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There are other human
beings on Mars now. Coexistence may prove
just as challenging as it does on Earth. ELON MUSK: Mars
civilization ultimately looks like an advanced
version of Earth. SUSAN WISE BAUER: Industry
is going to be absolutely vital to that effort. Lokrum is a
private corporation. And Linus, you’re
here to make a profit. ANDY WEIR: If there’s
money to be made, then people would go
there to make the money. ANTONIA JUHASZ: The Arctic
is a perfect example of this. We see companies looking at the
Arctic as a porthole for oil. Space is the new frontier. It’s unexploited. What’s that saying? Drill, baby, drill? Your crew has cut into
a scientific preserve. What you’re doing is not right. CASEY DREIER: Any time
science reaches a conclusion, you are going to face pushback. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON: The
history of human conduct, we have plenty of evidence
of things going wrong. Who’s side are you on? There are no real
boundaries here. Mars is going to
be more dangerous. There’s a contagion going
through Lokrum colony. What the hell’s
going on in there? ADAM FRANK: Consequences are
going to be dire for everybody. I don’t know what to do. STEPHEN PETRANEK: The
cost of being foolish is so high that you will fail. There’s one thing
Mars teaches you. It’s patience. BILL NYE: Space exploration
brings out the best in us. It’s where we
solve problems that have never been solved before. No one can control
what happens on Mars. The planet has a way of making
sure actions have consequences.

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  • What will you be looking forward to the most when Mars returns?

  • Série maravilhosa!

  • I missed it! What do I do now?

  • Forget Humans. We dont need to repeat the mistake of the moon, where we sent humans too early, making the whole task look impossible or very hard. We need robots that can harvest the land and make more robots that can harvest the land to make also robots that will make other things and eventually have robots making habitats and filling them with oxygen and water and then humans can move in to form a viable society.

  • Couple problems with mars:
    1. it is too cold
    2. it is too small
    3. no magnetic protection
    4. super low atmospheric pressure.
    5. bad dirt

    People should still go to study but I would not recommend anyone to stay on Mars.

  • Mars already a hellish dead planet. It's a prison planet for criminals.

  • I don't like this show, season 1 sucked because the characters are flat and uninteresting, the "drama" is contrived, the insertion of SJW politics is cringey and I am not a fan of the mockumentary approach they've taken.
    Season 2 has not improved anything, I'm done …

  • Great possibilities, but very disappointing as the dialogue and sound track are often muffled and poorly dubbed.

  • Explore, expand, exploit, conquer!. There is no in-between for the human race.

  • I find it Chinese

  • They try to make obama look relevant, they tout global warming, insult President Trump, and over estimate humans’ limits. They preach lies of “life on Mars”, unbelievable science fiction.

  • Love the show but I don't like the negative (borderline hate propaganda) way they are portraying Businesses.

  • Where can I watch this in the UK?

  • Can someone tell me the music that's used in this trailer??
    Because i like it

  • Lol…..good mind control angle….Mars isn't solid, isn't spherical, isn't far, and isn't big. You know – I know you know – but keep playing your games….I understand why you do it. Not nice though. I know you're owned by Disney too – sums you lot up – Mickey Mouse.

  • Fantasies, no one can go to mars, our earth is a plane covered with a dome, no one can leave, space doesn't exist, we are covered with water all 360 degrees, above and below.
    Praises to the most high that reveals truth to those who seek. amen.

  • Not a bad show, but everyone is so depressed that it can be difficult to watch. If the writers could only inject a little intelligent humor to attenuate the misery, "Mars" would be better.

  • call me oldfashioned but i have always thought that nat geo was reserved for documentaries. Not fictional series like this thing.

  • Awesome I like it

  • Bueno al menos no soy el unico loco que escucho parte de la pista de Despacito

  • Science versus companies? Are you joking? This show has turned into a propaganda against companies and economic. Scientists are paid by taxes. And other scientists are paid by companies. That is called BASIC RESEARCH. And upon this research products are made for humans. This show has became a joke. And I was so excited …

  • Elon Musk 2024🔴!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The reality of this season is that MMGW & Inhabiting Mars, Are Pure Fiction.

