Lil Uzi Vert | Before They Were Famous | 2020 Updated Biography

before little Aussie Bert would drop
bangers including EXO tour life money longer eraser social batted Bujji
sangwon paradise and his long-awaited studio album a turtle a tank did I sound
muscle I sold my soul for you now figure that out time I got some I saw I saw
much so for you before the Lucifer would be nominated for a Grammy a billboard
award twice for an MTV Video Music Award and when first song in the summer with
EXO tour life back in 2017 little Lucifer didn’t always dream of becoming
a rapper in fact at first he was just jealous of the attention his friend was
getting at school for releasing a song now one point in time he was even a
member of his school’s marching band but who is he he gravitated towards idols
like Marilyn Manson who knew how to stand out in a crowd and it wasn’t long
before he was picking up the pen to garner more attention from his
classmates now it didn’t take long for him to realize that creating music was a
god-given talent his parents they weren’t so fond of his new career choice
and they kicked him out of the house so nowhere to stay and no money after
quitting his job as a bag boy well they moved with his grandma in her small
nursing home and hoozy played nothing left to deal with but his dreams that
was serious to me because I live I live with my grandma my whole life even when
I went to go moving my dad I came back and lived with my grandma no matter what
like I’m the last days of me like living in Philly my grandma actually sleep
lived in like a good nursing home and I lived there with her it was like it’s a
little space but we his chilling one it was normal to me no she’ll be watching
QVC on there what’s going on guys it’s for my couple cretin tak been into life
and career of little Aussie Berg prior to Fame here for you of course it before
there are famous now I’m not gonna lie we’ve been over this story before here
on this channel but the audience for this channel it changes over the years
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life just hit me that’s what happened I’m smirking because it’s like it’s
finding outlet it’s not fun blue zipper was born Sameer woods in North
Philadelphia on July 31st 1994 where he grew up in the Francisville neighborhood
widows he was still young his parents separated so he would bounce between his
mother and his father’s homes now although he grew up in a rough
neighborhood he got used to things pretty quickly besides he always avoided
getting into trouble because he didn’t like leaving the house very often now
while hanging out inside Susy he was a big fan of playing video games like bad
Hoffman’s Pro BMX and he loved to watch cartoons including Rugrats and CatDog
that’s before he fell in love with anime and if you listen to his music or you
take a look at his cover art well the amount of anime influenced it definitely
shows but eventually Ozzy started to spend more time outside after a friend
of his named Elijah he introduced them to skateboarding and when he was 12
years old who’s these dad he got him and his brother a four-wheeler to start
riding and while his little brother did crash it once well nobody got hurt and
to this day we’ll see he still likes to ride everyone knows this video all right we gotta go now in terms of
early musical influences well Ozzy’s first-ever CD was Mike Jones’s album and
his grandma later bought him wanted by Bow Wow then he started getting into
Meek Mill and Wiz Khalifa and he says that Wiz is actually his favorite rapper
and the two were actually good friends now but who’s these biggest influences
were not rappers he fell in love with emo punk music like Paramore My Chemical
Romance the all-american rejects and GG Allin but the biggest influence on his
style his attitude and his music was actually Marilyn Manson now one day
while he was watching celebrity deathmatch on TV well he came across an
episode that included Ricky Martin and Marilyn Manson squaring off against one
another no after Uzi watched that program she
became obsessed with Marilyn Manson and he dug up absolutely everything he could
find on the singer’s life he also downloaded all the Manson files that his
computer could store now although his friends at the school weren’t as big of
fans of the singer and Uzi says that he got teased for his different taste in
music well he didn’t care he became infatuated
with the singer’s life and still cites him as one of the biggest influences of
all time my father the PAL Emperor yes listen here at age 27 I will leave this
earth for this man right here oh well you see he didn’t immediately pick up a
guitar join a rock bed or paint his nails black well he did experiment with
different instruments he played the trumpet in his school’s bed and sites
Hot Cross Buns as the first song he ever learned how to play but he wasn’t trying
to become a successful trumpet player you only joined the bed to help get his
grades up trumpet at my school it was nice I mean I did this I won’t be in
trouble that you in the school band slit for a little bit but then I can work out
my great after the trumpet phase was over and he stopped listening as much to
early 2000s emo well he found the music may SAP rocky Pharrell and Kanye West’s
808 heartbreaks which he says changed his life
now today Ozzy well he can be spotted shopping alongside Kanye
nobody guess conde is very family-orientated because the first time
he talked to Z on the phone well he told him that he was not only happy for him
but for his family because well the kid is something special
now who’s he wasn’t only a band member but he was also a class clown who loved
