Make the World Greta Again (Full Documentary)

Schoolchildren across the country are
expected to skip classes on Friday as part of a strike
against climate change. I do not accept that taking time
off school is useful for children. Skipping school is
not in my vocabulary. It’s not a good idea.
I never thought it was a good idea. Kids should go to school. Whose future? Our future! Save our planet! Greta is an inspiration for us all, she was the catalyst
of this movement. I just sat down outside
the Swedish parliament. I would never have imagined that
it was going to be this big. She was my inspiration to start this. Together we’ve started a revolution. We will be in 100 countries at least. Basically towns and
cities everywhere. It’s going to be gigantic. We’re marching towards
Buckingham Palace! We will be a pain in the arse. We will keep on striking
until they do something. We are facing the biggest
crisis humanity has ever faced. If your house is on fire, you
don’t sit down and talk. I want people to panic. We have come here to let you
know that change is coming whether you like it or not. My name is Greta Thunberg, I’m from Sweden
and I am a climate activist. We are outside the
Swedish parliament. I sit here every Friday. I am not a scientist, I don’t
have the proper education. I am only a messenger. If we continue at the rate
we are now, by the year 2030 we will set off an
irreversible chain reaction which will trigger events
beyond human control, then there is no going back. My demand is that the politicians
should follow the Paris Agreement. If you have read the Paris Agreement,
you know that it’s very radical. If I should have any other
demands, maybe it would be to declare an international
climate emergency. We demand that our
government provides a plan to protect our future and
reach the 1.5 Paris target. We also demand a coal phase-out
in Germany until 2030. Our first demand is
for the government to declare a climate emergency and take active steps
towards climate justice. Our second demand is to
accurately portray the crisis to the general public
and for the government to recognise that as the youth, we have the
greatest stake in our future by incorporating our
views into policymaking and bringing the voting
age down to sixteen. We have three demands. One is that we have a big
international role, Belgium. Second of all, that
politicians really need to start talking to the experts and climate becomes a
priority in politics. Before Greta started this,
nobody talked about it ever. It was not a topic at all when it’s actually one of the biggest
threats that we will ever face. I first started learning
about climate change when I was maybe eight, in school, when my teacher showed
us pictures of plastic in the ocean and starving polar bears and
extreme weather events. Those pictures were stuck in my head,
I couldn’t stop thinking about them. When I was maybe 11,
I became depressed. I stopped eating and
I stopped talking and I stopped going to school. I got out of that depression
by thinking to myself, “There is so much I can do.” I just woke up as
usual, had breakfast, and then took some flyers and signs and just sat down outside
the Swedish parliament, inspired by the Parkland
students in the United States. And then some media
started writing about it and already the second day when I sat
down, people started joining me. And since then, I am almost
never alone when I’m here. After a few weeks it started
spreading to other Swedish cities, and then to other countries. I would never have imagined that
it was going to be this big. What are we going to do? Save the climate! When? Now! When? Now! When? When? When? Now! Now! Now! Since I have Asperger’s,
I am very direct. I don’t say nice words just to be
polite, I say just how it is, and I think that we lack
that very much today. You say you love your
children above all else and yet you’re stealing their
future in front of their very eyes. You are not mature enough
to tell it like it is. Even that burden you
leave to us children. What do you mean,
do-do-do-do… When we started these
strikes in Berlin, every week it was so much pressure
for me just to get people there. In the beginning it was just people
I knew that I was asking a favour and you can’t do a campaign
on favours that way. Louis was the first person
I asked to join in the beginning. I wasn’t by myself because there
were other people with the same idea in different cities, like Jakob. Right now we have little local
groups of Fridays for Future in more than 350 cities
across the country. We are now all over the place. We have these meetings and
usually they’re super packed. After a few weeks of striking, we realised that people
don’t feel committed to it when they don’t have a personal
connection to the strikes. So at the beginning
