Losers Read Their GOOGLE SEARCH HISTORY – Google Feud w/ Gloom

(L) Ha! I Told You It Felt Right I Don’t Know Why But So Wrong At The Same Time Okay, we got a we got to trust your intuition from now on because you’re always right Hey guys, I’m here today playing some Google feud with my friend Cassie aka gloom games..hello Cassie: HAIII That was a beautiful hello Thank you We just finished playing some google feud over on her channel so make sure to go check that out after this But we got warmed up, and we learned that we are terrible at this game very terrible (c): Lauren Don’t give up. Hope (L): I did already (c): were were getting in there. I mean you’re you’re right. I’m terrible at it Don’t let me answer any questions. I’m just gonna. I’m gonna like seek your approval before I submit anything well I’m excited for this one because whenever she gets it wrong. She’s gonna go in her phone and tell me all the weird stuff She’s googling and the weird thing about your cellphone is it knows everything about you It knows more about you than you know about yourself. Yep, right Lauren I’m kind of scared cuz I don’t remember any my Google searches recently It’s gonna be interesting if I do well good cuz you’re doing this with me exactly over on Cassie’s channel We slapped each other, so I’m bringing her I’m bringing her down now. She made me slap myself Way too much. Yeah, I mean getting slapped is one thing but like ruining your life I mean, that’s that’s where the real stakes are. This is the real Juicery. Yeah, this could’ve been this could get real bad Are you ready? I’m ready I’m so ready, so we have culture people names or questions we did questions over on her channel I feel like maybe we should do a new one which which one which one you feeling Lauren you’re Obviously a person of high culture. Oh high culture high demand. Yes. I think we should do culture I’m probably gonna be so bad at it, but we’ll try it. I’ll do for you I mean, I’m dad down at this game regardless Oh to tie a oh I got not oh, I know a tie a tie, oh wait Oh! A tie is good. I’m gonna do a tie first Wait no is that is that how you spell tie is it I don’t know oh I’m staring at it, and I’m like is that is that a word it looks like te-ehh what other way Do you spell tie? ty? well I was No Okay, try this T-h-y-e, No. Thye. What? how to tie your thyes. Oh, I thought you said five. okay, Yeah, I think I think it’s yeah its t-i-e, yea i’m pretty sure it’s t-i-e time guys go and this is a behind the Google thing Yes! We’re already off to a better start than the last time. Yes Lauren That’s because this is the one this is the one we won’t have to tell any of our Google searches We have to be really really good Okay, so you were saying how to tie a knot right? But maybe I think not I think how to tie a bow who bows good Yeah, cuz like I’m always wondering that when I’m trying to like look cute But it’s always just like an ugly not and not a bow okay, that’s how you spell bow right yeah? Or is it bow is that bow bow I think I think it’s both. I think it’s about my spelling abilities now. Okay ok gobo What really ok you know what Lauren I think that if we get three in one category Like I think if we get three right before we strike out we shouldn’t have to share our google history But if we strike out that and we have to yeah, that’s better. I thought we were gonna have to do it after every strikeSo many people will unsubscribe! a slipknot a slip wait What’s what’s the knot that you tie when you go rock climbing? That like it’s like a figure eight like kind of how to tie a nice I’m kind of scared for this to be one of the top. Yeah, what okay? Yeah, I mean, I’m a little nervous, too I might do it Alright, do it do it do it Oh? Sad but unless you use nooses for other things than what I’m thinking then I’m thinking of you could you can use it a noose for? A lot of stuff actually obviously not a tie tying person well We got the top two That’s very very strong all we have to do is get one more, and then we don’t have to do horrible things I was gonna do how to tie a shoe, but I don’t know if that’s Something people would know if they’re already able to use Google Would you just get out of kindergarten apparently don’t make fun of people who can’t tie their shoes Cassie so rude how to tie a velcro shoe no no what are some what are some things that you are like man I wish I knew how to tie one of those is it a slipknot when you’re rock climbing What is it kind of notice that how to tie a figure eight? No nobody’s looking that up, Who am I kidding? Oh, there’s one for like boats too, but I forget the name. I name anchor finger I’m not achill not Well, you should definitely be on the branding team, but I’m not sure if that’s what it’s cooked well. Let’s try it Let’s try it again this track. I love it a beautiful. Not named the nautical knot I love it. I love it Okay, well that’s the moment of truth Either we get one wrong or we get one right and then we can move on. Yeah, how did I I? Don’t I don’t even tie think kid We gotta we gotta do not we have to it’s the only one I can think of maybe they’ll be okay cuz it’s general yeah Maybe and maybe they’ll just give it to us Yeah, oh It was the last one but we did it yeah, yeah, we don’t have to share our history yeah Thank God, but next time. I’m gonna say