Majestic 12 – The history of a secret organization (Part2)

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notification bell It was in the late 40s and early 50s
that the US government’s policy toward UFOs was formulated publicly there was
Project Blue Book which made a great show of gathering data on all the major
UFO sightings finally declaring them all to be hoaxes mass hysteria or swamp gas
but secretly there may have been another policy at work over the years several
documents have come to light which seemingly confirmed that a clandestine
group operation majestic 12 group aka mj-12 was formed by special classified
presidential order on September 24 1947 for the express purpose of gathering
information on UFOs and extraterrestrials while at the same time
keeping such information not only from unfriendly callers but from the American
public as well if indeed area 51 has become the nation’s repository for alien
technology and possibly alien visitors then the extra constitutional
justifications for such secrecy were developed in the mj-12 groups planning
sessions James V Forrestal secretary of defense under President Harry Truman is
widely accused of being the mastermind behind the creation of mj-12 once
created majestic may have expanded its mandate beyond what Forrestal had
intended primitive medical care of a species that had barely begun to conquer
its own diseases but as we will hear there are those who
claim that to the aliens death is not a final end to be feared but a mere
transition whatever secrets Forrestal may have known concerning flying saucers
and alien visitors that knowledge died with him when in 1949 he mysteriously
plunged to his death from a window at Bethesda Naval Hospital though he was
being treated for depression many UFO researchers doubt that his death was a
suicide and point to the sinister workings of the possibly mythical mj-12
which in their hypothesis may have been protecting its secrecy from a man who
had come to believe the people had a right to know as late as 1989 according
to Bob Lazar the identification badges at area 51 red MAJ for majestic in
December 1994 a document purporting to be the majestic 12 group special
operations manual was leaked to a noted UFO researcher it contains the following
directive under the heading isolation and custody; EBE s will be detained by
whatever means are necessary and removed to a secure location as soon as possible
there follows this disturbing amplification although it is preferable
to maintain the physical well-being of any entity the loss of EBE life is
considered acceptable if conditions or delays to preserve that life in any way
compromise the security of the operations from the beginning of the UFO
age it seemed secrecy was always the government’s
prime directive in 1988 another anonymous government source code named
Falcon claimed that a second extraterrestrial biological entity EBE
two voluntarily became a guest of our government allowing himself to be
examined and interviewed in this scenario area 51 became for a
time at least a sort of extraterrestrial embassy the setting for mankind’s first
attempt at diplomacy with beings from another world different sources disagree
as to how communication was established There is universal agreement that the EBEs are incapable or unwilling to speak human language in addition to the
pictographs used by EB e1 it has been reported by Falcon that in the early
1950s eb e 2 was fitted with some sort of artificial voice box allowing him to
speak words and that he learned the english language very rapidly
other sources doubt this story however we americans what has been reported most
persistently is that the aliens communicate via thought projection or
telepathy would have been tortured made to give up their secrecy instead of
question in this friendly manner he cannot be forced to communicate has it
been tried by us we speak to who’s ever willing to listen
the idea of telepathic communication with alien beings carries with it the
same doubts and controversy attached to telepathy itself do the practitioners of
this ancient art really have the ability to read minds or are they crafty
charlatans who simply tell the listener what he or she wants to hear
if the cynics are right then the self-proclaimed telepaths recruited by
the government in the 1950s were playing an astoundingly daring hoax by claiming
to speak for the mute visitors from the stars defenders of telepathy call this
notion preposterous and point to the long history of government-funded
research into mind-reading as proof that their science has merit in the last four
decades there have been persistent often contradictory rumors and even eyewitness
accounts of other alien visitors meeting secretly with military or government
officials but what about today? What is your opinion? let me know in the comments below. Thank you for watching again. Goodbye

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