooting powers aka Quake
powers. Vibration manipulation, is the proper term
for it I believe. Daisy also meets her dad at this point, who
is a little weird and creepy. That Inhuman from before, Gordon, he comes
and takes Raina to Afterlife. However, the Kree are still up in space after
the whole Guardians of the Galaxy thing ended and they see that there’s been some Diviner
Inhuman activity going on, so some Kree police are sent down to Earth to kill any potential
Inhumans. The Asgardians see this and send Sif down
to take care of it, but she gets beat up and mind wiped and ends up working with the Kree
guys to help take down Daisy. The team defends her and Sif backs down. Daisy is still pretty weirded out by her new
powers, so May gets her husband Andrew Garner to try to counsel her. Now there’s a whole other plot line here
about there being a second SHIELD, the real SHIELD, but in the grand scheme of things
it didn’t affect the situation that much. Daisy is also taken to the Inhuman camp Afterlife
and here she finally meets her mom Jiaying, who trains Daisy on how to use her Inhuman
powers. Daisy also befriends this Inhuman dude named
Lincoln and they get very close. Now Black Widow is out on a mission fighting
some more HYDRA troops in Sudan, and there are too many for her to handle so she calls
in the rest of the Avengers, who reunite once more. The Avengers are now in the business of HYDRA
hunting, and they do a pretty great job at it. Coulson finds out that Loki’s scepter and
HYDRA’s main base of operations, including Baron von Strucker are hiding out in Sokovia,
and he tells Maria Hill about it. Hill tells the Avengers and they start to
mobilise. Coulson also helps Nick Fury get an old Helicarrier
out of commission, cuz the rest were destroyed when SHIELD was. The Avengers get out there and take out Baron
von Strucker and bring the scepter home. They also meet Pietro and Wanda Maximoff,
who now work for HYDRA with their superpowers. The Avengers get home and Tony, despite being
cured by a little Tennessee boy, is still really concerned that one day aliens are gonna
come and destroy the Earth. So him and Bruce secretly use Loki’s scepter
(which has an infinity stone in it) to create a super intelligent AI, which they call Ultron. Basically to protect the world along with
the Avengers. However, Ultron wakes up and goes bad in a
major way, takes over some Iron Man suit parts, and crashes a big Avengers party. He then goes off to Sokovia, and because they
hate Tony Stark he’s able to recruit the twins to work for him, not telling them his
ultimate plan, which is to wipe out all humans from the planet. Ultron builds himself a new body but wants
to be even stronger, so he makes a deal to get some stolen vibranium from Ulysses Klaue
from way back, who still has that stolen vibranium. In the process he gets mad and lops off Klaue’s
arm, but Klaue later gets it replaced with a super high tech fake one. But more on that later. The Avengers show up to stop Ultron, but they’re
incapacitated by Wanda creating visions in their heads. Hulk also goes rogue and destroys some property
but Tony, in his newly designed Hulkbuster armor, stops him. The Avengers need time to recuperate after
this, so they go hide out at Hawkeye’s house, where it turns out he’s got a wife and kid. Thor’s still freaked out by what Scarlet
Witch showed him so he goes takes a magical bath and learns all about the Infinity Stones. Back at Hawkeye’s place Tony and Cap fight,
Nick Fury meets up with them, and Bruce Banner and Black Widow continue to have a bit of
a romance that is destined to fail cuz they’re both so damaged in different ways. Anyway in South Korea Ultron is building the
perfect vibranium body for himself with the Infinity Stone (mind stone) from Loki’s
scepter in it’s head. However, the twins find out Ultron is planning
on killing everyone in the world, not just Tony Stark, so they’re like well Tony Stark
is probably better than the entire world being destroyed. So they team up with the Avengers. The Avengers fight Ultron in South Korea and
manage to steal that perfect body he made. Stark and Banner try to put JARVIS into the
perfect body but all the other Avengers are like, hey you tried to do this before and
this happened, so maybe don’t? But they do it anyway, and with some lightning
from Thor’s hammer the body comes to life and becomes the Vision, who actually is a
good guy and is also kind of invincible. He proves his good intentions by lifting Thor’s
hammer. So Ultron’s big plan is to lift up Sokovia
and drop it like a meteor on to Earth, killing everyone. The Avengers show up and fight, with help
from War Machine who actually got the memo this time and Nick Fury in his helicarrier,
and they defeat Ultron in the end and save the day. Not without any repercussions though, Pietro
Maximoff dies saving Hawkeye. Also, a kid who was in Sokovia doing charity
work is killed in the battle, as is the family of Helmut Zemo, a Sokovian soldier and not
terribly nice guy. Zemo is so angry over the Avengers indirectly
killing his family that he starts planning on how to get revenge. He realizes he can’t defeat them directly,
cuz if a robot army couldn’t do that how is this sad strange little man gonna do it. He instead takes a page out of the Loki book
and decides to tear them apart from the inside. Also, Bruce Banner Hulks out and decides to
fly off in the Quinjet, which eventually ends up in space somehow. Eventually it crash lands on the planet of
Sakaar, a junk planet. Because being on a foreign planet is pretty
stressful, Banner stays in Hulk form. He’s found by Valkyrie, who remember is now
a drunk who scavenges stuff, and she brings him to the Grandmaster, this very weird eccentric
guy (whose brother is actually the Collector from earlier). He runs an arena gladiator fighting thing
on this planet and the Hulk becomes his number 1 champion. Over the next two years Hulk fights in the
arena, learns some basic speech, becomes closer to Valkyrie, and overall is really just loving
life. After all of this Thor is still weirded out
by his visions and goes off to look for the Infinity Stones. He goes around the universe for 2 years looking
for them, which for the record is a Marvel one-shot I would love to see, but is completely
unsuccessful. The Avengers back on Earth now set up base
in New York and move away from Avengers tower, with a big fancy new facility. Cap and Black Widow are going to train Scarlet
Witch, Falcon, War Machine, and Vision(?) to become real Avengers. Why the indestructible laser shooting hyper
intelligent robot who can lift Thor’s hammer needs training, I’m not entirely sure on. Tony’s also there, but he’s a little preoccupied
with the relationship problems he’s now having with Pepper. They end up taking a bit of a break. Meanwhile in space, Thanos is getting real
sick of everyone failing to get him his infinity stones, so he decides he’s gonna do it himself. And by that I mean he’s gonna wait three
years to do it. But he starts planning now, which involves
him getting a big ol glove called the Infinity Gauntlet that will let him hold the stones
once he finds them. Back on Earth, the SHIELD team gets to the
Inhuman camp and SHIELD wants to register all the Inhumans on a big list, so they’re
all accounted for or whatnot. Kind of like an Inhumans version of the Sokovia
Accords, which we’ll get to. However, the Inhumans at the camp predictably
don’t like this, and people start realizing that Jiaying is kind of evil, so a big fight
ensues. In the war which is really more of a battle
between SHIELD and the Inhumans that follows, Jiaying is killed and Coulson loses his arm. Also those Terrigen Inhuman making crystals
end up in the ocean and spread into pills and all sorts of stuff, so now Inhumans start
popping up more and more around the world. Also, May’s husband, Garner, he gets Inhumanified
and turns into this horrible monster, called Lash. Also Grant Ward wants to try to start up HYDRA
again, even though the Avengers just finished getting rid of it, so that’s a thing. Daisy also says goodbye to her dad, who wasn’t
such a bad guy after all, and he gets his memory erased and starts a new life. May decides to take a break from SHIELD and
Fitz and Simmons finally start dating. However, right as they’re getting going,
Simmons is in the same room as the Monolith, which SHIELD has now. In case you don’t remember, that’s the
portal through which you go to another terrible ugly planet where that original Inhuman monster
Hive lives, who was the inspiration for HYDRA. By the way, quick pause in the video here,
I really hope it doesn’t feel like I’m talking down to you people by saying, in case you
don’t remember and that sort of stuff a lot. I genuinely just wanna make this as not confusing
as possible, cuz especially for people who aren’t huge fans or haven’t watched all
of this already, I imagine all of this information is slightly hard to keep track of. So hey, just trying to help. Anyway, yeah, Simmons is sent to that place,
and meets that astronaut who was abandoned there a long time ago. They become friends and survive together. So after many years of service, Frank Castle
returns home to his family from the military and the shady Cerberus days and it’s super
nice and emotional. However, around this time, a guy in Cerberus
leaks what Cerberus was actually all about, including the video of that innocent guy being
shot, to this guy called David but nicknamed Micro. We’ll get back to that in a sec. Agent Orange frames Frank for doing this cuz
you know he’s not a big fan of Frank’s and so with the help of the Cerberus squad,