she I mean now that we got nothing to lose true to taste you uh-huh yeah, well a scarf That’s something. I’ve wanted to know a whoa I said bow, and they wouldn’t take bow tie always lift Not you right a ribbon. I would have done it one all one word though like the band. I know me, too Maybe this is the boat that’s a beautiful. That’s a beauty. She’s a beard a scarf men scarf men Yeah, cuz like men you know with the men’s fashion. They want to know how to tie It’s a special way to tie men’s scarves. I get it There is sure there is there yeah You know you know when Bobby comes home sometimes and you’re like how do you tie that knot baby? Yeah? Yeah, all the time coming in from the the Arctic out there exactly oh come on I don’t know Fran this one’s kind of hard. Yeah friend about friends. Oh Dogs dogs. I don’t know what sitcom about dogs would be funny No cats, would you’re funnier cats are dogs cats are just a lot more like they just have that juicy quoi I’ll do cats and blaming you though, okay You gotta come up with the last one. I mean I know Seinfeld he always says is a sitcom about nothing. Okay. I don’t know if people are actually googling that term I don’t see why they would but I’m gonna say stupid stuff like space and the moon About space and the moon a sitcom about looks like a sitcom They would come on, and you’d be like you don’t remember the name So you go to Google and you’re like it was a sitcom about like an old guy like three guys in a bar like Cheers Three guys, I don’t know about like okay, so what would people like if you don’t remember what Seinfeld is What would you be like aa sitcom about? Unless you like New York City yeah, okay, that could work, I don’t have any other answers urban living I Knew it’s a waitress alien objection bookstore owner I like that how about oh? I don’t like that. I like the bookstore owner Yeah, I would watch that well Laureen you failed so go on Google on your phone and tell me what you’ve been googling Oh, I can see all my history. Oh, man. I oh? Well, this isn’t really secretive, but I just recently looked up I didn’t know what CBA stood for because one of my friends said that to me CDA. Do you know it’s CBA? Oh it can’t be you know what the ASP or whatever. Yeah, well. It’s like yeah, but it can’t be ours yeah Yeah, yeah means like can’t be bothered with it. Yeah I was gonna say can’t be like I gonna say can’t be arsed But I thought that was wrong and I was gonna be embarrassed you were right. Don’t worry. That’s all it’s showing me How do I get my word oh I can see all my history? Oh, man? I I look out how you just go to Google, and then you click history Oh, I was googling Korean bulgogi for like hour I was like looking at what I was looking at pictures of Korean short ribs last night. Just going in that’s the stuff That’s the good stuff you ever do that sometimes. You know just not recently, but you don’t Google food a lot cuz like that’s That’s something I do a lot. I follow a lot of food instagrams That usually so that usually helps me with my fixation on watching really bad foods for you and drooling over it okay I don’t know what I was trying to type here less body far nor hair I completely butchered the spelling and never fixed it. I was looking up an abandoned city in China Why am I judging myself so hard right now. I was reading about ethical egoism ethical egoism Yeah, oh, I found it On my browser. It’s just not on my phone. Tell me your history. Yes. Tell. Oh, there’s a lot telling me all about it Oh my god lots of YouTube channels. Uh-huh cuz most of its like all the different videos. I’ve watched I was looking up conspiracy theories it sounds about right It’s so lame oh yes, the other night, I found the dr. Phil YouTube channel and I Stayed up for a large part of the night watching really weird stuff on the doctor filling YouTube channel Ah, yeah, the beautiful me again, Messiah Get you that water okay. I got a nine point nine out of ten after three hundred twenty seven women rated me Let’s see your talent. Okay. I don’t believe me really I do not believe have you ever been on there. I have agreed I’m a little bit a little bit scared to to be With you dr. Phil girl goes catatonic scares the audience that was the last Guy did she how bad did she scare the can you show me a little clip if you want to do that to yourself? It’s not it wasn’t that bad. Let’s say. It’s a very cold. Oh girl goes catatonic Yeah What would you say When did she go catatonic let’s go what this is really it the whole time seriously kind of like She just kind of looks like she has no idea where she is that is such clickbait. I know that’s why it’s got 3,000 dislikes it’s not into the dr. Phil Channel. It’s got 4 million views You got baited like debated so I’m looking up pictures of food and Lauren is just getting click baited my Google search for this this round was I got click baited by dr. Phil catatonic woman and oh I was looking up a conspiracy theory stuff Very intelligent events and yours was food mine wasn’t intelligent either. I was just looking at pictures of Korean bulgogi Those short ribs, I just those thin sliced ones that just come right off the bone Well, I was also looking up if tanning beds were actually really bad for you, which they are Then why would you look up if they were bad for you because