Maddow: Racism Is ‘A Persistent Infection’ In White American Culture | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  • If you read the New York Times'1619 Project all of this will be understood. White America was created when America became a nation built on the slavery of African people. A virus of whiteness was uploaded into the psyche of white America that has persisted for 400 years. The race obsessed nature of the nation is in every facet of American life. White American culture is the lie of white supremacy, there is nothing else that binds you. Your belief and dedication to the idea of white supremacy built your society. That is the hard truth of America and until this is articulated, digested and fought vigorously by white Americans, the country is doomed. It is only a little over 200 years since the founding of the country and it is already unraveling. Context is everything. Rome and Greece existed for over 2000 years, Egypt and Nubia in total conservatively existed for nearly 7000 years. America is dissolving at a rapid pace. Change white folks or you will go the way of the dinosaurs as a country and a people. Heroin, suicide, opioids, sickness and low birthrates are already just a few of your problems. The universe is screaming at you.

  • This dude is soooo emo.

  • MADCOW sound like WALT DISNEY or a CLINTON lawyer, 17 minutes of talk and 30 seconds of FACTS!

  • This is a very mentally unstable woman.

  • Even still, America hasn't really tried to get rid of them. We've now seen even more terrorism from white nationalists and neo nazis and yet homeland security and the FBI has not deemed them a clear and present danger to the United states

  • Good, I applaud them!!

  • This thread is like reading the plot of idiocracy. I found all the morons !

  • Maddow is a racist herself lol

  • your a fool they do what the rulingdems tell them to do trump has nothing t do with it you have more in common than anyone

  • As smart as she thinks she is
    RACISM -Bigitry – discrimination are all Human Nature ?????

  • Pathetic "ACTOR"… on his/her way down with the CABAL.

  • MSNBC, How does it feel to be on the LOSING end?

  • Still working the race Maddow even if you and the corporate race baiting media has to
    drag it up from 30 years you people are pitiful…you low life media types just
    don't quit..but..neither will we when it comes to pointing out the likes of you Lemonhead and Fredo..

  • MAddow you are a complete conspiracy theorist.

  • Oh, please tell us about racism, Rachel, who's only contact with other races is those she employees (illegal or otherwise). Please enlighten us.

  • It is time to separate the states in half the whites in one half the rest in another. The Democratic Party was started on racism and they will never let it die they will keep stoking the flames until we have a race war. So we might as well just separate now so it doesn’t come to that.


  • The other racist president was Woodrow Wilson ….. Under his administration segregation was reenter post and Jim crow was established as a National Program by the White House …. Woodrow Wilson was also a white populist …. Under his administration promised no war …. And duped America into supporting World War 1 …. Which haunts us to this day in the Middle East …. If the United States and not entered into World War 1 …. ikely would have been an armistice And the truce Would have been more even handed …. And there would have been no World War 2 and the Jewish Armageddon … We have had some bad presidents …. Woodrow Wilson being the worst …. One can only hope that Donald Trump will receive the same Karma that Woodrow Wilson received ….

  • Totally fake!!!!!! Madcow is fake news.

  • your white

  • Every part of this video can be fabricated.

  • Says one from the most racist tribe!

  • OK the facts are this. The word Racism has no meaning anymore. The left toss it around so often that is has lost all its meaning. But there is hope. Every day more Americans are tuning out from the 5th Column and getting information from other Sources.

    Welcome to the mainstream media. The most popular cable news channel in 2Q is Fox News, which won for the total day and for prime time. The ratings, however, revealed that all the cable news channels were down from the second quarter last year. In prime time, Fox News averaged 1.9 million viewers. It had a bigger audience than MSNBC (758,000), CNN (594,000) and HLN (487,000) combined. Fox was down 10% from the second quarter last year, while MSNBC was off 4%, CNN was off 31% and HLN was down 12%.

    Among cable news channels in prime time, Fox was the clear winner in the 25-to-54 age group, which is most important to news advertisers. Fox had 468,000 viewers in that age group and outpaced MSNBC (237,000), CNN (174,000) and HLN (158,000). But there was falloff from the second quarter. Fox News had the smallest (down 9%); CNN had the greatest (down 28%).

