Mandela Effect Conference – Cynthia Sue Larson – A ME Hero’s Journey – Presentation 5 of 6

DARKWOLF: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to day three of the West Coast Mandela Effect conference 2019. I would also like
everybody to go ahead and give yourselves a round of applause. You guys
have been absolutely incredible. The questions, the interactions, the
conversations I personally had one-on-one with each and every one of
you has been just absolutely amazing, so go ahead and give you guys a round of
applause for yourself. Like I said, I can’t get over how surreal this weekend
has been. It’s just been absolutely incredible. I’m still waiting to wake up
from from the dream and go, “Oh man, really?!” Going forward: so we’ve heard about the
history on the first day. We’ve heard about our personal experiences on the
second day. So going forward, what are we going to do in the future? What have we
learned here? And speaking of learned, don’t forget your questionnaires at the
end of the day. There’s a couple questions on that back page, of course,
that you won’t be able to answer until the end of the day. Make sure you turn those
in with us right in the back here. Did we get the Internet ones? We
are going to try to set up an internet questionnaire, to the best of my
knowledge. We’ll get the links out to that just as
quickly as we can, but yes, please make sure you turn those questionnaires in.
We’re going to be going through those answers, and some kind of data we have
retrieved. Also going forward, I was talking to one of our guests here, Mr.
Alec you say enough for me Alec this is Alec Sherman, ladies and gentlemen. And
Alec Sherman has done something for this community.
We’ve talked a lot about consciousness. And Cynthia made a point that if you
delve down to the bottom of every one of the theories that I’ve put up on on the
YouTube channel on Mandela effect Theory series–if you look into these–every one
of them ends at consciousness. You might even go into simulation theory. I like
how you said the other day, “They didn’t go far enough. They need to go a little bit deeper–it’s a simulation of
consciousness.” So does anybody here know what a random number generator is by
show of hands? The whole room! I love it! That’s awesome! For those who are who are at home, the whole room raised their hands simultaneously; it was great! So he has
created a random number generator website; it’s called and it is absolutely free. Everybody, please I encourage you go there once this is over. I don’t want to see cell phones in your hands right now. But seriously, he’s created this
application; it’s got a couple of different games–two games,
it’s got two games on it. What you can do is test your consciousness
against the random number generators and see if you can control the random
number that pops up: it’s between upper 500 and lower 500, excluding the number
zero, and it’s a one-minute test—I think you said it’s a one to two minute test.
And you go against other people on one of them; you can go against yourself, or
the algorithms; and see if you can’t manipulate the random number generator
with only using your consciousness. And if you think this sounds a little
strange, for those who might be listening at home, and never heard something like
this–actually, if you look into something called or there’s been a
lot of physicists who have actually done these tests with the random number
generators during the 9/11 incident. No matter how you feel about 9/11–we’re not
digging into that, don’t worry–12 hours before the incident actually occurred,
there were random number generators that had been set up all over the world a
little while prior to this, to try to test this very theory. And 12 hours prior
to the attack, the number generator started spiking. I mean incredibly
spiking all over the world. There was no one area that was affected–the entire
world was. And this showed that something was happening. Of course we know what
happened 12 hours later; they continue to spike for another 12 hours. That was the
heaviest spike of data they’ve ever seen. it’s also the heaviest thing that’s ever happened in this world in our lifetime. It’s changed
everything in every way we do things in this world. So there is a lot of solid
evidence to back the idea that consciousness truly does affect the
outside world, like random number generators. So please, go check out
Again, it is a website. They do have an app available; they are
continually upgrading it. Like I said, I spoke with the programmer earlier. He’s a
really wonderful guy. And I hope everybody has a chance to
check this out. It tracks your data, it tracks your
scores–the whole nine yards. So please check that out, everybody. All right,
moving forward, like I said, where would you guys like to see the community in
five years? Do you think it’s just gonna be the ones that are sitting in this
room? How about the ones that just watch this online now–think that’ll be it?
You think we’re going to grow worldwide by then? I do too. We’ve got a lot of
exposure lately, and as this grows, people are going to want answers. They’re going to want to know what’s going on? How did this happen? How is this happening?
They’re going to have a lot of fear. They’re going to have a lot of questions…
a lot of worries. And you guys right now– the ones who have been in this Effect
for maybe the last two or three years– We’re the pioneers. We are the
front-runners. We’re the ones who have really done the time to research, to dig
in, to find out what’s going on behind the scenes, to look in the physics, and the
quantum physics; to really delve down and see what we can find.
We’re the ones with those answers. We’re the ones they’re going to be coming to. Each one of you is going to become a pillar, down the road. You’re going to become a
strong point for somebody who has just found this Effect–somebody who is scared
out of their minds, wondering what happened to their reality. Each and every
one of you is going to be that strong place. Some have even written books; some of
you are writing books; some of us wish we could write a book,
or had enough time in the day to think about one. Going forward, each and every
one of us need to really be there for anybody who comes to us with questions
about the Effect. Anybody who’s scared– make sure you let them know, “Don’t be
scared. We’ve made it this far. We’re okay. Maybe a little challenged by
society, but who isn’t?” So please, keep that in mind, any time going forward.
People argue, “We’re going to have new people coming into this community all the time…
all the time.” I was on Twitter a week ago, and I was just scrolling through the
feed. I don’t even know who this person was. I’m not even you know part of their
their groups, or whatever. And their tweet was, “I just found the Mandela Effect. And
I assure you it’s totally real. I’m mind blown.” So I shared this. The love that
this man got from the community–just that we have on Twitter–was incredible.
The love that we felt during this whole conference has been incredible. I know
every one of you has felt this kind of energy, and it’s that energy moving
forward that’s going to help us all. It’s that energy that we know…
I don’t even know the word I’m looking for this moment… it’s that energy
that has that oomph, that gumption, that pushes us to go on–the gusto. Great
word, I thank you, Isaac, great word! It gives us the gusto to go on, and research
to find out what’s going on. To keep that drive. And it’s that drive that others
will see in us–that will make others come to us and wonder,
“What do you know? How are you so calm about this? How can you handle this so
easily? Why are you so nonchalant?” Oh, yeah, it was always Berenstein. How can you do
that? Because we’ve all been dealing with this for quite a while. So anytime you
come across somebody new, and they have questions, please take a couple of moments out of your day to talk with them. That could really change their
outlook on the entire world. That could mean the difference between sitting in a
corner, curled up in a ball, going, “Oh no, oh no,” or
walking out like this, like I am right now, with confidence, and speaking about it to the world. So please, as you go forward, if you run into people. Now, on that note,
I’ve heard a lot of discussion in this community about whether we should tell
other people about it. Should we wake people up? Or should we let them sleep.
And the only thing I’ve got to say to that, is be subtle. When I try to put it
right in somebody’s face, I might as well spit on them. It doesn’t work. They walk
away. They roll their eyes. They get that funny stare, and then read the Wikipedia
page to you, word-for-word without it being in front of them. So that’s all
I’ve got this evening, ladies and gentlemen. Please, going forward check out this app– this I’m going to be on
there a lot. I’m not going to lie; this right here, random number generators, I love
that. I want to be testing myself. I failed, by the way. I tried one of these
earlier; my score was zero. Alec did it; his score was 400. I’m just saying! Somebody’s a little more practiced than I
am. But that goes to show, if you do practice, that it it does show a
difference in the data. So going forward, please be there for people who come to
you. People have questions; answer them. At least to the best of your knowledge. Care
for them. Be there for them. And most of all, thank you. All right ladies and gentlemen, please
welcome back to the stage Cynthia Sue Larson! CYNTHIA: Thank you so much! And what a great introduction to tonight’s topic. Because tonight, I’ll be talking about
the Mandela-affected Hero’s Journey, and how RealityShifters will save the world.
So if you’ve ever felt maybe that you’re in the wrong world, I’d like you to
consider that maybe you could ask if you might be here to help create a new one.
You know I like to ask, “How good can it get?” So it’s really about that. What if
you are here, and sometimes things really bother all of us who are
here, I think. That’s what I’m seeing–nods. I felt that way too, as you know, when I
was a little girl. I felt like, “Wrong planet!” I know I don’t feel that way
anymore, especially this weekend. I think is the
best sign of hope I’ve ever seen in my whole life. So thanks to you guys! Thanks
to the YouTube community! And you know it’s a huge thing that all of us are
coming together like never before. So tonight, what I’ll be talking about the
key ideas that I’ll be presenting: the idea of the cosmic mind connection–
and I think you’ll recognize this image– Thank You Shane! I was trying to find
like word does anyone do this correctly the way we remember and so thank
goodness for YouTube and people like Shane and biased and on the fence so
we’ll take a look at the cosmic mind connection–take a look at the quantum
overview; then take a look at who are the Mandela Effect-affected. I touched on
that a little bit previously, and in the Mandela Effect Hero’s Journey… what
is that? Where is it going? What does it mean for each of us individually? And
then how does the Mandela Effect how all of us can save the world? Okay, so you
might remember if you were here before, that I handed out pieces of paper.
And that was just an initiation; for some people. It may be new for you, to kind of
tune in, and see what kind of things happen when you look at something before
you look at it. It’s the experience of learning to listen–and maybe scribble
something. I heard some feedback from people who got some really interesting
results. If anybody wants to share, you’re welcome to. If you are a
brave soul–you don’t have to. Yes, thank you, Sherry, I’ll pass you a mic. SHERRY: Thank you! I got the dolphin, and I had when I went to the Monroe Institute, and I’m
really into Edgar Cayce, and both places have a labyrinth with
dolphins on it there. And they do a dolphin energy healing from the Monroe Institute, and I’m part of that group. Wow! CYNTHIA: Wow! so it’s deeply meaningful. SHERRY: Yeah. Thank you.
CYNTHIA: Thank you! And something I heard from other people is that they got
some extraordinary synchronicities. You don’t have to talk about what they
were. Is it okay? Okay. I got permission to share something. Thank you. Okay, this is
super cool–because the images that you’re looking at here, you’ll notice
there are 12 different animals. I was intuitively informed I would need eleven
of them actually, so I got exactly eleven, not all twelve. I didn’t actually get the
dolphin. I was intuitively receiving all this.