attention from his classmates in any way shape or form but he always was an
outsider who never quite fit in with his peer group he dyed his hair in the tenth
grade and he got grills in high school that wasn’t until his senior year of
high school that Uzi would find the thing that would change his life forever
and give him the attention that he was looking for now whose EES friend William
Aston he dropped a remix to Chris Brown’s popular song look at me now and
when their classmates caught wind of the rap well they went crazy and they showed
Williams more love than Uzi had ever received in his life now who’s he he saw
how the girls were looking at his friend and the attention he was getting from
making music and he wanted some of that for himself so who’s he he told William
I can rap too and that was a lie at the time Suzie had never thought about
rapping a verse until that moment will he called his bullshit and told hoozy to
rap for him and after making up excuses and pushing it off well he finally
penned a verse to spit for his friend now will was impressed and he invited
newsy to the studio now from there the two they began to create songs together
and at the time boozy he was rapping under the moniker stake down vertical as
part of the stake down crew with William near the vertical part of his name it
was in reference for vertical jumps which was a metaphor for reaching the
top now people they started to call him vert but the name we know him by today
apparently it came from some random dude woozi he didn’t even know another dude
heard whose hear a ping and he said wow you rap fast like a machine gun or
something like a little Uzi and just like that the legend of little Aussie
had begun then we started posting songs onto a newly created soundcloud page
under his new name but his songs they weren’t really doing numbers at first in
fact he said for the first few songs well barely anyone would listen but then
one of his songs it went from 150 place to a thousand and
from a thousand of 3,000 and him and his friends while they were ecstatic
he told complex in a 2015 interview that just that couple of thousand felt so
crazy just being at home even a thousand people listen to your song he would find
beats on YouTube and record freestyles over them
the first song still up on a soundcloud page is titled in the field freestyle
which is from six years ago but who sees slow soundcloud climb coincided with the
decline in his grades at school now he was failing and getting into
trouble even having to move schools at four different points over the course of
his high school career in fact who’s he was getting into so much trouble that
his mom she actually threatened to kick him out of the house if he didn’t step
up his grades and stop focusing on rap that was he he told complex about this
time period where he stated I’m already popular in my city I was just trying to
get rich man I’m not gonna lie to you I didn’t really want to go back to school
I mean my family was mad about that because you know you tell your family
you want a rap and they look at you like you’re crazy but he believes in himself
and knew that his music would be heard by the right people if he continued to
release it he dropped the project purple thoughts vol 1 which included production
from space goes purp a man we’ve never done it before their famous video on
which we should have done or perhaps we should do a where they now anyway
finally Uzi certicates the attention from the people who could change his
life though he and William they caught the ear of DJ buzz worthy with their
music who offered to manage the two now William he declined but Ozzy he said he
was looking for any way to not have to go to school anymore
and he just wanted to make some money off music real quick so he accepted no
buzz worthy he introduced Suzie to charlie heat who produced the 2014 trash
boozy now while it was he was working on that song he was unknowingly working on
a song that would get his music heard by all even more powerful people
now that song it made it into the hands of DJ diamond cuts from the Philly radio
station power 99 Newsies manager at the time was diamond cuts his fiancee who
sent her the track she liked it so much that she played the song on the radio in
Philly which was a huge moment for Z at the time and while his record was
spinning on air well it just so happened that the mixtape legend Don cannon well
he was in Philadelphia at the time driving around listening to power 99
cannon called Suzie
the music so much that he came back out to Philly to meet with them nosey he
kept going to the studio and perfecting his craft and said one day when he went
to the studio alone well DJ diamond cuts was there I go to the studio I’m going
Danny like what they hit so they let me it’s a resident working with me I start
working it was within ASAP yams was another artist to give Ozzy and early
cosign he told you that he would be a star one day and the two they began to
talk on the phone about music and life on the regular
RIPD yams now we have done it before they’re a god video on yams I think that
one could use an update in 2014 Ozzy he started dating stylist designer and
artist Britney bird that was love life it was great his music career was taking
off and he had all the right industry contacts for a successful music career
but who Z’s mom she still wasn’t impressed though she told him that he
would have to find a real job a newsie well he wanted to make his mom happy no
no no she just like just imagined she don’t know no rapid spike saying you got
to become a rapper like Shane believe it it was then that he started working as a
stock boy at bottom dollar now he did quit after three days but hey at least
