Love for Love – Episode 2. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Historical Melodrama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Maksim Matveyev, Irina Vinogradova Sergey Shakurov, Alexei Guskov Mikhail Porechenkov, Anna Peskova and Vladimir Mashkov as Captain in a movie LOVE FOR LOVE based on a novel by Stephan
Zweig “Downfall of the Heart” Created by Maria Zvereva
and Sergey Ashkenazi Directed by Sergey Ashkenazi Director of Photography — Vladimir Klimov Art Director — Iraida Schultz Music by Alexei Ashkenazi Executive producer — Alexander Starikov Produced by Vlad Ryashin Episode Two Lera It’s your turn, Vadim. Sasha, is that you? You honored our poor hut! Hi, Grigoriev! A glass of vodka! What
is going on, gentlemen? The freshest piece
of news is the arrival of the brilliant Lieutenant Grigoriev
to the ill-bred cavalrymen. Get off. Do you see? It’s raining outside.
It’s cold. But he is in his uniform and with a sable. The chemist says they
serve five dishes every day. Caviar, oysters… Oh, Sasha! And he wanted to make
a suicide because of boredom! He is a bad friend, though. He should have hinted
the old man that he has friends. “They are not as glamorous as me, but they love champagne and caviar too. And I’m making them sit
in some pub and drink cheap port”. It would have been noble. Am I right, Vadim? You’re right! If I were
Lieutenant I’d have brought some good cigars to my friends. Let the poor guys be happy! That idea has never crossed his mind. I can’t promise your cigars. But I can treat you to
some good cigarettes. What is it? What is it? Gold! Pure gold! It can’t be. Yes, this is gold. My former
father-in-law was a jeweler. He used to show me such
things… from a distance, though. So that you remember this charming shine
for the rest of your life. It costs no less than 200 to 300 rubles. “To our friend Lieutenant
Grigoriev for his name day. Lera. Nina”.
Where do you find such friends? I was sure that it’s
gilded. Shall we play? For a cigar case! How do you like it? Rich people can afford oddities.
It’s five in the morning, but he wants to play! No,
dear, we’ll play tomorrow. After dinner, at five sharp.
We are not a good company for you now, though.
Stogovski is waiting for you. Rogovski. This is what I said — Stogovski. I imagine you in Petersburg.
We’re walking around the Palace Square. The coaches, the ladies…
The Winter Palace is shimmering. The Emperor himself waves
you from his balcony with his hand… or better with his broom. Let’s waltz! Why? Your position is best here. Why are you looking around? Do you miss something?
Or somebody? Nina? I’m sorry, I did it automatically. She is always by your side. I think she doesn’t want to interfere.
Plus she doesn’t like chess. It’s your turn. I’m afraid your queen is entrapped. You can’t win without
a sacrifice sometimes. Petro! What kind of person are you? He is sleeping both during the day
and during the night. Damn you! Shut up! Somebody may steal money from the pay-desk! He is drinking again! That man can’t live
an hour without a glass! Damn it, Sasha! Do you have anything
except for the clubs? My compliments! My compliments! Good afternoon. Petro? He has come as always, at five sharp. Good evening, good evening! It was raining so hard yesterday! The flowers! Buy some flowers! Thank you. Sasha, what are you doing? How can you? How long shall we wait?
It’s your turn, Grigoriev! I beg your pardon. I need to go out. To hell with him! When he sees a skirt
he forgets about his friends. I’ll play for him. Nina! Don’t touch me! Walk by my side. All right, all right. I thought
my heart would leap out when I saw you through the window. Were you looking for me?
Where are you running? We’re alone! We can talk about everything. No, no, I can’t. I need to go home. What did you come for, then? To come and to leave at once? Wait!
Let me tell you something. What did you come for? I came to you. Here I am. You promised to have dinner with us. I see. So they sent you
to talk to me, didn’t they? Yes, they did. You didn’t want to see me,
they did. She did, didn’t she? I wanted to see you too.
But let’s forget about it. You won’t understand it anyway.
Why did you fail to come? I… I just wanted to spend time
with my friends, to play cards. You’re lying! Yes, I am! I only come
there for your sake. But I… I don’t know, I don’t
understand how to behave there. You’re close but you’re absent.