  • BOOORING …. uuu we go to mars .. uuu.. we go to mars to live in caves uuuu so exciting .. REALY ? this is fkn boring, o yeah and when or if someone will go there will bring all the humanity problem with them there, good luck .. ha patetic

  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👆👆👎👎

  • När kommer den på Netflix?

  • اسم الموسيقى تكفون بليز

  • Anyone knows if it has a release date for Netflix?

  • What's track name? please

  • Так я не понял это трейлер фильма или что

  • Why do you have to create conflict and anger amongst the viewership, or, potential viewership, in this program? Obviously, the scientists are 'liberals' and the commercial interests that are stealing water, etc. are conservatives; this is pitifully transparent. Isn't there enough tribalism and anger in society that you must foster fuel the fiery division? You are aiding and abetting the neo-cons and foreign efforts to divide and conquer the citizens of the USA. For who? russia?

  • More Science …LESS DOGMA . This Series has become a means to push an agenda .

  • I tuned in to watch a series of what it might be like to colonize another planet. Instead I was bombarded with liberal propaganda that is being forced on the viewer. Good Bye "Mars" .. I have better things to do on my Monday evenings than to watch liberals spouting their agenda and painting those who don't buy into their garbage as anti-environment.

  • What's the name of that song??

  • Netflix !!🧡💜💙

  • Great show that’s almost unwatchable due to the amount of commercials.

  • es grandiosa, tanto que la espere ahora por fin, ahora la vere, alguien podria indicarme el nombre de la melodia usada en este trailer?

  • Brasil love this serie <3

  • Very sad the direction the series took. It became a blind political agenda with scientists paid by the government puting the private corporations as the most evil that exists in the world and doing propaganda to communists politicians like Bernie sanders that only wants absolute control for the government over everything. Looks like they are against at all kind of natural resource exploration (even in space) and want to force people to stop from using the actual technologies instead of developing better and cheap new one that would naturally replace it. Without exploration of natural resources there is no development and we would still be primitives in tribes never reaching the space, that's is pretty simple.

  • IMO…this show is way to PC to be watchable..

    .I would ask: What are they Mining on Mars that's so valuable to cover the Costs of Mining, refining, and transportation back to Earth

  • First second of the video sounds like Despacito .

  • does someone know the brand of the table reunions on earth?

  • How many episodes does season 2 have plz reply

  • This is the most liberal, preachy, anti-corporate, anti-capitalist show you can imagine. I started watching the second season and the vilification of profit and construction on mars got so overbearing and preachy I just had to stop and delete the timer on my DVR. What pathetic propaganda!

  • Season1 was great. Season2 introduced commercial miners which for some reason are made out to be brainless boneheads with no plan. This is insanely unrealistic recognizing that a mining team would also be mostly scientists and engineers with extremely rigorous planning. Just a little sprinkle of politics/virtue signalling dumbing down an otherwise amazing show.

  • Who else watched the entire season 2 in one day?

  • Yo creí q mataron a pacho Herrera

  • We discover we conquer

  • Really,they drilling for oil on Mars,or what they are looking for there?Didn't they know,that Elon Musk once said: "even if on Mars were tonns of purest already packed cockaine,it would be not expedient to transport it to earth".What a stupid scenario.National geografic dissapointing like always.
    And Russia in 2042 still exist?

  • Хаана 👍👍

  • will there be a season 3???

  • You guys know we are already there right? We've been there for a while now. And not in the movies…

  • Russia produces oil?get Greenpeace over there.Usa produce oil?Everything's in order. Propaganda.Series-10 points, documentary insert of the second season-0 points

  • 1:25 Thank for that spoil

  • Cool

  • Will you make the movie available without all the political preaching? I like the story to this but I don't like to be preached to when I am watching fiction, whether I agree with the sermon or not.

  • The real name of the role of Corel please ?😁

  • What sound is this trailer?

  • What music is that

  • Does anyone know when it will be on netflix?

  • best show on television!

  • mars season 2 is nothing but a 6 episode climate change lecture

  • I can't un-see the wimpy Dr. Kavanaugh from Stargate Atlantis.

  • When will it come on Netflix

  • I love u Amelie

  • Not every corporation is blindly greedy and immoral. That troupe has been played sooooo much. Like the evil black ops government group.