we had only phone calls, but it turned out very quickly that
you need people to come together and actually get to know each other,
so we introduced meetings every week. I don’t know if you have noticed…
By the way I’m Luisa Saving energy! You meet in person and bond
and then you build trust. – And they all became friends. Yes, and now they’re super
tight friend groups. They meet every day. Please tell everyone about it and be there on time on Friday. Me and Evie did this
event last night. Basically it was called Letters Live. It’s like a gig but they read
letters out instead of songs. It was, kind of,
led by Benedict Cumberbatch. So we read the global
strike letter out. He was really impressed
with us, really supportive. Tom Odell was there,
Thom Yorke from Radiohead. – Ah, that’s so sick.
– Yeah. Benedict Cumberbatch held my hand. Hey.
Yeah, good. Hey, how are you? – Hey, how are you doing?
– Good. We had an open contest where anyone
could submit a logo they wanted and we’ve just voted for this one. The two circles are like global unity and also it’s like a book. You know, there’s the symbol of raising
your hand as an activism thing but that’s like raising
your hand in class, so it was kind of a play on that. What do you think? Yeah, I think that’s the
best one out of them. Ooh, that’s Anuna.
Okay, I’ll go after. Just answer her. Hi, Anuna. – There we go.
– Here I am, there you are. I guess I’ll just explain
how we do it here. So we have a group of people,
there’s maybe about eight of us, and then we have a wider group because we get so many messages
from towns everywhere in the UK saying, “Can we set one up?”
– Yeah, okay. Where are you going to
do it on the 15th? So on the 15th, we’re between
50 and 100 at the moment, it’s changing every day, so basically
towns and cities everywhere. The major one is going
to be in London. We need one big group
of all the countries that are striking on the 15th so that they call all send through
their numbers of how many they were so that we can count it up, because it will be really amazing
if we do something like that. Yeah, definitely we’ll
make that happen. On March 15th we have a global
strike and we want to make them feel that if the whole world can
unite about climate change, the politicians cannot
ignore it anymore. This is an issue that transcends
borders, it transcends nationalities. March 15th is really
a message of unity. The thing I really
wanted to ask you about was how you went about setting
up meetings with politicians. The thing is, they’re just really
going to give you some bullshit. It’s really important that you always
stay very neutral politically. And second of all, it’s
also really important that when you speak to politicians, you need to be badass. They’re going to be like,
“What do you suggest, what do you think we need to do?” And then you’re going to be like, “I don’t know because I’m
in high school, fucker.” I’m feeling a bit sick,
I woke up very nauseous, but I really want to
do the strike today so we’re just gonna go for
it and it’ll be fine, yeah. Badass. This is Kyra, my best friend, and we
started Youth For Climate together. We’re doing this, like,
as partners in crime. Today we’re in Louvain-la-Neuve and I already see a lot of people. My name is Luka and I’m
the twin sister of Anuna. For three months now there’s
been a lot of interviews. It’s like a full-time job
definitely for her but for me, it’s crazy that
people are yelling her name, that people are like, “Can I
take a picture with Anuna?” I’m like, “Oh, that’s my sister,”
but mostly I just feel so proud. We’re more heated We’re more heated More heated than the climate We’re more heated We’re more heated More heated than the climate The plenary meeting in the week
is on Thursday in Belgium. I always protest on a Thursday but I think it’s important
to do it on a weekday because I feel like
if we wouldn’t rebel and we wouldn’t do anything
wrong according to the system, nobody would listen to us. And that has been proven because
we’ve striked on Sundays and it’s been ignored. On the 15th, I hope it
will be all over the world and in every country
there will be strikes. I’m really stressing out because
I really want it to be big. We’re more heated More heated than the climate We’re more heated We’re more heated More heated than the climate So this is the ministry of economy
and that’s the ministry of mobility and right in between we strike, because we need a change in
economy and a change in mobility, and it’s very convenient because
you’ve got this natural stage here. So every Friday we ask people
to come here and strike with us for three months now. We are here
We are loud Stealing our future:
Not allowed A few weeks ago there
was this journalist and he was, like, just not nice and he started this online campaign