Is that because of her? I need you, do you understand? Only you! Damn it! My head spins! Mind, what has happened
will never happen again. Never! It was a momentary weakness,
spite towards the entire world! I can’t, I shall not, and I have
no right to! You shall renounce too! – Don’t come! Disappear!
– I can’t! I want to see you! Then – utter neither a
word nor a hint! Otherwise… don’t you dare come to that
house! Do you understand? I don’t understand anything! Farewell. Your friends
are waiting for you. Wait. All right,
I agree. I must see you! Does it mean that you’ll
come to our place now? No, not now. I’m on duty. I beg you, Lieutenant! No, Mademoiselle Nina.
It’s impossible now. I beg your pardon.
Please refer my apologies to Mr. Stakhovski. I’m on service. But you’ll come tomorrow, won’t you? I will come. Why did you fail to come yesterday? You see, Mademoiselle… I believe you had reasons
to keep us waiting. Otherwise you’d at least have called. Don’t tell me about your service. Nina told me everything.
I don’t believe either her or you. Colonel summoned us
to the drill ground to test new horses. Follow me. Look there. Not a single cavalryman
showed up on the drill ground yesterday. And at half past four
you were in a pub, Lieutenant! As far as I know, people
don’t test horses there. Lera, believe me… Stop it! You shouldn’t be shy of me. I shouldn’t lie if you lie to me, should I? I am not afraid of the truth!
I sent Nina to you! I’m not ashamed to confess to that. And you’re making things up. How can you behave like this with a friend? Lera, listen… Stop it! Why are you making fun of me? Why can’t you say the truth —
“I didn’t want to visit you”. I wouldn’t get upset. Or you could have called to say
that you wouldn’t come as you wanted to play cards with your friends… Or that you had a date with a girl. Do you think that I’m a fool incapable
of understanding it? I know that it’s more pleasant
for a healthy adult man than to stay on duty by the
wheelchair? I’m not that weak.
I can stand a good doze of sincerity. Lera, stop it… I know that you heave a
sigh of relief every time you close the door behind you. And you’re satisfied with yourself.
You sacrificed an hour or two for the sake of
a poor invalid! Look, I don’t need your sacrifices and your lies! I need a friend, a real friend!
This is what I asked for! If you want to come please
do! If you don’t want to come — don’t come! But be honest,
I don’t need your lies… Take me out of here! I’m sorry. But I had to tell you that. Give me a cigarette… please. What’s the matter?
Your hands are shaking. Did my words disturb you? Daddy is right. You’re an incredible man indeed. I know, dad, I know. The treatments… We may smoke now. My girl is too sharp sometimes. Forgive her.
She suffers from it herself. Yes, I understand. And one more thing… I wanted to ask you… You’re a good and kind person… Mr. Counselor… No, don’t deny it. You can’t lie to me. Unhappiness makes people shrewd.
When it happened five years ago I couldn’t
imagine that it’d end this way. You know, I didn’t even
have time to get scared. I’m sorry but… how did it happen? It was an accident.
I gave her a horse. It was very calm, bred for novices.
It dropped her for no reason at all. This is my fault! Don’t blame yourself, Mr. Counselor. Even experienced cavalrymen
fall from horses sometimes. Yes. You’re kind, very kind. Why did God punish an innocent child?
The doctors… All the famous ones were
here. They would come, listen to her heart, examine her legs,
take their money and leave. Then God sent Dr. Dolin to me. He is an incredible person.
He’ll come to us in two days. He comes once a month to examine the girl. Then he has supper with us. What did you want to ask me about? Oh, yes. God… Sure. I don’t know… Maybe this is a bit improperly… I don’t care, though. I ask you to promise that
you’ll visit us tomorrow. All right. You have a game set
for tomorrow, don’t you? Yes, yes. Good luck! Nina will spend a few days in the city. I think her fiance
from Poland has arrived. I’m happy for her. Me too. Very good. Oh, God! He is two and a half hours late! I always forget that there is
no restaurant in this train. Doctor, please meet our
friend Lieutenant Grigoriev. Serve dinner for Sir Doctor. It would be great. Dolin. Did a fiance come to you? Who told you? I know who did.
