Lost Words: Beyond the Page – Game Overview Trailer | PS4

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a narrative-driven atmospheric puzzler set inside
the pages of an aspiring writer’s diary. In an intricate story penned by
renowned games writer, Rhianna Pratchett, you will discover the inner thoughts
of Izzy, our young protagonist. Explore the wondrous fantasy world of Astoria through the pages of Izzy’s diary
where words wield immense power. Throughout the game you will
interact with the words themselves to solve a variety of puzzles
and unique platforming segments to progress through an evolving landscape and world. Throughout the story you’ll be along for the ride as Izzy reflects on the transformational
moments of her young life and copes with hardships that seem
too big to be real in the eyes of a child. With insights drawn from working
with child psychologists, the sometimes tense but always beautiful story will connect you with Izzy and her real-life experiences as they play out in her
personal journal and fantasy world. The game is split into two worlds:
The pages of Izzy’s journal and Astoria, the fantasy world
Izzy begins to write about. While navigating through the journal
you’ll interact with words as well as drawings as you jump across the
different platforms page by page. Discover hidden thoughts, traverse the words themselves, and move them around
to help complete Izzy story. At the end of every chapter, You’ll be transported beyond the page to Astoria. In Astoria the adventure continues. Once you acquire your magic book, you will be able to collect and call upon
certain words that have immense power. In your travels you will encounter colorful
characters with sage knowledge to pass down. You may even cross paths with
a foreboding dragon that roams the skies.

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