I would need eleven, and it was for a breakfast that we were yet to have,
with people I did not yet know, exactly, who would be there. I know some would be there the others I didn’t know for sure, to plan this event.
I brought these, and some of them I got a very strong feeling, give it to
certain people. So for the people I’ve been giving permission to talk about, I
did get a very strong feeling to give this purple golden
dragon to Christopher Anatra, the quantum businessman. And then interestingly there
were some that were randomly chosen, and I allowed people to choose.
There was an exact right number of animals for people that were there. And
so in the case of Eleanor, she reached in and drew
one out, and it was the Luck Dragon, the white dragon. Okay so that’s what they
actually got. So they have the actual physical little tiny things, then
they drew the pieces of paper–OK, yes! Right, right, right. Okay, so
they did not select their pieces of paper; they were handed a piece of paper
by DarkWolf, and then took a look to see what they got. And guess what they got? Yes, white dragon–the luck dragon, and the
purple and gold dragon. Yes, exactly! And there are way more coincidences–if you
want to call it that–with pretty much all of these. I would imagine that if you
take a look at the piece of paper you got and look at what other people got, if
they got the same thing, there may be messages there. There are levels of
meaning. But remember earlier I said that there is no such thing as noise. I don’t
know if you remember that. That is really true. So you can actually look for levels
and levels of meaning, and you’ll find it. And so you can start learning to cut
through that ‘noise’ with what DarkWolf was talking about, that Alec has provided.
And you can play with things like random number generators. So this is a
question for you to think about. What connections can we find with one another,
and with various aspects of ourselves? This is interesting.
Some of you may have noticed a huge number of Mandella Effects associated
with certain people. One of them–it might be because he has so many movies–his
name is Tom Hanks. And he’s got a new movie coming out, which I was startled to
see actually–it’s the last thing on the slide here, “A Beautiful Day
in the Neighborhood.” I think it’s coming out Thanksgiving this year, so it’s a new
movie. But if you hear the song, or we could all sing it together: “It’s a
beautiful day….” ALL: “… in the neighborhood” CYNTHIA: Thank you! Okay, so you said the same thing that the movie is titled, but that’s no longer how the song goes.
It’s now… and I can’t even sing it because it sounds so wrong now… it’s “it’s a
beautiful day in this neighborhood.” And on the little movie clip you’ll even see
on public transportation, that an entire whole group of people are singing to Mister Rogers, played by Tom Hanks, “it’s a beautiful day in the
neighborhood.” They’re singing it as if that’s the right thing.
Talk about residue! Okay. But some other examples have to do with “life is like a
box of chocolates” and “Houston we have a problem,” “There’s a snake in my boot”…
it’s hard to say that with a straight face… and then Castaway and Cast Away. So if you’re not familiar with these, you can look them up. But I think what’s
fascinating is sometimes there will be an individual who just seems to be like
the Higgs boson–the massive attractor of these things. And I did actually invite
Tom Hanks to come here this weekend. I did talk to his publicist, via email, and
he was unavailable. But you know–think about it. He’s got this movie coming out,
and I think she’s aware of the fact that, “Oh my goodness, we’ve got a massive
Mandela Effect happening!” with the movie that she’s promoting. I think
that would steal some of the thunder, or you know, it’s gonna mess things up
slightly, for their publicity campaign. So, not a big surprise: he didn’t come to
this one. But we did invite him. Okay, for this slide, you don’t
have to look at all the detail. It’s basically showing on the far left an
illustration of some of the areas of classical physics, and don’t worry about
the details here. What I’m presenting is just the various aspects of physics
that scientists are looking at. You’ve heard of relativity and ideas having to
do—it’s pretty small for me to look at– … we’ve got the special
theory of relativity; the general theory of relativity; and then down below is
quantum physics, with all the various weird spooky-action-at-a-distance
quantum field theory, which is a really cool thing… the standard model… and I was talking about Higgs bosons, and so forth. This is kind of a cute illustration: it’s
showing the so called, “Chasm of Ignorance” And in the future, we’re
there, hoping everything will come together. And up in the upper right,
there’s a whole area of philosophy. So philosophy is another section, or an area,
having to do with the nature of reality. And looking at all those aspects of
free will that have been coming up in this conference, as well the question, “do we have free will if we get precognitive insights about 9/11? Is this foretold? is there any
way it could have been averted?” Things like that come up. I’m not answering the
question, but I’m saying with all of these different aspects of physics, when
we talk about a Theory of Everything, we’re talking about bringing this all
together. And for me personally, I’ve been doing a
lot of looking at how to bring this together. And what I’m noticing… I’m going to go to the next slide… this is a philosopher I really like a lot. This is
Nicholas Rescher. I think he’s still alive. He’s in his 80s, and he is basically an
optimist, like I am. He basically follows the Leibnizian approach: we’re
living in a really good place, and nature is working positively, to bring good
things forward. I think those of us who are Mandela-affected will do well to
take that kind of same optimistic philosophy. What he says is, “the quantum
view of reality demolished the most substance oriented of all ontologies–
classical atomism.” So what he’s really saying is physicalism– this obsession
that we have with saying that only what’s physical is real, and if you can’t
hold it in your hands, measure it with a ruler, or weigh it,or some other kind of
measurement — it’s not really there. He’s basically saying that has been blown
apart by quantum physics. And that’s true. Something else about this approach
of looking at science philosophically, is that you can start noticing that some of the
things we take for scientific truth, like saying that there’s such a thing as
objectivity– that happens to be a very philosophical perspective. It’s not
actually scientific to assume that you can have objectivity, and there’s only
one reality. There’s only one truth if you want to think of as only one
timeline– or whatever–that’s not really what’s happening. And that’s the
way that these philosophers are showing us. We also have some
renegade physicists–this is back when they were renegades. They’re going a
little more mainstream, but back in the day, the guy on the left is David
Jennings. He said, “Nature functions in a quantum manner,” and I’ll be going more
into detail on that tonight. And the other gentleman on the right is
Matthew Leifer, who says, “We now have a range of precise statements, showing that
whatever the ultimate laws of nature are, they cannot be classical.” This is very
important to keep in mind. If you’re going to fit something into
something, you’re not going to squeeze quantum physics into classical
reality, or any other part of that picture. It’s going to be the other way
around. What I’m saying–and I wrote a paper to this effect–is that Nature may be
fundamentally quantum. I believe it really is, and I think we’re seeing
increasing evidence to this effect every day. I’ll be presenting a lot of evidence
tonight. Certain aspects of quantum physics can never admit a classical
understanding. As we heard earlier, quantum logic matches human behavior.
I’ve interviewed scientists and experts in this area, who absolutely prove this
mathematically with very advanced mathematics, covered in that book
I mentioned on Friday by Jerome Busemeyer –an excellent book. Human
memory appears to operate through quantum information retrieval. So what
I’m saying is that classical deductive logic is a subset. It’s a special case of
deductive logic, so we think of it as “left and right brain.” You want
your heart to lead, and you want the brain to be the faithful servant. That’s
another way to look at it. I am seeing some nods here, so it makes sense to lead with the heart, to lead with intuition. And we actually do this, anyway,
so it’s kind of our natural tendency. But sometimes, we fight against it. So what is
quantum logic? This happens to be the internal workings of one of these great
quantum computers. Now we’ve got Google, I think, this month, claiming they’ve
achieved quantum supremacy, and IBM saying, “Oh no you didn’t.” But there’s
always that stuff going on. It doesn’t matter about when it happens; it’s going
to happen. That supremacy simply means that the quantum computers are
going to take the lead and be able to successfully deal with problems in a
faster, more efficient way than any classical computer could. And so this is
going to become more and more normal for us. We’ll see quantum computers
coming, and so we need to understand what it is. A simple way to look at it is that it
means be mindful of possibilities. So you want to be aware that quantum physics is
dealing with that. It deals with “qubits,” which work like flipping a coin. If
you’re working with classical physics, you would flip that coin, and you’re
going to get heads or tails, right? If you’re dealing with a quantum computer, it’s
kind of like you’re flipping a hundred coins that are all entangled with each
other, and they’re in a superposition of states, and they’re both heads and
tails, until someone observes something. And then the entire entangled system
decides what it’s going to be. So just because something appears to have
happened, doesn’t mean we need to panic or be upset. This is a new finding that
we are experiencing with the Mandela Effect. We’re seeing it with flip-flops.
We’re literally witnessing it happening. On some level, we will be tuned into all
possible realities playing out around us in possible presents, futures, and pasts. I
think we saw a slide very similar to this yesterday, where you take a look at
something from various viewpoints and perspectives, and you can see something
different. Is it a square? Is it a circle? Is it a
triangle? They can all be true. With the Mandela Effect, we’re noticing
sometimes when we talk to our loved ones, they remember a different history. We heard an extraordinary real-life example of that yesterday. But I think most of
us, if you question your childhood friends, and your siblings, you’ll find out
they don’t remember things the way that you remember them. Things are different.
Marcus Aurelius said, “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything
we see is a perspective, not the truth.” You could kind of flip that around
though, because scientists are now finding these are all sort of truths; they
can all be true simultaneously. So we’re upgrading that. Here are some recent
findings about quantum thinking: even huge molecules like these — this
is a paper from University of Vienna published in September of 2009 —
and these quantum-like properties are being observed in enormous molecules, and they’re being observed being in two places at once. Again, the technology is
pushing and leading the charge forward so we can get the quantum computers that we want. So that’s why this research is being done. That means even huge
molecules are following quantum rules. Some other exciting news is that this
year, a quantum experiment suggests there is no such thing as objective reality. I
think I said that on Friday. This, I think, is the biggest news story of the year. I
love it! It totally ties in with the Mandela Effect. Physicists at Heriot-Watt
University in Edinburgh and the University of Vienna provided real evidence that
you can have two observational systems that are trusted, both at the same time,
and the same place, getting two very different truths. I think we all need to know that
you can influence others through quantum steering. We can entangle with those we
care about–with those we love. You can change things. You want to be gentle
and not pushy about it; we wouldn’t want to be pushed around. So it’s interesting
to notice–in this system you’re looking at a steering task. It works
with this idea of quantum steering that was originally introduced by Irving
Schrodinger. This is back in 1935, when quantum physics was quite new, and he was using it to describe entanglement that would allow an experimenter to
non-locally have an effect, or steer another system’s states through local
measurements. It’s like non-local prayer; you may have heard of that. So it’s kind
of like that, although these are scientists, and they’re not doing that
kind of thing–but that is kind of what they’re doing.