I’m um I need some color And I was like I don’t know it’s so cold here how am I supposed to get color and I was like oh? Did they find new research those tanning beds aren’t as bad as they thought no all right ready for the next one yes I’m nervous. Oh island of oh there’s one that I always see on BuzzFeed and stuff It’s like the island of Pigs and there’s an island of bunnies. I think really little pigs oh I want to know about the Ellen of pigs me too, but I want to Google everyone running there I forget where it is, but there’s like pigs that you can like go swimming with them And they just hang out with you isn’t that like Oh, yeah, it might be actually think you’re right Okay, so what about the island of the bunny should I try bunnies at pigs didn’t work? Yes, because I don’t have any other ideas It’s gonna be the quickest round ever island of Nudity I you know I was thinking the same thing that’s good I bet you. It’s like actual geographical places people were looking Why just nudity always let me down island of glass this island of misfit toys. How do we not get that oh? The island of adventure ah Island of Hawaii Oh God is there anything else in my Google history I should go back further. Oh boy. Oh I read about a lot of active ingredients in skin care. Oh, yeah, it’s like lactic acid vitamin C Suspension oh my god. Are you not supposed to put certain stuff on your face. I was unaware well Not that I was unaware I looked up How do better apply fake eyelashes because that pax I was trying to put on fake eyelashes. They were not working Oh, but eventually I got that really and they looked very natural. I was very proud of myself Wow ooh I could actually show you this problem though. What so at PAX I had a couple drinks I was trying to show my friend Ollie what my channel looked like like way back in the day And I wonder forget if it’s on here exactly Youtube.com slash I’m so interested right now and intrigued have you ever used the way that I have I think it’s cool I love this website. Let’s see what my my YouTube looked like in 2013 Oh, my goodness Lauren side of gaming oh Wow that is old look at head bangs Cassie, just like oh my goodness what were we thinking? This was my background I’m gonna be on it Lauren. I’m gonna be honest with you. Yeah, those bangs look Hella cute I know that’s what my friend said to he was like you good at bags. Why did you get rid of them? I was like I don’t know they were so much work You look like you look like a little angel like a little anime angel. I’ll go back and like the fall/winter Lauren 285 subscribers, I know baby I like being a funny girl game where I’m making people happy yeah That’s me that’s basically me. I’m so glad they have bangs Okay, I’m a big fan. I’m a big fan. I like them They were just a lot of work like they would look at the first day I watched them, and then it was yeah, that’s literally have to watch them every single day like trying to wash Next what happens if you drink bleach? Yeah everyone’s googling Bleep laughs Well, you sounds like you’re already dying so insecure and my spelling abilities what it’s predicted everybody drink bleach. Oh Okay now the rest is gonna be hard I want to say Windex because there used to be a Windex drinking challenge a long time that works I’m I agree with that Windex. Yes, because I think people said it was okay to drink Windex. Oh No Listerine Listerine oh come on come on Listerine don’t let me down clean my mouth stain mighty cold water hold water Like when you leave a glass of water out for a few days, and it tastes super weird But I have a nig you drink so much water. I like that Lauren. I like the way you think oh These are going so quick bleach peroxide which coffee would Too much milk and too much coffee, but not too much more nail polish. Why would you look that up over mouthwash? What do people doing expired milk Oh? All right, Lauren what have you been googling show me show me? Oh what to wear to an Indian wedding because I’m going to one next weekend well I wasn’t sure if there was I didn’t I did learn that you’re not supposed to wear white well on to any wedding black or Red red and you’re supposed to yeah, no red one red to an Indian wedding I think I wore like a red like traditional thinking They probably don’t care nowadays, but it might be like an old thing. They said cuz sometimes the bride will wear red oh I was reading about MF. DOOM murder murder beats hip thrusts and body dysmorphic disorder That is interesting is interesting. I was reading about famous rappers and then workouts and then Not liking your own body. It’s very interesting very Like was that all in the same day. Yes, it wasn’t the same day actually it was in like the same like timeframe I’ll do one more. I’ll say whoa Lauren I don’t know about this one I’m kind of nervous about this alright. Can I perform my own? I don’t you know what you don’t have to tell me that yeah I don’t I don’t want to know I have one. I wanted my own exorcism. Oh, I don’t know it wouldn’t know wait What’s what’s the one you wanted to say? That’s what that’s what the people want to know who’s gonna say circumcision, but that sounds horrible I would hope that you could but then I don’t think that can I perform my own wedding Can you marry yourself to whoever you want like without somebody else doing