hey listen shut up greg you guys you guys are
really you really know about that movie ordinary lovers that Mars Argo is going
to be in I know because you told me every single day for the last month
that’s pretty cool oh I stop drinking sodas trying to
be healthier you know you wanted me to take a look at this
and I’ve known about this so I figured you know what let’s go check it out
Britany sheets is an actress Britta sheets is an actress known for wrestling
isn’t wrestling that was in 2015 encaged in 2016
many of you might have seen this she is also known for her work as a
singer-songwriter voice-over artist and as a YouTube content creator she was
born in Siginaw Michigan USA and she is known internationally in the this
sport right here as a show jumper does anybody know what a show jumper is we’re
going to check that out in a second as far as ordinary lovers go which is going
to be it’s the release dates not yet known but it looks like a rekindling of
former lovers that they have a chance meeting she does not star in this the
director is John Marklin the rider is Robert Santos and he had to go into the
cast and crew to see exactly where she is and she’s over here
she’s a cafe patron now that’s not a big role I don’t think she’s going for big
Rose it looks like she’s just she’s just doing extra work maybe let’s I did extra
work once there was a show that was released on the PlayStation Network it
was called powers and me and my best friend got to be bar guys and we
actually got to got a little main part where we got to run up to these super
villains and you don’t care about that so
the movie wrestling isn’t wrestling she was a she was a ghost if you guys seen
that if you’ve seen her being a ghost tell me in the comments below and in
caged she played Caitlin Weaver she was in
there for three episodes and it looks like that was in a very main part either
and of course you know she was in one of the latest Google phone commercials I
had a video on that where you guys didn’t know where she was but I did find
her what I’m really really wanting to know about is what is a show jumper
showjumping also known as stadion gentlemen open jumping or simply jumping
as part of group english rotting oh wait a minute is this where they is this
where they do they they just jump over this stuff oh no no this is Riding horses
she was a horse rider let’s see if we can she’s known internationally as that
that’s crazy I’m not seeing any pictures of Britney sheets with some horses I see
a bag of beef jerky it looks like I’ll be honest it I don’t see anything about
Britney sheets in any show jumping stuff so that might not be that might not be
true I’ve been thinking less using a little bit of magazine I’m not finding
much on her anymore between me and you I think she should go ahead and start back
a YouTube channel because it looks like she’s most known on the Internet as a
content creator that’s what I would do that that’s but that’s just me and my
opinion doesn’t matter there’s only one opinion that really matters that’s right
you guessed it you so why don’t you leave your creative and/or interesting
responses in the comment box below thumbs up for those likes and as always brothers and sisters
I will see you in the next video now it’s time for me to go get a haircut I’m
gonna see if I can’t get some colors up in there and don’t forget listen to me
don’t forget this channel loves you

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