Schrodinger emphasized that, “the state arrived at depends quite decidedly on
what measurements one chooses to take; not only on the results they yield.” So
this is kind of detailed and specific, but it’s kind of like saying that the way you look at things matters. And sometimes, it helps to just kind of get back into that field
of possibilities. Take a break. Come back to something when you’re feeling more
positive. I definitely recommend that. How far these tangled systems go is kind of
like that story about, “it’s tortoises all the way down.” That’s a
question, how far does it go? And this gets into what’s the cause of the
Mandela Effect? What’s causing it? What’s really going on here? And you just keep
going down, down, down… just like reality. Just like consciousness. So here’s Henry
Stapp, who I mentioned previously. And he is one of the scientists that was doing
a random number generator study, working with martial artists to change the numbers. They were looking at green and red lights–just kind of focusing–you
just want to make them all green–or you want to make them all red. They were
random, but they could seriously tilt the results that had happened previously,
based on ticker tapes of previously recorded random number generation from
sometime in the past and they’re changing it! You can have a retrocausal
effect. It was a retrocausality study with a random number generator. And they
were quite good at it! So I mean, this is cool stuff! ALEC: That’s amazing. CYNTHIA: What? It is amazing.
It’s totally amazing, yes. And you know, earlier I
said just because something appears to have happened, don’t panic? Really, and I
mean it. You know, just kind of be like, “Oh, okay, it looks like that.”
We’ve seen things flip-flop. We’re in this community: we know this happens. We know that happens. So Henry Stapp says, “Nature is ontologically like a ‘Cosmic
Mind,’ like a Whiteheadian type Mind that in contains ‘potentia’ for future
experiences.” So here he is talking… I guess he can’t say God–I know
Henry Stapp. I know he believes in God. But scientists very seldom use
that word. They’ll use other words, you know like “census taker.” What’s
that? What do you mean by that? Usually they mean God, but it’s so not
cool to say that. So they can’t say it. So cosmic mind is another way to look at
it. So Nature and cosmic mind really love quantum processes. They have
extraordinary efficacy. You’ll see it in the placebo effect; you’ll see it in
embodied cognition; you’ll see it with scientific constants that vary–they
don’t stay the same– they actually move around. You’ll see
evolution moving in jumps, just like jumping to the right thing, instantly.
You’ll see that we live in a fine-tuned universe. And numerous examples
of natural processes exist. So if you’re not familiar with it already,
placebo effect is quite extraordinary, and I do get into this in “Quantum Jumps,”
my book, because it’s phenomenal. Not only is it very effective, but the placebo
simply means, “I shall please,” and one of the earliest times that was ever studied
was under war times during World War II. And there in London, the doctors did not
have enough pain relief medication in their medical bags. They had water; they
had salt. And they came up with an idea: We’ll make a saline solution, and we’ll
pretend it’s something. We’ll care for our wounded. We care deeply for them–we
need to win this war, so we’re going to give them something: we’re going to give
them salt water. And the “I shall please” idea was proven in that wartime
condition to work. So it’s one of the first tests of the idea. But actually,
doctors have been using it for a long time–just never in such a focused way.
Subsequently it has become a standard practice for the pharmaceutical industry
to use the placebo test. And it’s very upsetting for them, i would presume, that
the efficacy of placebos has pretty much doubled in the past 30 years. In the
United States, it’s off the charts. If you happen to have faith in God, then you can
go way, way, way, way above doubling. So it goes from something like
a 30 percent efficacy to a 60 percent. If you have faith, you can get to eighty and ninety
five percent efficacy. If you believe in God and you believe the placebo
effect works–Yay! You can get something really good results. I do! You know it’s cool stuff–this really works. And it’s been proven to work on things like: not
getting enough sleep. You just tell yourself, “I got enough sleep.” If you feel
like you’re catching a cold, “I feel great.” You can reverse out of
things. And actually I wanted to also mention that currently a
majority of doctors were surveyed, and a majority admitted, “Yes, we
prescribed placebos.” Because you get that patient, and what are you going to do? You want to give them something. We don’t have the right thing, but we’ll give them
something. So it could be a sugar pill, or whatever. But a lot of people do get
better. This works for animals. It’s been proven to work for horses and dogs.
I mentioned earlier that our dog underwent something like a placebo
effect of sorts. The studies that have been done were specifically for
arthritis for dogs, and I think something similar for horses. And they absolutely
improved. And this is with triple blind studies and quadruple blind studies,
where nobody quite knows which group they’re in–whether they are they getting the
real thing for their pet–their beloved animal–and they don’t know, and the doctor
doesn’t know and the person doing the read the comparison doesn’t know. With huge
positive results. I think those are social animals, so they’re highly
entangled with their people. If you’re wondering why is that happening? that’s
my guess. There are placebo studies happening
right now with universities, so hopefully we’ll get more information. Embodied
cognition is the science of doing something like you can make a fist–or
open your fingers wide–and get the benefit of willpower. You can smile; if
you don’t feel like smiling, just put a pencil in your mouth and hope it’s clean–
and you’re going to feel better. Laughing works. If you want to be
smart, or follow physics discussions, just put your fingers and point to your head;
it actually makes you smarter! My mom is a kindergarten teacher, and she
used to tell her kids before they took one of those standardized tests to just “tap
your head.” I don’t know if she knew it worked or what, but it totally works.
Maybe it’s the stimulation from the blood circulation, but pointing– it helps.
It’s been proven to help. These are laboratory tested, proven things. Now this
is fascinating; some studies–in fact a lot of studies–
cannot be reproduced. We expect that in science, if you have an experiment, you
should be able to get the same results, given the same basic protocol. However,
there is a ‘reproducibility crisis’ occurring, where more than two-thirds of
researchers have tried–and failed–to reproduce another scientists experiments.
And that was just a small little thing that I saw in the news. But this was a
survey published in the journal Nature: more than 70% of researchers tried and
failed. That’s huge. So what is that telling us? Are things changing based on
expectation? Or based on who the observer is? It looks like it to me.
Rupert Sheldrake has done some extraordinarily excellent work in this
area. His book, “Science Set Free,” points out that some of these so-called
‘constants’ aren’t. When you think of a constant, what is that? Like
the gravitational constant? That’s Isaac Newton’s gravitational constant. We’ve
had this for a long time, and now we’ve got NIST, the National Institute of
Standards and Technology. In 1998, they were publishing values of that
gravitational constant, and it was showing a range between 6.73 and 6.64. Just a few months later! You don’t expect something
like that to happen to your constant. I mean, this is ridiculous, right? But why
aren’t we hearing about this? Well, thanks to Rupert Sheldrake, we are. And this is
happening not just to that, but a whole bunch of so-called ‘deviant measurements’
are being thrown out! Like, “well we’re not going to talk about that.” Things are
changing. So they’ve been noticing–the scientists have been noticing the
Mandela Effect for years. I want you to know that. I want you to know it, and
Rupert Sheldrake—I don’t know if he called it that, but this is what’s
happening. So pay attention. And another place it’s happening is
evolution, when they talk about, “We can’t find the so-called ‘missing link.’ ”
You hear this all the time, right? How many times have you heard that? A lot. So
there is another theory, which has to do with punctuated equilibrium, which means
that fossils of each intermediate species appear fully distinct, persist
unchanged, and then become extinct. Transitional forms are unknown. That is
cool! That means we’re doing quantum jumps in evolution on the planet
with every species. So with the idea that we can experience alternate histories
obviously this could help explain the fine-tuned universe if you’ve ever heard
of that just how incredibly unlikely this universe is you hear this from a
lot of theologians they’re the ones that really come in strong saying there must
be a God because it’s so fine-tuned it’s outrageous so you hear that sometimes
skeptics don’t want to accept that they’re like well now
just random chance but this is why I like philosophers like nicholas rescher
it was like he doesn’t even get into the god thing he just shows you like now
this is absolutely working that way that’s the way nature operates I love
that so it gives you something for your other side of your brain that you want
you having trouble with God for the moment and what I love is that nature is
already better at doing some of the things we want our computers to do
guess who’s doing it first nature is so we’re seeing optimization problems being
solved these are some of the things that we’re going to see solved by the quantum
computers and if you look – swarms of or hives you know that hive consciousness
you’ll see bees and ants are coordinating and cooperating together
and that swarm intelligence is really a good example of following simple rules
with a centralized control system and intelligent energies one thing that
shocked a lot of physicists is why are we observing that starlings are moving
like liquid helium they what was expected is if you photograph the
starlings those flocks of birds they’re just moving it’s really fast you’ve seen
how beautiful it looks and so they slowed it down they looked
closely like they figured okay there’s going to be a bird one bird that starts
signaling the turn and then everyone else follows that’s what they expected
to see that’s not what’s happening they’re absolutely moving exactly
exactly together and that is simulating what goes on in things like superfluid
helium which is something you’d be working with if you’re working on a
quantum computer nature’s already doing this sheep dogs when they heard sheep
are using the kind of rules that you need when you’re going to be programming
a quantum computer they first collect the Sheep together till the group is
cohesive which is a quantum concept and then they drive the cohesive group in
the desired direction they know what they’re doing
and so they’re getting them like a flock of starlings and then they drive them
and computer models are starting to use the same two-step method for large
groups of more than 50 members and works fantastically well and quantum
coherence you may have heard of this one photosynthesis is extremely efficient at
taking a ray photon of light and taking like solving the New York rush-hour
traffic problem and transporting that little photon to where that energy needs
to be stored in the organism the plant it always chooses the quickest path to
that’s possible well something like 95 9 you know percent of the time that’s so
far above any of our photovoltaic technology right now so when we get to
quantum we can start matching it we don’t have it yet but that’s what it’s
gonna take to catch up with nature quantum biologists are suggesting that
our DNA itself is mutating through quantum superposition and this is from
the book by Jim al-khalili the physicist and John Joe McFadden these guys were on
the bleeding edge of quantum biology they co-authored a book by that name
quantum biology and I’ve had I’ve interviewed John Joe McFadden on my
living the quantum dream podcast he’s brilliant and so what they’re doing is
they’re leading pioneers saying this is what’s happening before it’s absolutely
proven and what’s happening in pretty much every case being proven so what’s
happening is quantum superposition is like that cat that’s alive and dead at
the same time it’s like being in two places and that’s the way DNA is able to
give rise to new species and in the short term can lead to healing from
diseases instantaneous remission from diseases that might have been considered
incurable we heard about that yesterday enzymes are able to speed biochemical
reactions and they’re using quantum teleportation so if you’ve ever had a
Mandela effect where something was in a different place I have like I know I put
something down that’s how I started my realityshifters website is you put your