it? Can you just do it? I think you can if you’re like a minister right now. Is that wrong sir. I don’t know It was PG one you could think of these all the ones I’m thinking of I’m like Lulu I don’t know about that. I mean circumcision was a little that’s true. Well crazy, okay I think I think exorcism, or is that just demonic and like absurdum I’m gonna try it anyway, okay It has to be a little bit more specific I think okay What is something you perform, but someone else performs on you and you’re like I want to do it to myself actually. Thank you Can I perform my own baptism let’s go? No that’s right so far, okay, I think that’s wrong That’s definitely really wrong. Why was that googling circumcision? Oh that’s right. Okay, so it’s a CIS I oh and Yeah, oh, I did have a right there Yeah, yeah you did you didn’t you did good girl, and then I screwed it all up all right? Oh I sold you it just felt right. I don’t know why but still wrong at the same time. Okay? We got it We got to trust your intuition. No because you’re always right. What’s the next one Lauren a Plastic surgery, I mean why’d surgery who would Google that though can I perform my own for my own? Bellybutton pierced a tattooing tattoo your own what like bellybutton piercing I’ve seen a few of those performed on their own I don’t think it’s right though. I can’t believe baptism wasn’t one of yours Can I perform my own? Piercing that sounds weird you know sometimes like when you play google feud like and you don’t know the answer one of the answers is Google, feud really yeah, because everyone’s googling it so like what is the answer? What if it’s can I perform my own google for you think about it perform think about it Thinking about google feud being the answer Yeah, I think about it could be the answer come on you can do it hit that button I don’t I don’t know what else it is I Was sorry I was so certain what I knew it I don’t you you knew what ever I said my own wedding ceremony You can marry yourself to somebody can we talk about the one underneath wedding labiaplasty? Oh my god Why those horrible why are people doing it and I perform my own oh? Why wouldn’t KY Liposuction all these people are dead everybody who googled all of this stuff. They’re no longer with us I Mean I’m hoping Google said don’t do it, but if it didn’t these these people might not be with us anymore I will and you know what I hope they are me too except for the wedding people I Was like trying to come up with one and I read them all and I was like that’s this is this joke is not It’s not gonna. Go well. Okay, so I’ll do one last Google search thing here me, too. I saved one of the grosser ones for last Oh, okay, so I haven’t been getting my nails done cuz I had like Bumps on my nail. I had one on my thumb that I’ve had since I was a kid, okay I had some on my nails And I went to get them checked out and I was told that they were warts which is Disgusting they tried to get rid of them, and it didn’t work So she told me I’d be like keep them like crafts and stuff. I mean I’ve had him for like a year I’m dealing with these and then all of a sudden I went to Florida and they all magically disappeared randomly. It’s all I googled Is it okay to have? Boards that you’ve had since a child Disappear overnight and apparently. It’s very common. It means that whatever you had in your system. That was causing It is now gone So yay me wait a minute how did Florida cure that I don’t know I just found out while I was in Florida so I might want to wait before, Florida, and I only just noticed it in, Florida, but they haven’t come back And I haven’t been Florida for a couple weeks, so those are those are my last interesting Google searches I think I don’t have any interesting ones. It’s literally like I was reading about black holes and time dilation What is time dilation there’s different like gravitational like fields in different areas and so if you’re in a different place you perceive time differently? I was trying to figure out how an interstellar those pew yeah like the time passed a lot slower or faster? On certain planets than others. I don’t know wow your searches are deep not really because we started with the bulgogi food And then it just like slowly got more deep and deep and meaningful alright guys, so that’s gonna be it for google feud I hope you guys feel like you know us a little better from our google searches Do you feel like you know me better? Yeah, I feel like I know you a lot better Do you still want to be my friend after that? I’m not sure after the whole circumcision thing I know I know I’m sorry I mean it was it was an answer so I think your searches are fine. Now. Yeah, yeah, my searches weren’t as bad as some other peoples. I’m sure true Oh guys make sure to go check out Cassie’s video cuz we did this and had a more physical. What’s the word? I’m looking for experience journey Sure we borrow their physical experiences on Yeah, so make sure to go check that out because soon we lee it down there somewhere. What disappeared I said that sounded weird we performed our own fellow experiences. I know oh now they gotta go see what we’re talking about make sure to leave a like before you go check out Cassie in her channel and as Always, I will see you guys soon

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