Looking on HBO (Episode 3: “Looking at Your Browser History”) Review

everybody well below what the flick were
discussing looking season one obviously episode 3 and
looking at your browser history I think the title the phone is that right I believe that right into
that was that nice there was that that was a middling moment but again like well not
again because we haven’t talked think that but
so hot my bro and I’m curious what the what you obviously your thought that
we’ve you we’ve each done it we haven’t talked we have together we
have no no you’re not and I I’m not I don’t feel fully invested noko and I’m not quite buying the characters
it’s a slow burn the show for sure I mean they’re not I think even even by the central HBO
shows they would have normally thrust a lot of exposition at this point
I kinda feel like the conversations and the events are
less about things happening then just been letting
us know who these people are arm even at times and throwaway comment
I feel like a lot of what we’re learning about Patrick it comes from just sort upside
observation the people making like in the pilot when tom says you gotta bring all your mother thinks
you know I he is he’s withholding information you
like it or not well as family doesn’t talk about his past and I think were gonna mine stuff like
that later in and if you saw into Hicksville weekend there’s that same sorta political sense
have these conversations that on their face don’t seem to be telling
you a lot but they accumulate into really creating these characters so I think I’m I’m giving the show the
benefit of the doubt so far that it went to reward more patients lie I would say I hope I
hope it does and I and I i think i misspoke I was
careless I thought I don’t buy the characters that I i perhaps even worse I i’m afraid I don’t
find them interesting know okay and I’m certainly not has nothing to do with the behavior
that’s posted shocks true that was more that might shock straight II warned you about that I remember show
necessarily things that grow but I think that obviously part of that mean I’m sure that that
many people who watch that show a you know where legal injured HBO is a
new show holy who I yeah mom but you know i i get that I’m
sure that it’s a you know it said that part is
interesting and I’m sure it’s you know accurate and
credible for some people on I don’t think Patrick is interesting
at all and I don’t who’s the guy with the beard
a I have moved ok a others Augustine right so the battered former roommate so
I’m indifferent to him I really like it but
I guess he’s a little interesting a I don’t like some parts of
them um Dom the older guy his by far the most
interesting I like the idea great seen in the in that sauna with Scott Bakula right
now in this episode coming off a behind the candelabra
interest in coming off a trip by occurred today he said he’s down as will
help Yahoo I didn’t realize that quantum leap was a
geisha I have to go back to redefine the
internally at Enterprise do it showed you know this is guys but it’s am just
go on time on flower shop institution that he refers to the other the waiters the way an addition the way you know
waiters and restaurateur guy has been here for ever had and I was one of those
guys who’s been at the specific restaurant for a long time you know and and I like the way II there was one moment that I really like
20 his his former partners former boyfriend comes back and
her team in some terrible way taken eight thousand bucks for a moment
guys played ought to rehab it is making a man check to pay back the money Never
Dies I and then Dom yelled at him at a meeting like it goes off to meet
his client things like it I want to match at all is a man that the church back like he was like and I
don’t know for sure said that are a bit better that was a satisfying as I
thought a parallel apparently better I have letter I have
no idea thing with Patrick is that they cast Jonathan Groff who is I think super charismatic and is player
is the kind that actor that you get sucked into arm but the heat makes mistake after
mistake and clearly has a lot of baggage in a lot of issues and wants to be sorted a libertine but
didn’t kick white male the landing and also wants a commitment became quite do
that either and we’re getting buried little little little hints along the way
about well why this guy who is what he is and I think the be a waiting for that reveal is as
interesting as just getting to know him back that even though he is a a granite about
someone unlikable character yeah I unlikable and and unlikable
causing dumb like it or not really dumb is clearly
quite bright but I you make one mistake government life and doesn’t seem to give
no people at all you know any you know so when he was
with that guy was incredibly attracted to the latino guy and he has that moment
worries you know trying to get him to talk about
Mexico yeah I’m you know it was just awkward and then
though the part about whether the guy was cut or uncut you know just do you like dude you know
it okay to wonder about that stuff is OK to wonder about you bernie & Howell at
how do to a new person my career as you might
be able to see it on but let me know that you’re OK Cupid date with the you
know the person who like a while okay you really just have no idea like
right what you say when you don’t say when you’re getting to know somebody in
those like I i you know i i think we’ve all been
there to some extent or another maybe not to that to that remember that we talk about
girls today like these are characters who make really huge mistakes in who are self-centered in weird ways and and and
the how far do you stretch that without the
audience lose them and I think I the I don’t I don’t think he’s got
these guys are much better guys than the girls on girls when these they have moments
above you know real tenderness toward each
other as friends and I’m you know II don’t
know I think patrick is a good guy Petters know how to talk to people that
are going up flap right but I mean when he’s talking
about his job in his worries in the DOM just with others about me he generously
oh my god you’re right I’m sorry that you know he put his arm around ’em in walked him and then when when the
Augustine with got fired and came home in a hangout
they have Thai food in there just really kind and decent to each other in these and Patrick is interested like we’re
going too far did it a big deal well yeah exit link doesn’t character
would never graduated you can be a bit but I have cause I was into that sorta thing
that people do where they drop a bombshell and then I R L at least that’s what I
have are you here in America yet but I like the idea of I love his line about