including Frank’s supposed best friend Billy Russo, he sets up a three way gun fight between
three gangs in a park to kill Frank and his family. Frank’s wife and children are brutally killed,
and Frank is shot in the head but survives. After this Frank is enraged and devastated
and so decides to take matters into his own hands. He uses his military training and pure anger
to hunt down and kill everyone in the gangs involved with his family’s death. He does this under the vigilante guise of
The Punisher. First he has to make a plan though, so that
takes a little time. Now Micro is a hacker and NSA analyst, who
used to help out Daisy when she was working as a hacker. So now he gets this info about Cerberus doing
illegal stuff and he starts leaking it, so Agent Orange tries to get him killed. His men shoot Micro and think the kill him,
but really the bullet hit his phone and so he survived. Cuz phones are bulletproof in this world! Micro then goes into hiding and pretends to
be dead, even from his wife and kids who he watches from security cameras. Scott Lang has finally finished serving his
time in prison for his crime that really wasn’t that bad and is released, going to stay with
his old cellmate and pal Luis. He wants to see his daughter but his wife
has moved on to another guy and so that’s difficult for him. He meets with Luis’ new friends Krut and
Dave, and tries to get a job at Baskin Robbins but Baskin Robbins always finds out. Darren Cross, Hank Pym’s old protege, is
now running Pym Tech with Hank’s daughter Hope while Hank is out in the world. Based on the old myths of Hank as the Ant-Man
Cross has developed his own version, called the Yellowjacket suit. Only this one is way deadlier and flies and
shoots lasers. Cross also plans to sell this tech to HYDRA
and the Ten Rings and just the worst people. Hank’s not happy about this and tries to
think of a plan to stop. He’s been aware of Scott Lang ever since
the very public Vista Corp job, and he thinks Scott could be a good candidate to take down
the Yellowjacket stuff before it gets into the wrong hands. Through a series of people Hank gives Scott
a tip about his mansion to rob (cuz he wants to see how good Scott really is), which Scott
eventually does, only to find the Ant-Man suit. He takes it, tries it on, and is terrified
by the experience. Hank is impressed with Scott’s skills, but
when Scott tries to return the suit he’s caught by the police. Hank helps break him out of jail and tells
him his predicament with Cross. Hope is not awfully happy with how things
are developing, as she wants to wear the Ant-Man suit and take down Cross. But Hank doesn’t let her because of how
her mother died all those years ago. So they train Scott until he becomes great
at the shrinky shrinky stuff. He even befriends an ant called ant-hony. Scott also starts to get romantically involved
with Hope, and Hank reveals how her mom died and she’s all oh I totally understand and
forgive you now dad even though really you could’ve told me this sooner, I’m an adult
you know. But yeah not they’re good now. Scott needs a device from an old Avengers
base to steal the yellowjacket suit, so he goes there only to discover that it’s been
renovated and is now that new Avengers base. He’s met by Falcon, who fights him and is
defeated, but also impressed by his abilities. Let’s just call it Scott’s good fortune
that it wasn’t Vision who was on patrol that day. Also by the way Cross is kinda going crazy
cuz Pym Particles messes with your brain. After all this, Scott goes in to steal the
Yellowjacket suit but gets caught, so him and Cross fight for a while from a briefcase
down to Scott’s daughter’s bedroom. To save his daughter and kill Cross, Scott
goes subatomic and saves the day, but is temporarily trapped in the Quantum Realm. However he manages to get out of it and all’s
good. After all this, Hank believes that Hope is
ready to become a hero too and gives her the Wasp armor. Scott goes back to his family and his daughter
and his wife and everyone’s happy. Now we’re gonna go back to the Moon real
quick, a place we haven’t been for a while, where the Goat Man Inhuman and potentially
the most unlikable character in this entire universe….Inhuman are arguing about this
American flag. I’m literally only mentioning this just
so you don’t totally forget that there’s this entire Inhuman civilization living on
the Moon. Back on Earth the Toomes Salvagin company
shows up in the area where Sokovia used to be and picks up some Ultron tech to sell,
and some of this ends up in the hands of HYDRA. HYDRA uses it to build a giant robot called
Ultimo, but the Avengers show up, at least those who are left, and defeat it. Now we’re gonna get into the Netflix world
for a while. First off, Jessica Jones gets a new job from
Joy Meachum, the sister of Ward Meachum, who’s running Rand Enterprises while being manipulated
by his dad, who’s being controlled by the Hand. I’ll give that a second to sink in. Anyway she gets Jessica to investigate the
people at Rand so she can blackmail them later on if need be. Also, Wilson Fisk is still *in the hizzy*
and by hizzy I mean jail. Because he’s such a big crime boss he starts
making connections there. Now Frank Castle has finally gotten all the
resources he needs to kill the gangs he thinks were solely responsible for his family’s
murder, so he starts going around doing that in the most brutal way possible, starting
with he Irish Mafia and a gang called the Dogs of Hell. This is all happening in or near Hell’s
Kitchen, and Matt Murdock starts noticing this stuff, so he starts investigating. Eventually as Daredevil (in a new and improved
suit by the way) he comes face to face with the Punisher, which ends with a bullet to
his face. Matt’s seriously injured but survives. Foggy and Matt keep fighting about the vigilante
stuff, while Castle keeps going around the city, killing pedofiles and such. Eventually Castle manages to kidnap Daredevil,
chaining him to a chimney, where they learn about each other’s pasts and ideologies. Castle tapes a gun to Daredevil’s hand,
pulls up a criminal, and tells him to either shoot the criminal or he’s gonna do it,
cuz Castle thinks not killing your enemies isn’t the way to go. Although I feel like a lot of the people Daredevil
has fought Daredevil did try to kill. Anyway, Daredevil breaks out and has to fight
through some angry bikers Castle unleashes on him. Later on Frank gets kidnapped by the Irish
who brutally torture him, but eventually he gets out with Daredevil’s help. He explains his situation and him and Daredevil
are cool now but then he’s arrested. Matt thinks the craziness is now over but
nope, just now Elektra shows up, his old girlfriend and ninja and potential secret weapon for
the hand. And she’s like hey let’s start fighting
crime together cuz I see you’re doing that now, and so they do. They fight the Yakuza mainly. Also Elektra makes Matt’s relationship with
Karen a little complicated. Over with Frank, he explains to Karen what
happened to his family and they bond and become besties. So Daredevil and Elektra are going around
fighting the Yakuza and ultimately come across this giant pit the Hand is digging in order
to get dragon bones and to become immortal, yeah that’s still going on. They’re attacked by Hand ninjas until Stick
shows up to save the day. Meanwhile on the lawyer side of things the
Punisher trial happens, and during that Frank is all I am the Punisher and then he gets
sent to jail where he meets Wilson Fisk. Fisk is like, Frank my biggest rival in this
prison helped to kill your family, take care of that for me, and Frank’s like *my pleasure*. So he does, but then Fisk double crosses him
and tries to have him killed, but Frank is just too good for that. So Fisk lets him go and the Punisher tells
Fisk he’ll kill him when he sees him again and so hey there’s your future season setup. Frank gets out of jail, and meanwhile Daredevil
fights Nobu again, this ninja he thought he’d killed before, who was brought back by the
Hand and also there are little kids being drained of their blood also for resurrection
purposes? Through some more shenanigans the Punisher
goes out to kill the guys involved with his family’s murder, him and Daredevil still have
conflicting ideologies, and The Punisher ends up killing his old marine buddy. Elektra and Stick have a falling out and so
Stick tries to have Elektra killed and she doesn’t like that so she tries to kill him. Daredevil saves the day and Stick’s kidnapped
by the Hand, so he goes and saves Stick but while he’s doing that Nobu reveals that
Elektra is a Black Sky and should be leading the Hand. She almost does but ends up joining Daredevil
instead and they fight the ninjas together, real the Last Jedi moment right there. After a hostage situation Daredevil and Elektra
go up against like an infinite supply of ninjas and Elektra ends up sacrificing herself for
Daredevil. The Punisher also shows up at the last minute
to give Daredevil an assist, which is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. Nobu is killed for real this time by Stick
and the good guys win…for now. Except the Hand takes Elektra’s body and
uses their dragon magic to bring her back to life so she can work for them. One of the five leaders of the Hand, the main
one, Alexandra, comes to oversee her resurrection. Foggy now works for Hogarth from Jessica Jones,
Matt reveals he’s Daredevil to Karen, and the Punisher goes off to kill everyone else
who was involved with his family’s murder. Micro also wants some answers about the whole
Cerberus thing and so goes into Frank’s house and puts the CD there with the video
