Living DNA – Discover your ancestry with a DNA test

so we’re here on the Living DNA stand at the Who Do You Think You Are Live show at the NEC. Hi I’m Nick. My name
is um David Nicholson from living DNA. Could you tell my viewers and readers
a little bit more about what your product does how its differentiates from
all the others on the market? Absolutely; so with living DNA what we’ve
aimed to do is to show the world how we’re all connected using the DNA and we
do that in a way that is quite unique because when we look at the DNA we not
only look at which bits of DNA of you got, but we then say how are those bits
of DNA connected together and when we combine that information it allows us to
be able to say which areas of countries do come from – so instead of just saying
you’ve got British and Irish ancestry we can show oh look I’ve got some quiet
answers you can Northern Ireland or I’ve a little bit from Cornwall a bit from Devon and
it’s a little bit from like the Orkney Islands we can really bring your
ancestry to life and a level of detail is just never been possible before.
I see and so are we really just concentrating on on the British Isles or
further afield as well? Great question so we do that everywhere. So at the moment
the level of detail in Britain is the highest but we have 80 worldwide regions
that we cover and our estimation is that we’ll be having over the next 3-5 years
between four and five thousand different groups for us the world.
Great! Now if people want to try you out obviously you have a website so what’s the
website address? Yes you just go to living DNA dot com and all the information is
on there and we’ve we have our kits shipping from America, we work out at the
US, we work out of Europe, we work out of the Asia Pacific area out of Sydney and
Brisbane. So really that how you can kind of get in touch with us. But one thing I
forgot to mention it the text is a 3 in 1 test. So when you look at most of
the tests available on the market they look at something called the autosomal
DNA. We call that your family ancestry
there’s a lot of people it covers all your family. But we also include the
y-chromosome for men and we test about twenty twenty thousand areas on the
white chromosome and then we also include the mitochondrial DNA which is a
mother line so you get a whole rich experience for migration routes of your
family ancestry your mother’s direct line father’s direct line and then we
can combine that all together to give you a level of level of detail that is
incredibly useful. Right – obviously you’ve got a show offer or on at the moment but
other time how much does it normally? Yeah the test is a hundred and twenty
four all free tests and then there is some shipping on that. Okay thanks very much
for your time that’s really interesting.

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