  • I wished season two was on Netflix. What a shame. Looks like we're going to have to resort to old methods. LOL.

  • Lmao i thought the song was despacito

  • Why is it so long to release the season …

  • Essa série é maravilhosa!

  • I don’t see a life on Mars, or on any other planet possible. We, humans are too toxic and problematic. But, overall, great show! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Can’t wait for this , fell in love with it …. best thing since. Early Vikings seasons

  • The second season has become way too heavy handed with leftest propaganda, its ruining the show. Yes there are concerns and conflicting ideologies, but this show only has one… the left's. I think they gave chicken little too much of a say in this show.

  • No Season 3😕

  • Rubbish series. Constant and relentless climate change propaganda, without any mention of the biggest polluter: CHINA.

  • The problem with these types of shows (while I applaud they are being made) is that they have to be dumbed down to reach a wider audience and centered on personal and inter-human drama instead of pure science and exploration.

  • I doubt this show will be coming back.
    I can think of one HUGE reason that few watched it. It’s not because it’s about mars, or that people aren’t interested in the subject of space or terraforming other planets.
    It’s all the global warming BS that was interwoven in to the program.
    The fictional events on mars were the only good parts of the show. The rest was political global warming propaganda that made the show nearly unwatchable.
    It reminds me of why movies have taken such a hit at the box office. Political, SJW, Global warming propaganda, lies, misinformation etc. We don’t watch TV to see it, we don’t go to movies to have it shoved down our throats. We watch tv and movies to be entertained.
    The things going in to movies, tv, cartoons, music….. all the garbage is why I stopped listening to radio, got rid of satellite, care less about the news because it’s all bs.
    If mars the show was actually the entertainment portion, they left out the bs and just focused on the story and not weaving propaganda in to it. The show would have been a success, the actual show portion was good.
    Rest in piece Mars. You were just one of dozens of shows that were good but were killed by the PC police. Because you know, Political Correctness is killing every venue of entertainment.

  • This is why i hate getting super into a show, i just learned zeason 3 has been cancelled. It should be a rule to FINISH A SHOW if you are going to cancel! This is like Samurai Jack all over again. 😕

  • It is movie ??

  • The novel idea of periodic mini-documentary-style clips starts to become really annoying this season when they start to overtake the actual show. There are several moments in S2E4 where there are literally 1-2 minute (max) show segments flanked by 5 minute documentary segments. It really starts to feel disruptive and pedantic. One starts to grow resentful of having to see a documentary about every single little thing in the show. If they would have shortened the doc segments and spread them out more, like in Season 1, it would have been more tolerable. During this one, I found myself frustrated (I'm here writing this, right?) and yelling at the TV by episode 4.

  • Like the sci-fi part not the tree hugging dialogue

  • Season 3 pleasseeeee

  • Can we get a season 3, please. This is so entertaining and interesting.

  • The scientist that almost froze to death should have.

  • Can we get season 3

  • Keep em coming nat geo! Great series

  • you should start thinking about the idea of ​​creating our own little planet, one in the opposite side of the earth's orbit perhaps

  • What a disappointment!

  • More climate change bs.

  • Staffel 1 war super Staffel 2 ist die Story auch gut nur das ständige öko geschwetz nervt wenn ich Klima Schutz propaganda will kann ich auch Nachrichten kucken aber abgesehen davon finde ich die Serie sehr gut

  • Please give us a season 3!

  • Take away the GW preaching .

  • Wow what a politically correct show.

  • It cracks me up they are millions of miles from earth. The cost of getting things there from the earth is off the charts expensive but there is room for the woman to bring the makeup. Boggles my mind.

  • This is a relative good series. It is very interesting. However, they have to tone down the Earth environmental alarmists complaining quite a bit. Other than that, it is a fairly good series.

  • Now it's just another woke program. What a disappointment. Time to cancel my Netflix account. Go woke, get broke.

  • I don’t understand why this show is not the biggest tv show ever. It’s important. It’s brilliant and breathtaking. You should make more adds. Everybody should see it. That’s something! The season 2 final was great! 3rd season would be amazing.

  • how can i watch the season 1

  • Miners expect to make millions of profit on selling… water?

  • No Season 3 renewal???

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