It’s not a secret, though. Why are you looking at me like this? I hoped that it was not true. Forget about it! Forget! Pour some more vodka. And bring me a glass of wine afterwards. You used to have
a good tokay, didn’t you? It’s wonderful. You want to tear this precious cigar
out of my mouth to hear my report. But I hate to mix medicine with dinner. Have patience, my respected
friend, have patience! What good can man say when he is hungry? Let’s start. Everything is very good. She is doing her exercises well. I’d say she is performing them even
better than during my last visit. But I can feel that
something has happened. It has, hasn’t it? It has. Something has changed. But what? I didn’t say that the
changes are for the worse. Not the disease changed,
but the girl. Be open with me. You’re so impatient. Did you invite
some other doctor while I was away? Did somebody examine
or treat her in my absence? Of course not! I swear with the health
and even life of my child! I don’t need vows. I believe you.
But it’s interesting. I can see a change. I’m getting mad because
I don’t understand its origin! What kind of change
are you talking about? They are minor. An untrained
eye can’t detect them. It’s some kind of resistance.
I felt partial loss of contact. You see, during a long
treatment a doctor and a patient establish a certain kind of
contact. It’s live, pulsating… One may feel the loss
of that contact at once. The comparisons are rude,
but let me use one. Lieutenant, you’d feel at once
if somebody rides your horse for a few days, wouldn’t you? You won’t understand what had happened, but you’d feel the change. Am I right? Lieutenant? Do you see? Forgive me the
rudeness of this comparison, but a doctor and a patient
are like a rider and a horse. The relations between them are
more delicate, of course, but… Her state didn’t worsen, did it? No, no. It didn’t change for the worse. Maybe resistance is a good thing. We might introduce a new course
of treatment or a new method. Yes, we may use her high-strung
nerves and her resistance. We shall do it, I would say. Do you understand me? Possibly… what do you
mean by the new course? Leave it to me. This is all for today. I’ve been up from seven in the morning. There were many hard cases
in the hospital. I’m leaving. Are you really leaving so early? Yes, right now. I have one
more patient to see in the city. I don’t need a car. I prescribe myself a long
walk in the fresh air. Very good. Maybe Lieutenant
will see you off? Yes, yes. I have to go too. Come on. Why are you keeping silence, young man? Don’t you want to ask me about anything? About what? It’s so weird. Was the Friend of the House
given no task to perform? Did you leave that cozy
living-room on your own and refused to take a car for the sake
of a promenade with me? I don’t understand you.
Moreover I don’t understand your tone. What do you want? Don’t be angry
with the old and tired doctor. I’m very tired. I’m sorry. Damn it! It’s my second misdiagnose
for today. Rest, rest, rest — this is what my exhausted
brain really needs. The counselor has become intolerable. He is calling or sending telegrams
to me every single day. And these mad eyes – “tell
the truth, tell the truth!” He’ll end up in an asylum soon. When cruel, merciless people
suddenly soften and become kinder it usually doesn’t bring any good. Look, Sir Stakhovski is a very kind
and generous person. And his anxiety is fully understandable. A kind and generous person, is he? How long have you been
serving in this city? For two months. I see. You started paying him visits about
two weeks ago, didn’t you? Approximately so. It’s incredible! Incredible!
Have you really heard nothing in his small town? Not from the locals? Not from your friends?
No hints and no rumors about Mr. Counselor’s
unheard-of wealth? No! I didn’t talk to
anyone about Mr. Stakhovski. Incredible! You’re an unusual person. I was sure that the counselor was
exaggerated when praising you. I didn’t believe that you
started coming to that house after that silly accident
with invitations to dances. I didn’t believe it!
And then you started coming for the reason of simple human
kindness. Sympathy, so to say. It doesn’t happen nowadays. And the girl… I thought — what a cunning guy!
He wants to feather his nest! You don’t know how people
play on her father’s feelings… No, no! I can see that I’m wrong.