where you know we aren’t good at being what we say we are here and how I like
that how he takes in it should actually like put some elbow grease into his work and
and and and and and commit to this thing that he has
apparently always wanted to do and that means I am I’m a little skittish about the whole
sex work thing coming up this early by God seems we kinda sometime
that’d in other hand has been to apply short
and wide well above the bar buybacks in the wall I guess I’ll be a sex worker
now but you know get it that hard to do
shows week to week and and and analyze them we’ll see how this plays out where it
goes I i’m a little when you get I would I hope he doesn’t they would do you know
how it does make that call yeah and I’m sure babe and even if he
does make that call me i i just hated by introducing as a plopping is I i mean i i got a judgment whether I
recall I just mean like I’m not I don’t think that guy would make that
call right now I know and and and I and they would be sad to be completely gives
up on art back quickly I think I think you know
that the trying to express the idea that he does still have that in images
gallery find them you know you’ve been brought up mentioning their the that that when he goes to see but often goes
to see Patrick any drop that bomb shelter and i wanna talk about but thats you know at the really human
thing to do like I don’t talk about it but what I want is with my friend yet no
no I don’t want to be allow it and I don’t want to be with my boyfriend
yeah absolutely no it’s recognizable behavior I’m not knocking the show for
I’m just saying that that their I’ve been in that situation for years ago you know but yeah no I totally get that
from and you know I’m interested in this the
Kevin character is i think is interesting to the ball the by the British boss you know I he
did you know that to the QB some interesting I am sure there I love
Russell toby is great I don’t know that much suspense in this show yet for the is he gay I think there’s enough
yeah I think probably get the better of it the mail with the speaking part of
why I feel for the Asian friend you know I will I the token straight Asian friend I yeah the that was I but but I’m using
although I didn’t II didn’t I was not up there
was one of my problems with I was not a fan of that whole scene on the aircraft
carrier partly to know what was happening but I
i into the lead in like anybody there like they all male felt sorta petty and
self-involved and I wasn’t I wish I wish I was made but like I got its okay not like
characters I mean the shows that we love have kept alive her character’s on a but they’re usually not nasty and and I just as as the first seen in a
show like that was the first time as I watched it the watch
that this morning actually so for the first three or four minutes I
was like it I don’t know I wanna watch anymore I was an office party you have
there are those can be really awkward and whatever other I i kinda bought into
it and I you know admittedly I’ve always had a
soft spot for Russell that we because he was a he had to use in one episode of
Doctor Who as a guy named alonzo no not so and so now every girl at a
Starbucks whoever takes my order ass Rio de what doctor who when I don’t actually
want I grew but I know bat back toward so alright let’s let his
heart I i three i know i i i understand why people are thinking that the show is slower boring or whatever but I don’t
agree with them and I am I’m I’m still on board I wanna see where
you’re going to die once you’re just give us before we go one question for you from the totally critical point of view they obviously had a
choice to make with the show that’s gonna show such an honest depiction Nov not just
gay relationships but gave brief relationship surf culture you know the way said one night stand or
yet the way every man every man would behave if women would cooperate great so game and
just have this opportunity a the and so they had an A a chance in the first episode from to
show two guys who meet four minutes before
going yet from and they didn’t and that there are
many producers there are many show runners a no matter what kinda show who would think we’re gonna start big we’re gonna let people know what this is
but that first episode and you you gave me you’d give me that morning
like a waiver but they didn’t do it they waited and I i
thought id curious how long they waited they were very
careful with how they introduce that I thought well I think I think diminish I
think the the fact is our first exposure this character is hooking up with a stranger in a park
even if it doesn’t go anywhere is still already pretty as pretty well planned and had the bag
he doesn’t go through with it I think I already told us what about that
caricature button but from a but from I’ll how are
we gonna introduce the fact that this is a show about something that basically if we consider HBO mainstream and I
certainly think we get them that we haven’t seen that is taboo ish I
think it’s interesting that they waited until episode 3 to really give it to us well I it
depends I mean there’s a three way in the first episode involving a
you-know-what out on a second I was in the first episode really involving a you know monogamous
couple right you know with the guest star and and that’s pretty very pretty
you know I thought those observed general I was upset one right well night than ever but def I
think I think there’s more to this show them what do the beggars re how r we had Queer as Folk for that this is
going to be the smart show where do the casually bank yeah there’s more to show
I just die I will I i am certain that that was a
conversation have how much doing can much do we give away in our
chance to make the first impression and there’s a there’s a stylistic choice that could be
made which is let’s let everybody know right away or
let even though I can’t do I get they they have their cake and eat it you know
the the exit the per share was an anonymous troopers seen as an honest written part but also
one that doesn’t go to completion and it doesn’t go to completion not because I’m
any skittishness on the part makers because
that’s who this character is that he’s now over to yeah and
completion clearly thought that this is you know I think it was very I think we
should root in like okay this is what you think the show is
going to be I but it’s not it’s going to be about this guy and his friends and
their issues and with the opposite of that that they have the iPad I and only
version I have no idea how good you know I’m at the non finish bar no I re: i buy well you but as usual yeah I have
convinced me otherwise I we will be back the next week absurd
for looking thanks everybody