of Castle’s unit in Afghanistan torturing and killing that innocent guy, which Frank
finds and takes with him. Tiny little break from the grounded stuff
here, a Witch, just straight up witch shows up in London and steals a magical artifact
called the Dark Scepter. However, Wong, Kaecilius, and more Masters
of the Mystic Arts show up and stop her. Little reminder that there’s magic in this
world. Back to the streets now, Luke Cage is working
at Pop’s barber shop. And again, I know people will disagree on
what year’s these Netflix shows in particular take place in, they are confusing, but based
on the research I did this seems to check out. Anyway, Luke also works at a bar and on one
evening because he’s such a player he starts flirting with detective Misty Knight. The club where Luke is working is also owned
by Cornell Stokes who is more commonly known as Cottonmouth and is a bigshot crime boss
now. His cousin Mariah is a city councilwoman and
is also pretty shady, just more lowkey than Cottonmouth. Cottonmouth’s trying to sell Hammer tech
from Justin Hammer for some good money but the operation goes wrong. Luke’s secret half brother Willis Stryker
is also involved here at the highest level, he’s a big criminal now. He’s now called Diamondback, and he’s
Cottonmouth’s boss basically, and so he sends in his buddy Shades to make sure everything’s
running smoothly. Pop and Cottonmouth are still cool cuz they
used to be friends back in the day but because the guy who caused the deal to go wrong is
involved with Pop, one of Cottonmouth’s goons goes against his orders and shoots up
the barbershop, killing Pop. Through this Luke and Cottonmouth start fighting
and Luke’s all like, I didn’t really care before but now you’re on my radar, so stop
doing illegal stuff and Cottonmouths like no, so Luke Cage starts messing up his operation. Luke also teams up with Claire Temple, Daredevil’s
old pal, to both fight crime and start a romance. Eventually Cottonmouth gets his hands on some
bullets that can actually penetrate Luke’s impenetrable skin. Before he can use them though, him and Mariah
end up having an argument and so she murders him with a mic stand and becomes the new big
crime boss with Shades’ help. Diamondback decides to team up with her, setting
out a plan, he’ll run the crime world in Harlem while Mariah does all the boring political
stuff. He also shoots Luke Cage twice with those
magic bullets and reveals that he’s his actual brother. Claire takes Luke to the doctor who originally
did the experiment on him and bathes him in acid or boiling water or something painful
and basically he’s restored to full strength. Meanwhile Diamondback and Mariah are running
like a smear campaign against Luke Cage to turn the people of Harlem against him. They do this through politics and super shock
gloves. Luke comes back and fights Diamondback and
the police. Eventually Diamondback shows up in a terrible
supersuit and him and Luke have a punch up. Luke wins in the end against Diamondback,
partly with the help of New York, Spider-Man style. Despite all his heroics and proving himself
a good guy to the police and the people of Harlem, Luke is sent back to prison cuz he’s
been discovered as Carl Lukas from back in the day, who if you’ll remember despite
being innocent broke out of prison and so still needs to serve his time. However, one of his barbershop friends has
a file that proves his innocence so he’s getting out soon. Also, Diamondback is taken in by that doctor
who did those experiments on Luke, so he’ll probably have some modifications the next
time we see him. Claire is a little bummed that Luke is in
jail and they can’t get a cup of coffee for a while, but she keeps herself occupied
but starting martial arts training with help from Colleen Wing, that martial artist who’s
technically part of the Hand but doesn’t really know that the Hand is evil. A bunch of little stuff happens here now. Firstly, that kid who Iron Man saved a while
back, Peter Parker, he gets bitten by a radioactive spider, which gives him special abilities
like super strength, the ability to climb up walls, and having a dead uncle. Because he’s a genius kid he also designs
web shooters that shoot super strong webs. Because he’s a good kid he realizes that
if he doesn’t help people using his new powers, he’s responsible for when bad stuff
happens. So he designs a pajama looking costume, takes
on the name Spider-Man, and starts fighting little crimes in Queens. With the Masters of the Mystic Arts, The Ancient
One and Mordo fight and defeat a group called The Dragon Raiders, just FYI. Also, Falcon is still pretty impressed by
that Ant-Man guy he saw a while back and he think he could be a valuable asset to the
team. So he finds a way to get in touch with him
through Luis, about potentially joining the Avengers. Scott’s like well….I kinda wanna stay
with my daughter right now, but if you really need me, yeah just give me a call. We haven’t heard about the SHIELD team in
a while, but they’re still doing stuff. Remember how May’s husband Andrew turned
into an Inhuman called Lash? Well he did, and he’s now a giant Inhuman
monster whose sole purpose really is to hunt other Inhumans. With tons of new Inhumans popping up around
the world now SHIELD’s main mission objective right now is protecting Inhumans and training
them. This is made harder cuz the government creates
a group called the ATCU which is designed to track down superpowered people like Inhumans
and take them in. Basically they’re designed to replace SHIELD
now that SHIELD has had to go underground. The head of the ATCU is that guy Malick, who
once more is a big secret HYDRA guy, cuz if you thought we were done with HYDRA yet you
were sorely mistaken. The reason this ATCU exists is so HYDRA can
get a hold of all of the Inhumans and then use them, you guessed it, to make a super
soldier army, cuz I’m not kidding, that’s seriously 99% of HYDRA’s plans. So SHIELD and the ATCU are fighting, Fitz
is trying to get Simmons off that alien planet which he eventually does, and Ward is still
trying to rebuild HYDRA and he gets Baron von Strucker’s way less cool son Werner
to join him. In a nutshell the main thing is SHIELD is
trying to start up a team of Inhumans while Lash the Inhuman-hunting monster is out there
going after them. Think of Lash as like a less strong or cool
version of the Hulk, he changes into this monster at different times. 2016
Coulson is also getting pretty close to the a higher up at the ATCU who isn’t actually
evil but then Ward shoots her in the throat so Coulson’s like maaaaan I’m totally
gonna have to crush your chest later. HYDRA also wants to get to the Maveth cuz
they wanna bring that Inhuman back cuz they think it’ll be like a big secret weapon
for them. So Ward, Fitz, and Coulson end up on that
alien planet and Coulson’s like man I told you Ward and he crushes Ward’s chest with
his robot hand and goes back to Earth. You think that’s the end of Ward but then
the super powerful tentacle Inhuman, Hive, possesses Ward’s corpse and makes its way
back to earth. Hive is now leading HYDRA through Ward’s
body and he’s absorbing people for strength and you know, typical evil villain stuff. So Danny Rand is still in K’un Lun, now
guarding the pass cuz he’s the Iron Fist and that’s what the Iron Fist does. However he starts missing home and gets bored
cuz he’s kind of a spoiled brat and also a thundering dumbass, so he just straight
up runs away when the pass is open and decides to go back to New York to take back his company,
cuz that’s how he thinks it works. It doesn’t work though cuz his old friends
Joy and Ward Meachum, different Ward, just go with it, think he’s a crazy homeless
person. Understandably. Ward is still running the company with help
from his fake-dead dad Harold, who’s still being controlled by the Hand, which he’s
starting to get kinda sick of. Danny becomes friends with Colleen Wing, that
martial arts girl (at the dojo he also meets Claire Temple) but then is put in a mental
institution. He breaks out though with the power of the
Iron Fist, starts getting kinda romantic with Colleen, and proves to his friends that it
is actually him. He gets his company back with the help of
Jeri Hogarth, from Jessica Jones’ adventures. He kinda sucks at business though cuz he’s
been living in a monk city in another dimension the past decade. He ends up meeting Harold, who’s like hey
we should work together cuz I’m kinda sick of the Hand controlling me so can you go kill
them all and Danny’s like yea that’s my main purpose in life, I hate the Hand, so
I can totally do that. Madame Gao of the Hand is still selling heroin
and Danny’s not happy about that, so he ends up meeting her and agreeing to a series
of challenges. The loser has to get out of of the city. Danny wins but Madame Gao breaks the promise,
plus she’s got ancient society superpowers so there’s not much he can do about it. Danny keeps constantly sucking at running
his company so he’s voted out by the board along with the Meachums. Ward’s also super pissed at his dad Harold
cuz he took all his money so he kills Harold, but Harold comes back thanks to the Hand. Danny, Colleen and Claire go to China and
take Madame Gao. Harold is like hey Ward you killed me so I’m
gonna frame you for drug possession, and so Ward gets locked up in the mental institute. Harold now gets Joy to be his new number 2. Danny also meets Bakuto, Colleen’s old teacher,
who is secretly also one of the 5 leaders of the Hand. Danny finds out about this and isn’t a fan. Now this guy called Davos is Danny’s old