against me with a hashtag. My friends from Berlin
with the strikes, they started a counter-hashtag and for weeks it said, in very big
letters here, “we love Luisa.” We’re at the Federal
Press Conference. We’re here with
Scientists for Future, which is 700-plus leading climate
scientists across Germany who came together and said,
“Listen to those young kids because they’re right and we’ve
got the science behind this.” Our position fully supports the
demands of the protesting students
to act quickly and decisively in regards to climate change. I think I’ve understood why no
one listens to science. -It was totally boring right?
-Yeah. -Go! Go! Go! Come on inside!
Come on inside, guys! I want to start by
welcoming you, our guests direct from the
Federal Press Conference they’re coming to us
from Fridays for Future. We on the political left are excited about their commitment. Mrs. Merkel, the climate chancellor
should be called “climate destroyer chancellor.” There is nothing that frightens
our government more than voters heading
to the streets. We need everyone of you and are relying on the fact
that you will join. I actually had no idea that
this was going to be so big. I expected, like, a few people in a
conference room but it was huge. And we were supposed to do a speech
thing and I thought it was a Q&A, so I had nothing prepared. We could have been much
harsher and said, really, “You’re messing up the coal exit,” because coal energy plays a huge role
and they’re not critical enough. Everyone wants to be
associated with what we do. People see that we get
a lot of attention. There is little you can say against
young people who demand a future. So I think when people
come to us and say, “It’s great what you do.
Can we support you? Can we take a picture together?” they want to get
some cool points. Can I take a quick photograph? It’s so lovely. Yeah, our day in a nutshell. Sometimes it’s hard to deal
with all this media attention. They constantly take pictures
and film and ask questions. Before I started the school strike
I was very shy. It’s a huge contrast,
but I haven’t changed. I don’t know if people
in my generation are willing to change their
habits and lifestyles to reduce their own
carbon footprints, because we want to do what
everyone else wants to do. We want to become famous and
we want to have a private jet. We want to have a sports car
just like everyone else and we can’t continue
thinking like this. – What do we want?
– Climate justice! – When do we want it?
– Now! You are all so welcome to the seventh
edition of Youth For Climate. We are having a very
international day here. We have Greta from Sweden, Luisa from Germany, and 8,500 students from Belgium. Thank you all for being here today. Greta! Greta!
Greta! Greta! Greta! Greta! For way too long, the people
in power have gotten away with not caring about
the climate crisis but we will be a pain in the arse, we will keep on striking
until they do something. We don’t do this because it’s easy,
we do this because it’s hard, and we are doing this. And we refuse to be
silenced about our future. We’re more heated We’re more heated More heated than the climate We’re more heated We’re more heated More heated than the climate In Brussels, that was the
first time I met Anuna and some of the organisers
of the school strike. Meeting Greta is amazing because she
was my inspiration to start this and now, together with all the
other countries and Luisa and Kyra, we’ve started a revolution. Today we’re going to
Paris because we think it’s really important that
everybody joins the movement and it’s only the second strike
in Paris so it’s not that big yet so we want to be,
like, an inspiration. – Are you guys the organisers here? We organise the strikes in Belgium. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can I get-, – Hey, hey, this is Anna Taylor.
– One of the UK organisers. – We’re both from the UK.
– Yeah, England. Do you have strikes in the UK? Yeah, so we had a huge one. How many people were there? – 15,000 across the UK.
– 5,000 in London. – Last week?
– Yeah, last week. – We’re hoping for a lot more.
– 15,000, that is great. – Yeah, that’s our first time.
– First time, that’s great. One, two, three degrees It’s a crime
Against humanity In Paris, President Macron
invited us over. That was a very sobering meeting. He hasn’t quite understood why
we’re going on the streets. He was really kind
and he was listening but I hope he understands
that we need brave leaders that are going to take
the brave decisions. What we need to do is not to
wait ten years and then act but to act now, because in ten years
it’s too late. Politicians need to be held
accountable for their words and I think that this movement
can keep pushing them to actually do what
they say they will do. -We’re going to do