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  • Shitty show!

  • i don't know what you are talking about, i find that i care about the characters already, and my favorite character is Patrick, ok so he is awkward and not good at flirting it's not that unusual of damning quality.
    Is it weird that as straight girl i personally connect more with this characters than any of the girls on Girls?!?

  • its so boring and wordy, they are all in need of some fun, it feels a bit dated for me as a european

  • I really like this show, becoming one of my favs 

  • Please review 'WISH I WAS HERE' by Zack Braff!

  • Ben thinks these people are more empathetic than the girls on "Girls"!? Seriously!?

  • I'm totally on board with this show and I can see myself maybe liking it more than Girls. I still like GIrls but these characters seem more authentic and relatable to me.

  • Dom is the only character i'm invested in so far. 

  • Technically, if a couple is having a 3-way they're not monogomous.

  • I feel like Alonzo's Kyron should be 'Senior Gay Correspondent.'

  • I like how it centers more on interaction rather than the obvious route of sex

  • first time i actually relate to augustine and when he explains his artist crisis. I think their more to these characters but they have only 30 mins for a show so. 

  • I dont think the show is slow or boring. it is only half n hr show. If they speeding through what then ? people are just nitpicking. Ben is rather negative and criticizing. we had other shows before this with gays have sex on hbo. get someone better to review this. 

  • Nothing shocking really; Girls is far more offensive and crude.

  • This show is a stepping stone. I just read Johnathan Groff, HBO, San Fransisco and downloaded the whole thing praying that it would not be another show about something gloomy or another pity party about gays or simply something we'd already seen. I was so happily surprised.The critic with the questionable hat and shoes didn't get it to say the least. The most boring character that actually needs to go (Augustin) is the one he finds rather interesting? No kidding? The unattractive gay bitchy loser? Please. As to Murray Bartlet, of course you find him interesting, he's your target demographic. Groff's character is what the potentially huge and rarely represented young 'white' gay demographic audience needs to dream a little. This show is clearly catering to a progressive and optimistic audience who is tired of only seeing gays dying of aids, being bullied, being the sweet-over the top queer or playing gay hag companion 101. Just something gay and actually real to relate to in 2014. Please pal go watch Homeland if you have to and keep quiet about this show unless you're gonna praise it and get viewers to watch it so we can get 10 more seasons. 

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