friend from Kun Lun. He shows up to help Danny and Colleen joins
him too, seeing that the Hand probably isn’t that good in the end. After helping Davos is like hey, the path
to Kun lun is open right now and you’re supposed to be protecting it, what the hell
man, and Danny’s like wellll you know it was boring. Danny then decides to team up with Harold
and Joy to take down the Hand and Bakuto, but Bakuto is now working with Ward and long
story short Bakuto is defeated but runs away, Davos is mad at Danny but they work it out,
kind of. Danny then gets framed from drug stuff and
goes on the run, Harold is the bad guy in the end and tries to take over the company
again. Danny and Ward in a big final battle team
up, kill Harold and burn his corpse so he won’t come back to life. Now Ward is running the company, and Davos
teams up with Joy and maybe Madame Gao to kill Danny down the line. The Hand then sends a team led by Elektra
to Kun Lun which has again no Iron Fist protecting it. They kill a bunch of monks there, it’s pretty
brutal. The entrance is then closed for safety, so
no one knows when it’ll open again. Danny goes back to check out the pass to Kun
Lun and finds Kun Lun gone and somewhat bloody, and he realizes he probably should’ve stayed
to protect it. Also Luke Cage sends Claire a letter from
prison cuz they’re kind of a thing now. Over in Kamar-Taj, at this point, Kaecilius
is starting getting kinda psised with the Ancient One cuz he feels like his training
isn’t giving him what he wants, and he starts having some friction with most of the Masters
there. He also finds out that the Ancient One is
drawing power from the Dark Dimension, which he thinks is pretty hypocritical, cuz he wants
to use the Dark Dimension to see his dead family again and to grant immortality but
the Ancient One told him no. So he tells a bunch of people that the Ancient
One is withholding info and that they should bring Dormammu to Earth to engulf it in eternity
or whatnot, and a group forms to rise up against the Ancient One. They break into the library in Kamar-Taj and
steal some pages from the Ancient One’s book about the Dark Dimension. The Ancient One tries to stop them but they
get away in the end. At one point around here as well, the SHIELD
team goes to Mexico and meet this Inhuman called Yi Yo who has super speed who eventually
joins their ranks and starts becoming romantically involved with Mack. Also Bobby and Hunter leave the team cuz they
were supposed to have a spinoff show but that didn’t happen. Some more adventures ensue, SHIELD now has
an Inhuman team, but Hive the Inhuman HYDRA god basically takes control of Daisy’s mind
cuz he can do that and turns her against the team. She also has a vision of the future where
one of them dies. Another important detail, there’s this group
called the Watch Dogs which is basically Inhuman racist who are going around killing Inhumans. Hive’s big plan by the way is to make every
human in the world an Inhuman, so he goes and gets Dr Radcliffe, a scientist who he
thinks can help him recreate the original Kree experiment that made Inhumans in the
first place. He realizes he needs actual Kree blood to
do it so he sends a signal to the Kree to get some to come down, and they do. In the fight that ensues they’re both taken
out and made useless. However, some Kree blood in Daisy is used,
from when she was saved with that original Kree corpse, long story doesn’t really matter. The experiments go half right, as in it turns
people into these gross disfigured mindless things. Meanwhile, Scott Lang after his success with
the Cross job is still training as Ant-Man with Hank and Hope, and at some point here
he upgrades his suit and tests out new tech that allows him to become giant. He tries it once and passes out, but hey it
works. Peter is continuing to Spider-Man around his
city, at one point stopping a car crash and getting caught on camera. The footage is uploaded to YouTube and catches
the eye of Tony Stark, who keeps it in his watch later until he really needs it. He’s got bigger stuff to think about right
now, cuz right around this point people are starting to take more notice of how much damage
these superheroes have caused to the world in their superheroing. The guy who’s all over this is General Ross
from the Hulk days. He meets with the President and is appointed
Secretary of State, and they start talking about how they can keep this stuff more in
check. They start to from the ideas for the Sokovia
Accords, basically a way of regulating superheroes with more oversight by forcing them to register
with the government. While all this is happening, Frank Castle
continues his killing spree of people who were involved with his family’s murder,
going from truck murder to sniper murder to bathroom murder, eventually getting what he
thinks is all of them. He then decides to move on with his life,
cuz hey the whole point of the Punisher is to avenge his family, so that’s done now. That he knows of…. Also after Elektra’s death Matt has stopped
being Daredevil for a few months now, cuz he’s just too sad. Things aren’t all bad though, Foggy Nelson
gets some help from that guy from the barbershop and clears Luke Cage’s name and Luke gets
out of prison. Luke meets up with Claire and they get that
coffee they’d wanted. Jessica Jones comes across Elektra during
one of her cases, who’s still doing whatever the Hand wants. Remember, Hand objective: dragon bones, under
New York, immortality. The only problem is those dragon bones are
essential foundations for the city, so the removal of them is causing serious earthquakes
and could eventually lead to the whole city collapsing. The Hand is also hiring a bunch of Harlem
kids to help them kill and or clean up the messes left by their enemies. Luke Cage hears about this and he’s like
I gotta protect the people of Harlem, and Danny Rand hears about this and he’s like
I gotta take out the Hand, so this leads to them crossing paths and having a bit of a
fight. However they become friends because of their
mutual friend Claire. Through fortuitous circumstances, Jessica
is tracking a guy connected to the Hand and Matt Murdock ends up being her lawyer and
also gets interested in the case, so all 4 of them end up at the Hand’s building and
start fighting their ninjas. Elektra is sent in to Daredevil’s surprise
but doesn’t remember him, remind you of anyone (bucky), but they manage to get out
of there and go hideout at a Chinese restaurant where they become more acquainted. Stick gets kidnapped by the Hand but gets
out of there by cutting off his own hand, get it, and goes to talk to the team. Alexandra and the Hand follow him. You see, Alexandra (and the Hand as a whole)
needs Iron Fist alive cuz his iron fist is the key to opening the gate to those sweet
dragon bones. A fight happens, Elektra starts to remember
who she is, ahem (bucky) and the Defender’s get their hands on one of the Hand’s main
leaders. Also yeah, their superhero team name is the
Defenders. This guy’s not of much help though and so
Stick cuts his head off. The Hand’s not very happy about this cuz
they’re running out of their immortality juice. The Defenders start arguing though cuz they’re
like if the Hand need you Iron Fist, we should probably hide you away and Danny does what
he does best and is a whiny baby about the situation. So they all punch him for a while and then
tie him up. However, Stick in typical Stick fashion thinks
Danny might end the world so I’m gonna kill him, but Elektra shows up and kills Stick
and takes the Iron Fist to the Hand. She also kills Alexandra, cuz she wants to
be in charge, I guess. Daredevil and Jessica Jones find out more
about that hole Daredevil found a while back where the Hand’s digging for dragon bones. After a little fight with the police the Defender’s
minus Danny fight the Hand, plus they’ve got Colleen’s help. Danny accidentally opens the gate to the dragon
bones cuz of course he does, and now the Defender’s are fighting the Hand and Elektra, while they’re
also trying to blow up the building so the Hand can’t destroy New york. Bakuto is killed, Misty Knight loses an arm,
and the Defender’s win and get out of there, but Daredevil stays back to talk to Bucky
I mean Elektra. He gets through to her, the building collapses
on them as they’re kissing, and then he’s saved by some nuns….I think. Look, the day is saved, and Matt doesn’t
actually die. Thank god. Now it’s time to introduce another very
important character, yay! Stephen Strange is an amazing surgeon but
he’s also super arrogant and kind of a dick to his ex-girlfriend who also works with him
called Rachel McAdams. One day he’s driving and texting and he
crashes his car, crushing his amazing surgeon hands. He hates his life cuz he can’t be an awesome
surgeon anymore and he’s somehow even more awful to his ex than usual, really his life
is just falling apart. He starts trying to find ways to heal himself,
however ridiculous. Eventually he comes across Jonathan Pangborn,
the guy who trained with the Ancient One and was cured, so Strange heads to Kamar Taj. When he gets there, Mordo (one of the Masters)
takes him to the Ancient One, who shows him all of the crazy alternate dimensions there
are, or at least the trippiest ones. He’s like help me learn and she’s like
no you’re gross and sad and a terrible person, but then he pleads and stays at her door and
so she reluctantly changes her mind. So Strange starts learning how to control
the Mystic Arts and other dimensions and make hologram shields and whatnot with the help
of Mordor, the Ancient One, and the bookkeeper Wong, whom he befriends. He learns about the different Sanctums and