an Instagram takeover. What?
What is that? We’d be such attention whores. Attention whores, sorry. We were thinking you could do an
Instagram takeover from backstage. That’s only from 5:30pm. -We have to do it?
-If you’d like, yes. We can use my phone. You can take photos of yourself
for Snapchat if one of you are having
a drink or something. Great, will do. I’m going to do your make-up. That’s ok. I need it today.
– You’ll have time to eat a bit after. Just something subtle.
I really have bags. My life has gotten way more
interesting than it was before. Being a public figure suddenly,
because I’m 17, it’s really weird and it’s different but I feel like I have more freedom and I get to meet people that
have a story and not just, like, seventeen-year-olds that want
to drink and party and stuff, so I really like it. I look like that chick
from The Hunger Games. I would just be careful because it’s
one of the biggest political debates. You’re going to create
a lot of polarised opinions if you go too deep into it. Before the show, we discuss about
how we’re going to say some things and what we are going to address,
because it’s a performance so you have to know what
to say and how to act. Hello, this is Kyra and Anuna
from Youth For Climate We’re guests today on
Van Gils & Gasten to make our demands together with
Sami and his dog. Hi. There we go! It’s posted. So cute. I don’t need a boyfriend.
I want the dog. Voila, Anuna and Kyra. I’m going to start yawning. There you go.
You’re welcome. Thank you, thank you. Anuna you sit here
and Kyra you sit here. There’s a sticker here for you to
sit and stay within the frame limits. I hear a lot of people saying: “Yeah, we’re not going to reach this
goal by only doing this in Belgium”. But for me this is
just pointing fingers because Belgium is also scoring
really badly on a European level. I feel amazing when she’s up there
talking to all these big guys. They have a lot of experience, they
have communication lessons and stuff, and she’s just 17,
she’s just Googling stuff to know what she’s talking about. I wouldn’t be as strong as she is. And by waiting on China, America,
India, the big pollutants- -So can I ask a counter question? Is there anybody at the table
who believes that China is waiting for
us to [reduce CO2], and when we do, they’ll be like: “Okay, yes and now
we are going to do this too”? [unintelligible protest] -That’s the argument
that is being used here. It’s good that you ask the question but that’s not the point
that Anuna is trying to make. The point Anuna is making is
begin with yourself. Peter De Roover from N-VA,
it’s a right party, and he says the tech is not there yet and we need to wait
for the scientists. Even if we reduce CO2 in our country, it wouldn’t change a lot
on the world scale. For each one of your experts
I’ll find another. I remember in the 80s that
Greenpeace had t-shirts, “no time to lose,” so the idea
that we are on the end of the game is something that is typical
for every generation and I don’t think we have to have that fin de siecle or
even fin du monde feeling that is very destructive. The problem is that
politicians don’t get that we need to take
drastic measures. There are plans and the
scientists, they have ideas. It was kind of bullshit. There is a very
international conference and debate on climate change. This event is very important because there are
60 delegates of 20 countries and you really feel, like, united. The 15th, the global
strike is coming up, so this is a great way to just
talk to the other countries about how we’re going to do it and
all the practical stuff like that. So we had a Fridays for
Future Europe meeting and we also met with different
members of the EU Parliament as well to discuss what they could do, and
really to try and get them to listen and say, “This is urgent,
you aren’t doing enough.” So we’re just going to listen and I hope more people will show up
because it’s quite empty. Thank you for this debate. It’s about time, but I think a
lot of people who are here now are getting a bit tired
that people are saying, “Thank you for telling us.” They don’t want thanks,
they want action. We have to put the things
straight on the table. To say that there has been no
action in these five years, these five years has happened
more in climate action than ever. – What do we want?
– Climate justice! – When do we want it?
– Now! -You have no idea.
No idea whatsoever. -Go on, run along
back to school. -Run along now. -Go on, run along.
Nothing to see here. The MEPs that were shouting, “go back
to school” clearly hadn’t listened. It’s just an example of how
young people are being let down by those in power. I wanted to know your reaction
after the debate this morning. How did you feel?
Did you feel deceived? Basically, I feel like a lot of