  • Oh my God!  What is happening in this country!  Thank God for Rachel Maddow and her amazing staff for working so hard to tell us the truth and for exposing the horrible, criminal activities in the country and within this Trump Administration!

  • I guess that's why it's called White Hs.

  • yes and they are called DEMOCRATS!

  • I saw this now.

    Afterwards I saw its 2017s' video.


  • Can not believe people watch her and listen to the bu*****t that she spouts. How many YEARS in between her examples? The things done were, are and always will be wrong. Just don't act like it's an every day occurrence or that Trump condones it

  • What is Madcow blathering on about now ? Ancient History….I guess her Russia..Russia..Russia… stories finally ran out of steam…

  • Your agenda is a persistent infection to "American Culture" Whatever that was or is ! Divide and conquer for the devil who writes the checks for the Hegelian idiots working for MSNBC

  • The American history of quiet "genocide" is why most American politicians aren't in the Hague awaiting trials. But Americans would put many cultures to shame with their type virulent prejudice by white people.

  • These neo-nazis have always been around the only difference between today is they feel more freely to expose their self because of wannabe Nazi dictator Trump Hitler thought he would rule the world with white nationalism and we seen how he was toppled over the same things will happen with these hate-filled neo-nazis in America history will not be kind to these monsters.

  • General Electric, your parent company, makes billions of dollars from defense contracts that allow the killing of innocent Brown children all over the world.

  • Do we forget, what political party created the KKK?
    Do we forget, what political party created the KKK?

  • If you take the Hutchinson River Parkway north out of NYC then take the Merrit Parkway to I-97 you will eventually arrive at Hampshire County, Mass where Rachel Maddow lives. Hampshire County is 91% white and 1.67% black. Keep driving and you will reach Cummington Mass, Rachel's quaint New England town inside Hampshire. 96.10% white and 0.67% black. Long Division? Tell us about it Rachel.

  • Lesbianism is a persistent infection from eating tainted muffs !

  • Next time, get current and report on Antifa. Try to justify and explain their violent behavior in the name of 'universal love and acceptance'. I'm looking forward to seeing how you weave that webb of mind control that justifies not calling them a hate group. But at least you wore something other than black. Maybe that's why you dug up this old tape… just to prove you don't ALWAYS wear your lucky outfit….black. 😀

  • Talk about self incrimination!!!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Her comments are solely about her hate for Trump. Yes, there are bad white people, a small percent of white people. There are bad black people, a small percent of black people. There are bad brown people, a small percent of brown people. If you are half intelligent, you know these facts. For her to lead people to believe there is an uprising and "conservative whites" are all suddenly joining white supremacy groups is ignorant.
    Are all brown people now suddenly joining ms13 ? No. Are all black people now suddenly black panthers ? No.
    You see my point, every ethnic group has bad people in it, but that doesn't label all of the people in their ethnic group bad. This is all about dividing people in our country.

  • "But but but but BLM!"

  • It's a persistent infection alright,perpetuated by the news media to anyone foolish enough to believe it.

  • nothing to do with christianity, but barbarian crusaders who used christianity to loot the planet.

  • this is still going on

  • I worked for the Department of Justice for 12 and 1/2 years. I can tell you with 100% confidence that there is no way you can trace that money to those organizations. Don't believe this for a second.

  • Shut up, you abnormal tin-foil hat lunatic! Maybe you've been eating too much fish! Something has rotted your pea nrain! 😝😝

  • May ALL those Alt-right Neo-Nazis never ever work or be able to start a business.

  • You have a nearly whites-only homeland already. It's called Europe your welcome.

  • And racism simply doesn't exist with black people? And the leading Hispanic group in the US is called La Raza for nothing, right? It's amazing this discredited, ridiculous woman is still around.

  • And the are worried about BIE?

  • Department of Justice is spreading white supremacist propaganda via government email.