keys down and then they move your socks aren’t in the dryer
I’ve had magazines move I’ve had everything you can imagine move you know
and people notice this too it happens because it’s a quantum process so
quantum tunnelling with the enzymes is enhanced by vibrational protein motions
okay it might be enhanced this is also the work of John Joe
and I believe he’s right so I think everything he’s suggesting his track
record is phenomenal so I think he’s on the right track I think we’re gonna get
proof of this and we’re starting to see that you know this this very it’s kind
of like warm wet messy biological processes and the reason this is so
shocking as physicists thought you’ll never see quantum phenomena happening in
nature well guess what we are on every level
every scale all the warm wets messy stuff it’s still happening that’s good
news for us Mandela effect experience there’s okay so who are the Mandela
affected and this is a picture from quantum jumps based on a survey I did a
couple of times have done the survey when people notice reality shifts and
that would be when something appears disappears transforms transports or a
Mandela effect but it might be a personal Mandela effect the biggest
response people tend to have is curiosity and the people that I serve it
and I surveyed hundreds of people the next biggest response is awe just a
state of whoa what’s happening here followed by excitement like woo hoo was
really exciting in happiness a lot of happiness and joy and then 10% are
confused 1% are scared and I got such a small percent that were actually angry
occasionally people get angry like why’d you do that but that happens too so
these are emotional responses and who we are I talked about this on Friday a
little bit if you look at the myers-briggs you get some interesting
insights that the personality type distribution in the general population
would be the the biggest percentage group is the ISF Jay’s these are sensing
sensing feeling judging people who are introverted as 13.8% and then ESF Jay’s
is TJ’s and so forth another writing is small but the intuitive feelers that are
the majority over here of the Mandela affected that would be or enfps infps
INFJs those guys are way down here they’re like the two percenters the
one-percenters they are really rare supposedly but in our community they’re
the norm so if you look at what this means the e stands for extroverted the
is introverted and these are tendencies so if you take the test and it’s on the
borderline that’s okay censors and intuitive thinkers or
feelers judges or perceive receivers so it’s kind of an either/or thing which is
not very quantum I know but it gives you a sort of a generality and you got an
idea and again we’re noticing you know these
intuitive feelers are really huge percentage of our mandela community INFP
infj ENFP that’s the majority of who we are as a group and then if you look at
what this means this gets interesting and I’ve got something funny up here it
may be too tiny to see if you like Harry Potter we’ve got ravenclaw in blue
Slytherin in green hufflepuff in yellow hand Gryffindor
over in red so it’s funny you know but it’s just being playful with it and
again if you want to know where are we a lot of the intuitive feelers so it would
be right up here in Gryffindor you know we’re heroes we are courageous we’re
willing to stand up for what’s right that means we’re advocates or mediators
and if you look at you know I think that’s there’s also a protagonist over
here ENFJ and a campaigner ENFP heavy-heavy Gryffindor personalities
it’s just fun okay more seriously just the fun part if you want to know what
would they call it if you’re talking to a psychologist then it would be more
like idealists and healers idealist these are idealists Gryffindor are
idealists and the colour changed but never mind that then you’ve got
idealists who are councillors champions teachers and healers good news we’re
teachers right when the world needs us what are we doing we’re teaching we’re
healing we’re counseling we’re championing or
the right place and the right time the right people this is the right team
there are other people experienced Mandela effects as well so I’m not
saying it’s just that but it’s pretty heavy percentage okay so here’s a
picture of Joseph Campbell I used to watch a great TV show with maybe maybe
you’ve seen it yeah so he was on a PBS series and he went through this
beautiful story of how the human experience can be seen through all the
cultures of the world and you can see that there’s this these archetypes that
Carl Jung talked about but it’s in the stories you know the mythology seems
like the king of mythology Joseph Campbell said the cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure that you seek and he talked about you are the hero of your
own story so we’re going to look at that tonight what does that look like for our
community well here’s the hero’s journey and it starts up at the top with a call
to adventure then we meet some mentors we cross some kind of a threshold where
there’s like no going back I think we know that feeling then we have trials
sometimes failures growth and new skills death and rebirth don’t worry about the
deaths I mean it’s just it’s kind of like a you know death of some aspect of
what you used to be revelation changes atonement you get some gifts and you
return changed I’m gonna go through each of these and here’s Star Wars everybody
knows Star Wars right now okay so the call to adventure when Luke Skywalker is
called forth you know he I think that there’s just this moment you must learn
the ways of the force if you were to come with me to Alderaan
that’s what obi-wan Kenobi said to Luke that’s what he says now I think anyway
the call to adventure is often initially refused because it challenges everything
you are you don’t want to make some crazy new change often further
circumstances provide that kind of kick in the pants that we need and we may not
like it but it can kind of come along nicely or you can come along I sure got
a kick in the pants I talked about this time that I was walking with two friends
from my corporate world that was a coming out of sorts to me we didn’t have
a quantum businessman there was no example
you know I was like oh my gosh this is happening to me and right in front of
these people I used to work for you know at a top 500 company in the United
States high-level managers very high and I’m talking about this stuff and then
right in front of our eyes we get an example and I’m like so relieved I mean
I knew they didn’t think I was crazy but I was starting to have doubts like
the stuff I’m talking about we’re talking back in the 1980s the 1990s this
is a long time ago I was nervous but sure enough the sundial showed up out of
nowhere my friends corroborated and they are
high-level senior people in the banking world
what a relief and then I thought uh-oh now I’m out you know it’s like I’ve just
outed myself I better do something with this that was my we didn’t have YouTube
you have to remember where we were at the time so when we meet our mentors we
get an opportunity to hear advice such as obi-wan Kenobi gives many of the
truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view and we’re seeing that
in our community so these mentors make a big difference once the journey begins
and we’re leaving the safe familiar comfort of what we thought was true and
it’s just a memory these are some of my mentors thank goodness thank God for
them so these are people that was me with them through the years Fred Ellen
Wolf’s a good friend excellent physicist he was in what the
bleep do we know Cleve Backster the author of primary perception he’s the
one that worked on plant consciousness brilliant man and that is an energy
field that’s an aura behind her heads right there there’s a regular camera
catching an aura picture that’s Larry Dossey brilliant man he writes about
non-local prayer you can pray for other people it totally works bruce lipton
early in the day before he was the big guy he is now that was ages ago
Stanley krypter another genius giant in the field working with consciousness
dreams paying attention to dreams and dreams we share and how that’s really
real he is a king of that field PMH Atwater I told you she’s the author of
that book future memory first person that I know of currently may change but
to mention the term reality shifts Henry Stapp I keep talking about him all
he believes in free will he knows we make a choice he knows that how you
observed makes a difference and he’s seen some weird stuff around me Dean
Radin loves weird stuff studies at an institute of noetic sciences and so
these are some of my mentors thank God for them because back in the day 20
years ago thank God I had somebody you know there’s my team I don’t have
obi-wan Kenobi but you bring them together and you know and so we got each
other you know but by the way I want to go back cuz you may wonder who do we
have we have you guys I am so grateful to all of you everybody who is here
today and especially the YouTube channels
the authors people who are brave enough to come forward and take a look at this
with everybody because you’re helping lead the way
okay now crossing a threshold into the unknown this was a cool scene in this in
the movie these aren’t the droids you’re looking for you can go about your
business what a great example of that entanglement we were talking about in
quantum steering perfect example of being the observer outside of the other
observers and just moving things and you can do it with love you can we do this
with love at some point we get an unmistakable sense that we’re now in a
completely different territory we have crossed a threshold and what does that
feel like well here’s a picture that shows what many of us feels like it
feels like here’s a cat I aspire to be as calm as this cat when things are
falling apart around me we’ve all been there like I to get ready for this talk
I was going back to my book quantum jumps to find the research that’s
covered on the very cover of the book and I spent like three and a half four
hours on it guess what it’s not in the book it’s not and it was it will
probably show up again I think it just did that to play with me but but you
know you got to stay calm when this stuff happens you can’t let it freak you
out you got to be like oh that’s all right
it may flip-flop so walking in both worlds can feel unsettling experimenting
experiencing the flip flops in a reality residue can be kind of a weird thing at
first but then you start coming into your high sense perception and you start
trusting that trusting your heart trusting your intuition
trusting that other side of the brain that the thinker originally showed us so
the next step is trials tribulations and helpers because it doesn’t just get easy
from there you might think it would right now things are falling apart no we
know better never tell me the odds is what han Solo
says so helpers on the journey that can be a little offbeat
they might be a little unusual their characters right we are you know maybe a
little different than the norm that’s okay because we bring those unique
perspectives and we help each other I remember the fully gold c-3po this is
weird with the silver link and I was a I went to the original Star Wars I was
going to Cal Expo that day with my best friend and we both are sci-fi buffs we
see the movie the premiere the opening you know weekend we just go with you
right into the theater and we watch it it ends and we just look at each other
we know what we’re thinking we’re not leaving the theater we’re gonna watch it
again I think we watched it over and over and then we couldn’t take the bus
back home where kids like Oh whose dad do we call you know better not call my
and I said so we called hers and he was taking it off but it was better anyway
okay um so my trials tribulations and helpers I’ve had some bumps on the road
to a whole bunch early on I started this realityshifters newsletter and I hit
some snags reaching out to some communities that may have had other
viewpoints we’ve all had been through that I don’t need to bore you with the
details but when you find your tribe of helpers that’s essential we need helpers
we need a community we’re stronger together we need to learn from others
experiences share those first-hand reports thoughts feelings and ideas so
that’s what I’ve been doing a lot of us are doing that with our channels next is
growth and new skills so here’s a scene from the movie with the lightsaber if
you remember now obi-wan Kenobi has suggested trying fighting against this
artificial intelligence antigravity flying ball by just covering your eyes
use the Force Luke your eyes can deceive you don’t trust them I think that speaks
to the whole left-brain right-brain thing and what we can measure we
is what we can feel this movie was spot-on and you may wonder well how did
it get things so right well the director consulted with Joseph Campbell and
really got familiar I’m using this as an example for a reason this movie was
shaped around the hero’s journey that’s how it’s so good
if you wonder what happened to the other ones I don’t know I’m not gonna answer