the politicians in that meeting were saying what they
wanted us to hear, not what they were
actually going to do. In two days, on March 15th,
students are going to strike in at least 68 countries
on all the continents except Antarctica. The time for talking is over. We need them to take action
to stop climate change now. Thank you. -We have to go and
get our train now. -Well done, it was
nice seeing you. -Yeah, I’ll see you soon. -See you guys soon. -Bye bye. We were invited to
sit there and listen and it’s nice that they invited us, but it’s really not
the way it should be because you’re not giving
us a seat at the table. We should just listen
to you, smiling? And now at the press conference,
not one politician was there, so they are not even interested in
how we felt after it, you know? It’s hard. At the moment we’re
just making banners for the protest, which is tomorrow. Everyone is stressed right now
so it’s just about chilling out and being creative and getting ready. UKSCN have written a letter. It’s effectively a challenge to
the political leaders of the UK to ask them to meet with us
and discuss our demands. This is effectively what
we want from striking. We want them to recognise that
as the youth we have the biggest
stake in our future and to incorporate our
views into policymaking. I am doing “respect existence
or expect resistance.” Climate change is a big thing and school educates you but sometimes it just doesn’t
educate you on the right thing. Climate change is not
on the curriculum. I think we need the government to
actually do something about that and this will be one of the
things that will decide what our future will be like. It’s hard to estimate how many
people are going to be there. We had 5,000 in London last time
so I’m really hoping we can get at least 8,000 or
maybe 10,000 out tomorrow. I’m going to write “the sea levels are rising
but the youth are rising faster.” A mixture of threat and
hope in that sign. Climate justice! – When do we want it?
– Now! Today it’s March 15th and right now we have 125
countries and over 2,000 cities in which people are
joining the school strike on all continents
including Antarctica. Young people are saying
that this is enough and that we aren’t willing
to accept this anymore. Good morning from Berlin.
I’m Luisa Neubauer and we’re at the
climate strike today. There’s half an hour to go
and it’s, like, filling up. This is huge. Great that you are all here!
It is 9:50am. And there are so many people here. We are here because we feel betrayed
by the people in that building. There’s a lot of us here and possibly a million students
striking across the world today. We need to hurry because the march
already started. -What?
-Yeah, there were too many people. Put your hood on otherwise
we won’t make it. You’ll keep getting hugs. Everywhere we go – People want to know
– People want to know – Who we are
– Who we are – Where we come from
– Where we come from – So we tell them
– So we tell them – Save the planet
– Save the planet We’re marching, it’s amazing. We’re marching towards
Buckingham Palace! We want change! We want change! We want change! We want change! We want change! 25,000. It’s the biggest climate strike
ever in Germany. Grandma… Let’s take a photo
together for mom. Grandma,
this is your moment to shine. All the cameras are pointing at you. -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I was in Strasbourg to oversee how we could coordinate
this internationally and how we would organise ourselves
with the other countries and it’s incredible; the movement is
only growing and for many countries this is still their first strike. It’s only going to grow from here. We are facing an existential crisis. The biggest crisis humanity
has ever faced and yet it has been ignored for decades
by those who knew about it. We are the young, we have not contributed to this crisis. We have just been
born into this world and suddenly there
was a crisis ahead of us that we have to live with. That we’ll have to live with for our
entire lives and our kids, grandkids and all the future generations and
we will not accept it. We won’t let it happen so
that’s why we’re protesting. We strike because we want
a future and we will continue. Empty words and more talking Doesn’t save our climate I think this is just the beginning
of the beginning of the movement. I think we haven’t seen anything yet. We are in the midst of the
sixth mass extinction with up to 200 species becoming
extinct every single day. Erosion, deforestation
of our great forests, toxic air pollution, loss
of insects and wildlife, the acidification of our oceans. These are all disastrous trends
being accelerated by a way of life that we, here in our financially
fortunate part of the world, see as our right to simply carry on. Save our planet!
Save our planet!