I’ve misdiagnosed for the third time today. I beg your pardon. If you hear any rumors —
don’t believe them. Stakhovski is a deeply unhappy
and moving person nowadays. Farewell! Sir Counselor? I’m sorry. Sorry for the intrusion, Lieutenant. Has something happened? No, no. I just wanted to ask you to do me a favor. Do you remember our
conversation on the balcony? I didn’t dare ask you about it then… Sit down, please. No, no, Thank you. You can see that
Dr. Dolin is a great and kind person. Don’t pay attention to his rude manners.
They are external. You can’t imagine how clean his soul is. Everyone refused to work with the girl. He is the only one who agreed. But he won’t tell me the truth. He is reassuring me, promises that the girl
will get better. But if I ask him “when?” he won’t tell me. Do you understand? I do. And to you… What can I do? He may say that to you! I beg your, Alexander Nicolayevitch! Ask him when she’ll recover! I can’t stand it anymore! This is a torture! Will you ask him? Will you do it for me? Of course. Don’t worry.
This is not difficult. No, no! You’ll do me a great favor. All right. Next time when
Dr. Dolin comes to examine her… No, no, not next time but today! Now! I beg you! Otherwise I’ll go mad!
He’ll leave his patient now. You may meet him in the street,
as if accidentally. Ask him when she’ll fully,
absolutely recover! Fully! To the end! This is all. You may refuse to do it, of course. But you won’t, will you? Of course no. No. I don’t
know what will happen… Very good! …but I’ll try. All right. You shall hurry.
Otherwise he’ll escape! Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ll catch up with him now. You’re right. I told you either too much
or too little about Stakhovski. All troubles of this world happen
because of halfway policies. Therefore you’ll have
to get to know the truth. I stirred your interest up. In any case you won’t be
able to come to that house as easily as you used to. But you want to visit it, don’t you? There are some reasons.
No need to specify them. Look, Mr. Dolin, I met you accidentally. I wanted to breathe some
fresh air before going to bed. I didn’t plan to find anything out. Damn it! No sooner had I
met a person whom I believed to be honest and sincere
than he started lying to me! Mr. Dolin! I beg your pardon.
Put your sable back to your sheath. I’m not an enemy to you. Moreover I’m grateful to you
for you made my task easier. Do you know why? I want to you keep visiting that home. It’s because something that
I haven’t yet understood changed. And definitely not for worse.
Let me tell you the truth. It would be better for you to hear it
from me than from some dirty gossiper. Is it a deal? As you wish. I wish. Why are you staring at me? Black magic! Please meet my assistant — healer Maria. People call her so. Science
calls such people “homeopaths”. I believe in herb medicines. People have been treating themselves
on their own for ages, and not without success. Maria, brew some more St.
John’s wort tincture, please. Thank you, dear. Help yourself. It calms the nerves down. It’s not as tasty as vodka but more useful. You wanted to tell me about something. Yes, yes, Lieutenant. Your communication with
the Stakhovski family doesn’t do you honor and
won’t help your civil career. It’s dubious in your colleagues’ eyes. Therefore if you visit
their home for this reason I insistently recommend you to stop. No, this is not so! Are you sure? One could understand
a poor noble and a junior officer. Maybe I like my connection
to a rich and influential family. But I give you my word that
this is not the only reason. Let me repeat that his wealth
and influence are of dubious origins. No landowner and manufacturer
Pavel Stakhovski existed twenty years ago. There was a poor petty officer
of Poltava administration Pasha Stakh. Don’t think that I judge people
for their poverty or plebeian descent. I come from the lower classes myself. Another question is how
to conquer the world. Pasha Stakh was using
the most indecent means. “He was rubbing shoulders with
unscrupulous loan sharks; ” he didn’t disdain to conclude
dubious agreements, even forgery. He was even judged by the
court once but came out clean. It’s impossible. It is possible. It is! However his demonic will and non-commercial mind made
the jealous tongues shut up. He came here after a row of some troubles
and started building up his capital. I believe that he wouldn’t
achieve great success but for a brilliant commercial operation that made Pavel Sergeyevicth
Stakhovski out of Pashka Stakh. Where did he get his patrimony estate? He took it with the same means
as the nobility and his title. The money! The money, Lieutenant! The estate belonged to an
extravagant Princess Troitskaya. She wanted to annoy her numerous relatives. So when she died she
bequeathed all her movable and unmovable property
to a poor depender. It was her whom Stakh cheated on. The poor woman was so naive that she was practically
torturing her devastator with gratitude. He didn’t grasp it in first; then he thought that he
was going out of his mind. He fell for his victim. Can you imagine? You might think that he took
the heiress with cunning. But no! His marriage wasn’t
founded on calculation for he had already taken over the estate. He did love her. I’ve never seen such a happy marriage. We met twenty years ago
when his wife was dying. I’ve never seen despair that deep. Are you sure that the
city folk know this story? Yes, everybody knows.