how they protect the world, and trains for several months. Along the way he also stumbles upon the Time
Stone sitting in that handy necklace the Eye of Agamotto, and he discovers how to bend
time with it. Mordo and Wong are like dude don’t do that,
you could get stuck in a time loop….hmmmmmmm. Anyway at one point he gets dumped on Mt Everest
for his training, look while all this other stuff is happening, just remember Stephen
Strange is getting great at magic this whole time. So Cap and the New Avengers are all trained
up and going on missions. They’re also still looking for Bucky. They hear about an ex HYDRA agent in Lagos
and think it might finally be Bucky, but as they get there they realize it’s actually
Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones, who unbeknownst to them is planning on suicide blowing up
himself and Captain America. After a fight he tries this, but Scarlet Witch
stops him. In the process though, she blows up a bunch
of people in a building, which is the last straw needed for the Sokovia Accords to be
pushed through. Some of those killed are relief workers from
Wakanda, which draws King T’Chaka and his son Prince T’Challa into the mix. Meanwhile Tony’s off giving some motivation
at MIT when he’s confronted by the mom of one of those people killed in Sokovia who’s
like while you were making jokes and putting people in bathtubs my son died, so Tony’s
pretty bummed out by this and this helps him agree with the Sokovia Accords and try to
push them through. King T’Chaka of Wakanda also supports the
accords cuz Wakandans were killed. General Ross shows up and tells the Avengers
that the UN has decided they need to have oversight with these Accords, which some of
them are all for and some, including Captain America, are all against. They’re arguing but Cap gets the message
that Peggy Carter has died in her sleep, which doesn’t help the situation. Also reminder that Tony’s still on a break
with Pepper, which has left him pretty emotionally unhappy. While all of this is happening, Zemo that
guy whose family died in Sokovia, realizes the Winter Soldier is the key to tearing the
Avengers apart. So he finds an old HYDRA officer and steals
the key to reactivating Bucky’s mind control and eventually gets his hands on a video tape
of Bucky killing Tony’s parents. These are all the perfect ingredients for
some Civil War. Steve goes to Peggy’s funeral and finds
out this girl who he really has 0 chemistry with is her niece, go figure. The Avengers then head to Vienna where the
Accords are being signed. Here Prince T’Challa meets and becomes friends
with Black Widow. However, Zemo’s plan continues as he blows
up the meeting, pretending to be Bucky while doing it. T’Chaka is killed, and this sends T’Challa
on an angry hunt for Bucky, who is currently still living peacefully in Bucharest. Peter Parker also sees the bombing on the
news, and he’s all like man I hope I don’t get dragged into that in the very near future. Also at the bombing there’s this journalist
called Jeffrey Mace, who’s trying to hide but trips, and so in a picture looks like
he’s saving people. So he becomes known as a hero and the government
starts giving him super strength drugs cuz of course they do. Eventually he’s promoted to be the new head
of SHIELD. Cap finds Bucky in Bucharest trying to tell
him that everyone’s after him now cuz he’s been framed when the police show up to take
him in. A big chase ensues where T’Challa dons the
Black Panther suit as the mantle’s now been passed down to him, to try and kill Bucky. Cap, Falcon, Bucky, and T’Challa are caught
and taken to a facility where their stuff is taken away. They’re scolded for a bit and meet Everett
Ross, this government dude. That’s more or less his character for now. Tony and Steve talk things out but it goes
nowhere, and Zemo gets into the facility pretending to be a psychiatrist and gets the Winter Soldier
under his control. A big fight ensues involving a bunch of Avengers,
which culminates in Zemo escaping and Cap and Falcon running off with Bucky. Bucky reveals that there are 5 other Winter
Soldiers in cryofreeze in Siberia and that Zemo is probably planning on reactivating
them to take over the world. In reality, Zemo goes to Siberia to lure Cap
Bucky and Iron man there, in order to show how Bucky killed Tony’s parents so they’ll
kill each other. He has no use for the winter soldiers and
so he shoots all of them. So the government tells Tony to go get Cap
and Bucky back, and Cap needs a superhero team in order to get to Siberia. So he, Falcon and Bucky get their stuff back,
Cap calls in Hawkeye, who helps get Scarlet Witch on their team after a brief confrontation
with Vision which really should’ve ended with Hawkeye being incinerated, and Falcon
recommends Ant-Man. Tony also has a pretty good team with Rhodey,
Black Widow, T’Challa, but he doesn’t think it’s quite enough. He believes that that Spider-Man vigilante
he saw on YouTube could be of help, so he figures out it’s actually Peter Parker and
goes to recruit him, which works. You know, instead of going for the well known
vigilantes that work very close by, he goes for the 15 year old kid. Happy’s sent to pick up Peter and take him
to Germany and Peter decides to vlog the whole thing. Tony also gives him a way upgraded Spider-Man
suit to use. Cap and his team are in an airport in Germany
to get to Siberia and so Tony’s team shows up to stop them. There’s a huge battle, and with the help
of a distraction from Giant Man Cap and Bucky get away. Black Widow also helps them cuz she owes Cap
a favor. While trying to stop them Vision accidentally
disables Rhodey’s War Machine armor, causing him to plummet to the ground and become paralysed. Tony’s like what the hell man how is this
possible and Vision’s like I don’t know. The rest of Cap’s team is arrested and sent
to this superpowered prison called the Raft, and Peter is sent on his way home, still super
excited about the experience. However Tony soon realizes he’s made a terrible
mistake after he discovers evidence that Cap was actually telling the truth about Bucky
being innocent, so he heads off to help them in Siberia, followed closely by Black Panther
who still wants some Bucky revenge. They all get there, Zemo reveals his evil
plan which makes T’Challa realize Bucky’s innocent, and then shows Tony the video of
his parents being murdered by Bucky. Blinded by rage a fight breaks out in which
Bucky loses his metal arm, and ultimately ends with Cap winning. Tony yells that Cap doesn’t deserve his
shield and Cap, being just the best human being, is like yeah you’re probably right. Outside, T’Challa finds Zemo and decides
not to be vengeful anymore and stops him from killing himself. He meets Bucky and Cap and is like, hey sorry
for trying to kill you so many times even though you were framed, how about you come
stay in Wakanda where my sister Shuri can get rid of your mind control and probably
give you a new arm. Bucky’s like yeah that sounds good, first
we just gotta go break our friends out of jail, which him and Cap do. Zemo is taken in and teased by Everett Ross,
Rhodey gets new robot legs to help him walk, and Cap sends Tony a letter apologizing along
with a phone for him to call if he ever needs help. Then he goes off to Wakanda where Bucky is
taken care of by the Wakandan doctors and their incredibly advanced tech. Tony also accompanies Peter back to Queens
where he lets him keep the new suit, cuz that seems safe. Peter can’t wait for his next superhero mission
with the Avengers with his new awesome tech, but nothing happens for like 2 months. In that time he keeps helping the local people
as Spidey. Hawkeye goes back to his farm, Scott Lang
goes back to his daughter, and Wanda starts living with Vision in Europe. The Avengers are pretty broken up. Cap, Falcon, and Black Widow team up again
cuz it worked pretty well last time and go incognito to keep fighting crime around the
world. This includes stuff like stopping Chitauri
tech from being dealt around. Cap grows a beard to avoid suspicion, Black
Widow dies her hair blonde, and Falcon does…nothing. Ok, I know it can be weird slingshotting around
these different storylines so much, but bear with me cuz we’re going back to SHIELD. Lash the Inhuman hunter is now working with
SHIELD, long story, and is sent to kill Hive, Inhuman HYDRA monster. He gets Daisy free but also dies in the process. Malick dies at some point here by the way. Hive’s big Amazing Spider-Man-esque plan
of putting a gas that’ll turn everyone into Inhumans into a warhead and launch it from
space is going very smoothly. Lincoln gets on the ship with him and the
warhead and sends it far up into space where they’ll both die, but on the plus side no
one on Earth will be hurt. So it was Lincoln in that vision who dies. Him and Hive have a heart to heart and then
the ship explodes, killing both of them. Daisy’s pretty upset cuz her and Lincoln
were starting to really be a thing, so she decides to go rogue and become a vigilante
known as Quake, helping out Inhumans against people like the Watchdogs. So after his adventures with the Avengers,
T’Challa is going back to Wakanda to become King as his dad’s dead. On the way he picks up his ex girlfriend Nakia
from an undercover mission so she can be there for his coronation. *don’t freeze* Spoilers, he freezes. At T’Challa’s coronation M’Baku of the
Jabari tribe (those guys who live in the mountains away from the rest of the population) tries
to challenge his right to the throne but T’Challa defeats him and spares his life. Meanwhile Erik Killmonger who’s name is really