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  • We hate Greta

  • Poor kids

  • The current climate change is actually exactly as it is supposed to be. The Earths climate goes in cycles of warming and cooling over 1000' of years and if we look at the data then Earth is SUPPOSED to be warming at the moment. This data is available for anyone to look at and speaks for itself. We are in the natural warming cycle so the climate is exactly how it should be and nothing is wrong with it. We should be worried if its cooling now not warming because we are supposed to be warming during the warming cycle. This data is there for anybody to look at. Why all the focus on climate when the climate is correct for this cycle of warming? Why no focus on pollution? Pollution is a real problem, I would focus on that.

     ALSO I noticed the climate protester sat there eating with a plastic fork. Can she say hypocrite?
    And who is this "they" that is supposed to be doing something? Surely this is US and we all need to play a part. Not like the government of Sweden is gonna make the whole world stop polluting because you shout that they should. How can any gov do this? Who is "they" and what precisely should "they" do? Seems like a total blame shift and I think this is why the derogatory remarks about them being childish were being made.

  • As a student myself i think that this argument is going in the wrong direction. The reason why we are having these issues with pollution and climate change is due to the population and not the government. This may sound cruel but the best way to stop or slow down the pace at which we are heading to global warming is to control the population(through some sorth of law regulation the # of children you can have). Since the earth can barely handle our current population of around 8billion what makes people think the earth can survive almost 11billion by 2050. Not only is the argument against politic wrong, the part of the world these kids are protesting is also wrong. Places such as india and china are having much worse issues with pollution than england. The pollution there has gotten so bad that people need to resort to wearing face masks to even walk outside of their homes. And lastly why arent these kids actually doing anything. You dont see much of these large crowds of people actually plating trees all you see them do is walking around, screaming , and waving paper which was harvested from a tree. If Greta really did care about the enviorment she should focus this large following to put their time into actally saving the enviorment and not saying "save the enviorment".

  • All talk no action

  • Vice used to be cool..

  • Its called "Geoengineering" Greta, NOT "Climate Change"… Ask the world's governments to STOP their Geoengineering!!!

  • Well, being backed by George Soros…

  • I bet most haven't heard of the The Paris Agreement on climate change where 87% of contributors to CO2 emissions have signed up to it.

  • terrible.

  • Her solution is bad and all she does is make pretty speaches when taking no actual action, she should come up with a sustainable solution before coming out here and do speaches

  • another leftist propaganda FAILURE. lol!

  • Seriously this title is so cringe

  • Sheeple, Lemmings, Mad Hatters who are scared because they have been told to be scared.

  • Those criticizing Greta have no clue. Resources from this planet we live on are finite.

  • Do more cleaning and less travelling, less energy consuming, pls.

  • Earth keep changing, idiots. Earth will kill us all, like it does now by diseases, animals or clime. These idiots think we are something. Nope, your iphones does not make you important.

  • So inspirational for people of all ages!!

  • ¿Fans de Greta = Gretinos?

  • Greta has no proper education and has no proper formal plan or response to resolve climate change other than crying like a child and causing herself to get mass media attention. Boyan Slat on the other hand created a proper concept and non-profit to not only garner attention, but have an empirical plan at the same age. He is now 25 and the programme is still running successfully. Greta is like most millennials, but the new wave of her generation. SCREAM as loud as you can to get likes and social or media coverage, use it to your advantage and do nothing. Her clear aim was only to get a Nobel prize, which she lost. Kim Kardashian has built a massive career on the same concept. What has Greta actually achieved, except for her own recognition and waves of protests. Good luck with that….We didn't steal your childhood you lowly peasant. You stole it, because instead of going to school and trying to get an education, so you can make a difference you skipped school and used tonnes of carbon footprint to get attention. This in fact my dear is vulgar and crass.