  • You're right, it doesn't get better it gets worse

  • May Allah guide them to Islam💪💯☝✌

  • You don't need to be part of a hate group to be a White supremacist. Heck you don't even need to be White to value the ideology of White supremacy.

  • If you only call out "lone wolf" terrorist or open White supremacist groups and not police and racist judical system you are aiding in White supremacy. Systematic White supremacy needs to be removed and all else will be easy.

  • the whole Charles Manson "Helter Skelter" plot involved a race war according to testimony from some of the Spahn Ranch folks… just saying….

  • Now the neo Nazi and Aryan brotherhood simply call themselves COPS!

  • Americans or America needs to realise these white neo nazis also have a whole lot of people in every government department which are called sleepers , these guys are there but will never attract attention to themselves , waiting for the right time to strike . So guys better give this some thoughts.

  • How any one can watch this moron is beyond imagination. She is now done with Russia so let’s all move on to racism and the new R recession. She spews her lies and morons watch her and believe her . Really.

  • How does she know because she is a racist.

  • Okc was done by your government

  • Seems like you would have more examples.

  • Racism is a persistent problem in the USA. For example, in the title of this video, ascribing a persistent infection solely to "White" culture… that is racist. We should do something to stop that, and all other forms of racism. It's truly disgusting and leads to lots of bad things, such as Donald Trump in the White House.

  • And black people want to be in the military sorry that's crazy

  • ALL abuse & abusers (except for a few who will be forced to stay & clean up their messes) are now surfacing in order to be removed/cleaned off Gaia & elsewhere now that the "original first parents" (aka "Gods"/ofp's) have been taken out of creation for crimes against same: (The First Being's Legacy of Abuse, Disease, Chaos, Destruction (12-4-2016) @b4FE and "God" Never Cared, Never Wanted To. (9-6-2017)​@d4xs). And NOTHING can hold back the UNPRECEDENTED CHANGES unfolding throughout; on this planet it involves: How Your Governments Will Be Destroyed and…. Your Awakening (8-18-2016)

  • There were probably some "very fine people" committing these crimes. Nothing to see here let's keep it moving.

  • O,k, why do you call all whites,,,white supremists and nazis,,,ffor all of you doing tthis is is so bad, you are being so racist,,,,to brand all white people the filthy names that you have attributed to white people,,,no one wants anyone to call certain people names attributed to 9,,,11,,,maybe we need to bring a law suit against inciting violence, towards politicians and media,,,is the media trying tio incite a race war, it seems that way,, you cant help what muslim radicals or black radicals do, nither can white people stop what kkk,,,or white supremists do, all we can do is try to find the radicals, no matter what color they are and lock them up,, their are parts of antifa, that i have seen , that was very violent,,dont you think its time /or all to talk,,

  • Demonic Evildoers walks the earth though Satan's Fire! BAD INTENTIONS!

  • Had a conversation with a guy in my gym about this. Its great that they are coming out of the woodwork and now we can see who they are anywhere that they go.

  • You need to get out more. I have lived and worked around the world. Racism is not limited to White American culture. It is a global problem. These guys in Charlottesville are ugly thugs. I am regularly accused by a group of black racist thugs when I ride my bike to work in South Seattle. Buy focusing on race and not the behavior, you are dividing the country. We need to call out the ugly behavior whenever we see it and not focus on the race.

  • I watch this woman every NOW and THEN,
    But THIS is an excellent piece of journalism. I APPRECIATE the facts and evidence she displayed and yet remained neutral and unbiased to the standing issue of White Supremacy. Other white reporters seem to DOWNPLAY play or IGNORE the monsters within their ranks.

  • She needs to be a school teacher

  • Rachel Madcow please add that KKk was an armed wing of your party the DEMOCRATS

  • ….It was Fast & Furious….


  • White ppl stop bringing up Ww2 vets plz. Lol y'all do realize most white guys were racist back then right? Yes your grandparents were just as evil. So no theirs not many vets rolling around in their graves atleast not the white ones. They hate Nazis but came back home n still treated ppl of color like shhhhh. So plz stop it learn you history

  • 4:34 Unsolved Mysteries (Divine Intervention)

  • Thank you, Rachel, for saying "Highway 101", rather than the illiterate, callie-speak of "The 101"!