Stevens but I’m calling him Killmonger has put into effect his plan for killing T’Challa,
taking the throne of Wakanda and serving some very very harsh justice on to the world. He teams up with Ulysses Klaue from earlier
with his new fancy hand who has no problem going against Wakanda. They steal a Wakandan artifact together. T’Challa’s friend W’Kabi is like hey
Klaue has been a pain in the ass for a really long time, let’s go take him in, so T’Challa,
Nakia, and Okoye, the leader of Wakanda’s warrior group the Dora Milaje, go to South
Korea. Kalue is selling the artifact to Everett Ross,
that CIA guy from earlier, and a big fight breaks out in which Klaue is captured. Killmonger breaks him out and Ross is severely
injured saving Nakia. T’Challa brings Ross back to Wakanda where
Shuri, his little sister, tech genius, and walking meme dispenser, saves his life with
the advanced Wakandan tech. Killmonger’s plan continues as he kills
Klaue in order to get into Wakanda, where he reveals he’s got a claim to the throne,
as he’s T’Challa’s cousin. He challenges T’Challa in combat, kills
Zuri, and beats T’Challa, throwing him off a waterfall. T’Challa is found and saved by the Jabari
tribe and M’Baku, who kinda owe him one. Killmonger becomes King, and gets the powers
of the Black Panther from the Heart Shaped Herb before demanding the rest of it be burned. Nakia saves one first and her and a team head
to the Jabari tribe where they give the herb to T’Challa so he’s back to full strength. He has his upgraded suit that Shuri designed
for him and goes to face Killmonger, who uses the full force of the Wakandan army against
him, except the Dora Milaje. In the big battle that follows Killmonger
gets his own Black Panther suit and there’s a big tangle, Ross and M’Baku help T’Challa,
and eventually Killmonger is defeated and chooses to die rather than be a prisoner. T’Challa realsies Killmonger did make some
good points though about Wakandan resources and so decides to reveal Wakanda to the world
at the UN, while also setting up an outreach center to be lead by Nakia and Shuri. Also friendly reminder that Bucky is still
in Wakanda and feeling much better thanks to Shuri, he’s now known as The White Wolf. Ok so now this is gonna be great, but let’s
go away from Earth and not to Thanos or the Guardians or Thor, but to the Moon, where
a whole society of Inhumans are. They’re in this awful system where there’s
the royal family, led by Black Bolt, whose voice is super powerful so he can’t talk. He sees that there are more Inhumans popping
up on Earth after the terrigen crystal is being spread around so he’s like we should
check that out. Now very long and boring and poorly acted
story short, Black Bolt has a brother called Ramsay Maximus who was always unhappy cuz
he didn’t get any Inhuman powers, so he stages a coup to be the true ruler of Attilan
(their moon city). This ends with Black Bolt and the royal family
being sent to Earth, where they have crazy adventures involving falling in love with
humans, fighting drug dealers, trying on outfits, etc. They eventually make it back to the moon and
defeat Maximus. However his evil plan involved destroying
the entire city of Attilan so Black Bolt uses his power for the third and only cool time
in the entire show to trap Maximus there and then moves all of the Inhumans to Earth, where
they will carry on as a happier society that I imagine we’ll never see again. And yes, I did watch the entire show, I just
wanted to spare you all of the details. Alright, now listen. This is where another big point of contention
will be, and people will get mad at me for this, but don’t get mad at me, get mad at
Marvel. Alright? Actually don’t get mad at them either, it’s
not that big of a deal. This is the only way I can do this. It’s been pretty much confirmed that the
Avengers takes place in 2012 and Civil War takes place in 2016. Homecoming takes place a few months after
Civil War, great. But that’s apparently also 8 years after
the Avengers because for some reason Marvel put this title card in Spider-Man Homecoming. On top of that, Vision says in Civil War that
Iron Man revealed himself to the world 8 years ago, putting Iron Man in 2008, but it’s
also 6 months before Iron Man 2, which is set in 2010. Why do you do this to me Marvel? *baby driver which one is it* So yes, this
timeline isn’t perfect. It literally couldn’t be. But I’m just gonna go off of the thing that
makes the most sense relatively here, so I’m saying Homecoming is set in 2016 a few months
after Civil War. So Peter is back to school with his buddy
Ned and is still waiting for a call to be an Avenger. Currently he’s just helping people on the
streets with his new suit. He’s having usual high school struggles
with trying to be cool and getting girls to go with you to prom and having your best friend
find out you’re a superhero…you know typical teen stuff, but he’s also starting to come
into contact with criminals more and more who are getting their weapons from Adrian
Toomes aka the Vulture, who’s still salvaging that stuff from Avengers battles and selling
it. At one point the Vulture tries to kill him
when he’s messing up his operation and Tony has to save Peter, telling him to stop going
after this guy. Tony’s got enough to worry about as it is
what with the Avengers still being broken up. Peter doesn’t really listen though, and
so Ned helps unlock the full powers of Spidey’s suit by hacking it. Spidey’s investigations end up leading him
to Washington DC with his decathlon team where a piece of tech that he found while looking
into Toomes turns out to be a Chitauri bomb and it goes off with his friends in the Washington
Monument. One of his friends there is a girl he has
a crush on, who is actually Adrian Toomes’ daughter, Liz. What are the odds. He saves the team’s lives and heads back
to New York, where with the help of this criminal Aaron Davis who he helped a while back, he
finds out where Toomes is doing his next deal. It’s on a ferry, and he almost saves the
day but things go horribly wrong and the ferry is shot down the middle and almost sinks. One of Toomes’ business partners is also
injured. Iron Man sees this happening and shows up
to save the day just in time, and he’s like well you messed up big time kid, give me the
suit back forever. Peter’s pretty sad about this but goes back
to being a normal teen, even asking Liz out to homecoming. On homecoming night though he finds out that
Toomes is her dad and realizes he has to save the day without his cool suit. Toomes also figures out that Peter is Spidey,
in the most intimidating Michael Keaton way possible. Toomes’ big ultimate plan is to hijack a
plane full of old Avengers tech so he can sell it all, make a fortune, and retire. With the help of Ned, his old homemade suit,
his bully’s car, and the power of believing in yourself, Spidey manages to catch up to
him and eventually stop him. He does the right thing and saves Toomes’
life, who ends up in jail. Because of this, and Toomes being a relatively
reasonable guy, he doesn’t give up Peter’s identity to a fellow convict. Liz moves away, Peter continues life and becomes
better friends with a girl called MJ….ehhh? And Tony being the terrible father figure
that he is, is like this was all part of a big plan of mine, you wanna be an Avenger
full time? Peter does the right thing and says no. Tony’s surprised but he’s not too upset
cuz he’s gotten back with Pepper after presumably a lot of long talks and maybe proposes to
her? Peter decides to keep helping his local community
and unfortunately his Aunt May discovers that he’s really Spider-Man. Ah well. 2017
Alright so Stephen Strange is finishing his training, and yeah he’s gotten pretty solid
at mastering the mystic arts. Meanwhile Kaecilius is still trying to figure
out how to get Dormammu to come over from the Dark Dimension to engulf everything. He breaks into one of the Sanctums and the
Masters of the Mystic Arts have a fight with him, with Strange getting some help from the
Cloak of Levitation. Kaecilius reveals that The Ancient One has
been drawing power from the Dark Dimension, and then after another fight he kills her. Mordo’s pretty unhappy that the Ancient
One had been lying for a while, but he stills helps fight against Kaecilius. Kaecilius goes to the Hong Kong sanctum, kills
Wong, and unleashes Dormammu to destroy the world. Strange uses the nifty Time Stone to bring
Wong back to life and goes into the Dark Dimension, where he faces Dormammu. He introduces Dormammu to the concept time,
creates a fun new catch phrase, and traps him in a time loop until Dormammu agrees to
leave. Dormammu hates the time loop and is like yeah
alright I’m out of here. He also takes Kaecilius and his minions away
with him. After the Ancient One and the time messing
Mordo is pretty upset cuz no one will follow the rules anymore, and so leaves the group
to pursue other stuff. He believes there are too many sorcerers in
the world and is gonna go around cleaning them up, starting with that guy Pangborn. So yeah, he’s a villain now. Strange goes back to the New York Sanctum
to keep protecting the world and keep an eye out for other worldly threats. So now over to Frank Castle, who, having finished
his Punishing days, is trying to live a normal life hammering a building all day. He comes out of the shadows a bit to kill
some guys and gangsters who go after a nice guy at his job. He’s also still friends with his old war
buddy Curtis, and homeland agent Madina is investigating him, cuz she thinks he might