  • “Every man who is not helping to bring about a better state of affairs for the future is helping to perpetuate the present misery, and is therefore the enemy of his own children. There is no such thing as being neutral: we must either help or hinder.”

    ― Robert Tressell, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

  • Huge fan of the guy in 01:02 filming the thing with a freaking GoPro <3

  • 1:21 and panic is all that has been achieved

  • raw temperature data of german weather services suggest there has been no warming at all. to me it looks like a global smoke and mirrors trick. let the population feel guilty for what the military is going to fuck up in the near future.

    just google owning the weather 2025 and take a quick read.

  • Hysteria, I’m all for protecting the earth but this is just typical human behaviour to over react , the earth is our home & it doesn’t just belong to the young & there are people of all ages who protect the earth , this seems to be all about Greta , it’s everybody’s earth & many protect it , it’s not just about the youth & many people think this fear mongering might do more damage in the long run , turning this movement into more of a religion , I plant trees never use plastic bags , I have designed a green building & I’m all for protecting the environment but this has a horrible feeling about it , Some people down play it & wont even admit to pollution being a cause of bad health & these lot are typical sooth sayers , just saying it in a different way , Gretas speech is ageist & only includes young people, like there the only ones that matter

  • With climate change hysteria & the well over due HIV leading to AIDS theory being exposed as one of the biggest medical mistakes of all time , the science of the West is a bit of a joke really , we have a lot to learn , people from the future will have a lot of mistakes to look back on

  • In 2000, Dr. David Viner, a senior research scientist at University of East Anglia’s climate research unit, predicted that in a few years winter snowfall would become “a very rare and exciting event. Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” In 2004, the U.S. Pentagon warned President George W. Bush that major European cities would be beneath rising seas. Britain will be plunged into a Siberian climate by 2020. In 2008, Al Gore predicted that the polar ice cap would be gone in a mere 10 years. A U.S. Department of Energy study led by the U.S. Navy predicted the Arctic Ocean would experience an ice-free summer by 2016.In May 2014, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius declared during a joint appearance with Secretary of State John Kerry that “we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.”Peter Gunter, professor at North Texas State University, predicted in the spring 1970 issue of The Living Wilderness: “Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions. … By the year 2000, 30 years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.”Mark J. Perry, scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan’s Flint campus, cites 18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of first Earth Day in 1970. This time it’s not about weather. Harrison Brown, a scientist at the National Academy of Sciences, published a chart in Scientific American that looked at metal reserves and estimated that humanity would run out of copper shortly after 2000. Lead, zinc, tin, gold and silver would be gone before 1990. Kenneth Watt said, “By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate … that there won’t be any more crude oil.”

  • "Upon realizing her generation won’t have a future" also known as false fear mongering. Scare the kids into submission by telling them they'll have no future. Classic. Poor kids these days are more exploited than ever.


  • Stupid brainwashed kids who think they know what the fuck they're talking about LOL they wouldn't be able to debate shit with anyone who knows shit.

  • MAGA 2020

  • Greta is not a clown, she is an entire circus

  • kids want to cleanup the world but cant even clean there bedroom.hhahahaha

  • “I don’t have the proper education”
    Then don’t advocate for something you don’t know about

  • They should do this in front of all Disney locales

  • Mother Nature is stronger than anything living here on this planet. She will balance everything and the next generation will be born again with different complaints. Your government’s are not the answer.

  • Nothing like brainwashing on a global scale

  • I promise you the World will forget her, nothing long term will change. Except the climate LMFAO

  • Most stupid shit I've seen in a long while.

  • The sun and the moon control climate change more than any other reason now get back to school and have an apple greta.

  • Everyone is on about this kid. She's rich she's this she that. But she is RIGHT! We have come to a point in time when a child is telling us how it is . Does that not make you wake up!
    She didn't ask for her life but she is telling us about our lives and the lives that happened before. All the stuff that has happened. The way we just kill a planet! It's not gonna be our problem but it is gonna be hers and her kids.
    The media had made her into this big thing but that's it. I'm pretty sure she didn't think about all the coverage. She just spoke her mind.
    Are we all not speaking our minds in life?
    Thing is here, somebody listened!!
    I say go on lass. Well done!