  • "White American Culture." Does that include Maddow?

  • madcow is a persistent infection…. dilly licken putred excuse for a human

  • They always want a race war, it never changes. Charles Manson in the 60's and 70's, Nazis and white supremacists in the 80s and beyond. The thing is, America was never a white country. Slaves were brought here in the early 1600s, long before there was even an official "United States" to speak of, and long before most European families even thought of immigrating here (not to mention the Natives were already here). These people want to rewrite history, they want a lily white America that never actually existed. Their ideology is born out of narcissism, plain and simple.

  • Black people if you not paying attention shame on you lock and load we are at war!!

  • Ever heard of the black Panthers?

  • Who's dumb enough to listen to Rachel Maddow?

    Mental illness? ? devils take humans form … FP. nowadays more than ever a select few white men are returning to “terrorist” desperation because there “bad thoughts” and “bad ideas” have manifested their evil actions in a way that has harmed us
    [email protected] large.

  • Does anyone notice that this little boy is referring to BLUE states. California and Oregon Blue Blue…. and the liberal Klan which has always been comprised of (not Whigs), Democrats.

  • ANTIFA is white rich kids being paid to be radical. They use bear mace, concrete milk shakes and bike locks. Do you ever talk about ANTIFA?

  • leapers need to be in the caves beast of the feild so now left and right killing each other guess wha
    t they white gentiles against gentil
    es dam they are sick peoples it wa
    s never white just different colore
    d peoples these fools need a cour
    se on love they hurt them selves
    with hate so be it ✌ out

  • The most fear in US, they got the largest Nuclear Weapon stockpile. while many race around the world not have. Their hatred can launch that nukes to the country they hate once they control the whole country. know how NAZI start in German ? from small group to mainstream then whole country,

  • All you ever hear about in the media is white racism.
    There are less black people than white people in the United States, but there are more racist black people than white.

  • I wonder why you warn racists about being ignorant of cameras

  • America has had this problem since the war in the 30's and there was the American Nazi party. Those people had kids and they taught those kids to hate and those kids grew up and had kids and their kids to hate and so on. The best way to fight Neo Nazism is to go after their money and land. Ostracism works as well, their kids will soon get fed up being treated as outcasts.

  • They never got it done tho did they ? Instead, today Eusa is dying out worldwide in so many different ways all happening at the same time world wide. It’d take me 3/4 sheets of paper to write down all that’s killing off Eusa and only Eusa it’s amazing to watch. Let my ppl go or u gon have “ Him “ to deal with. There’s nothing anyone can do to stop what’s happening since it’s prophecy . Straight out the Bible.

  • Calculated bias reporting.

    If she's reporting this this much, why is she saying nothing abt MINORITY ON MINORITY CRIMES which are way more pressing.

    These so-called racist groups are the exception, not the norm. They are like a grain of sand on the sea shore.

    Yet RACHEL MADCOW & co are blowing it out of proportion.


  • Rachel; really I just hope that you are acting as if because your job requires it, and who cares what I think, however, it is surprisingly disappointing, the things you say, because a person as smart as you are can use logic more often than not, I mean really, is it to hard to see the truth in things and accept it for what are? Or again, is it your job? well if it is not, then, GOD, what a disappointment …

  • Screw you ugly turtle neck

  • Rachel Madcow time to join Reality !! .. Your efforts at providing entertainment have been amusing , but it's time to grow up and start relating to the Adults of this world.. leave your fairy tales in nursery school where they belong ! And you might like to start to do fact checking before you go all in on a story. aren't you getting tired of have egg on your face ? !!!

  • Racism is dead in America. I am white, have been for 60 years, was at a bar in Miami and some drunk started using racial slurs. I punched the guy in the face, he went down like a bag of potatoes. The entire mostly white bar applauded. So Rachel you are absolutely wrong.

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