Manipülasyon Yeteneği ile Yüzlerce İnsanı İntihar Etmeye İkna Eden Adam – ”Jim Jones” – Bölüm 7

On the territory of Guyana on November 18, 1978
living in the town of Jonestown Temple of the People (Temple of People)
More than 900 people preaching of cult leaders
committed suicide by drinking cyanide. Everything, Jim Jones in 1951. Indiana Communist
It started with his party attending meetings. After these meetings Jim Jones, the parties
mislead the public and convinced him to fill communism. In order to spread real Marxism to people, decided to infiltrate. Jim Jones work in the church for his favor
She started by selling pet monkeys wandering through door to door. The anti-racist humanist attitude and
caring The trust of people of African origin and faith
won. From time to time he gave sermons in the church. And the people
He believes he has some miracles. According to the rumors of a sermon
he healed a woman in a chair, cancer
He had been removed. These are, of course, to influence their disciples
it was nothing other than his shows; Because no one in a wheelchair
Jim Jones agreed for the show his secretary claims he took off
he did not know that tumors were chicken livers. Benefit from the weakness of helpless people
Jim Jones was just brainwashing the members. Every day to listen to the church Jim Jones
the number of arriving persons was increasing. And people have all their savings and gains to the church
He forgives. Finally, in 1955, the People’s Temple was established. Meetings with the establishment of the order
it was only closed to the disciples. Outside the tarikat to these closed meetings
no one was taken. And no one knew what was going on inside. People’s curiosity about the tarikata
he managed to attract his attention. Jim Jones, who is uncomfortable with this situation, to escape from the media and modern life he moved his cult to a wooded area of ​​Guyana and the area was named Jonestown. He sold all this money and donated to the tariqa
the disciples settled in Jonestown. Making a division of labor between members
in the construction of houses, agriculture in the field of care of livestock
or tasks in everyday work. Jim Jones’s suggestions all over the town
and speakers placed to transmit orders. So Jim Jones says, “Socialist
He set up Paradise. Communication with the rest of the world completely
silence in Jonestown; sect members of
Northern California a review mission was overturned. Congressman Leo Ryan and team 17 November
In 1978, he set out for Jonestown. Leo Ryan and his team reached Jonestown
15 members of the religious order they said they wanted to go back. Jim Jones, against this
out threatened. So suggestions, lies and wonders
eyed people some of them awakened. The next day the team, together with 15 people
moving towards the airport where armed members of the armed forces attack
They suffered. Leo Ryan and four disciples lost their lives. As well as members who want to leave the town
queue there was a mistake. Indeed, on the evening of November 18, 1978, Jim Jones
gather cyanide
those who sip poison without thinking It would be. Jim Jones, in the last sermon, to his disciples, consuming the following sentences when ordering
“My children, a great death There is honor. This is a great deal for anyone who is going to die
show. Don’t be afraid of death, death is only different
It’s like stepping into a dimension. ” The sin of suicide by Christianity
some members of the group think that he expressed his mistake. “We don’t commit suicide,
we inhuman world conditions a revolutionary protest, “he said. Hundreds of disciples, before any hesitation
killed their children, then themselves. Those attempting to escape or other
members were forced to commit suicide or they were shot with guns. Helicopter scene on the morning of November 19
The press team was unaware of all this. Scattered around the town When they saw more than 900 bodies, nearly 250 of them were shocked. Review teams coming to the scene as soon as possible
cyanide beverages and injectors reached the department. As a result of investigations on bodies
cyanide poisoning found to be. Gunshot injury to the rest
as a result of his death. Jim Jones is shooting with his own gun
committed suicide or suicidal behavior. Statistics result of the massacre
68% of the lost disciples were black detected. According to information obtained from the race for racism
and discrimination from society the target was selected. 870 passports in the region
captured. More than 900 people were killed in the massacre
When it is taken into account, it is up to 40 the baby was born in Jonestown
It was. As a result of the searches in the houses, the members of the tariqa
many daily and suicide notes were also found. Members say that Leo Ryan was killed.
after suicide and if suicide they will be killed by soldiers
He convinced. Some of the members of the sect killed the massacre.
managed to survive. 79-year-old hearing impaired survivors
Grover Davis says suicide heard
He was sleeping. When it’s all over,
he could not and had escaped. Stanley Clayton on the outskirts of town
succeed in surviving armed security he escaped into the forest and thus survived the massacre. After the completion of the investigation
The FBI records the voice of Jim Jones’ last sermon. gave it to the internet. Especially at the end of the recording weeping
children and the voice of people shouting is very clear. There are a lot of theories about this event, which is a great massacre in history. Especially for the CIA’s famous mind control experiment
It is said that Jones’ disciples were used. Ultra project in the town of Jonestown
and in this context drug addict and mind control experiments has been said to be applied. Although the claims do not end fake paradise
the promise of hundreds of lives termination event, dark history

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