he kept his word and he found a real job but apparently that still wasn’t enough
for moms because she kicked him out of the house now at this point with nowhere
to go well who’s he he ended up living with his grandma in her nursing home
apartment where he would work on his music knows grandma she liked his music
and said that he could work on his mixtape while staying with her
now when wiz khalifa was on his under the influence tour well they had to stop
in pennsylvania so little lucy bird he showed up oh you are no longer
I’m not Rockaway if I was 90 always on every boy this is chili and
join under the hip florestal a young news he came to the show to meet with DJ
drama who got put on to his music through Don Cannon now apparently when
the two first bat will ooze II said the drama he was looking at him funny so the
first thing he ever said was right well you look at that before like that like
well yeah the two instantly clicked after that and along with Don Cannon
well the team had a lot of faith in the kid from Philly so they brought him out
to Atlanta to record where they worked on his upcoming mixtape the real doozy
that was big break was when Ozzy had a standout feature on DJ Carnage’s single
wdy W in 2015 featuring ASAP Ferg and rich the kid now
who’s these energy and new flow over the hard mix of EDM and trap well it came as
a surprise to many fans who are unaware of his music
who’s the inked an official record deal with Cannon and drama signing the
generation now later signing on with Atlantic Records
now finally was all coming together for Ozzy and he put out the project loved
his rage which garnered Herrmann even more bus fun fact the Lu V and not only
represents love but it’s also an acronym for lil uzi berg now who’s he he also
was featured on the intro to young thug slime season 2 which gave him a big push
to new audiences now thug and hoozy they became very close and thug was calling
him the next stop though whose he said that he learned a lot about flowing from
thug and that he top thug thinks as well now who’s he he kept releasing he
putting out little Aussie vert vs. the world and things started to move fast
when then he became a double XL freshman alongside little yadi Kodak black and 21
savage 2016 was a big year for Z as well he released the perfect love tape
including the smash do what I want which is close to 70 million plays on
soundcloud he also appeared on the last verse of the me goes number one hit
padded bushi which made people feel like take off well he got left off bana
bougie it also became the biggest song of the
year he also dropped a collab project with gucci mane called 1017 versus the
world which according to easy was created within the span of just two days
and who’s he says that his favorite mixtape so far no fortunately during all
of these highs well was dealing with a breakup from his
longtime girlfriend Britney after that Uzi went on tour at the weekend for the
European leg of his starboy tour now while in London on tour he previewed the
song he wrote about his breakup and when he released it while he named it EXO
tour life paying homage to the weekends EXO brand and while this song didn’t
reach the masses right away well his core fanbase loved it and over
the course of the next year well more more people caught on to
Easy’s way looks radio started playing it and the world caught wind of Ozzy’s
Talent well it was all over the set seven times platinum in the US and it
won the award for song of the summer at the MTV VMAs he followed the success of
that song up with his debut label album love his rage too which topped the
Billboard Hot 100 hip hop and R&B charts it seemed like Ozzy was reaching new
levels with his music and becoming the rock star that he had always imagined
for himself he was unanimously considered to be one of the best new
artists even being nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys to celebrate
his success he bought his grandmother a house to thank her for the role she
played in his success and he also bought himself his first car which just so
happened to be a Lamborghini then he began to work on the follow-up to the
success of love his rage too and T snippets from the album he was calling
eternal a tank but it was in January 2019 that Uzi he made an announcement
the left fans scratching their heads in an Instagram story little Ozzy furred he
announced that he was retiring from music crazy
he stated I’m done with music I deleted everything I want to be normal I want to
wake up at 2013 thank you love you know Ozzy was suffering from label troubles
and it seemed like he was being held back from releasing music enter jay-z
who signed Ozzy to a management deal with his label Roc Nation and while we
can’t be sure if that was the reason we would be hearing new music from the
Philly artist while we saw him release free Ozzy and Sango on paradise shortly
afterwards and well as he said that at first he was only rapping for money will
it turn into him loving the attention that comes with being a mega successful
artist and it just hopes that people will they keep paying attention I think
it’s safe to say that Uzi well he’s gonna be a megastar for many years to
come hopefully someone I don’t have to make
another before they were famous out because I’ve made this video up quite a
few times he’s just the king you know what I mean
after the rest of the story we’re gonna wrap this one up here of course this is
before they’re famous my name is Mike what can we make of such a celebrity
bias you guys gotta let us know who’s next in the comments down below I’ll see
you guys in another video

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