Mario travels through time

November 6th, 2012 Uh-oh! [rumbling sounds] Whee! My nose feels funny against this screen!
[Spinner flyby] Whee! Whee! Hmm…oh, nice!
[Old airplane flyby] [Lockheed L-049 Constellation] [Boeing 747-100] [Telstar] [Geo-Sat] [ISS] Apollo 11: Roger, that, throttle down…better than the simulator!
[Russian radio chatter in background] Armstrong: This is one small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind. [Thud] [echoed] Where am I? [Lights click on] Aperture Laboratories Channels (NEW) Oh forget it, I’m not captioning this part It’s not like you’d be able to read the captions fast enough, anyway. Well, not without pausing,
but that’s not supposed to be necesary. Oh, right, time to get back to work. All right!
[2000s dance music starts playing] Sorry link, I can’t give credit.
Come back when you’re a little,
MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM Everyone’s been taken to TOASTERS!
This is illegal you know! My cakes will burn!
[Hanna Barbera sound effect plays four times] [Screams] Meatball! Meatball! Meatball! Meatball! WARNING!
Time flux imminent! Welcome to the enrichment center… [Coughs and farts] Since making testing participation mandatory
for all employees [Farts], The quality of our test subjects
has risen dramatically. Employee retention, however, has not. [Coughs and farts] As a result, you may have heard [fart]
we’re gonna phase out [fart] human [fart] testing [burp]. There’s still a few things left to wrap up, though!
[toilet flushes] Where am I? Subject #473995A
Status: Terminated
Cause: Failed to respect the
space time continuum.
Date: 4/10/1971 Cutoff preventer [Mechanical thud]

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