that I don’t know but anyway this was great so when you develop your high
sense perception you’ve got a gift and you can start really depending on it
like those animals that I brought my bridle exactly eleven they went it was
amazing and then the piece of paper that you got that just give it time if you
feel like I don’t know what that was some people are telling me they’re
giving it time and something amazing is happening so there’s no such thing as
noise growth and new skills has to do with lucid Living Quantum Jumping
reality selection it’s living in that blissful state usually once you get good
at it there are a lot of Falls getting there but once you get past the stumbles
and you know just trust trust the process you’ll get better it gets good
and then we come in to death and rebirth and initiation and here’s a scene from
the trash compactor that’s kind of like you know that’s a weird smell we got
here and c3po says we’re doomed so it becomes increasingly obvious there’s no
going back maybe a relationship comes to an end
maybe things change with when you tell people at work it’s happen to all of us
you know it’s this is tough but you got to stay the course and get strong
because better times are coming this is sort of like the low point it does get a
lot better and here’s a picture just showing that for us in the Mandela
effect community we can recognize the magnitude and significance of changes
that we observe and we can realize that we can’t return to going back to living
as we had before can’t really go back I think we all of us have wanted to you
know honestly but it can’t so then we hit the phase of revelation and
transformation here’s Yoda saying you must unlearn what you have learned this
is a hard one right we’ve learned about classical reality
Tyrael ISM objectivity there’s only one real history right we heard that we
assumed it we now know that is not true and we’re starting to see some good
evidence that they can back that up but revision of beliefs is the key
essential part of new revelation and transformation so if you’re feeling like
my world’s falling apart its getting rebuilt so they’re getting stronger just
like a sword that gets forged by all the folds you’re getting stronger and here’s
a quote by Joseph Campbell having to do with revelation and transformation
people say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life I don’t think
that’s what we’re really seeking I think that what we’re seeking is an experience
of being alive so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane
will have resonance with their own innermost being and reality so that we
actually feel the rapture of being alive now this guy could be really deep and I
love that it feels real you know this is not false memory this is not some
computer simulation and you’re just a glitch in the machine or something
you’re more than that much more so reality shifts in the Mandela effect
can initiate pursuit of a spiritual path and awakening we heard a lot about that
yesterday thank you guys and also the first day so we want to focus away from
fears which can be magnetic and an example of that one of the two people
that senior high level person in the financial world I went for a walk one
day and we saw so many snakes in the park near my house that I’ve never seen
so many six-foot snakes these things were huge as big around as my arm and I
asked are you afraid of snakes like deathly afraid like no wonder like I’ve
never seen so many it’s kind of like they feel the fear and they’re like Here
I am you know so you want to pay attention
it’s like when you learn to ride a motorcycle
you get the advice don’t look down at the pothole you’re gonna hit it for sure
you got to keep your eye on the horizon where you want to go and we got to do
that collectively and individually and you can discover your unique gift
service and your role and then the good news we returned home master of many
worlds I mean this is what it should look like you know ideally right yeah
happen yet for most of us it will hang in there it will respect and recognition
ideally should be granted when we return home keep in mind as dark rules keeps
telling us this is new we are what the UFO community used to be we do not yet
have the level of respect that we should be getting we will I know we will all of
that’s another big one yeah Chewbacca I used to get a medal I know
and now and now what happened he’s like what about me and I think I think that’s
because we’re feeling that way yeah we’re all feeling that way where’s our
medal how come how come we’re not getting accolades we will I know it but
mean well I love this this is very funny I saw this picture on the internet
social media on the left me trying to explain the multi-dimensional nature of
reality and how I can shift between them my family yeah exactly
it’s so perfect I think we can all relate so but you know what the good
news is I’ve been doing this for 20 years and it’s really weird I don’t push
my family I don’t tell them anything but then it’s starting to change in a really
positive way by embodying and sharing these gifts being generous with it not
pushy then and listening I listen a lot and you start getting through what
seemed like an obstacle you’re making more of a difference than any of you
know by your example and so here’s some good news for you’ll see here Jean
Houston many of you know her for her 80th birthday I was contacted by a
screenwriter sherry stein Kilner who wanted to help
write a play about this very topic about what is it like so it was a this the
idea in the story was an astrophysicist an anthropologist and an actress walk
into a theater when a quantum shift causes their stages to converge and the
audience to vanish then they pool their collective resources and as a very
personal story for Jeanne Houston and things that actually happen in her life
and I feel ever come on to the stage and it’s made a couple of appearances if you
ever see it it’s cool and I was contacted as a resource a very primary
resource for the development of this project and that was cool that’s cool to
get that kind of respect but of course that is Jean Houston of course she knows
this is going on so never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful committed citizens can change the world indeed it is the only thing
that ever has that’s Margaret Mead and so from my perspective if you’re
wondering how do these things tie together what’s the difference between
like a quantum jump I’ve got sort of this arbitrary line of demarcation it’s
really not that cut and dry but it’s good to give you an idea that conscious
jumps would be quantum jumps were you really fully choosing where you’re gonna
be going when things sort of randomly happen then that would be what I’ve been
calling reality shifts like what the heck just happened here the history
changed and that’s definitely the Mandela effect when you’ve got the
larger number of group experiences however you can have personal Mandela
effects and you can have large-scale reality shifts so there’s a great power
of we in the me the Mandela effect with truly amazing instant global and
universal reality shifts what do I mean well we can witness instantaneous change
it is faster than continental drift or getting Mandel effects they’re so fast
it’s faster than cosmic expansion it’s faster than species evolution I mean
it’s faster than any way that we’ve ever heard about that these things can change
how fast is it as fast as lightening is faster than lightning it’s instant so
continental drift I think we’ve covered this with excellent presentation on the
geography presented by Shane and by Austin on the fence basically and he got
to see the how his own recollection changed this is another artist rendition
of the way one other person remembered it used to be so if you’re crossing the
Panama Canal it didn’t used to go north/south it was a lot more east-west
for example other things like that whole South American continent seems to have
moved things like this can happen and when did that happen how fast did that
happened how come no one noticed that’s sort of a feature of the Mandela effect
some people say that they remember we were on a different part of of the the
universe that basically we’re now in the Orion section no longer Sagittarius
again I don’t think that was a slow process
it was just like suddenly boom but there we are this one gets a lot of the
martial artists that I work with if I want to convince them this is my
favorite way I say okay you guys now what do you avoid hitting so that you
don’t do a kidney punch oh and I’m like show me show me on someone oh it’s so
much fun cuz they’re gonna show you where it used to be and they’ll be
looking at you like this is right right like yeah that’s where it used to be no
like what do you mean used to be well check it now check it now
take a look and so this affected like seven point seven billion people on the
planet instantaneously the kidneys are now in a safer location kind of tucked
under a little bit more protection of the ribcage it no longer makes any sense
you talk about that kidney punch why are we punching so low below the kidneys
what why do we call it that doesn’t even make sense anymore it’s faster than
species evolution I was going to give another example that I couldn’t find it
pairs two of mandela affected and jumped out of reality for the moment so i found
another one the one I remember that I can’t find it’s kind of cool you might
remember it it was a petri dish of bacteria and they would feed it food
that it couldn’t eat its supposed to be a nutrient auger but they would feed it
something that was lactose based and it was a lactose intolerant bacteria so
what did it do in one generation or just a couple generations that instantly
evolved to be able to digest the lactose I have no proof of this anymore but I
remember that study so anyway oh thank you okay I figured in this room others
would also remember it never mind that we can’t find it because now we’ve got
this one now we’ve got fungus that can biodegrade dead and fallen trees and now
digest plastic and we were talking about manned animals and so forth earlier so
we got that going on anyway your influence is much bigger than you know
you’re entangled with everybody that you love that you care about your
observations have the power to change things
everything you’re entangled with and we have sentience that’s possible because
we can realize that you’re both an actor and you’re observing the action it’s
those levels of consciousness that I talked about you know the first the
primary perception and then the secondary it’s an idea from calculus
from the guy that brought us calculus life needs you also invented the pillars
of science itself look for elegance I see elegance in quantum physics so this
realization can occur through meditation lucid dreaming near-death experiences
and then there’s a phrase exceptional human experiences that was really
studied and researched before there was the Mandela effect however I’m sure that
it would be included because it’s definitely an exceptional human
experience when you see the past is changing so what are we really doing
when I’m we’ve heard this this weekend I agree we are a living or lucid living in
a waking dream it’s that row row row your boat you know
gently down the stream we’re simultaneously physically mortal
egoic beings and at the same time infinite eternal sentient beings of
imaginative possibilities equipped to walk with feet in both worlds we can do
it when we say well it looks like that happened but don’t worry about that
we’re gonna have faith you know your doctor tells you some news like my
doctor told me about my daughter my big question was did you tell her
don’t good because I’m strong enough that I’m like oh no worries we’re gonna
be praying for this one big time and it’s gonna change I know it well I’ve
got faith and these things definitely change and they do and the reality we
experience depends on the subjective perspective so when you notice that the
facts and the histories are changing and there is no such thing that we used to
believe most of us believe there was one objective reality one truth right you
know tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth I’ve been on jury
duty and I tried to explain I really believe in all this I got selected
anyway I don’t know how that happened seriously and then they made me the
foreman of the jury so they know that I’m coherent you know I make sense but
it’s like okay so this is kind of weird I don’t know how I ended up on that I
really don’t because I was very clear about it and they’re like now you’re
gonna you’re gonna follow the rules on the court I said yes but I will see
things change they like that’s fine but you know Jerry just fell out of his
chair I know seriously anyway but everything depends on perspective so
what is this quantum reality what are we talking about I love the way Jerry was
asking where do we want to go with this where are we going
so we can live lucidly with feet in both worlds that’s the idea you are infinite
you’re eternal there’s a part of you that knows that
they can observe whatever seems to be happening from a higher point of view
you can do this we are already doing it by virtue of the fact you’re
