Look Inside EGW Writings 2 for Android

EGW Writings
The essential app for all Adventists. The user interface is now in 16 languages. You can read EGW books in 133 languages. You
can read many titles in parallel with other translations. A fast and accurate search engine, allows
you to find that elusive phrase you’re looking for. A study center allows users to make notes,
bookmarks or highlight favorite passages and save them into topical folders. All Bible references can be opened and read
in a split window. If you prefer listening to an Audiobook, EGW
Writings provides dozens of recorded titles for you to enjoy while walking or driving. “For the carrying on of His work, Christ
did not choose the learning or eloquence of the Jewish Sanhedrin or the power of Rome.” EGW Writings now allows users to create their own EGW Cloud account. This enables users to subscribe to our daily Ellen White thoughts and devotionals, plus EGW book or Bible reading plans. You will receive notifications within the
app or via email, Facebook or Twitter. Reading and listening history stores the last location read or listened to in up to 99 books respectively: “Christ did not choose the learning or eloquence of the Jewish Sanhedrin or the power of Rome.” EGW Writings allows you to easily share an Ellen White quote with friends using your favorite social networking app, like Facebook. EGW Writings 2, download today from Google
Play! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whiteestate.egwwritings

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  • Why is the EGW 2 app not available for the Kindle Fire? I'm glad to have the original app, but I would also like to have app 2. Can someone explain why Amazon is not carrying it in their app store? Is there a work around to putting it on the Kindle Fire?

  • I was changing from the older version and as I was retrieving my study center from my google drive, but unfortunately all my folders got duplicated… How do I delete the duplicate folders in my study center?

  • HOW do you REMOVE a highlight? it shows a garbage can, BUT It's a greyed out, you can't use it? THERE MUST BE SOME WAY, when you accidentally highlight the section, to UNDO THAT?

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