Mars Argo Hints New Music?

Hi and welcome back to the channel for this second time in a few hours. The video that came out earlier, I filmed yesterday and my hair is now down. I’m not wearing this still, I have a singlet on under this because it’s really warm. I don’t feel comfortable wearing a singlet on camera so I just put this over the top for both videos. But at least this time this shirt is actually relevant to the topic because we are going to be talking about Mars Argo. Now I think it has been a little bit since I’ve spoken about Mars Argo, I’m not exactly sure. But, yesterday…I want to say yesterday, a couple of photos leaked and Jordan messaged me this morning and asked me if I knew about the Pinterest account, or what the Pinterest account was that the photos came from. And so both of these photos were uploaded to a Pinterest account and that Pinterest account is called Brittany and the username is WinstonInSpace. This name and username has lead fans, including myself at least for a little bit, that this may actually be Brittany teasing new music. But, as with everything, there’s more to it than that. And I just want to quickly run you through I guess the truth behind the leaks. I quickly want to start with I don’t think there’s exactly an order for these photos but, this photo actually looks a lot like a photo from Brittany’s acting resume video. And the other photo is the same jacket, it looks very kind of similar I suppose in a way to this photo which leaked late last year. So, it’s unknown how recent these photos are. I would say that they could both potentially be this year. The first one looks like it’s in the same room. The second one is the same jacket, so they could both be from similiar times and so that would mean that one is probably 2017 and the other one potetially this year …or 2017 as well. Not 100% sure. How do you confirm the dates? I don’t know. When Jordan messaged me about a Pinterest account posting these I automatically thought Oh, it must be the account that posted the behind the scenes photo from Amanita, but it wasn’t. If you go to the account, you will see that there are three boards. One called Brittany Sheets, one called Make your own first business and Things that make me laugh. This account is a few years old, I think 4 years old? From what I read? And the Make Your Own First Business thing is a pin of some CNN ad. But if you go to the following, there’s three people. Samantha Kiser, Cheshire Cat, and Joel Armstrong. Now, I looked and neither Joel nor Samantha that I found have ever been associated with Brittany or the Mars Argo band So that wasn’t necessarily a red flag for me, I was like well, I think Joel does some art so he could be doing some artwork for Brittany I don’t know what Samantha does, but uh And Cheshire Cat I think it’s just a Disney fan thing. This account is also following three boards, which are hahaha, video games, and illustration. But, what tells me that it isn’t in fact Brittany is a few things. And one is that if you google WinstonInSpace Pinterest on google, nothing comes up. The account doesn’t come up at all. And what also further highlights this is that if you go to the Wayback Machine and it’s actually been done by people apart from me, cause I went to go and save it and there’s like six captures and they are all yesterday or today essentially. But what happens when you go to the Pinterest account on the Wayback Machine is it says “Whoops! we couldn’t find that page.” So what this tells me is that the username and name, I guess were potentially changed recently. Now I don’t know how recently because one of these photos has a comment from the 19th of December which was days before these photos came out from a fan account, which is also called Brittany Sheets and it may be the same person with two accounts I don’t know because how do you find this? I don’t know. I guess the question is, is it Mars teasing new music? And I want to say no. And I don’t want to break your heart or anything, but I just think that these photos were found somehow much like the Amanita behind the scenes. and before you go saying about the Amanita behind the scenes, Oh that was Tony Katai I messaged him and he had no idea how someone got that photo. So I don’t know how these were found, but I am pretty sure that it was not Brittany herself. But I guess we’ll see if there’s future uploads. I’m not going to theorize how they were found because I don’t want to chuck around accusations. As far as I know the person who found that Amanita behind the scenes photo, or at least posted it never responded as to it’s original source and I don’t think we’ll ever find the original source for this as well. Because if you reverse image search it, nothing comes up. And, in case you’re wondering, from what I could find there is no set limit to editing your username or changing it as though like I think like YouTube has you can change your name three times in 90 days or a month something like that. And you can also edit your name any time. So, that says to me that it could very easily have been done by someone who was trying to I suppose create hype. But yes, initially when I saw WinstonInSpace and Brittany, I thought that it was potentially actually Brittany. And WinstonInSpace, if you google just WinstonInSpace with no spaces, ironically, nothing comes up. And so, yeah. And also oddly enough it’s saved to, I think the board is called Brittany Sheets. Which is just odd anyway. Thanks for watching and if you do enjoy the video, don’t forget to leave a like And this time the outro actually has a song because I forgot to add a song to the end of the last video, but yeah. Yeah, have a great day and I’ll see you soon for more content.

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  • Titanic Sinclair (Poppy's infamous director) cheated on his at-the-time gf, Mars Argo in 2009, and then did it again after they moved to LA together from 2013 to 2014. He also physically abused her throughout their relationship, and fellow band members confirmed verbal and emotional abuse to fans who asked on Facebook. The girl he cheated with in LA is named Emily Wilson, and you can find her @calvindekleined on Instagram, where she posted pics with Poppy and Titanic in 2014 and cracked jokes about Mars in the comment sections. She deleted those particular posts when people on Discord started finding the page, but you can still find pics of her and Titanic if you scroll back through Titanic's Instagram far enough.

    People found out about the abuse and cheating because of private DMs between Titanic and Mars that leaked last year out of an email hack that also resulted in the leaks of "Be Easy", "Hear Me Out", "Sheraton" and snippets of others. Mars' best friend, Ivan Leung, liked an Instagram comment that said it was hypocritical to support Mars and also be a fan of someone who abused her (Titanic) and someone who was complicit in the abuse (Poppy). Mars' current boyfriend, Montana, also confirmed to someone on Facebook that Titanic gets fans to make fake accounts to try and get information from him about Mars, as well as Titanic found his phone number and made phonecalls threatening him or just breathing into the phone like a creep [I lost the pics from this particularly but you get the point].
    Found this on Lanaboards…
    Jokes of Mars Argo by Emily:
    DM leaks:
    Hypocrite Insta comment:

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