have something to do with her old partner’s death, which he most certainly did. Frank watches the CD Micro left at his house
of him killing the dude. Madani wants that video back and so she talks
to Castle’s old army buddy/secret backstabbing bastard Billy Russo, and they start a romantic
relationship oh man that is not YouTube friendly. Frank gets help from his old buddy Karen Page
to track down Micro, along the way killing Madani’s boss. Frank’s not very nice to Micro when he finds
him but soon they become friends and share info on their pasts, Micro with the video
sharing and getting shot and going undercover, and Frank with his time in team Cerberus doing
questionable stuff. They agree to team up to take out the people
behind Cerberus, cuz they’re pretty scummy guys, and at some point here Castle also finds
out they were involved with his family’s death as well, so looks like there are still
people out there who need punishing. Also everyone thinks Castle is dead, just
so you know. Madani starts working with a cool dude called
Sam Stein, and Frank figures out that it’s that guy called Agent Orange who was in charge
of Cerberus who he really needs to take out. Russo is still secretly working for Agent
Orange but pretends to be Frank’s friend. Frank is like hey Cerberus was pretty messed
up and also a front for a drug operation and I’m gonna kill everyone involved, and Russo’s
like ehh don’t worry about it. A bunch of stuff happens, there’s a BDSM
general, Frank becomes close with Micro’s wife and kids while Micro watches which is….weird,
Russo kills Stein, dammit I loved Stein, there’s a former war vet who’s building bombs and
all that kinda stuff, Madani figures out Russoe is a bad guy, look it’s a whole thing. By the end, Frank murders a bunch of Russo’s
men, and Russo kidnaps Micro’s family. Frank, now knowing Russo is a bad guy a little
too late, ends up in Russo’s hands. He’s tortured for a bit by Russo and then
tortured for a bit by Agent Orange until Russo is like we were buddies I don’t want you
to get tortured this much. So he helps Frank kill Agent Orange and runs
away. Him and Russo have their finals showdown at
night on the carousel where Frank’s family was killed. Russo first shoots Madani in the head although
she survives, starting to think there’s something with this carousel and magic healing
head injuries, then Frank beats him up for a bit and decides not to kill him but instead
disfigure his beautiful Prince Caspian face by rubbing it against some broken glass. Brutal. Frank is allowed to go free, somehow, Russo
is convicted for his terrible crimes, and Micro gets to go back to his family. Yay, happy ending. Ok, now look, while all of this is happening
there is a totally unrelated story about teenagers with superpowers and their parents being in
a weird magic cult. It’s totally not connected to anything so
I’m sorry to die hard Runaways fans I’m really gonna go over this quickly. There’s this group of teenage friends called
Alex, Nico, Karolina, Gert, Chase, and Molly who have fallen out since Nico’s sister
died. Their parents are all part of this group called
Pride, which is a front for a cult that worships this being called Jonah. He has powers and assembles these kids’
parents to help him stay alive for as long as possible, cuz in the MCU a villain is either
trying to destroy a planet, create an army of super soldiers, or stay alive for a really
long time. This is done by sacrificing a young person
to give Jonah energy. Jonah’s ultimate plan is to dig really deep
under the city to get some special rocks that’ll give him powers. Sound familiar? And he’s getting these kids; parents to
help him. Also Jonah is Karolina’s dad so she has
powers, and Molly has super strength cuz she was near some special rocks when her parents
died in an explosion. The kids find out their parents are in a weird
cult and start to fight against them using their gifts and tech they find. Along the way romances and teen drama develop,
as well as some adultery drama with the parents, which all culminates in a final battle between
the parents and the kids. The kids manage to stop Jonah from drilling
under the city and causing the whole thing to collapse. In the end the kids run away, oh also there’s
a dinosaur, the parents are torn apart and Jonah is still out there being a evil. Boom, done. So now the SHIELD team are still looking for
Daisy who’s going off being a superhero vigilante, fighting the Watchdogs and looking out for
Inhumans, albeit interesting and likable ones. Yo Yo even encounters her while fighting some
Watchdogs members herself after signing the Sokovia Accords (Slingshot). They also start hearing more about the Ghost
Rider, that superpowered vigilante from before, who’s going around doing a similar thing as
the Punisher. Also the SHIELD team and Daisy start investigating
the Bauers, who if you don’t remember, they’re those ghosts who can make you crazy by touching
you. Daisy decides to team up with Ghost Rider
to fight these ghosts, cuz guess what Ghost Rider can kill ghosts. Crazy I know. All while this is happening, Dr Radcliffe
is tagging along with the SHIELD people and is secretly building a very life like AI robot
lady called Aida, not creepy at all. After some convincing he gets Fitz to help
him with Aida. So ghostbusting is going on but the team soon
discovers that Ghost Rider’s uncle really is the bad guy in this situation, so they
fight him for a bit including getting trapped in this like middle dimension. SHIELD gets their hands on the Darkhold, that
book from the Hell dimension, and May is like hey Dr Radcliffe read this book so you can
get our friends out of that middle dimension. Radcliffe is like no, that book makes people
crazy, but my female robot friend can do it. That’s totally not gonna blow up in our
faces. AIDA gets the crew back but also is super
intelligent now and starts building her own brain and if you’ve seen any movie about AI,
including in this very universe, you probably know where this is going. AIDA’s becoming pretty evil and so she kidnaps
May and replaces her with a Life Model Decoy. Meanwhile Daisy comes back to the SHIELD team
and her name is publicly cleared. Radcliffe kinda goes evil now and teams up
with AIDA cuz he wants to get his hands on this Darkhold now, cuz again, it’s very
much the ring from Lord of the Rings. SHIELD is also still fighting the Watchdogs
this whole time, including their big Russian leader. Here’s where stuff gets kinda tricky, AIDA
builds this thing called the Framework, which is basically the Matrix. It’s a virtual world you can go into and
live in and it’s great. Radcliffe and AIDA start kidnapping SHIELD
people, replacing them with lookalike robots, and putting their actual minds in the Framework,
so eventually Daisy and Simmons, the two that are left, bust out of there after a robot
fight and get themselves into the Framework. Now look, I’m gonna skip over this pretty
much entirely cuz there’s a whole world in there but remember it’s entirely virtual. So really this whole computer world is where
HYDRA took over the world and Grant Ward is back but he’s not HYDRA this time and it’s
pretty great. Fitz is this evil Nazi scientist, Coulson
is a history teacher, Mack has the daughter he always wanted, and so on and so on. Aida also goes rogue against Radcliffe so
he’s also trying to help the team inside the framework. Also along the way Jeffrey Mace turns out
to be a real hero all along, yay. Eventually they do get out after some crazy
adventures, AIDA gives herself a human body with superpowers and emotions, so that’s
cool, also Fitz is pretty weirded out about being a Nazi scientists. After some more fights Ghost Rider shows back
up and decides Aida and this Darkhold and all that is bad news, so he’s gonna kill
her. So he lets Coulson borrow the Ghost Rider
powers to kill Aida, but at the price of Coulson getting this horrible infectious Ghost Rider
disease that slowly eats away at his heart. Ghost Rider takes back the Spirit of Vengeance
and takes the Darkhold back the dimension of Hell. The government is now after the SHIELD team
cuz they think they’re terrorists so the team goes for one last meal at a diner. However, Enoch, a Chronicon shows up, kidnaps
all of the team except for Fitz, and uses a new Monolith to send the team about 70 years
into the future to the year 2091. Now I know what you’re thinking, what the
fuck just happened. And that’s what I’m thinking too. We are so close to the end of this, so perfectly
close. We almost didn’t have a totally universe
timeline shattering event take place, but now there’s this. So look, I sort of have to gloss over this. What I’m gonna say happens for the sake
of this video even though yes I’m fully expecting several essays in the comments on
why this isn’t true, is that the SHIELD team is sent to the year 2091 in an alternate
dimension where Daisy destroyed the world and the Kree took over humanity on a giant
space station. Back on Earth Fitz froze himself for 70 years
Cap style and got to the future to help, and after some adventures fighting the Kree they
get back to present day in the correct dimension. There are holes in that, I know, but maybe
they’ll explain this better later, that’s what I’ve got. I’m recording this after the 100th episode
so if some epic revelation comes out after that, sorry, haven’t seen it yet. The team’s now dealing with Coulson’s
ghost rider cancer, Yo Yo has lost both her arms and the government is still out to capture
them, and Fitz and Simmons finally got married. Oh also their grandson has travelled back
in time with them, no big deal. That’s where we’re leaving the SHIELD