Nobody told you because they were sure that
you know about it too. No, I didn’t know about it. I told you about it not to
predispose you against Stakhovski. As you’ve recently mentioned
he is noble and kind. I think you’re right — he has become kind after his wife’s death and
a tragedy with his daughter. One shan’t fall in despair when
life makes a fool out of you. It’s great when you can look at
the world and people with trust. You’re doing a good deed. You’re helping an unhappy father
and a poor child. Go on! I wasn’t even thinking about that. It’s very good.
This is what real kindness means. If you start thinking about
it a thought will creep: “What can I get out of it”?
Be as you are. Drink it, drink! You’ll sleep better.
It’s time for me to catch a train. I’ll see you off. Can she be cured or not? No decent doctor will say whether
a person is healthy or ill. Who knows where health ends
and an illness starts? But you’ve achieved some
progress, haven’t you? I haven’t achieved anything!
How do you know? Five years! We were
only doing tiny steps. Give me a cigarette.
I’m treating her like a healer with this or this method but
there were no cardinal changes. This is a problem!
Nietzsche said a terrible thing: “One shouldn’t cure incurable”.
But I believe that a doctor’s agonizing
attempts to cure incurable is his higher purpose and his flight.
I have no intention of giving up! Let it take us 15, 20 or 30 years. The medicine is moving
forward. There is always hope. I’ve read about a paralysis of legs that
had been cured in a Parisian magazine. A patient had been paralyzed
for many years. But after a three-month treatment
in accordance with Doctor Vuyno’s methods he can ascend to the fifth
floor without any help. I was shocked. The article was small so I can’t say if I may relay his
method to my patient. But… I sent a letter to Vyuno with a request
to tell me all the details. But… No, it’s only a possibility. A probability. Do you think that… I don’t think about anything!
I didn’t tell you anything. Don’t throw it on the ground. God doesn’t give me easy decisions. I’ve been talking too much.
This is all. Farewell! At last! We have been
looking forward to seeing you! Tell us about everything. When dad worries he
might confuse something. What do you want to hear?
What can your dad confuse? What do you mean?
He woke me up yesterday at night. It was a terrible thunderstorm.
He told me everything. He was dancing like a boy!
I didn’t believe him at first. Then Nina came and we weren’t
sleeping to the very morning. I realized that it’s true! Tell us what that new method is about. The method… you see,
I didn’t understand the details. Is that true that professor’s
patient is running up and down the stairs like a madman?
I’m not interested in stairs. I’ll start with riding and dancing. You’ll teach me, Alexander Nicolayevitch.
It’ll be so great! When is he going to start?
How long will the treatment take? Lera, wait. The doctor talked
about the method in general. It brings results but
only in certain cases. As for you… He is not sure… You don’t know the doctor.
He is a peculiar kind of man. If he said something it means he knows! You can’t even imagine how good I feel now! My life will be different from now on. Nina and I decided to go out again. Tomorrow is Sunday.
We’re going for a picnic! Be careful, Lieutenant,
don’t spill it on our dresses. Great. I can see thatyou’re a master.
Thanks. You pour champagne so
skillfully, Lieutenant. Can you do it atop of the horse? Stop! I want to pray. What? I want to pray to God. Nicolay, stop! Help me. I don’t want
to walk on crouches. Nina, bring me a pillow. All right. Leave me alone. Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil… Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Hello, lady. This is from me. It’s a present. Is it for me? Thank you very much! Let God grant you happiness, lady! Let it be so. Let it be so.

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