experiencing Mandela effects it’s proven everybody here you’re doing it and
here’s a fun sign I think this is a joke but I found it on the internet quantum
Junction getting both lanes and the max speed is like the speed of light it’s
kind of a joke but um but for some of us sometimes it feels that way like what
are you choosing what’s going on how do you know so we’re connecting
communicating with others other aspects of ourselves learning to trust that
intuitive heart that we never trusted before I mean that’s hard I worked in
planning in control and want many years later I told they were asking they were
guessing what do you do what did you used to do and I said that they said no
you weren’t working in planning and control I said oh yes I was a project
manager and I planned everything I was like type a super plan super organized
people were wishing twins on me you’re too organized usually they have to have
triplets like yeah no okay so with galaxies continents and all of the
organs like the heart I didn’t get into all that but you know the changes
they’re big any problem can be overcome by the Mandela effect I know it
absolutely know it I know it’s already happening I know we’ve got proof of it I
told you about nicholas rescher we’ve got all sorts of things showing that
this is happening so we can’t experience the flip-flops we
can experience preferred realities and here in referencing life needs and
rescher and here’s a scene from Back to the Future how do we do this this gets
fun okay I promise you I’d come back to quantum Zeno effect to tell you how to
use it I think here we go okay get ready okay this is fun okay so steering you
want to be good at visualizing that matters when you’re steering you don’t
aim at the pothole you’re gonna aim high how good can it get
I am so very blessed you want to stay there fuel love gratitude if you can hit
it go over the highest levels of reverence you can possibly feel to blow
your socks off with that cosmic love just keep raising that bar so they just
invite more of more of it in how do you do that just love God more love one
another more you’ll get there brakes are quantum Zeno effect when you
find something you like lock it in I’ll show you a little bit
about that shifting gears meditation near-death experiences lucid dreaming
let’s take a look okay so steering with visualization
here’s the book I love the world is as you dream it by John Perkins and here’s
a man who spent his early days doing terrible things to the planet and then
he had a change of heart realized I have really made a mess of things you know he
he writes books about that too but on the good side he writes about shamanism
and prayer ayahuasca people that live by recognizing that what we dream we can
bring into reality and this is extraordinary way to keep that kind of
faith based in a spiritual practice and steering with visualization this picture
I’ve included because we have often problems with our peripheral vision and
you can find ears just wiggle your fingers at your visual edge it’s kind of
fun you can see where it is you want to widen that out you want to get a bigger
broader view and not get tunnel vision which tends to happen when you panic so
when you panic what do you do it’s a review shuts down and you’re just
putting one there a range that’s no good when you need to navigate through life
you’ve got to stay relaxed can be hard sometimes
I’m gonna learn to stay relaxed keep your vision open and some of us feel
like it’s already too open you know like I’m seeing too much so you can just ask
the universe like okay slow it down I think I’m getting let’s just can we back
this off a little bit that can help so but it does help to get more information
when it is along the lines of your question which is how good can it get
should be good information you’re receiving you also want to maintain
inner harmony because when you cultivate harmony in yourself then that’s what
you’re bringing into the world you are your message much more than we realize
and you may think oh people don’t know that they don’t see me they see a lot
more than you realize we do we see a lot more and it’s a community especially we
really do so harmonious alignment between what you think what you say what
you do is always going to bring the breast best results you really want to
be in integrity this is a picture of my daughter who just got her PhD in
cognitive neuroscience back when she was a little girl and off in the distance he
could kind of see it way off in the distance from our house these two trees
on a hill and she kept telling me mom I want to go see those trees let’s ride
our bikes out and go find them and so I thought I just said yes I didn’t know
what I was getting myself into I thought well we can see them from here it
shouldn’t be too hard well what happens when you travel miles down you know down
the mountain ways somewhere else it’s easy to get a little blocked by the
forest there literally was a forest in the way I did not planned on that no
problem though because what happened it was kind of really phenomenal I got an
image kind of like the Holy Grail I kid you not with those two trees from the
perspective I was in and I knew exactly where they were and where to go it was
like the coolest thing just I just we were riding our bikes and I thought oh
gosh there’s like a forest here I can’t find these trees I know I should be able
to they’re easy to spot and it was really it was high sense perception that
allowed that to happen I can’t really explain it but it was totally excellent
and just as my family helped this dog Prince Moonshadow to get rid of his cat
act each time we saw they came in we’d flip floppin back we can switch ourself
out of almost any reality that seems to be developing it is a miracle effect
absolutely it doesn’t matter how untenable that may seem if they tell you
it’s impossible never tell me the odds like han Solo the fuel as I see it is to
commune with what people the scientists might call cosmic divine mind some
people don’t like the word God okay whatever but your body is woven from the
light of heaven this is a quote by Rumi and feels true to me yeah it feels true
to quantum physics as well experiencing ah is very important this is a quote by
Albert Einstein the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious it
is the source of all true art and all science he to whom this emotion is a
stranger there can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe as as good
as dead his eyes are closed so I think the Mandela effect is really keeping us
in a state of awe this is a good thing we can appreciate that and I keep
talking about reverence oh you can go up a notch once you get ah keep going up
feel that sense that that all can produce a state of reverence a feeling
of respect and gratitude for the things that are given and the state of just
complete like it just blows your mind like this is amazing
live in reference if you can and here’s I’ve had moments like this not with that
animal here but with other wild animals or you can be in that state of reverence
and wild animals know it and they will relate to you differently it’s so cool
and then you know that the stories about saints like Francis are true you know
like though that happened this stuff is real in all of nature responds because
it’s that love and that sense of coherence and like we’re family so
there’s only one valid way the stoop or take of the universe whether the
partaking is of food and water the love of another or indeed a pill this is dr.
Larry Dossey talking that way is characterized by reverence a reverence
born of a felt sense of participation in the universe kinship with all others and
matter and living in reverence here’s another great quote we do not always see
that we should be moving about our days and lives and places with awe and
reverence and wonder with the same soft steps with which we enter the room of a
sleeping child or the mysterious silence of a cathedral there is no ground that
is not holy ground so what happens when you do this I can tell you what happens
miracles happen literally of every kind I mean I’ve I keep asking like well I
think I’ve seen every kind of miracle like healings and you name it no I
haven’t seen this one in 2015 I was really I was just sort of in a prayerful
state just meditating praying interest in that blissed-out sense of feeling
that every good thing comes from God you asked where does this come from it’s
gonna go right there at some point I was feeling that I got in the car start
driving and I could feel my right tire went flat now you might think like oh
boy that’s this is like backwards prayer I didn’t have any negative thoughts I’m
just like okay well I better stop and check the cars I pull over and I’ll
check it and it was fine okay at that moment I was in a quandary and we know
this quandary from in devil effects it’s like a wait a minute I felt the car
pulling to the right I felt I was hearing swap swap swap throw up I felt
sluggishness and you know everything was telling me all my senses were telling me
I knew exactly where the flat tire should be and now it’s okay so I get out
of the car I walk around and I kick the tire I don’t know what to do
I feel stupid I’m kicking a tire like you hear that and I’m doing it like well
I don’t know what to do I guess it’s okay so I’m in a hurry I need to get to
where I’m going I started to I think I’ll drive slowly because it might still
be flat even though it looks okay I don’t know what’s going on drive slowly
keep the window rolled down listening seems fine you know come up to traffic
speed get to where I’m going park take out look at the car tire it’s fine
go to where I’m going get back to the car look at the tire it’s fine come home
look at the tire it’s I’m looking at the tire a lot it’s fine and now I’m like
what the heck so I telling my husband could you take a look at this and tell
me I don’t say what’s going on but could you check the air pressure in the
tires for me because I don’t know what’s happening something’s happening
comes back and he said well they were all three of them were a little low one
was perfect like know which one was perfect right front tire okay yeah so if
that can happen anything can happen and my family hears about this
I tell they’ve been hearing about this for twenty years here’s my sister in the
kitchen in a happy moment it was a holiday just like in this kitchen my
parents kitchen and it was after a huge dinner lots of dishes tons of too many
dishes for one load in the dishwasher even we pushed the start button with the
first load and we hear this horrible clunk sound and you smell burnt oil you
know and there’s even a cloud of like it was bad and this had happened on a
previous holiday a couple years previous I mean this is we already know what this
is no fun and she just looks at me and she says can you do that thing you do I
just cracked me up I said oh this is awesome you’re making me laugh and she’s
laughing – and she’s looking a little bit nervous like can you do that thing
you do I said okay let’s do it you know great we’re laughing and we’re gonna
feel all this love for the dishwasher and she’s not exactly Christian she
studies more buddhist traditions so i’m just going with where she’s at they’re
like okay let’s love the dishwasher now we’re gonna know that we need it to work
we need it we got to feel that like yeah it’s got to work picture that you’re
gonna hear it we’re gonna start it up you’re gonna hear it running perfectly
nevermind what just happened forget that there’s still a smaller fumes in the
heard oh forget that that did not stop I don’t care what it
smells like okay anyway and so we’re just feeling all that joy that love so I
just open the dishwasher shut it push the start this is all I’m doing I just
push the start button and I’ve done this with so many devices not just the
dishwasher anyway guess what happens it starts it didn’t stop you know it just
worked perfectly has not broken down to my knowledge there’s a couple years ago
yeah so it’s awesome do that thing you do so if you’re feeling like you feel
like your family or friends maybe kind of pushing back just keep being yourself
be gentle and at some point they may say that to you in reverence I’ve had spices
appear in my cabinet that I know I did in fact I knew I did not have it I could
not find it but I know allow for a little bit of mystery so I just would
shut the cupboard I need that nutmeg and walk away come
back check again it’s not there except the cupboard walk around the house this
is important because we kind of when you walk down the hallway you know sometimes
you don’t remember what you were looking for
imagine that you might be going through kind of like a quantum tunnel of sorts
and when you come back you’re literally in another reality come back in open the
cupboard I did that like a few times finally there it is voila no problem we
can all do this so the brakes when you find something you like how do you keep
it well this is Henry step I keep showing him he has an Orthodox quantum
mechanics approach which arises from John van Noy Mann’s two-step process
approach basically it’s based on free will
