Łódzki Fandubb – Wyjątkowy Prezent od Scootaloo [Polish Fan/FailDubb]

Mein kleines Pony: MY PONY PONY
March issue Special gift from Scootaloo Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle met as usual in Cutie Marks Crusaders club when suddenly someone called them outside of a window. – I can’t wait for the moment when my cutie mark finally shows up! – Yes, me too! I wonder how it will look like! – Then we will find out what we are amazing at! – Hey, ponies! It turned out it was Diamond Tiara. – Come down here, I’ll tell you something. – I know you think only about your cutie marks, but I really wonder, Scootaloo what did you come up with for your idol’s birthday. – Rainbow’s birthday?! – UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH, I… Friends were completely surprised and Diamond Tiara walked away, happy that she managed to spoil their mood. – Ha, just as I thought! You forgot! What a “fan”! – She is right… How could I forgot about Rainbow’s birthday? The ponies are very worried. – And what will we do now? Rainbow’s birthday is tomorrow! – We have to come up with something fast!
– But what? – It has to be something special! – Let’s think what Rainbow likes the most. – It’s flying, obviously! – I’m a fucking dodo, so… – I know! We will prepare a surprise party with an aerial show of pegasi from Wonderbolts Academy! – How? We notify the pegasi? We would have to go far to Canterlot! – Right! And we would have to prepare the party, we won’t make it with all this by tomorrow! – That’s why we will split the tasks! You stay in Ponyville and organize the party and I’ll go to Canterlot! – How so? Alone? – Stay here! We’ll make a great party together! Rainbow will be happy anyway! – But she will be even happier seeing her friends from Academy! Next day, in the morning… – Scootaloo, better stay here! – You shouldn’t travel so far alone! – But I have to! Rainbow is special and she deserves special gift! Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are worried more and more about her friend… – And what if we will get lost? – Right! Canterlot is quite huge! You know… I fear something will happen to her. – Oh no! Maybe we tell Rainbow about everything? Rainbow Dash pushing clouds… WAS BUSY WITH. – Rainbow! Get down here!
– We need to tell you something! Little ponies shared their trouble with Rainbow. – What!? Alone? To Canterlot? I have to go after her immediately! – Will you save her?
– Please, take us with you! Meanwhile, Szkutalu got to the Wonderbolts Academy Not losing time, the pegasi started their training before the show. – Thank you that you agreed to make a surprise for Rainbow! – Our pleasure. – And maybe we will add a pirouette like this [weird noises] – And a corkscrew! [more weird noises] – OOOH YES, awesome! Rainbow will be delighted! – Sooaoo!
– We’ve found you! – What are you doing here?
– We were worried about you! – Szkutalu! Your travel here was very un-, uhh, un-, was, it was very unwise idea! Scootaloo was mad at her friends. – I’m mad at my friends. You ruined the whole surprise! – We were afraid that something will happen to you!
– Don’t be mad! – They didn’t ruin anything! They behaaAAAH YAHHH HAHAHAved like real friends! Szkutalu realized that going to Canterlot alone and secretly was very unwise. – Gee! I’m sorry. I only wanted to make a birthday surprise! – It’s fine, fine. The most important thing is that nothing happened to you! After the return from Canterlot all ponies [blundered]… ponies together organized a wonderful party for Rainbow Dash. – Long live Rainbow!
– Let your dreams come true! – And now watch out! Specially for Rainbow – birthday show of Wonderbolts! – Fucking awesome!
– How beautiful. – Gee. I’m so excited.
– Gee. Oh wow. Amazing. – Thank you, my little one. It’s the best birthday gift I ever got! The end. I think the neighbors liked it as well.

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