March 2020 Part Two: New Moon Aries ~

[music] -Hey everybody. Welcome to your sole note
for the New Moon in Aries, March or March part two.
Just a little bit of housecleaning. I’m having a little trouble
with YouTube, keeping my videos up. I was very much urged to find
another platform about a year, year and a half ago
and I’m glad that I did. The monthlies are over on Patreon for $1
a month because I can secure them there and I also do more in-depth content
over there and there’s different tiers, the premium tier,
I’m live-streaming every month and answering questions
and going deeper. That’s the reason for that move. The nudge I was getting was
well served as I’m finding out. We are writing from
this very strong full moon, lunar eclipse back in January. What’s triggering that is
Mars is now transiting through Capricorn bringing
this energy to the fore. This eclipse was exactly
over the Asian continent. There are some words
I am not going to use because I think
YouTube is tightening its algorithm and doing a lot
of word choice and things but it was right over
the Asian continent, this very strong harsh full moon
lunar eclipse that opposed Saturn-Pluto, which is about government control,
resource control and we are seeing the effects of that very
strongly this month. Mars will be transiting through
Capricorn until the end of the month and then it heads into Aquarius
but more on that in a moment. Mercury just today
on the 16th is now back in Pisces where the planet
of mind and information dissemination
and logistics and mobility will be transiting through
Pisces until April 11th. It moves past its
retrograde point on April 1st. I imagine more information and distribution
and resources will gather in efficacy and strength and this also has to do with medicines and hospitals. Mercury in Pisces is about seclusion and prayer and meditation and creativity and compassion
and the care of others. A nice use of this time
is also realizing that a lot of the distractions are
going away in your life. This can be a lovely time for engaging
with those things that you always said you wanted to do or the book
you wanted to read or a project, that you wanted to start that you may
find now you have the time for. There’s always many
different ways of looking at every situation and by all means,
check in on people, contact, more community involvement. Remember Chiron is pushing
on that North Node in Cancer and the North node in Cancer
is about community and nurturing and care and taking care of each other. Chiron which often
has to do with illness issues in my experience
through the years, Chiron is very active this month. With health and illness
and treatments et cetera. Even while Uranus is sextilling
that North Node which is saying “Hey,
there’s some new avenues opening up here for those
of you have been thinking, ‘Gee, maybe I should bring more
of my services or products online”, this can be the universe
giving you that extra oomph and nudge to move that along.” Certainly, we will be feeling
the economic ramifications of this well into the future but I feel that it’s more strongly in focus I would
say through the first week of August. On the 19th of March
is the spring equinox, which in my view is the most
powerful point of the year. It’s really kind of the start to the New
Year and a lot of things happen. If you go through history
at events and decisions that are made happen
on the spring equinox. It’s when the sun heads into Aries,
which is a new initiating energy that carries us through
the next 12 months. The spring equinox, the sun is meeting right up
with Chiron at 1 degree of Aries. The Aries point is what we call, where there’s faded and very
public situations and developments. That’s on Thursday the 19th, the Sun will also be
sextilling Saturn though saying, “Be grounded, pragmatic,
wisdom is important here, monitoring fear-based viewing
and taking too much of that in.” The spring equinox is exact
at 11:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time. From the 18th into the 22nd, there’s a very buoyant
optimistic energy that’s working through this week and that’s
a Mars conjunct Jupiter, at 22 degrees of Capricorn. Mars will be conjuncting Jupiter
and then moving on to conjunct Pluto. Again,
this can be a buoyant time and inspired time even within
conditions and situations more generosity and in inspiration where you may feel moved to move upon
some things, to enact some things, to create some things in your life
and then it will be conjuncting Pluto. Mars is conjuncting
the triple junction in Capricorn and will see this evident
in many different ways. We’re seeing a lot
of controls placed on us. On Saturday, the 21st,
Saturn is heading into Aquarius. This is why astrology is so useful
because it really does give us a theme of timing and cycles that are
running with the human species. Saturn will be transiting
through Aquarius through July 1st. This is where we are seeing limitations on our human activities
and our human freedoms. Saturn through Aquarius is
also about reordering structures and boundaries for connection
and distributing information. We’re seeing a bit
of a clampdown on that right now. Especially with the virus information, the social media sites
are really working to scrub content there and bring
forth clearer information, but there’s more controls
certainly placed on us. When Saturn goes back into
Aquarius in December along with Jupiter we’re really going to be going
deeper with this energy system. The deeper meaning is service
through communication and friendships. I am reading this as also for those of you who are on this
path getting much more masterful in managing your frequency and your intention
and your manifestation. Aquarius is energy waves. Saturn through Aquarius, Saturn is
always about tests and challenges and wisdom and getting
skills and building skills. Technology, science, inventions, entrenched ideologies
will be a part of this. Interestingly enough
Aquarius also rules astrology, so people may be
taking this more seriously. I’m seeing a lot more
people on the planet engaged with this energy as well
and wanting to learn it. A lot of education surrounding
astrological learning. On Tuesday the 24th
is when Mars conjuncts Pluto at 24 degrees of Capricorn. This can be some pressure
that you’re feeling, hard work, strong power themes around this time. Especially the 22nd I’d say
through the 26th of March, transforming energy,
this can be ruthless power, this can be a great deal of personal strength too
and purposefulness and handling things that perhaps
you’ve been shrugging off that you feel ready to tackle now. On Tuesday the 24th of March is
the new moon at 4 degrees of Aries. It is conjunct Chiron and it is squaring
that Node of Cancer about taking care of community which
is certainly what a lot of countries are dealing with right now, how to take care of their populations. Mars is also just crossing into Aquarius at this new moon on the 24th. It will perfect on the 31st.
When Mars conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius, is about limits and the exact
point of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction that will
happen in December. What this all means is act wisely
and prudently and tend to your emotions. It may be a challenging time for making
things happen but more development. Mars triggers transits and events. This is going to carry
you actually through the December time period and you may
see the manifestation of some of your actions
and intentions really take hold as we move towards
the December timeline. It will be significant,
so just be aware of that. Thursday through Saturday
which is the 24th and the 28th, we have lovely energy because Venus
is going on to trine Pluto and Jupiter from the Thursday the 26 till the 30th, the end of the month on Monday. This is really lovely
for relationships and support themes and people supporting each other. Venus and Taurus is
about again pragmatism and groundedness
and money and resources, managing your personal resources. This can be a good time
with inspiration, financial themes, education themes, knowledge themes. Then on the 30th is when Mars heads
into Aquarius until May 13th which will be bringing the Saturn energy online
very strongly over the next six weeks. Mars is conjuncting Saturn
at the end of the month. Take the long view with all of us. Things are playing out as they will. Be kind, be creative, be loving,
and much love to all of you.

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