you asked nature a question nature answers you ask cosmic mind or God a
question that you get the answer okay so you know how that’s going so what you
get is a succession of yes/no questions and answers and what you want to do is
just keep observing that system until it seems like it’s stable so if you’ve got
a flip-flop situation you want to lock it in the positive side of the flip-flop
when it goes to where you want it keep observing that tell people this is the
one we’re choosing those who are entangled with you I know sometimes it
looks like it’s doing that but we want this one and when it matters you can get
it if it’s kind of trivial then may not matter and shifting gears you want to
bring attention to your awareness again don’t focus on those potholes you want
to breathe slowly deeply see the positive invite the positive
possibilities feel on reverence pay attention to taking slow deep steady
breaths this lower abdominal breathing is proven to lengthen your telomeres
increase the brain cells increase the smart part of your brain it does so many
good things its anti-cancer actually if you want to fight cancer start breathing
differently we breathe this way as baby’s martial artists yogi masters
shamans breathed this way Qigong masters breathed this way and so
it’s a really good thing to do so you can see the positive everywhere you
might be instead of the news and getting sucked into drama there look at what
you’re grateful for keeps the bad news at the periphery and keep inviting
positive possibility so you want to keep asking questions like how good can it
get you will get the answer even if you feel like you’re asking it sarcastically
it’s like you just broke a whole dozen eggs on the floor like how good can it
get African anyway ask it anyway and do it when things are going well too and
then when you’ve live in on reverence you can start try some new things keep
an open mind see the world like it’s the first time feel part of something bigger
than yourself and then just keep asking you know how good can it get so thank
you so much so before we start with the Q&A I have a
question you were talking about the placebo effect and you said they’ve seen
a whole lot of studies the independent doctors and whatnot is this across all
fields or there’s one certain field they see more so than others thank you a good
question well it started with like there’s a lot of pharmaceutical research
of course because for the placebo is being utilized as a way to show the
efficacy of a drug however shockingly is the placebo effect is also being proven
to be effective with things like arthroscopic knee surgery and other
forms of surgery so I don’t know that there’s any limit to it it seems like
where they’re testing it is constantly the surprise factor whoa this is weird
people thought they got the real treatment and they got better they got a
lot better than the control group and this is with triple and quadruple you
know really Platinum standard studies where the patient doesn’t know which one
they’re getting a person who’s performing the treatment doesn’t know
nobody involved in the process knows and so it’s all kind of locked in sealed
envelopes then you find out like whoa amazing as long as they think they’re
getting something it makes a huge difference so that’s why if you tell
yourself something no matter how hard something is like you’ve got this it
makes a difference yeah thank you thank you and you answered my next question
right there at the end because I was gonna say that’s kind of what we’re
doing when we do that how good can it get exactly if we believe it we’re
creating a placebo effect within ourselves that’s right alright ladies
and gentlemen now we’re gonna do the Q&A of anybody and anybody has a question go
ahead and line up at the microphone would be glad to hear it so I’d like to ask some questions on
quantum physics into time travel unconsciousness time travel and go and
beyond that and time and space and the realm of the absolute which
is the thing beneath everything that is connected to everything what is your
perspective on empowerment ways to find your mode of being on that path towards
seeking that truth as a time traveler or we’re all time travelers but you mean
like path of truth of various possible use or what’s your primary what do you
find waiting for a person beyond time and space what do I find waiting for
them well personally it would be this feeling of reverence with joy you know
that cosmic mind experience of no time you know it’s it’s that feeling of all
possibility pure consciousness and love that’s at such a level it’s transcends
her ability to communicate it clearly is that what you’re getting it no thank you
love that question Cynthia thank you so much so the question I have is really
for the audience out there who may be viewing this in the future a lot of
people over the last 20 years specifically the last 5 years we know
that there’s a lot of dialogue about mythical creatures like unicorns
reappearing in the SAMS dragons which this di found appearing in the Sam’s but
for some of us who do commune with these beings what would be something you could
say at this point in time and be helpful for all of us out there who are having
dialogues experiences with angels with dragon celestial teachers with other
supposedly mythical creatures who are very real and here to help to rebirth
this earth thank you excellent question I’m gonna see if we can go back to a
slide this really brings up Joseph Campbell that journey who is one of my
favorite favorite favorite people in history I wanted to meet him before he
passed but he passed in I think 2000 and I was in New York in 2000 yet oh well in
spirit he’s with us all and we’re talking about his ideas
ee president right he’s really present right now so when we talk about mythical
beings this gets into that collective unconscious it gets into this realm
where you cross the normal world and you go into the unknown and you remember
that quote that I had that Joseph Campbell said the cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure that you seek so often when we get on this journey we get
to a point where you may encounter a wolf you may think what is this you may
encounter a dragon it may scare the daylights out of you it probably will
because on some level remember I said death and rebirth this is a normal part
of a shamanic journey and I think those of us going through the Mandela effect
are going through that you’ll hit a point where you’re gonna see things that
don’t make any sense at all it’s bad enough to have to talk about the Mandela
effect and now there’s this you know like oh oh great this is really
something so what do we do I would recommend just go like Joseph says I
think it’s perfect if you if you’re feeling that sense of
fear if you’re looking at a wolf a dragon whatever find the message that’s
there for you because there is something there for you and you may find great
strength like in that wolf that’s that’s there for all of us it’s a very strong
protective force with dragons they’re amazing and they’re a creative force
they’ve been villainized in our planet but if you go back to the origins of
dragons you’ll find them on every single continent every single culture and they
originally had a very positive focus so it was kind of with the whole switch of
the hemispheres of the brain that’s where the dragons kind of fell off the
favour of the powers that be and unicorns very sacred beings to each of
these some of these were handed out on the pieces of paper you’ll notice and
Pegasus was there too you know they’re not just regular animals but there’s
that feeling that they have something for us thank you so much for bringing it
up and sometimes it gets into that high sense perception so you’re feeling
you’re seeing colors that you that you don’t see on the planet that your eyes
don’t process but you can see them you’re seeing the presence of animals
that don’t exist but you can feel that they’re quite real on some level
thank you for that Cynthia and just one more question and this is mostly for
people viewing I feel this would be very helpful as well so in this journey some
of what I’ve experienced and I know many others out there have is you know you
see the you see other you know other beings that made me not pleasant but we
know the approaches is unconditional love so for the person out there who’s
going through their awakening process experiencing these things that may
encounter you know they’re members of our audience that you know have had
experiences by beings that say that are not so positive how what is the best
approach from a quantum approach not all the old rituals and magic and all the
old stuff but now the best way to like keep our sovereign matrix and not allow
that to enter reality without being without being in a polarized state of
good and bad and light and dark right so the quantum approach would be look for
what feels saying to you and lock it in with that quantum Zeno effect keep if
you get it very grateful about the sanity you know about whatever feels
saying to you is it love is it gratitude is it reverence walk it in so that I
mean physics doesn’t talk about love and gratitude and reverence but it does talk
about quantum Zeno effect so you want to keep observing what you want more of and
get stronger with it and know that that will win just like what we see with the
placebo effect the people that have faith are hitting those 95% efficacy of
something that has no no one curative powers whatsoever sham surgery fake
medicines you know so yeah you can lock it into and it’s not fake it’s real
thank you so much Cynthia comment followed by a question the first one to
say where you were explaining how there’s no such thing as an objective
reality that really helped me understand the message I got with no such thing as
the real world because it’s like a definite article the real world that you
could refer to a single real world I mean it’s a very subjective experience
so I appreciate that synchronicity the other thing is I recently or I guess
in 2017 I started to see the the relationship between the left and the
right brain and how its relationship to computers like the digital zeros and
ones would be like the left brain analytical but then we’re trying to move
into quantum computers which is more like our right brain as what I was
saying can you comment on that sure thanks for bringing that up
so yes that’s a good point so quantum even think of quantum processing and
computers as dealing with possibilities and you can think of your intuitive mind
is dealing with possibilities and I don’t have the quote in this talk but I
had it on Friday where I was quoting the work of Jerome buermeyer
from quantum cognition and decision and he’s talking in that book about when you
are observing possibilities it’s in it’s the spread out wavefunction it’s smeared
all over the place it’s all possibility out there and then when you make your
observation you can lock it in we know this intuitively this is the way we can
this is how I did quantum physics problems that UC Berkeley I loved it
because in quantum physics you just write the answer down I don’t have to
show it’s like you just write down what’s the wave state of this function
here it is and I knew it and it’s like I like this stuff and that was my first
taste like this is kind of cool this is this does match intuition exactly so I
think it’s a perfect kind of an analogy of that left brain right brain and
recognizing that when you’re in the intuitive state of mind
it’s very quantum very natural this is the way nature works and sometimes
what’s interesting is when you get this little conflict going you’ve got yeah I
think I think most of us know what that feels like so one part of you is like
but we do it this way that’s the right way to do it and then your intuitive is
saying no I need to I need to do something else right now
so start trusting that intuitive voice I think most of us who are here have been
learning to do that and I loved your talk focusing on that I also wanted to
mention unicorns is in the Bible now she says unicorns are now in the book
they’re doubling love it thank you so much um I just want to bring up an issue
with climate change and that I’ve seen according to lone Eagles channel and how
he does geography the terrace has gotten smaller and I’ve definitely noticed that
you know the ice caps are gone I was just wondering if you could give us any
advice on how to help the earth get back to a better state because I feel like we
are running out of time very quickly good question love it and I meant to
touch on this when I was talking about the the study that vanished about the
nutrient auger that was non-nutritious and we’re in a similar state for all of
us too we need to we’re in a crisis basically
humanity is in a crisis state where we’re feeling like things are out of
control and we don’t know what to do about it but this is a point where
evolution can occur and I think Lauren was talking about that that often when
you have a trauma that can be an incentive to an evolutionary jump and
that’s exactly right that’s what we see with these sudden
evolutionary jumps that are happening with punctuated equilibrium and the