team alright? Episode 100. Now let’s take a look back in with Jessica
Jones, who after killing Kilgrave and working with the Defender’s, is known as a vigilante
in New York. But she’s still working as a Private Investigator,
with her neighbor Malcolm who is now her business associate. This guy called Cheng is trying to take over
her business cuz of Hogarth but Jessica’s got bigger problems. Trish, her best friend and failing talk show
host is like you should look into IGH, that company that gave you powers. She’s like nah I don’t want to but she
decides to anyway when a dude called The Whizzer shows up and reveals he was given superspeed
by IGH. He is then quickly murdered by Jessica’s
mom, who is still working with that IGH doctor Dr. Karl, helping to tie up any loose ends
for them. Jessica’s mom also kills a former IGH doctor
called Koslov, and Will Simpson, Trish Walker’s old boyfriend. Hogarth is diagnosed with ALS, so that sucks. Jessica meets her own mom not knowing who
she is and discovers the powers she has. Jessica’s mom kills another guy with her
super strength, and Trish starts using IGH drugs to make her super strong for short periods
of time that Will used to use. It’s a great adrenaline boost but it’s
also a drug that has some nasty side effects and soon Trish becomes addicted. Also Hogarth houses a former IGH nurse at
the request of Jessica who ends up manipulating Hogarth by pretending to cure her ALS with
a friend of hers and then robbing all her stuff….pretty messed up. Hogarth gets her revenge later though, don’t
worry. Jessica eventually discovers that this woman
is her mom and the whole truth about everything she did, and she’s like wow that’s really
awful and messed up and I hate you but her mom tries to bond with her. So they hang out, have some more adventures,
get shot at, the usual mom daughter stuff. Jessica also starts a romantic relationship
with her neighbor who initially was scared of her, Oscar. Cheng tries to kill Jessica’s mom so Jessica’s
mom tries to kill him, but Jessica thinks that’s wrong and so calls the cops and gets
her mom arrested. Jessica’s mom is almost sent to the Raft
where’s Cap’s old team stayed but Hogarth gets her some more time. Everyone’s looking for Dr Karl at this point,
the main IGH guy, Jessica so she can get him out of the country so her mom can get a good
sentence, Trish cuz she wants him to give her powers so she can fight crime and be like
Jessica. Jessica goes on a sidequest to take down this
prison guard who’s tormenting her mom and has killed loads of prisoners before, and
ends up accidentally killing him in self defense. This causes her to be haunted by the spirit
of Kilgrave talking about how much of a killer she’s becoming inside her own head, but
those go away when she becomes a better person. Trish gets some super juice put in her and
gets some powers but Jessica stops the procedure before it’s complete. Dr Karl kills himself and all the IGH equipment
and after Jessica’s mom hears this she breaks out of prison in a rage, cuz she’s got super
strength and also super anger issues. She tries to kill Trish cuz she blames her
for Dr Karl’s death but Jessica stops her, she almost kills her but decides not to. Jessica’s mom then kidnaps her and Jessica
eventually decides maybe they can work together. After doing some superhero acts, they’re
thinking maybe they can be a crime fighting team in Canada, but eventually have to avoid
the police. They end up at an amusement park where Jessica
and her mom used to go when Jessica was a kid, and as they wait for the police Trish
shows up and shoots Jessica’s mom in the head on their childhood ferris wheel right
in front of Jessica, jesus these shows can get dark. Jessica is pissed at Trish for obvious reasons,
Malcolm quits cuz Jessica is always kind of a jerk to him and starts working for that
other PI and Hogarth, Hogarth gets a bunch of money and starts her own law firm, and
Jessica starts living a potentially normal life with that neighbor friend of hers as
a romantic interest. So….kind of happy ending? Now just a little update on the Guardians,
they’ve been going on adventures through space for several years now, you know doing
space hero stuff. They’ve been doing it for so long in fact
that Baby Groot has actually grown up a bit and turned into Teen Groot, who enjoys space
gameboys. Just so you know where they’re at right
now. Now after looking for the Infinity Stones
for 2 years and finding nothing, Thor has ended up captured by Surtur in Muspelheim,
that fire demon that Odin locked up that is foretold to destroy Asgard in an event called
Ragnarok. Surtur tells Thor that Odin’s gone and that
he’s gonna destroy Asgard as soon as his crown gets to the Eternal Flame, so Thor defeats
Surtur, steals the crown and goes back to Asgard. Here he finds Loki still impersonating Odin,
having rebuilt Asgard somewhat in his own image, with help from Matt Damon. Thor forces him to reveal himself and forces
him to take them to Odin, so they go to Earth only to discover that Odin has moved out of
the retirement home where Loki left him. Dr Strange discovers that Loki, that guy who
tried to destroy the world a while back is back on Earth, so he apprehends him. Thor meets up with him and gets him to tell
him and Loki where Odin is, which is in Norway, in exchange for getting out of his hair. Once there Odin explains everything and then
dies. Upon his death his first child Hela is released
from her captivity and comes to confront Thor and Loki, cuz I guess she was held captive
by the life force of Odin. She destroys Mjolnir and throws Thor and Loki
into space where they both land on the junk planet Sakaar. She then goes to Asgard to take over. She takes on this guy Skurge as her number
2, kills the Warriors Three, and resurrects a dead army. And gets a giant dog along the way. *clifford theme*
Heimdall sees all this happening and hides out with most of the Asgardian people. Meanwhile on Sakaar, Thor is picked up by
Valkyrie, who still works getting contenders for the Grandmaster’s gladiator fights,
and brings Thor to him. Loki’s already BFFs with the Grandmaster,
cuz Loki. Thor befriends another fighter called Korg
and tries to get Valkyrie to help fight Hela once more after discovering who she is but
she refuses. Thor ends up fighting Hulk in the ring and
almost beats him with the help of some new lightning powers he’s unlocked, but the
Grandmaster helps Hulk win at the end. Which by the way totally clears up that debate,
Thor definitely won. Thor is now chilling with Hulk and Valkyrie
as a champ and manages to get Hulk to turn back into Bruce Banner with the help of a
video of Black Widow. Valkyrie changes her mind and ends up helping
Thor and Banner escape and with the help of throwing Loki’s body they get one of the
Grandmaster’s ships and head back to Asgard. Thor, Valkyrie, Hulk and the gladiators all
fight Hela’s forces on Asgard while Thor himself fights Hela. Thor gets one eye slashed out but also gets
his lightning groove back thanks to some pep talk from dead Odin and some Led Zeppelin. The Asgardians board a giant ship as Asgard
is not a place it’s a people, or something. Thor realizes that Hela’s powers are directly
tied to Asgard, the place this time not the people, and the only way to stop her is to
let Ragnarok happen. So Loki puts Surtur’s crown on the eternal
flame and he’s unleashed on Asgard. However this is not before Loki manages to
grab the Tesseract on his way out cuz hey that might be useful soon. Surtur destroys Asgard and maybe kills Hela…maybe
not though. Thor is now king of the Asgardians on their
new ship as they ride out into space and decides they should head for Earth. 2018
A while later though, on their way to Earth, Thanos’ ship catches up to flying Asgard
and him and his Black Order are there to mess some stuff up. Keep in mind, Thanos still is pretty pissed
at Loki. And that’s where we end. That’s where Infinity War is going to start. So there you have it. The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological
order. I almost certainly missed something, but I
think I did alright. I’ve been working on this video on and off
for almost a year now, this is easily the biggest project I’ve ever worked on, so
I really hope you enjoyed it. I wouldn’t put this much time and effort
into something that I didn’t love, and the MCU is probably my favorite franchise ever. Besides how fun the movies are and how good…..most
of the TV is, I also just find it incredibly impressive. Not only this epic branching story in multiple
worlds and types of media but also considering how this started. Marvel had sold off the rights to it’s biggest
characters and in order to make any money off of their “b-listers” they had to just
make great movies that people liked. And they did, which led to characters that
most people didn’t even know 10 years ago being in what is arguably one of the most
highly anticipated movies of all time. I just think that’s amazing, and I’m so
happy I was there to watch it and grow up with it from when I was a little kid to now. So yeah, I can’t wait to see Infinity War
next week, I am so goddamn excited. I really hope you enjoyed this, and the only
real downside to this video is I’ll have to forever live with the knowledge that Luis
probably could’ve done all of this in about 5 minutes. So that was the entire MCU. Did you get all the way to the end? If so I’m impressed. And are you as excited for Infinity War as
I am? Lemme know all of your thoughts down below
in the comments. While you’re at it, be sure to like this
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