Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gem Guide: 9F Unnatural History Museum (100% Walkthrough)

There are 6 colored Gemstones to find on each
floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3. This guide will show where to find all of them on the 9th
floor. Many of the Gems on this floor can’t be
obtained until the boss is defeated. Once this is done, you can use either the rescued
Blue Toad or a piece of rib cage to break open the glass cases. The White Gem is found
in the bottom right corner of the display room. Break the glass to reveal a gem ghost
and defeat it to retrieve the gem. The Red Gem can be found by rotating the desk
chair in front of the elevator with the Poltergust. Eventually, the floor will flip revealing
a chest that contains the gem. To find the Blue Gem, go to the left side
of the display room and suck up the plants. This will show a green button that can be
activated with a flash of light. The fossil in the back will then lift up to reveal a
safe. Use the flashlight on it to open it and obtain the gem. The Green Gem is inside the pterodactyl bones
near the elevator. Break it with Toad or a loose rib from the boss fight to free the
gem. The Purple Gem is inside the glass case at
the bottom left of the display room. Break the glass then use the Strobulb to reveal
the gem. The Yellow Gem is inside the glass case to
the right of hall leading to the boss room. Break it to free the gem. And that’s all the gemstone locations on
Floor 9! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on Luigi’s
Mansion and other things gaming.

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