plastic eating yes and I could find that one so yeah things can instantly change
and when you know that and you know that things can happen through faith and
through reverence and the fact that we can learn we’re the ones that need to
not panic we’re the ones that know you can have these two possible pasts and
you can see flip-flops and maybe we’re the ones that are going to pick up the
steering on this planet earth the spaceship earth and we’re doing it
together and we’re learning to drive it together
remember when you first learn to drive a stick-shift if you ever did yeah a lot
of mistakes I think we’re in that phase right now
so don’t panic okay thank you fantastic presentation thank you very
much you mentioned and I was extremely
excited that you actually had steps on how to make this happen yes you
mentioned visualization and the tools of empowerment with love
reverence and gratitude so right before this conversation or right before the
presentation we looked at that article by Matthew Fisher about the quantum
brain and how there’s the micro yes so on a scientific level on a brain
level of being able to do like the qubits within the brain
you mentioned in your discussion using love and reverence is there anything
else you can tell us on like a scientific or technical level of how to
increase that state in our own brains such as meditation or chemicals or
medicine or exercises yoga what would you say would be the way to improve our
ability to do these things that’s a great question – thank you oh
so basically this is a big question like how can you do that it’s an individual
answer like each one of us has a different ideal diet we don’t all eat
the same food but you can find the right combination of exercise meditation rest
diet focus of attention find your own set of practices and try different
things that seem to work for you try the kind of software that you’ve developed
even you know to fine tune that data state awareness that you can start
moving things that’s brilliant anything like that what could be a good
tool some people prefer just blissing out to music finding that harmonious
healing frequency Solfeggio is that Lauren was talking about so it could be
very individual but when you find something you know it you can kind of
feel it in yourself like this works for me and then you’re getting a piece of
that and just keep building it together put it together
thank you thank you I’m standing there trying to think of how to phrase this
question and I still don’t have it it’s a it’s a difficult one but it’s for
three years now I know a lot of people have had this question and I have an
answer for myself but if I was in your shoes I don’t know
if I would not articulate it very well a lot of in the last three years many
times I’ve gone through something was one way and the world just changed on me
and then the friends co-workers family I would say do you remember us talking
about this last week and how I remembered this thing and it was this
way and well guess what now it’s it’s changed flip-flopped no memory no memory
of the conversation nothing left on blogs anymore where I’d left comments no
videos things like that it’s all gone and I I know a lot of people in the
community not everybody believes in like multiple realities they think this
single place is being modified somebody’s in some magical computer
making alterations but I tend to lean towards the multiple reality because of
just the bizarre way in which so many things have changed and then everything
was different for me so many times so the question I’m leading up to and so
many people have wigged out about is okay if my reality if I bounced over
from here to the right over there is this still my wife is this still my
friend is are they the same people or am I in a whole new realm that’s I mean
it’s a valid question and I do have that work out for me but I’m just wondering
how others might go there get their mind around that that’s a good question I
like it now so thank you so much for asking and the way I’m looking and stay
there because then you can say what you think after we’ll have a dialogue if you
don’t mind so what I notice is that like I was talking about this living with
feet in two worlds you’re both this conscience conscious sentient being
aware of your awareness and then you’re this physical animal that’s kind of
afraid to die and you don’t want to get sick and you know we got all these ego
issues and we’re the ones that get fearful and scared of things you’re
infinite eternal self is not like that so when you start recognizing that
you’ve got both this some sort of extraordinary thing can happen
right there and not everybody has this so a lot of people don’t know what I’m
talking about right now and I know that I know it’s gonna sound far-fetched but
bear with me so once you’ve got that and you recognize okay we all have that
infinite eternal consciousness then you can feel safe knowing that you the
people that you really love you’re loving them on that infinite eternal
basis you are loving them forever and that’s what real love is
if you’re only loving them because they have money or they’re beautiful or
they’re young well you know this is not what we learn from a spiritual path is
it there’s a reason for that we’re getting the opportunity to learn for
sure that we need to look deeper and feel
deeper and know for sure like this is the person I love and maybe they’ve
changed a little bit but I’m gonna roll with it and see where that goes and have
faith that’s what I would say I don’t know what you would say I’d love to hear there was this goofy movie about these
guys that were workout crazy I can’t remember the name right now but they got
busted in a crime they did a murderer and all that and we watched it as a
family my son my wife and I watched it like a week praat yeah week ago let’s
just say I I thought it was funny laughed at it my wife thought was stupid
humor a week goes by she comes home with that same movie ready to watch that
movie you’ve already seen that you know she doesn’t listen we’ve already watched
this my son saying yeah we’ve already watched this don’t you remember I said
that let her play it she’ll it’ll come so she sees it we’re watching ten
minutes go by are you not remembering any of this my
son and I are laughing because it’s like how do you not remember we could and
she’s getting mad she thinks we’re making fun of her but I’m Mandela
affected by now already and I’m beginning to wonder did something happen
here did I move and she’s not you know it’s weird when stuff like that happens
and I have I’ve come to in the same way that reality Kondo
rather than thinking a hard line like path a and path B which is so many or
path C and Dini just looking at it as as like a
frequency of a radio that I’ve just turned into and maybe I’m tuning into
reality B but a and C are still there they’re just not as sharply focused so
I’ve looked at the people as being very similar in a sense I’ve tuned in to
person B but a and C are still there they’re not gone they’re just I’m tuning
in to this one right here that’s focused like that and all the aspects of my wife
my friend my coworker all aspects of them in every version of reality is
still them I’m just zoning into this part of them
yeah you’re seeing a piece that physical manifestation is just a that’s the tiny
it’s the tip of the iceberg so yeah that eternal self that’s the that’s the
bigger and that in a larger sense they are right and a larger sense they’re
still there you can’t lose them right you can’t lose them that’s how I’ve come
to grips that I know a lot of people freaked out in the community over this I
don’t know if I’m still married to the same for you know that I got when I
started my website that was a lot of what I was hearing 20 years ago like
they’re seeing changes and they’re like am i my husband their eyes are different
their face is different doesn’t catch up anymore yeah they were freaking out and
they were so grateful at that time that I was sharing these first-hand accounts
because they’d read it and they’d say okay at least there aren’t other people
feeling this this is still pretty freaky but and I think that’s the value of
YouTube channels yeah we’re gonna hear that we have other people’s I don’t know
what you’re going through thank you thank you I want to hear your
perspective because that’s been a big question I love the question thank you hello Cynthia
hello I want to say that I really enjoyed your presentation I really enjoy
how you bring quantum physics into it I really enjoy your channel how you’re
always talking about the latest research that’s coming out with quantum physics I
think it’s awesome how these things get tight in so I have a question about the
quantum Zeno effect so on my channel I made these two videos about Gilligan’s
Island and part of the thing that was crucial to it by the way I might call
this part 3 of my Gilligan’s Island video right now one of the things that
was crucial to it was that when I started watching it again I noticed that
everyone had green eyes except for the millionaire and then as the video got
out and people were watching it people’s eye color
like for example Mary Ann turned back to brown it was very interesting and people
were commenting how come you’re saying this person has green eyes I they
clearly have brown eyes and then other people started commenting that Mary Ann
has always had bright green eyes like how could you ever say that she had
brown eyes so people were going back and forth with their comments and I would go
online and look at their pictures again because I was trying to carefully
research everything not to do anything wrong and look at multiple pictures I
even saw after I put the video out I saw one picture where Mary Ann had
half brown and half green eyes I don’t know how that happened so when you talk
about the quantum Zeno effect how could you tie that into what people
are observing with the eye color of that cast on Gilligan’s Island excellent
question okay and you remember I also talked
about some other quantum effects you see in nature such as the two-step process
that sheepdogs use to gain coherence and a herd of sheep first to gather them
together then you drive them in their direction that you desire what we
observe with Mandela effects is not so much usually we don’t tend to get driven
directions where we’re hoping or trying to get in effect we’re getting
collective unconsciousness bubbling up with all different levels of groupings
if you will of these I’m not gonna call them sheep but you know people who have
one bias or another and as they start focusing their attention on your video
and this whole matter and this question comes up to the focal point
then they’re bringing with them their internal bias and their observation of
the observation so you’re getting some quantum steering occurring with
coherence and entanglement lots of factors it’s this really cool kind of a
quantum game which we don’t have yet but it would be cool if we did where you can
kind of get a feeling for how do you do this how do you steer out of global
warming or what have you that’s a very interesting way to look at it – almost
like a game that changes people’s consciousness and awareness and steers
them into a specific direction yeah absolutely yeah yeah awesome well thank
you for that information and let’s try to lock in the green eye color because
everything else is getting too confusing okay thank you thank you all right
anybody else have any questions I think that was an absolutely wonderful talk I
learned a lot a lot of information I did not know a lot of new physics
information from the assembly scientists I can’t wait to see whether it leads so
thank you so much Cynthia for being here this weekend for both talks it’s been
absolutely amazing we really appreciate it

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  • The man behind green eyes.

  • 💞Cynthia Sue Larsen/Larson 💞

  • The fella asking the question near the end of the video with the navy blue shirt and hat… he asked something to the effect “if things are changing around me so dramatically, then is this still my wife, my friend, and so on?” I struggled with this a lot when I first started experiencing this effect. It was my biggest question, and my biggest fear. Knowing that a fear based approach would lead to hardship for me… I started consciously practicing complete acceptance of whatever high strangeness happened in my day with radical loving acceptance, gratitude, and peace. I go through periods where stuff gets really strange with my immediate friends and family. And the answer I came to was that I just had to chose to be OK with it. And then go beyond that even to where I was grateful for the strangeness accepting that it was all part of the natural order of things… and that even though I don’t understand it, I held a knowingness in my conscious awareness that it was fine… no biggie, it will all work out just the way it is supposed to… and that I was still blessed, and co-creating with god.

  • Thank you. I would like to hear more about (55min in) "There is no such thing as noise"

  • Life here can be a magical mystery tour! Love you much Cynthia 💞💞💞

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