  • "I'm going to write: The sea levels are rising, but the youth are rising faster." – Proceeds to autofellate herself how edgy that is.

  • great Thunberg is a puppet for globalist elites

  • It would be really cool if after the strike, they all went out to clean up the streets and beaches ….

  • Greta, your devotees and acolytes are anxious to hear your profound wisdom concerning the following scientific research: Growing enough bioenergy crops to counter climate change could be as bad for biodiversity as continuing to burn fossil fuels.

    The threats to wildlife if global temperatures rise more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above their pre-industrial level are well studied, yet little is known about the effects of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    A team that included researchers from the Technical University of Munich modelled how climate change and land-use change would affect the distribution of land animals, under low- and high-emission scenarios.

    Biofuels from oil palm, maize and rapeseed could help meet the low-emission target, but the crops would take over 4% of global land. The team found that the resultant habitat destruction would cause biodiversity losses that are not offset by the benefits of reducing global warming, particularly in the tropics.

    Carefully considering the effects of land use change on biodiversity is essential when evaluating whether to expand the use of biofuels.

  • She’s just a stooge of the elite who are manufacturing the climate change myth. People should educate themselves on geoengineering.

  • Yemen is biggest humanitarian crisist today but anyone care about

  • Primero erradicar el hambre, guerras, enfermedades, desigualdades …. Detrás del clima hay empresas que se quieren hacer con los monopolios de las energías renovables

  • tards all of em

  • the shit is going down, bruv, the pitchforks are commin!

  • Notice how most of the protesters are female…

  • This aint gonna do nothing😂
    This is not the first time temperatures on earth go very high, there is no proof that human activities are the reason of the warming and countries like China and Russia will never agree to bow to idiotic movements like these.

  • Starving polar bears? There is actually a polar bear population explosion right now. The Skraelings have never had it so good.

  • And she fitted in Sorros agenda perfectly…

  • Make That World Gretagen

  • From a long term perspective, action on climate change is an economic plus. It's like saving up for winter, we can either suffer a bit now by moderating our carbon emissions or suffer a lot later in a great tragedy of the commons.

  • It has taken a decade for the 1 degree Celsius temperature rise caused by our carbon emissions, and she wants panic?!
    Climate change is a natural occurrence, many confuse and mix it with global warming. What's my source? NASA. The epitome of science.
    Governments are making strives towards a solution for the problem. We can not shift and create radical changes from one day to the other, much like what is being demanded; without collapsing entire economies.
    By virtue we can all support Greta, who i believe is an amazingly brave person; but there is a hard reality.

  • As expected, VICE like the others who are abusing this young girl are using her to forward their agenda and push a false narrative! Children belong in school, not leftwing indoctrination centers, and the reason they belong in school is to actually learn about and understand the world, and how it's really changing, not this hysterical bullshit they are being fed! Good job exploiting children VICE!

  • Sweden is like south park 😂

  • These children are well-meaning but misguided, confused, and manipulated children who do not realize a simple fact. CO2 is not pollution: it is an absolutely essential plant food. What good does it do to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions? Do you realize that reducing CO2 to 150 ppm will cause a mass distinction of all plant life? All historical periods in which plant life flourished occurred when CO2 was higher. It is a FACT that the UN uses climate change as one of its primary strategies to achieve Agenda 21 global control by unelected elites of all resources, land, plants, animals, and people. This is no theory, it is FACT. Get off your lazy ass and read the Agenda 2030 itself. Your grandchildren will thank you. See @bwAY

  • I don’t think taking time out of school is good for children, have some of this nuclear waste instead

  • Using kids for politics is just cheap, but it works very well

  • The fact that the Thunbergs can be tied to the Club of Rome should raise eyebrows.

  • You do know you're creating short bursts in pollution by "marching" disrupting. In effect speeding global warming.

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